Working Late


Month end is a busy time for me and I find myself looking at the clock.


I say out loud as I realize it is already 7:00.

I call you and let you know I am swamped and will be late, and that probably won't be leaving for a few more hours. You of course tell me no worries, and that you'll see me later.

It's 10:00 by the time I make a decent dent in the piles of paperwork on my desk, and I decide everything else can wait until the morning. I grab my purse and lock up my office. Everyone else has gone home and it is a little nerve racking walking down the barely lit halls. Although I have worked late many times before and nothing has ever happened, I always have an uneasy feeling being the only person in the building.

I take the stairs down to the parking garage and begin to walk to my car. Halfway there I hear the sound of footsteps behind me. I glance back nervously as my car is the only one in the garage, and see a man with a black ski mask walking quickly towards me. I turn around and start to run towards my car (as quickly as my 3 inch heels will allow). I hit the button to unlock the doors and reach for the door handle just as I feel him behind me. I open my mouth to scream just as his hand covers it and pulls me back towards his body. His other arm goes around my waist pinning my arms underneath his. I struggle against him trying to break free, when he tightens his hold.

"If you do exactly what I say, you won't get hurt."

I struggle again and he says a little more forcefully,

"Do you want me to hurt you lady?"

I shake my head no.

"Good, because I don't want to hurt you, but you do have something I want."

He presses his hips against my body and I can feel his erection. I start to panic and shake my head no.

"Oh yeah" he says "I bet you have a very nice pussy, don't you and I am going to tear it up. If you do exactly what I say, you won't get hurt. Look around lady, no one is here to rescue you so just let me fuck that pussy of yours and then I'll be gone and you can go home. Now, I am going to take my hand off your mouth and you had better not scream, got it?"

I nod my head yes, and he slowly removes his hand from my mouth, and then moves my hair away from my neck, kissing my neck.

"That's a good girl. Now I am going to put you hands on the hood of your car, don't you dare remove them."

With my palms on the car, he grabs my breasts, squeezing them hard through my blouse. He pulls my blouse from my skirt and slides his hands underneath the fabric, pulling my bra down so my breasts rest above the cups. His rough fingers circle my nipples, and they betray me and harden. I hold back a moan, disgusted at myself for becoming aroused in this situation. He rolls them within his fingers and pulls on them, which causes my pussy to become wet. He lifts my skirt up and tears off my thong, bringing it up to his nose.

"Damn lady, your pussy smells heavenly and what's this you're wet for me. You want me to fuck you, don't you?"

"No" I whisper.

"That's not what your pussy is saying."

I hear him unzip his pants and he pulls them down past his hips.

"Please don't" I plead as he puts his cock at my entrance.

He thrusts his cock in and I gasp, his hands grab my hips as he slams himself in and out of me. He lowers my body a little and drives his cock in deeper. My body betrays me as I start to push my ass back to meet his thrusts.

"Oh yeah, you like my cock don't you. Well, my cock likes your tight little pussy."

He spreads my legs a little wider as he pushes in deeper. His hard trusts move me against the car and pretty soon he has my ass bent over it, while he pounds my pussy. I feel his cock get larger as he begins to groan,

"Fuck yeah, take it all."

He lets his load out with one final thrust and I feel his hot cum fill me. He keeps pumping his cock into me emptying his heavy balls. He slides himself out and pulls me up by my hair.

"Now, you're going to lick the juices from my cock. Get on your knees."

I lower to my knees as he shoves his wet cock in my face.

"Clean my cock."

I run my tongue along the underside of his cock and taste his and my juices. I swirl my tongue around the head of his cock, as he lets his head fall back. I run my tongue down the thick vein and then lick the sides.

"Don't forget my balls" he groans.

I run my tongue under his heavy balls before taking them in my mouth and sucking on them.

"That's a good girl. See, that wasn't such a bad thing. Now I am going to leave and you can go home. Who knows maybe we'll meet again someday."

I fall back and rest my ass on my heels, as I watch him walk away.

I get up, open my car door and sit down on the leather seat. Taking a deep breath I start the car and drive home.

You are sitting on the couch as I walk through the door. You get up and walk over to me. I look up at you and smile,

"That was so fucking hot baby!" I say before grabbing your head and pulling you down for a kiss.

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