tagLesbian SexWorking Late As Unique Benefits

Working Late As Unique Benefits


Christine was finishing work for the evening, she was ready for a hot meal and her large comfortable bed which she shared with James her husband, he had objected to her working the weekend and despite her own irritation at having to work she had pacified him by explaining that she didn't want to cause problems with her new boss.

She normally didn't work such long hours but had been volunteered by Karen the new departmental manager to work late on stream lining services and general tidying of the clinical areas over the weekend.

Christine was tired following the twelve hour shift in the operating theatre, no procedures had occurred during the evening but a major audit of the department that day had kept several nurses including herself back longer than necessary and she now longed to take a hot shower and head home.

Karen's office was located next to the female staff shower and changing room as she entered the room she could see the senior practitioner had already changed from her regulatory theatre suit, had showered and was at that point working on some papers. Christine had been the last to leave the clinical rooms and knew the showers were now free.

She closed the door behind her and switched on one of the showers allowing the water to heat up, whilst she removed her scrub outfit she thought about collecting take away Chinese on her way home.

As she was about to remove her towel and step into the shower, Karen bobbed her head around the door and asked if she could have a private word with her once she had finished her shower, inwardly she groaned but nodded. The door closed and Karen disappeared back to her office.

Christine pondered over the conversation that might occur between them, Christine had not exactly hit it off with Karen since her move from another hospital to the hospital and department where she was now, Karen was fifteen years her senior, much more experienced as a nurse and made Christine feel inadequate.

Their opinions regarding patient care differed greatly and Christine disliked her abrupt and domineering manner wen talking to colleagues. She stepped from the shower and toweled herself dry. Sitting in the chair she reached her locker and located her clothes, she pulled on her socks, bra and panties and applied deodorant and perfume and added her shirt fastening the buttons slowly.

As she sat back in the soft chair she thought about her long drive home and knew she needed to take a short nap to be able to safely make her journey, her eyes closing with heaviness she could not resist the tiredness she felt and drifted off to sleep.

She awoke to heavy breathing sounds and a familiar warm feeling between her legs as she felt her pussy leak juice and realised it was herself breathing heavily, she reclined in the chair not able to fully see or open her heavy eyelids she was extremely aroused and faintly made out a visual image of head between her legs, relaxing into James sucking and tonguing her clit she began moaning and alowwing his tongue to probe her folds, as she became more and more aroused she lifted her legs over the arms of the chair to allow James deeper access to her pussy. Lost in the delicious feeling Christine was unaware that it was Karen's exquisite tongue not her husband working her into an orgasmic state.

Christine closed her eyes and pushed the head between her legs deeper and deeper, not until she was far to aroused to stop did she experience the dawning realization she was still at work and that it was not James holding her buttocks in each hand but much smaller feminine hands, she was at a loss to object now nearing an intense and exquisite orgasm brought on by what felt like hours of clit teasing, when she finally plucked up the courage she looked down and saw Karen's eyes looking up at her face as she expertly delved her tongue in the cum soaked folds of her pussy, too far gone she could do nothing but ride along with the pleasure Karen was inducing.

She felt Karen's finger probing inside her slowly, it was the most delicious feeling she had ever had, as Christine responded Karen quickened her pace with her fingers adding her middle finger inside her hot hole and rubbing furiously at the upper wall of her pussy, making Christine cry out with sheer pleasure as she squirted unfamiliarly all over Karen's hand and bare breasts. Karen continued to suck Christine's clit although she was in an orgasmic state Christine sensed she had not had a clitoral orgasm for she could not normally bear such direct stimulation at point of orgasm and she still felt hot and lusty.

Shyly but driven by need Christine reached for Karen to kiss her, they kissed deeply for a while. Karen stood up and pulled Christine to standing position before her, kissing her breasts and stroking her clit with her free hand Karen took hold of Christine's hand and pushed her fingers between her own legs Karen was dripping juices down her legs and Christine not ever being with a woman could only do what came naturally to herself. As she fingered her lightly Karen thrust her hips forward and moaned allowing Christine to finger fuck her, unale to stand Karen sat back down in the chair and opened her legs wide to recieve Christines administrations.

Christine having never eaten a pussy allowed Karen's hands to guide her head, knowing only what James did to drive her crazy she proceeded to gently circle Karen's clit with her tongue, sucking and probing at her clit was all it took Karen pressed her face against her folds and screamed for Christine to tongue her pussy hard nd fast.

For the first time in her life Christine tasted another woman cum hard into her mouth and she loved it, Karen ground her pussy hard against her mouth as her orgasm shook her and she moaned out loud, they continued kissing and caressing arousing one another, although she was very aroused and enjoying the experience Christine's pussy was aching, Karen almost sensing her need for cock responded by reaching into her locker and extracting a huge dildo from her purse. Christine lay on the bench and spread her legs wide for the dildo and Karen pumped her pussy hard whilst sucking her clit. Christine was in heaven, her pussy was taking the huge peice of hard rubber and her clit was being sucked expertly, as she neared orgasm she pulled at her breasts and demanded Karen suck her clit harder, her orgasm overtook her hard and she arched her back as came hard her head spun, her eyes rolled and her body convulsed and she cried out.

Karen knew that she had taken Christine without consent but somehow knew she would not object, as she left Christine alone in the changing rooms to come down from her orgasm she kissed her and told her to get dressed and go home. Christine after dressing drove home wondering if making love with James would ever be the same again, checking the clock she thought that she would be home about nine thirty, all in all the session with Karen had taken around thirty five minutes, she smile as she pulled into the drive thirty minutes overtime had certainly been a perk of the job this evening.

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