tagFetishWorking Relationship Ch. 10

Working Relationship Ch. 10


As they pulled up outside her house Sarah saw the curtains across the road move. "Mrs Smith knows I am home," she said, "Don't look, just get out and casually walk with me up to the door, no display of affection, we have just been to a business function. I knew she would be looking to see what time I came home." David got out of the car and came round to open Sarah's door. They walked up to the front door and Sarah was looking in her bag for her key, when John opened the door. Sarah ushered David in then, as she stepped inside herself with the door still open, she kissed John on the cheek, knowing that this would be seen from across the road, and then she closed the door.

"Is everything all right John?" she asked, as she took off her jacket. Her blouse was almost transparent and her breasts were completely exposed. "David was concerned that you might not still want this to go ahead, now you have had time to think about it, with us being out together and with me dressed like this. Perhaps you could tell him how you feel about him becoming my lover, and set his mind at rest."

John looked at David and said, "My mistress has chosen you to join her in a loving relationship. It is not my place to question her decision sir. It will make me happy, knowing that having you as her 'special friend' will make her happy."

Sarah put her arms round John and kissed him. Then she said to David, "There you are, I told you didn't have to worry. He had more than enough chances to end this before it began. Now come into the 'den' there is something I want to show you on the computer. Make us some coffee John," she looked to David, "That is the 'timer' that Mrs Smith would find acceptable as a reason for you coming in. If you stay much longer than that, she will start making up her own reasons."

Sitting down at the computer, Sarah brought up the email she had sent that morning to John. David read it and gave a low whistle. "You certainly didn't pull any punches, did you," he said. "I see what you mean about laying it on the line about who would be in charge over this."

"If he wants me to be his mistress as well as his wife," Sarah said, "He had better get used to me taking charge. He can't be submissive to me and expect to tell me what I have to do or who I have to be with. That wouldn't make sense. Either one or the other, he can't have it both ways."

John came in with two cups of coffee on a tray, with cream and sugar for David to help himself, and put the tray down on the small side table. Sarah watched him as he did so, and an idea began to form in her mind. "Kneel here!" she instructed him, pointing to a spot beside her chair. John knelt without comment. "I have had some disturbing news," she said. "You have been seen, on some evenings when you told me you were at 'the social club', frequenting a completely different 'club' in town. This club has a much more 'selective' group of members. Is this true?"

John looked ashamed and kept his eyes down. "Yes Mistress" he said, glancing at David.

"Don't look at David," Sarah said, "You answer to me, not him. A man does not just wander into a club like this by accident, I believe he has to be signed in. As you have been there several times, I must assume you are a member and must have been aware when you joined it, that this is a 'Gay Club'. – BE QUIET! I will tell you when I want you to speak! - I now want to know – Truthfully now – what is your interest in this 'Club? When did this interest first start? Are you gay? If you're not, why do you go there? ..... Now you may explain yourself."

John was quiet for a moment, then he said, "I don't think I am gay, mistress, but on Monday nights there are men there dressed in ladies clothes, and I find the thought of them, and of wearing such things very exciting."

"I see," said Sarah, glancing at David. She opened the file which contained David's photo's and the screen filled with small picture icons, "May I?" She indicated the screen, asking if she could show one of his photos. David nodded. Selecting one that showed him in very pretty underwear, where the picture was quite obviously one of a man, but where his face was not showing, she asked, "Do you find something like this exciting then John?"

"Yes" he replied.

"I BEG YOUR PARDON!" Said Sarah.

"Yes Mistress" he said.

"That's better. Now, is there anything else?" asked Sarah, "You had better tell me now if there is, because if you don't and I find out later, I assure you this evenings, very gentle, introduction to my new form of 'guidance' for you, will pale into insignificance. If I do find out later you have been lying to me, I may need to visit the shop where I bought that instrument again. I am sure they have something that will ensure you do not offend the neighbours while a more vigorous application is administered. Perhaps, until I have time to go there, one or two pairs of my worn panties, stuffed into your mouth, held in place with a nylon stocking, might be an acceptable temporary means of reducing the amount of noise you would make."

John gulped, and looked at her for a moment, then down at the floor. "I was followed by someone into the toilet at the club, and he wanted me to do things to him, Mistress."

Sarah looked at David in surprise, but he just shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know anything about this." He said.

She looked down at John, "Go on!" She ordered. "What did he want and what did you do? Goodness me John, getting information out of you is like pulling teeth. I have had a lot to take in today and my patience is becoming more than a little bit strained. I want to know what you have been getting up to and unless you tell me voluntarily, right now, I will find out later using whatever means I decide is necessary. Do you understand me? Now! I haven't got all night, so get on with it."

Very hesitantly, John said, "He pushed me into a cubicle, lifted his dress and told me to take down his panties, I didn't want to do it, Mistress, he made me."

Sarah said, "Rubbish! Don't make excuses, I am not a fool. You have become a member of a gay club, which I must assume you decided to join because you wanted to spend time in the company of gay men. You go into the toilets with another member of that club and enter a cubicle with him. Now you are asking me to believe that he forced you? Don't insult my intelligence! I want to know what happened and what you did!"

David laid a restraining hand on her arm, but Sarah shook her head.

John's voice was only just above a whisper, as he said, "He made me suck him Mistress."

"I see! Had you done this before, or was this the first time?" she asked. "Truthfully now!"

"It was the first time, Mistress," he answered.

"Of course you fought him and screamed for help."

"No Mistress" replied John.

"Did he cum in your mouth?"

"Yes Mistress."

"And of course he kept his cock in your mouth so you were forced to swallow, didn't he?"

"Yes Mistress. He made me swallow it."

"And obviously you complained to the club management."

John was now actually crying. "No Mistress" he replied quietly.

"But surely, if you had been forced, that would have been rape ... Had you just been raped, or hadn't you?"

He looked down at the floor, unable to look at her

Sarah put her hand under his chin and raised his head so that he was looking into her eyes, "Of course you didn't make a complaint," she said softly. "Because you hadn't been raped, had you?"

"No Mistress" he sobbed.

"When did this happen?"

"It was just over a year ago, Mistress."

"So! It wasn't rape, and you sucked him and swallowed his cum. It was all so exciting, so very naughty, wasn't it? That feeling as he pushed his penis into your mouth and your lips closed round his shaft. The pleasure you felt, sucking him, bringing him to a climax using just your lips and tongue. The feeling as his cum burst into your mouth. The taste of it in your mouth after you had swallowed it all. You had dreamed of doing this for a long time, hadn't you? Was it as good as you had imagined it would be?"

"Yes Mistress," John whispered

"You said 'That was the first time'. So obviously there have been others. How many other times have you done this?"

He was silent for several seconds before replying, "Four other times Mistress."

Sarah looked at David, who shrugged his shoulders and with a hand gesture indicated she was on her own here. She thought for a moment, and then said, "I think we will leave the description of those occasions for another time, but something else is now beginning to fit into place. Last night at the social club, did that incident start when Mick caught you looking at his cock in the toilets?"

John groaned, "It started in the clubroom before that, but it came to a head in the toilets, yes Mistress," he replied.

"And Mick, being the ignorant, oversexed fool that he is, assumed, because you were interested in his cock, that I would be 'going without' so that's why he thought he might have a chance of, 'supplying the needs, that he assumed you were neglecting'?"

"Yes Mistress. But I knew you didn't like him and I told him so. That was when he waved it at me and said 'when she gets this inside her, instead of that little thing you've got, she will like me well enough then'. Then the rest of it happened, like I told you last night."

"So last night, you really were defending me."

"Yes Mistress." John sobbed.

Sarah took a tissue from a box next to the computer and dried his eyes. Then she leaned down and kissed him gently on the lips. "You see, that really was so much easier than making me spank your bottom until you told me, wasn't it? You would have told me anyway, but this way is so much nicer. I won't pretend that I am happy about your liaisons with other men, but you should have trusted me enough to tell me about them. I am your wife and those activities could have seriously impacted on my life too. The question of public ridicule, to say nothing of possible exposure to sexual diseases, immediately comes to mind. Did you think about that before indulging your fantasies? No! We will talk about this later John, and I will want full details of what you have been doing. I will then decide on my course of action with regard to this."

"You have said that you want me to take control, to be your mistress and also that you want me to take a lover. If he will still have me after what he has just heard, I intend that my lover will be David. If he no longer wants me I will hold you personally responsible for the loss of, not only my potential lover, but my job as well, because there would be no way I could return to work and continue as his P.A. if he rejects me now. In the light of tonight's revelations, I am telling you, whatever may happen with regard to David and me, that from tonight, I really will be your Mistress. Your future sex life is going to be completely controlled by me and at my discretion, and if I feel you need to be corrected, or punished, you can be assured, I will not be afraid to do it. There is really only one rule you need to remember, and everything then becomes very simple. That rule is you will obey me. Should you fail to follow that rule; the consequences will be sudden and almost certainly very painful. Do you understand what I am saying, and do you accept this?"

"Yes Mistress," said John.

"Very well," she said. "Now I think you should give David and me a few minutes to ourselves, don't you? After hearing what you have been getting up to, we need to talk; we have things we need to say to each other. He has needs too, which, if he still wants me, I am going to attend to."

"In the top drawer of my dressing table you will find some clean nightdresses, perhaps you would like to select one of them, and you may take a pair of my panties. I think, in the light of what you have told us, that they might be more appropriate for you than your pyjamas. I will call you down when David is leaving, and we can wish him goodnight together, so don't get ready for bed yet. Tonight you will again be sleeping in the spare room, but you can wear one of my nightdresses and a pair of my panties. Would you like that?"

John looked as if he couldn't believe what she was saying. "Oh Yes Mistress! Thank you," he said.

"Then on Saturday, perhaps we might even find time to do a little shopping. Perhaps we can look for some lingerie in your size. I don't know if a dress from the rack would actually fit you, but I am sure we can find something suitable for you to wear with whatever I choose for you. Now off you go and sort out your things for tonight."

When they were alone the 'Stern, In Control' facade Sarah had shown to John collapsed. She threw her arms around David's neck and sobbed into his shoulder. He held her and gently stroked her hair while she regained control of herself.

"Oh God!" She gasped after a few minutes. "That is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I know I was hard on him, but if I am to take the role he wants me to play, I had to be. It won't work if I just play at it. I can't only half do it. He has to accept me as his Mistress, completely. He is the one who wants me to be in control so he has to learn he must obey me when I demand something from him. If I ease off, just because he doesn't want to tell me something, I have allowed him to take control. If I am going to become his Mistress and be in control of our lives, he cannot pick and choose when I am and when I'm not. If he does then he is really in control. Does that make sense? Was I too hard on him? Please tell me if I was."

David gently kissed her, "I did think, just for a moment you were being a bit hard on him, but I also understood why you needed to make him confess what had happened in full. It was the same as when I came into that shop after you had told me to wait in the car. There was a position you needed to establish with the woman in the shop, and you established it with style and just the right amount of firmness. You then took your newly established position of dominance, to a much higher level when you forgave me for my disobedience so sweetly. Even though I knew you were acting, when I left that shop, I actually felt as if you really were my Mistress. I felt a real surge inside when the shop lady told me where to park, then said 'Your Mistress will be with you when she is ready'. I had been publicly accepted as 'your property', because that's what a genuine submissive is, the property of his/her mistress/master. I left that shop happy, I was proud that I had pleased 'My Mistress'."

"I thought you managed that situation really well, but what you have just done with John was much harder, and in the light of what he had admitted, I think you handled it perfectly. He had to be forced to confess the one thing he thought would collapse his whole world on top of him. He tried to hold part of it back, then to justify it, but you dragged it out of him. Once you were sure you had everything, you kissed and forgave him. Like with me in the shop, you changed from a hard demanding Mistress, to someone who loved and cared for him. Then you used what you had learned from his confession to hand him a gift which he never expected to get. That was your permission to wear ladies clothes. To be what he had admitted he wanted to be."

"I don't think you actually realise how perfectly you handled both situations. If I didn't actually know how new you are to this kind of Mistress/Submissive relationship, I would swear you had been living like this for years. I thought you handled everything beautifully. Another perfect example of why I need you to stay with me at work. How would I cope if you weren't there to nag me about not spilling my coffee, and to put things back in their proper place?"

Sarah hugged him so tightly he thought she was trying to crack his ribs. "Thank you David," she said. "Oh God, this really is turning my world on its head! Does this mean you still want me to stay on as your P.A, that you still want to be my lover?"

"Yes! Oh yes! Sarah, I love you. You are offering me the chance to be with you, to hold you in my arms and make love to you. I never dared to hope I would ever be able to do that and I am not going to give up that chance. More than ever now, you need someone you can lean on, someone you can trust, someone who will hold you and love you. I want to be that person."

Sarah had been holding her breath, waiting for his reply. As he said this tears ran down her cheeks. She hugged him, kissed him and then said, "My position at work, as you know, is very important to me and we must try very hard not to give any clues about our relationship to anyone. We will have to keep these two sides of our lives completely separate. I never thought I would ever say this to anyone, but .... David ...... I think, tonight, I really have fallen in love with you. At this moment you are more important to me than anything or anyone else. If it does come to a choice and I can only have one, work or you, I will choose you. Being with you, both here and after tomorrow, in my bed, I now know means everything to me. I always thought my marriage was for life, but, after learning of his desires and hearing what he has said tonight, if John were to come downstairs, right now, and tell me he had changed his mind about this and I had to choose just one of you, I tell you now, he would be the looser, I would choose you."

David raised her chin and kissed her, "After seeing John as he was tonight, I don't think that is going to happen, but if my dreams came true, and it did .... " He released her from his arms and went down on one knee, "Sarah, would you marry me?"

She dropped to her knees and with her arms around his neck, looked deep into his eyes. "If that did happen, you would have to ask me again, but yes, I would marry you. Until then, in all but name, I will be your wife."

They stayed there on their knees for a couple of minutes, just holding each other tight. Then Sarah kissed him and said, "I think we had better get up, don't you? This position is very hard on the knees." They stood up and, holding tightly to his hand, Sarah led him from the den back into the lounge. There she kissed him and sat him down on the sofa, sitting beside him, his arm around her and her head, resting on his chest.

After sitting like that for about five minutes, she said, "John is not going to share my bed tonight, I don't know at this moment if I will ever allow him to do so again. At this moment I want you so much I am aching inside, but as I told you I am not the sort of girl who will sleep with someone on the first date, and this is still only our first date. Tomorrow evening you are coming to dinner, here at my home. John will be sleeping in the spare room, so tomorrow night my bed will feel very big and lonely if you are not sharing it with me. I don't intend letting you out of it again until we come down for breakfast on Saturday morning. I haven't told him yet, but, John is going to cook and serve us that breakfast. He is going to find out exactly what me being what he wants me to be, really means. I intend to drop him in at the deep end to see if he really does want to swim. He will now accept our new situation, with you as my lover, or I will ask for a divorce. I am not going to give you up."

"Tomorrow morning I will come into work as we discussed, probably about an hour before lunch, but you don't know that so don't keep looking out for me. If I start out by going to see Mr Macintosh, and while speaking to Christine, asking if he is free, I let something slip to her, I am sure she will soon fill in the rest from him and the story will be out. But no one will be able to say I was the one who released it. Once it is leaked, no amount of denial will then stop it. After I have been in to see you I will ask Janet if she will have lunch with me. If we are seen going to lunch together, especially if we should be seen with us holding hands ... Well! You can make your own mind up how that will be reported back. Then, over lunch, we will have to see if we do have any feelings for each other." She saw the look on David's face and smiled, "Don't look like that, please. I know, for a man this seems like a really big deal, but it isn't anywhere like that big for a woman, well, not for this one anyway. I won't force anything, if something happens, it happens, but I won't run away from it either. OK? It doesn't mean I will love you less, and at least you will know about it and what the main reason is that I started it."

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