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Working to Please


A few days went by and I had finished a few more small jobs, my business had really done well in the past month and I thought it might be time to wind down and enjoy some time off. I got a call from Tammy on Friday; she said she was having some trouble with the tub.

I asked her what was wrong and she said she could not get it hot enough, I told her I would come over that evening after I showered and ate. Will seven o'clock be ok I asked? She said that would be fine and that I should let myself in since she would be on the deck.

As I pulled up to her house I noticed another car there and wondered if she had company, well I should not be there too long I thought; maybe just an adjustment and that would not take too much time away from her guests.

When I made it to the deck I saw Tammy and one of her girlfriends sitting in the tub, I saw some nice steam coming from the tub and went down to feel the water which was very warm. So have you finally found out how to adjust it I asked?

Well its nice and warm said Tammy, but we want it HOT! They both stood up and embraced their naked bodies together. John please come in and help us warm things up some.

I slowly removed my shorts and shirt and climbed into the tub, they both sat on each side of me and I felt both their hands caressing my thighs.

John this is Pam and she works with me, we have been in the business together the same time and I share everything with her; don't I Pammy she said smiling. She had long blonde hair and a very nice shapely ass, one you could hold in your hands. Her breasts were a little small but perfectly shaped.

Tammy has told me all about you John, especially about what I feel down here she said smiling. Her hand had wrapped around my almost hard cock, she slowly stroked it to full hardness with the attention she gave it.

Tammy leaned over and kissed me fully on the lips, I felt her tongue slip inside and dance with mine, and I reached down in her lap and rubbed her smooth lips with my fingers and teased her clit as it quickly stood to attention.

Pam had moved down between my legs and took my hard cock in her mouth, oh gawd this woman could suck a cock I thought. She soon had me moaning softly as I kissed Tammy's nipples and teased her pussy. My thumb was rubbing her clit faster and harder and I felt Pam's hand close to mine, she had slid two fingers deep inside Tammy's pussy and her thumb had pressed slowly into Tammy's tight ass. We worked together getting Tammy to cumm and soon we had her hips moving faster and harder to meet our fingers.

Oh gawd here I cum she screamed, Pam quickly replaced her lips on my cock with her hand and stroked it hard and fast while she licked the cummm from Tammy's pussy. After seeing her slump back in total relaxation; Pam wasted no time climbing on to my lap and sliding my eight inches inside her very wet pussy.

Her pussy held my cock tight as she rocked up and down on its length, she squealed loudly with each stroke. Mmmm yes love this, ohhhhh gawd this feels so good she screamed.

Remembering the last time in the tub I grabbed Pam's bunz and held her up, she wrapped her arms around my neck and held on tight as I fucked her pussy hard. I slowly moved her to the middle and put her ass over the bubbling water jet, Oh gawd yes she squealed, fuck me hard with that big cock; fuck me good make me cum.

Tammy became involved and took her fingers to Pam's tight ass; she slid one finger inside and matched my hard strokes. Oh here I cum Tammy she screamed, her warm juices flooded my cock and brought me very close. They urged me to get up an the edge of the tub, and they quickly licked my cock up and down sharing Pam's cumm from the length.

They took turns sucking it seeing who could take it the deepest, I moaned softly I am gonna cum. They teased the head with their tongues till I came hard on their lips; they kissed deeply sharing my cumm between them.

Mmmm now the tub is just right Pammy, do you agree she asked? Yessssss its sooooo very yummy right now she moaned as she licked her lips. Let's go inside said Pam, I don't want my skin to get all wrinkly she said grinning. We all agreed and dried off each other very playfully. I put my arms around them both as we walked inside, as we sat on her couch Pam and I sat on each side of Tammy.

Pam has been my dear friend for so long John; she takes good care of me while we are away on tour. We have spent many a night together caring for each others needs, she started to talk about a weekend they spent in the mountains; as she talked Pam motioned to me to follow her lead. She kissed her shoulders; I followed and did the same.

We both leaned our mouths to her breasts, our tongues both playing with her nipples and sometimes teasing the same nipple. Tammy had one hand on my cock stroking it slowly as her other hand rubbed and teased Pam's smooth pussy lips. We kissed our way down to her thighs and kissed up and down and inside, I reached her pussy first and slid my tongue across her lips slowly.

We shifted Tammy on her back and shared kisses and licks to her wet pussy. Our heads would sometimes bump together then we would get back to putting Tammy into oral heaven. She came hard and our tongues shared her juices, I kissed Pam deeply to savor the last of the taste.

Pam whispered to her and then kissed her deeply, she laid out on the couch and they got into a "69". Their hips fucked each others face hard, and I teased both oh them by softly poking them in the ass with my long finger. Soon my fingers fucked both of their tight asses, sometimes pulling out to give them a light slap on the bunz They both screamed in ecstasy as they came together, I could see Pam's tongue diving deep inside to fuck her pussy longer.

Moving behind Tammy I spread her bunz and pressed my cock against her ass, oh yes push it in John..... Fuck my tight ass. I could feel Pam's tongue licking my balls as I fucked Tammy hard, her fingers were deep inside matching every stroke I gave. Tammy came again, this time harder and longer; as I pulled my cock out slowly I could feel her body shake harder with orgasm.

They rolled over to get Pam on top, I moved behind her and pressed my hard cock against her; she winced at first as she never felt anything bigger than a finger. As she relaxed she took my cock deep, I was very gentle with her and soon she fucked back hard against my cock.

Oh gawd yes give me more, mmmmm I love this oh yes. Tammy's tongue slid deep in deep as I fucked her ass, Pam's orgasm erupted hard; I could feel her ass squeeze my cock hard as every muscle reacted. I pulled out slowly and watched Tammy rubbing her nipples against Pam's wetness.

Tammy sat licking her nipples as she held them to her lips, I kneeled down to her and rubbed my cock between her breasts. Her hands squeezed them tight against my cock, mmmmmmmm yes fuck my titties John and cummm all over them please. As my cock pushed upward, I felt her lips kiss it and her tongue tease the head each time. Mmmm Pam come over here and lick my titties as John fucks them for me please.

She wasted no time and slid her tongue across the valley where my cock rode, I looked down and saw her fingers buried deep inside her own pussy as she licked Tammy's breasts all over. I felt my orgasm building very fast, oh yes I am gonna cum all over your titties Tammy. My legs tightened and I came hard and shot my load all over her nipples, both girls licked my cock clean then as Tammy held up her breasts to Pam they both licked all the cum from her nipples.

Mmmmmmm lets rest for a little while I suggested, we walked into her bedroom and fell down on the bed. Our bodies cuddled together as we shared a very wet kiss. We had been partying for two hours non stop, I had to take a little breather. Looking over at both girls I saw them almost out too, I shut my eyes and collected some nice relaxing sleep.

Morning came quickly and I woke to find the girls not in the bed and myself with a morning hard on, I put on a robe that Tammy bought for me and walked out to her deck finding them relaxing in the tub. I thought it would be nice having a morning soak John, come in and join us said Tammy. As I dropped the robe I saw their eyes widen as my hard cock stood out.

Mmmm he has morning woody giggled Tammy, as I climbed into the tub both their hands massaged my cock and they lowered their lips to kiss the sides of it. I moaned as I felt both their tongues lick up and down the sides of my hard cock, then teasing the head with quick licks. I reached down between them and felt something between them; they were sharing a double ended dildo.

Ohhhhh my you two already have a good start on the morning eh, I asked? I pumped it back and forth between them as they continued sucking my cock. I looked over to the side of the pool and there was a little box of toys they were playing with.

I pulled the long dildo from between them and whispered to Pam, would you like the real thing now? Mmmm yes I would John, I tossed the large dong into the box and brought her close then pressed my hard cock up inside her already wet pussy. Oh yes fuck me she screamed.

My cock slid in with ease as I fucked her hard and deep, Tammy had leaned over to the toy box and pulled out a small anal plug that vibed. She pressed it against Pam's tight ass and slapped her cheeks, oh yes she squealed. I could feel her pussy tighten hard on my cock as Tammy fucked her ass with the vibrating plug, her juices flooded my cock as she came all over it.

I pulled my cock out slowly as she finished her cumm, I sat on the edge of the pool and she licked her cumm from my cock taking it all the way down her throat, I grabbed her head and fucked her mouth as Tammy kept the butt plug going.

I was very close to cumming and Pam's tongue danced around my head, my cock exploded on her lips as she came again from the vibe in her ass. Tammy wrapped her arms around her and they kissed deeply sharing all my cumm.

We relaxed on the deck for a little while and wrapped ourselves in some very sexy threesomes, by mid day I was cummed out and needed to get my worn body back home and take in some rest time.

I kissed them both good bye and gave them both a warm hug, as I left I could see their hands rubbing each others bunz as they stood blowing me kisses. Now call me I yelled, you know I'll always work to please I said smiling.

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