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Working with Mom


So, maybe based on true events. Several years ago while attending a conference for my then employer, had a presentation by a Mom and son team as described in the story. As the day long presentation went on, it seemed to me as if there was a very complex relationship going on...lots of touches, looks and caresses and so the idea for a story began and now I've finally set it down on paper. I hope you like it. As always, this is a work of fiction...inspired by real life events, changed just enough. The characters exist only within my wishful imagination. If I'm anywhere near accurate, it was luck...lol. Again, enjoy!


I managed to time my graduation possessing my not so marketable English Lit degree with the onset of the latest recession and quickly found myself despairing over ever finding a job that I trained for. Luckily, my Mom was equally despairing over the sudden departure of her computer tech partner and since I was a computer nerd from before I had even hit puberty, she pulled a few strings and I stepped into the position without Mom's sales tour hitting a snag.

Mom is a sales rep extraordinaire for an educational software company and is on the road most of the time, presenting her company's latest efforts or doing training seminars. Mom knows her stuff, but her presentations need a good computer savvy partner who can keep pace with her, making sure her programs are cued up when she needs them and that the internet is straining at the leash to do her bidding. My mother in action is a marvel to watch, a short, fiery dynamo, dazzling and thrilling her audience while raking in record sales each year.

In a darkened conference room or auditorium, I sit in the back and fiddle and manipulate my laptop and assorted hard-drives and it becomes almost a dance as I initiate programs or activate links as Mom does her sales spiel, her potential buyers' eyes riveted on her constantly in motion body, entranced both by her powerful enthusiasm for her products and by her hot body.

Yes, I said hot body. I'm not such a nerd that I don't recognize that my own mother is a very sexy and attractive woman. As my father had said more than once about his ex-wife, "Celeste is a lot of woman in a small package!" Mom stands five foot, one and at one hundred and fifteen pounds, is a bundle of delicious curves -- buxom with a trim waist and a shapely, tight butt. Short, sandy blonde hair frames her brilliant blue eyes, a pert nose and luscious, seemingly always moist lips. Mom packages her body in a dark blue company blazer, brilliantly white blouses and short skirts that end a couple of inches above the knees and show off her short, but very shapely legs.

Mom always makes sure that the blouses are unbuttoned more than enough to advertise her full 32DD breasts whenever she leans over a potential customer to make a point about the product. I've lost count of the number of leers I've seen from school superintendents and instructional coordinators and other academic types in the few months I'd worked for Mom, but at the end of the day, there have almost always been healthy orders for the company's product.

Mom offers up no regrets or apologies for her approach and to be truthful, her enthusiasm over the product sells our software as much as her sex appeal, but as Mom has told me more than once, "You use what you've got, John, to get the job done."

And I offer no apologies for admiring Mom's form. I've long known how sexy she was -- my high school friends voting her our community's number one MILF. I freely confess to using Mom as jerk-off fantasy material several times over the years when my interests weren't diverted by Angelina Jolie or Megan Fox or any of the multitude of girls in high school and college that caught my fancy. Mom probably helped fuel those occasional thoughts as after divorcing my father when I was twelve, she began having a very active sex life at the same time she began encountering success with the software company. Since I mostly lived with Dad during my teenage years, I didn't see all that much of her, but when I did stay with her, she made no secret about having lovers, and though I rarely saw them, many was the night I could hear them making Mom moan with pleasure.

Even with that kind of stimulation, my tendencies to think of Mom as a sex object decreased as I finally caught my height and began to fill out and the acne disappeared from the scene and I began to actually get lucky now and again and eventually began having long term relationships with women in high school and college. Even now, even though I admired Mom as a sexy woman, my own pursuits kept me from doing much fantasizing about her.

Life on the road followed a pretty standard routine. We would spend three-four days in a hotel -- each of us with a separate room or suites, doing our sales pitch during the day and usually eating breakfast and dinner together. During lunch, I was usually on my own while Mom schmoozed the potential buyers. At dinner, Mom and I would go over the day's work -- discussing any glitches or issues or other business and then we would say goodnight to each other and go our own way. Sometimes for us both that meant work on our various aspects of the job, but more often than not, it meant we both went cruising for sex.

I liked the clubs catering to the dance music of my age group and would cruise them looking for someone to hook up with for a night of hot, nasty sex. Where Mom went, I haven't a clue, but her success rate was better than mine judging from the number of times I would come back in from an early morning run to see a guy quietly leaving her room. As she had done since I was a teenager, Mom favored the younger, buff guys -- blonde and tall more often than not and usually several years younger than her forty-four years. I amused me and sometimes made me curious as to what the attraction was -- but I suspected that if Mom was the whirring dynamo in bed that she was during a sales presentation, she needed a young guy just to keep up with her.

Such was my life for several months after college and to tell the truth, I liked the work, I liked working with my smart, vivacious and sexy Mom and I liked the money and my share of the sales commissions. I was socking away a good bit of cash for a rainy day, enjoying my life and didn't plan on changing anything in the short term. Then came Nashville.

We were doing sales seminars in Nashville, Tennessee in a conference room at a grand old hotel downtown -- staying for ten days while making presentations to the city's large school system as well as surrounding county school systems. We checked in and were given our rooms -- separate as always, only to discover it was part of a converted suite with our rooms joined by a common door. The first couple of days this actually suited our needs pretty well as we geared up for a long run of presentations, allowing us to visit each other to clarify items and issues for our presentations.

The first three days went off without a hitch and Mom was very pleased by the orders already placed, telling me at dinner that if the entire trip kept being this profitable, certain bonus triggers would kick in for us both. I kissed her goodnight and began to explore downtown Nashville while entertaining thoughts of maybe being able to afford one of those new/retro Cameros about to hit the market.

Hell, I was still in a pretty good mood when I returned to our hotel having struck out at several downtown bars and clubs. I was a bit horny and disappointed, but the thought of that possible bonus kept me smiling as I rode up the elevator and unlocked the door to my room. I was thinking about whether I wanted my new ride in black or cherry red as I reached for the light only to stop when I heard Mom say in a hoarse voice, "Come here -- Momma wants to suck that big cock!"

It was then that I realized that there was a shaft of light coming from where the connecting door was located. I pulled my hand away from the light switch and slowly and quietly crept into the room until I came to the door that connected my room to my mother's. It was ajar, maybe four or five inches. Cautiously, I peered into Mom's room and had to reach out and brace one hand against the wall to keep my balance.

I had a perfect view of Mom in profile, kneeling on her bed, wearing a black corset that lifted up but did not cover her breasts which were heaving with excitement, her nipples like thick, elongated nickels. Mom's eyes were shiny with lust and she licked her lips anxiously as a young and naked man climbed onto the bed. He was skinny with longish blonde-brown hair -- an erect cock emerging from a nest of sandy colored pubes.

Mom reached out and taking it in her hand, looked up at the man as she began to stroke it and purred, "Bet you can't wait for Momma's lips to be wrapped around that big thing!"

The guy who I suddenly felt nearly insane with jealousy over, gasped as he murmured, "Jesus, you're fucking hot!" as his fingers slipped into Mom's short, blonde hair and gently, but urgently guided her face towards his swollen penis.

I felt a sudden pressure in my own crotch and part of me was stunned to realize I had an almost instantaneous erection of massive proportions while the rest of me was stunned to hear Mom say, "I bet your Mom would suck this hard cock if you asked!" before sliding her lips over the throbbing head, her tongue emerging to swirl around the ridges of his helmet and then slipping more of him into her mouth, her eyes locked on his face to gauge his pleasure.

The guy groaned as Mom began to bob her head up and down on his cock. I don't even remember undoing the buttons on my jeans or pulling my cock out, but suddenly there I was, stroking my cock as I stared open mouth at my mother sucking the cock of a guy that was close to my age! As I stood there trembling, matching my strokes to Mom's movements, it seemed that in addition to being my age, this lucky fucker had even more in common with me. His long blonde tresses were just a little lighter than mine, but the length was identical. He was tall and skinny, wiry more than muscular and like Mom and me, he had blue eyes. I was gratified to see that my cock was bigger than his, both in length and girth -- even in my nerdish teenage years, I had been unashamed to walk through the gym locker room naked -- being teased about having a monster between my scrawny legs never bothered me!

Idle thoughts that Mom was fucking a surrogate of her son washed over me and I tried to dismiss it, but I kept hearing those words -- "Momma wants to suck that big cock!" and "Bet you can't wait for Momma's lips to be wrapped around that big thing!" Then as the logical and proper part of me tried to say it meant nothing, Mom let the guy slip from between her luscious lips and moaned, "Mommy needs a good fucking right now, son!"

No sooner did the words slip from between Mom's lips than she fell back onto her back, her short, curvy legs spreading wide and even at an angle, allowing me to see for a brief but heavenly moment, her bald and wetly pink pussy. I got a glimpse of thick, short lips and glistening flesh between them before her guy moved to block my view, Mom moaning over and over, "Momma needs her baby's cock!"

Sweat poured off my forehead and I flicked my free hand to keep it out of my eyes, even as I grew dizzy and slowly sank to my knees, trying not to make noise as my right hand continued to stroke my shaft. From my angle, I could see Mom's eyes grow wide as the guy settled atop her, his hips rising to let his cock angle down -- the head pressing between those thick lips and then thrust forward, Mom crying out with carnal pleasure as he buried his erection in her wet and steamy cunt!

Mom's legs came up and being unable to wrap around his back, she drove her heels into his hips, flinging herself up at him, taking him completely by her third or fourth upward thrust. Mom's fingernails clawed at his back as she moaned and sobbed as he fucked her.

Memories of many teenaged masturbation sessions while listening to Mom moan in her bedroom above me came flooding back and while back then I could never quite get a complete picture of Mom and one of her lovers fucking. Now I was seeing it all and I wanted to weep with joy.

As with everything else she did in life, Mom threw herself into this fuck completely, writhing like a woman possessed as he buried his cock in her again and again. Then they were rolling and Mom was on top, bringing her short legs up to squat on his long body, her hips jiggling slightly as she bounced on his cock, her meaty breasts bouncing wildly as she rode his cock. As tremors of pleasure swamped her, Mom let her head roll freely, occasionally giving me a glimpse of the expression of slack jawed pleasure graven on her face.

Between incoherent moans of ecstasy, Mom let slip cries of "Yes, Fuck Momma, fuck Momma real good with your cock." Mom's hands slipped up to cup her breasts, squeezing titflesh between her fingers and toying with -- pinching her nipples and then she moaned, "Oh yes, John -- fuck Mommy -- fuck me hard and deep, baby!"

A tremendous shiver tore through me and I could feel my orgasm racing up my cock as I heard the guy say in a gasping, lust ridden voice, "My name is Brian -- not John!"

Mom laughed, letting her tits fall and bounce as she leaned forward, raking her fingernails down his chest. "Just shut up and enjoy Momma's pussy. Tonight, right now, with that fine cock inside me, your name is John." Mom did something then, flexing her hips just slightly and making him almost howl with pleasure. In a lower voice that quickly increased in volume and in passion, Mom said, "Fuck your mother, John. Give Mommy that big, sweet dick. Fuck Momma and make her cum." Mom's voice tightened and in tone that was part desperation and part lust, she said, "Momma wants John's hot spunk filling up her nasty pussy!"

That was it for me and I began to cum, barely managing to cup my free hand over the head of my cock before I was shooting scalding jets of semen, cumming so hard it actually hurt. The pleasure was so intense, it had me nearly doubled over on my knees and I bit down on my lower lip, trying not to cry out with pleasure -- fearing that they would hear my fierce, ragged breathing.

Then as I knelt there, trembling with desire and confusion, semen oozing between my fingers, Mom and her lover rolled back over and he began slamming his cock into my mother's pussy with a vengeance. Mom's face twisted with pleasure as she mewled, "Yesssss! That's what Momma wants, sweet baby John! Fuck Momma hard with that big, bad cock!"

As the guy did so, I tried not to moan in jealousy and delight as I stroked the last few drops of sperm from my still nearly erect penis while witnessing my mother quickly build up and explode in orgasm. A shrill, wordless cry escaped her lips as she began to cum -- her short legs stiffening out into an erotic 'V' while her fellow hammered his cock into her again and again until with a groan of his own, he sank into her to the hilt and his balls jumped wildly as he pumped hot semen into my mother's cunt. Never in all my days have I felt such passionate hate and envy at the same time!

Moments passed as he settled atop my mother and then with her feeble urgings, rolled them over so that she was on top. Mom's legs were spread wide and I could see her hips quivering above her engorged cunt from the aftermath of a wonderful orgasm. More minutes passed, only the sound of gasping breaths being heard. Hidden in the dark shadows of my room, I knew I should move, but I was caught -- held fast in a web of perverted desire.

Finally I heard Brian say in a voice full of awe, "Motherfuck -- Celeste, you are one perverted lady."

Mom giggled and replied, "Well, technically, you were the motherfucker in this bed." Mom wriggled atop him, her plump labia seeming to squirm slightly on their own, making him moan as she added, "You mean to tell me you never fantasized about fucking your mother?"

There was a long pause before he said, "Well...not exactly, though I might have if she was as sexy as you." His hands came around to cup Mom's plump and firm asscheeks. "Do you really want to fuck your son?"

Mom sighed and replied, "Mmmmm. I like thinking about it. I've fantasized about it for years. He's grown up to be a real good looking man." Mom hesitated and then continued with, "But, that sort of thing just doesn't happen, now does it?"

Brian shrugged and kissed Mom's shoulder making her sigh and wriggle about some more. "I don't know -- he might go for it. My mom ain't near as hot as you, but if she came on to me, talking all nasty like you, I might do it!"

A shiver went through Mom's body as she moaned and said, "I wish it were that easy. I've dreamed about John's cock since he was a teenager. I caught him jerking off to some cheerleader computer porn and oh my god, what a big cock!"

"You should do it, Celeste!" her lover said, slowly flexing his pelvis to work his still buried cock inside Mom's pussy."

"I don't know," Mom moaned. "I know he thinks I'm good looking -- I'll catch him eyeballing me once in a while, but..." Mom paused and then let out a weary sigh. "He likes women his own age with their tight pussies!"

Her guy snorted and said, "Your pussy is tight and you got a rocking body, Celeste. I bet if you offered yourself up, your son's dick would be buried in you before you could blink." He gave a thrust up into Mom's pussy for emphasis, making her groan with pleasure.

Mom worked her hips up and down a couple of times before saying. "Well, baby, Momma wants some more of this hard dick, but first I gotta pee or I'm gonna explode!" Moaning, Mom lifted herself off his cock -- releasing a short flood of semen that splattered against his thigh. Mom smiled down at him as she walked on her knees to the edge of the bed, saying, "Now, don't clean that up -- Mommy will take of that as soon as she gets back!"

Mom climbed off the bed and I suddenly realized she would pass close to the ajar door on her way to the bathroom and I leaned back and began to scuttle backwards like a crab, using my legs and arms, smearing the handful of my own semen across the carpet.

I heard Mom peeing and then a flush and the tap at the sink running. A moment later, I heard Mom say, "Shit! Has that door been open this entire time?" I continued to scuttle back and past a faux mahogany workdesk. I ducked into the little recess that it offered, hugging my knees to my chest to take up a smaller space.

The light from the door grew brighter and I could see Mom's head in shadow on the opposite wall. She turned and looked both ways and let out a relieved sigh, I suppose was due to seeing my bed still made up and untouched. "Whew -- my son's still out chasing pussy!" The door closed, leaving me in complete darkness, the noise of Mom throwing her deadbolt into place sounding like a rifle shot.

I'm not sure how long I sat there beside the desk, my cock still throbbing as I kept replaying the last half hour or so in my head. My mother...my lovely, sexy mother fantasized about me. She fucked other guys pretending it was me! I tried to make sense of it, but all I could do was wish I had the courage to go pound on Mom's door, throw Brian out of her bed and make her fantasies come true.

Finally, I staggered to my feet. After turning on the lights, I retrieved a towel from my bathroom and tried to clean up the puddle of jism I'd smeared over the dark carpet. It left a darker stain and I wondered what the maid would make of it in the morning. I undressed and crawled into bed and again in darkness, tried to make sense of what happened. I couldn't do it. All I could do was wonder what my mother was doing in the next room, not fifteen feet away from me.

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