Working Wives: Peggy's Office Party


Just below her flaring buttocks, her rolled down panties were displaying the crotch of her underwear. The cotton lining of her panty crotch was wet and glistening in the patio light!!! My straight-laced wife’s pussy was oozing with wetness. The crotch was stained from her pussy being sexually charged and flooding!!! This sexy black man had made my wife’s pussy wet.

“My gosh, Nate, you are squeezing my naked buns!!” My wife mewed. “God your hands are big!! Big men turn me on!!! You are spreading me open back there!!!!”

“Now, doesn’t my touch feel nice??” Nate asked lewdly, as he began to spread Peggy’s buns wider. “Don’t my big hands feel good on your soft white butt?? Your buns are so warm and firm!!!”

As I stared in amazement, I saw my wife's butt hole for the first time in my life!! It was breathtaking!!! Her tender anus was hidden beneath a delicately dense forest of sexy brown hair, which sprouted from her wet crotch and traveled up between her round, white buns. Her pristine pale buttocks were spreading open to display her secretly moist crack protected by her natural sex hair. My wife’s pure white buns were in direct contrast to her shadowy dark crevice hiding her most secret openings.

As Nate spread my wife’s soft white buns, her earthy butt crack would spring open and reveal her delicate anus. The pink brown anus seemed to hide and wink from its nest inside her rich brown butt hairs. As this huge black man continually spread her buns, I noticed her anus begin to dilate from the center of her pucker. Her butt hole was opening up to his assault!!!

Nate’s huge black hands continued to contrast with my wife’s white buttocks. This black man was seducing my wife right before my eyes and the other men!!! My wife was humping her hips forward to rub against Nate’s huge bulge in his pants. Peggy’s ass was covered with goose bumps from the electricity of this black man’s touch.

Nate's long black middle finger slowly worked its way to the center of my wife’s crack, and we all saw him gently moved his finger over the tender ring of her anus. Peggy was moaning and panting, as he teased her clenching anus with the tip of his finger. He began tapping his huge index finger on the mouth of my wife’s anus.

“Nate!! Please!! What are you doing?? Please don’t touch me there. I am dirty back there.” My wife whispered, as her face reddened. “No one has ever touched me back there. That is so nasty!!”

“No one??” This huge black man asked lewdly. “No one has ever touched your butt hole, Peggy?? You don’t know what you’ve been missing. How does it feel? Do you like me touching your nasty little butt hole???”

Nate ran his huge finger around the muscled ring of my wife’s forbidden hole. His black finger was tracing the diameter of my wife’s pink tender anal tissue. My wife was red with lust!!! His black finger seemed to stir around in a circular motion traveling through the hair surrounding her delicate hole.

“Oh, God, it feels nice!” My wife rasped. “It feels like you are tickling me!! Oh my god, that feels good!! I can feel your big finger touching me back there!!!”

Nate slowly ran his finger from my wife’s butt hole and brought it up and down her crack. Her butt crack was moist with sweat and from the secretions of her sex. I could not believe her reaction. She was moaning as this black man stroked his huge black finger between her soft white buns. Her dank, wet crack glistened in the evening light from her wetness.

“Peggy, your crack is wet!!!” Nate taunted. “You just cannot help yourself!! You are getting turned on. My. My. You like having me play with your ass!!!”

My wife’s face turned red with embarrassment, as she was assaulted before my eyes!! His dominating tone seemed to make her submissive to his desires. Her hips seemed to thrust stronger and stronger, as Nate’s lewd comments struck her ears. His dirty talk was turning her on even more!!!

Nate slowly withdrew his wet fingers and brought them up to his nose to smell my wife’s scent. His eyes showed surprise of his face, as my wife’s sexual scent touched his nostrils.

“You are one strong smelling white lady!! Damn!!” Nate whispered lewdly, as he inhaled my wife’s sex odor. “Your sex smells like it wants some attention!! You smell so damn strong for a conservative little white wife. You are dirty back there!!! My, my, you are a stinky little girl!!!”

Then he moved his finger, and placed it under my wife's petite white nose!!!! I saw her nostrils flare wildly as she inhaled her own earthy scent. My wife was inhaling her own sexy butt odor!!! The smell seemed to turn her on even more!

“Oh my God! I smell so dirty!! You are making me so hot and wet!” My wife whispered lustily. “My God!! I am sorry I smell so nasty!! I cannot help it. It’s your fault!!! You are making me so wet!!!”

“Taste it. Taste my finger!!” Nate softly ordered. “Taste your hot ass!!! Lick my finger. Suck my dirty black finger into your dainty white mouth!!!”

He moved his finger to her lips, and ran it across the surface of her mouth. My wife immediately began suck on his black finger, wetting the skin with her saliva, as if she were in a trance. The taste of her own ass seemed to turn her on even more!!! Her pink tongue traveled over Nate’s big black finger wetting it.

“That’s a girl!!” Nate hissed. “Get it nice and wet!! Taste your naughty ass!!”

Once she had serviced and wet his finger, he returned his hand and finger to the crack of her butt and glided the finger across and around her butt hole. I could see her anus clenching as this black man began to press his large finger into my wife’s butt. Her pink muscled ring began to open and relax as Nate’s huge black finger applied pressure to her anus.

As his huge black finger wormed and entered my wife's anus, my wife’s arms limply dropped to her sides in complete surrender. Her head fell back in pure exstacy. My sweet wife was grunting and panting as a black man slowly fingered her butt hole.

“That’s it, Peggy.” Nate hissed. “Take my finger in your tight little white butt!! Open your butt to me!! Let me have it!!!”

“Your finger is so big!! Please be gentle.” My straight-laced wife groaned. “Oh that is so good!! I never knew it would feel so good!!! Stick it in there!!”

He would repeatedly pull his finger from her butt, make her wet it with her mouth, and then re-insert it in her anus. Peggy was bucking her hips and pushing her butt back to receive his strong black finger. She would press her ass back to meet Nate’s finger, and then press forward to rub her pussy mound on his bulge. The ring of her anus was clenching and opening as his finger was removed and re-inserted. My innocent wife was being manipulated with expert precision by this large imposing black man.

“Yeah baby!! I am fingering your pretty white butt hole.” Nate taunted. “You little white wives are all the same. You are all prim and proper on the outside, but all of you can get nasty when you have your ass played with!!”

“Oh my God. This is so dirty!!” My wife moaned. “Please stop. I cannot believe that you are making me do this!! God, your finger feels hot!!! Pump me with it!!!!”

Why was she not resisting him?? Did she enjoy having a stranger touch her?? How could she allow this black man to touch her most secret spot??? My faithful wife was pumping her lush white butt back to meet this black man’s finger invading her pink anus.

Nate guided my wife’s limp arms back and placed her manicured hands on each of her plump buns. My wife offered no resistance to this black man’s manipulation.

“Peggy, spread that pretty white butt for my black finger.” Nate commanded softly. “Open your butt to me!!! Take my finger deep, baby!!!”

My wife’s elegant manicured hands slowly pulled her round white buns open to facilitate Nate’s digital assault. Peggy’s hair-fringed butt crack spread open to give this black man complete access to her backside. My wife moaned in pleasure, as Nate drove his finger deep in her ass. I could see my wife’s wedding ring on her left hand as she held her soft buns open.

My wife of 18 years was lewdly spreading her ass to give her butt to a stranger. The hot sensations racking her body made my wife pump her flaring hips back in total submission. Peggy’s elegant face was tilted back with her mouth agape, as the sensations in her butt hole racked her body.

“Oh my God!!!!! You are fucking my butt!!!” My wife moaned out of control. “Oh fuck!!! You are making me come!!! I am coming all over your big black finger. Oh my god!!!!!!!”

My wife was holding her pure white buns apart to help this black man finger her virgin anus!!! The strangers watching had a front row seat to my wife submitting herself to a black man. They could see her hair-fringed anus open and receiving Nate’s huge finger. My wife’s pink muscled anal ring was stretched like a rubber band around Nate’s pumping black finger.

“From now on, when you drive around town in your big SUV talking on your cell phone, the soft white butt, that you are sitting on, will have been fucked by a black man’s finger!!!!!” Nate whispered lewdly, as my wife came on his big finger. “And you spread your own butt open to take it!!!”

After fingering my moaning bride for several long minutes, he removed his hands and placed them on my wife’s wrists. He directed her small white hands to the front of his pants and began to rub her hands across the front of the huge bulge tenting his trousers.

“Peggy rub my big dick, baby!” Nate taunted my wife. “Touch my pants and feel me.”

Then he slowly brought his hands back around my panting wife and placed them back on her jutting white buns. He slapped her ass with his open hand making her buns dance and jiggle.

Peggy’s soft, dainty hands began to massage the massive lump on their own!! He whispered in her ear, and I then observed her small hands move to the buckle of his belt. He must have told her to open his pants, my mind cried!!!!

As his pants were opened and his zipper lowered, a huge black dick began to appear. It was the biggest dick I had ever seen!! It was easily 10 inches long and as thick as my arm!! As his pants cleared his muscular hips, this massive black sex tool jutted up against and above his navel trapped between his body and my squirming wife.

He removed his shirt and displayed his broad chest to their audience. My wife’s small white hands had grabbed his jutting black dick, and she was feeling its length and girth. Her dainty hands would barely reach halfway around his massive meat!!

“Oh my God!” my wife moaned. “You are huge!” Her eyes closed in lust. “I can’t even get my hands around you!!! You are so thick!!!”

“Peggy would you like to see what you are holding?” Nate asked. “Would you like to see my big dick???”

“God yes!” my innocent wife cried. “Let me see it!!!!! I just cannot imagine what this big thing looks like!!! ”

Nate moved back and allowed my wife to look down between their closed bodies to see what she held in her small hands. I could see my wife’s eyes were open and descending downward across Nate’s muscular chest and stomach. As her eyes crossed down to his navel my wife’s eyes shot wide open. She saw, in her small hands, the huge dick attached to this man.

“Oh MY GOD!!!” my wife cried in astonishment. “You have the thing I have ever seen. I have never seen anything like this! Goodness!!! My hands won’t even reach all the way around it! My God, you are huge!!”

My wife was just staring at it in adoration, not able to take her eyes off of the massive black dick.

“Look at what you have there!!!” Nate whispered. “Have your pretty blue eyes ever seen big black dick??? I bet you don’t get to see dicks like this in your neighborhood!!!”

“Never!” my wife answered. “Yours is the first!! God, what a big dick!!! Your dick is as thick as my arm!!!”

“Do you like what you see Peggy? Nate questioned. “Do you like my big black cock???”

My sweet little wife moaned. “Your dick is awesome!!” My wife moaned. “It is so damn big and black!! Yes, I like your big dick!!!!”

“Does your husband have a dick this big?” He asked lewdly.

“Oh God, no!!” my wife gasped. “Your thing is twice the size of my husband’s dick. It’s not even close!! God, your dick turns me on!!! I have never had sex with anyone, since I have been married, besides my husband, so I have never seen one like this big thing!!!”

My face turned red. She was right. If I had a Cessna, Nate was flying a 747!!! She was stroking her hands slowly up and down the huge black dick and both of her hands put together would not cover its length!!

“Nate, you are hung like a horse!!” My wife said as her eyes stared lewdly at his black dick and fondled the shaft in her small hands. “It is so big and black and hot!! You hard as a rock!!! Big hard dicks turn me on so much. They make my pussy wet!!!”

“So, my big black dick is turning you on????” Nate lewdly asked. “Peggy, your pussy is getting sopping wet just from touching a black cock!! You want some black cock, don’t you??”

Nate’s hands moved to my wife’s cocktail dress and loosened her belt. He then eased her stylish dress down her soft shoulders and over her flared hips as it tumbled to the ground at her feet. There was my wife left only in her white strapless bra and panties, which were still rolled down over her jutting white bottom!!

Nate eased the bra down to just below her breasts and her firm white breasts popped free. My wife’s C-cup breasts were capped with large brown nipples and topped with extremely erect tits. My wife’s nipples stick out a good half of an inch, when they are aroused. Nate began to play with my wife’s breasts as she continued to pump her hands up and down his huge dick. She was moaning loudly and losing control. She was totally at his mercy, and he knew it!!!

“Damn you got some sexy big nipples!!” Nate taunted my wife. “Your nipples are so erect, that they look like two baby dicks!!!! They are as hard as rocks!!! Damn, you are turned on!!!!”

“My nipples are hard because I am holding the biggest, blackest dick, that I have ever seen!!” My wife moaned lewdly. “Damn what a piece of meat!!! Pinch my nipples. Oh yeah, that’s it!!!! My nipples have never been this hard!!!!!”

I was astonished. Here was my prim and proper wife holding a huge black dick in her hands while this black man played and pinched her big pink, brown nipples!!! She went over the edge.

“Nate, please touch my pussy!!” Peggy groaned, as her pelvis ground forward in to her hands holding this huge black dick. “I want you to touch my pussy!!” my wife pleaded.

“But, Peggy you are a married lady.” Nate taunted her. “Do you really want a black man to touch your white pussy? You are acting like such a naughty girl!”

“Oh Nate, I can’t help it!!” she groaned. “My pussy is so wet it is dripping!! Please touch my white pussy. Please!!!” My wife begged.

Nate’s hands dropped down and eased my sweet wife’s panties over her prominent pussy mound and down to mid thigh. My wife has a thick bush protecting her loins, and the hairs tumbled out on display as Nate looked down. Her brown pubic hairs were glistening with her wetness!!! She was soaked, and as she humped forward, her wet mound would lather her small hands that were holding his black dick.

As Nate continued to look down, he began to taunt and tease my lusting wife. My almost naked wife was totally displaying her sex to him.

“Damn Peggy, you have a hairy pussy!” he teased. “It’s soaked. When I met you tonight, I would never have guessed you had such a wild looking pussy! You look so well manicured. I would never have guessed your pussy had such a bush on it!!!!”

“Oh my God!!!” My wife moaned and pleaded. “Please don’t tease me!! Please touch me. I want you to touch me down there!!!!”

“Yeah, your white, manicured hands are holding a big black dick, baby!” He told her. “And you are showing a black man your pretty white pussy. Your big bush is wet from playing with a big black dick!!!”

“Oh my God!! I have never been this turned on!!” My wife groaned. “I do not know what’s come over me. I cannot help it. My pussy is soaked!!!!”

“I like your wedding ring, baby, but you’re getting dick juice on it!! You are married, and you are showing your hairy pussy to a black man!!” He said in a dirty tone. “Peggy, you are acting like a nasty slut, and not like sweet little white wife. Look at you!!!!”

“God, your big hard dick turns me on!!!!” My wife moaned. “I just cannot help myself!!!! Please touch me!!!”

My wife was moaning uncontrollably. Her sexy brown haired bush was jutting out from her smooth flat stomach and pelvis. Her smooth white stomach and pelvis gave way to her earthy, bushy pubic mound lurking from the center of her body. Her sexy bush looked raw and wanton, as it glistened with wetness.

“If I took you on a date would you show that hairy pussy to my friends??” He asked lewdly, as he realized my wife was totally conquered. “If I ordered you, would you pull your panties down and show off your big wet bush???”

“YES!! YES!!” my wife moaned. “Please finger my pussy!!!!! Please!!! I will do anything you want as long as you touch my pussy. I will show my hairy pussy to your friends!!! Please!!! I am so turned on!!!!”

With that answer, Nate whipped my wife around to face her audience!!! She was stunned. I was stunned. Her audience was stunned.

Standing behind my petite white wife, Nate’s huge black dick rested and rubbed against her round plump buns and on the small of her back. He thrust his hips forward to rub his black meat across my wife’s tender butt as her panties fell to the ground.

My wife’s innocent face was flushed with humiliation. Her eyes were filled with a wild excitement that I had never seen.

To my amazement, my prim and proper wife made no attempts to cover herself. She just stared forward in lust, as she faced her surprise audience.

Nate brought her arms above her head and placed her hands behind his muscular neck. Peggy was on complete and total display to these men. Nate ran his huge black hands over the front of my wife’s body. He was cupping and pinching my wife’s large brown nipples with his hands.

“Look at the big pink nipples on this little wife, Boys!!! Nate said over my wife’s shoulder directly to her audience. “Look at this body would you!!! This is some pure white meat!!!”

Nate’s huge fingers were stroking and teasing my wife’s hard nipples, as these men watched. Peggy thrust her chest out to rub her tremendously erect nipples against the fingertips of Nate’s hands. She moved her shoulders back and forth making her white breasts dance under Nate’s hot hands.

“My friends are looking at your hairy pussy, Peggy.” He taunted in her ear. “They see your sex!! They see that your pussy is soaked!! I can smell your naughty pussy, baby, and I know they can too!!”

Nate ran his big hands down to my wife’s jutting bush, and ran his fingertips through the dense brown pubic hair. He would gently tug and rub my wife’s heavy pussy hair, as these men stared. Peggy thrust her pelvis forward to make this black man rub harder. She wanted it so badly!!!!!

“Mr. Jones, Peggy sure has a big wet bush on her!!” Nate said to my wife’s boss. “Look at the sex beard on this little lady!!! Her pink little pussy is as hot as a firecracker and sopping wet!!!! I think she likes my big black dick!!!”

My wife’s face was red with shame and lust!! She began to moan loudly and come, as he manipulated her with his huge black hands. My wife was coming, without Nate even penetrating her sex!!! God, she was turned on!!!

I was coming, too!!

Nate took my wife’s hands from behind his neck, and brought them down to her dense brown bush. Her manicured hands traveled down her firm white stomach into the wet pubic hair protecting her sex.

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