My story begins three weeks after my twentieth birthday. I've decided I have to write it down to get over it or to remember it better. I haven't yet determined which. It was either a horrifying experience or the most erotic I'll ever know.

It was my second year in college at the University of Utah, working on my bachelors in mathematics with straight A's thus far. My plan was to prove myself here and get into Stanford for my PhD. I lived on campus with my roommate Becca, enjoying the classes, life and especially the boys. I seemed to have my pick since I'm what they consider attractive or to put it like they do, "Smoking Hot". But this story isn't about the boys at school I've had relations with. No this story is much darker, bordering on disturbing. I take that back, to most people this story is very disturbing.

From what I know now they were watching me for some time, months actually, learning my patterns, classes, friends and life. Once they had enough information on me it was time for them to make their move. I was oblivious, naïve, thinking all was wonderful in my life. Believing I was safe on campus after dark since the walk from Tony's dorm was only five minutes and he was with me. We had just finished making out, instead of full on sex I decided to please him with my mouth tonight to hurry things up. I had some homework I had to do before the morning classes. Once he climaxed, and got dressed again we headed to my dorm.

It was very dark, no moon that night and neither of us saw or heard our attackers until it was too late. Tony went down like a sack of potatoes and the next thing I knew I had a gag in my mouth and a cloth sack over my head. I was hoisted over a shoulder, while struggling to get free, and carried off to who knows where.

Looking back on that night I remembered being terrified and expecting to be hurt, raped or killed the entire time. But that was what was strange and why I have such mixed feelings about it. They never hurt me, never once handled me roughly besides tossing me onto a shoulder. Even when I hit them and struggled they never laid a hand on me to do me harm. Never once called me degrading names or disrespected me in language. It was the exact opposite. They worshipped me! Calling me blessed, perfect, goddess, holy and magnificent. And that was before my clothes were off. The praise only increased as the night went on.

I was carried for a long time, I have no clue exactly how long but it was over an hour, maybe even two. Suddenly the temperature changed to warmer and it felt like I was descending stairs on the man's shoulders. I could hear others around as well but only one carried me. He set me down in a chair and I knew I was inside, surrounded by men. I could smell them. It wasn't a bad smell, musky and rather pleasant but definitely men. I sat frozen, absolutely terrified out of my head. I dared not move off the chair or remove the sack on my head for fear of repercussions. I had full use of my hands and legs but didn't have the guts to do anything because I knew they were all around me. Some time passed and I heard clothing rustling and strange sounds I couldn't decipher.

"Daughter of Eve, thy subjects honor thee in body and mind, calling thee here for the reception of the holy offering. We mean thee no harm, only adoration and devotion. Please remove thine apparel," a man spoke.

He was older by the sound of his voice and the way he talked took me back until his final statement. He wanted me to take my clothes off I think! Was he crazy? I shook my head vigorously in my hood, tears streaming down my face. A few sobs escaped my lips when I couldn't control them.

"Daughter of Eve, the flesh must receive the offering. No harm will come to thee; thy servants abhor violence upon Eve's Daughters. Thy subjects pledge devotion, vowing not a single hair of thy head will be harmed. Please undress," a new voice said, younger this time.

"If you abhor violence and are my subjects then let me go!" I screamed in fear and anger.

"Thy subjects apologize for thine afflictions but the offering must be received. Thou hast been chosen. A great honor has been bestowed upon thy head. Blessings will abound in thy life beyond thy understanding," another voice said.

He was approaching me as he spoke and by the time he was done was directly in front of me. I felt him pull the lace on my left shoe. I freaked out, kicking my foot toward him as hard as I could. I made contact, knocking him back. I froze expecting to be punished for the hard kick but he did nothing in retaliation. This was when I decided my predicament was very odd. The things they were saying, the gentleness they exhibited even after I kicked one of them as hard as I could in the face, was not normal.

Silence set in, I heard the man I kicked get up and move away from me once again. The voices came from around a circle I assumed I was the center of. I waited, frozen in the chair for something to happen. The thing that did, threw me for a loop, I surely wasn't expecting singing. It started with one voice, beautiful and clear in a language I didn't understand. He was joined by another and another until the circle of men was singing. It was a song of devotion, obviously, I guess to me or Eve or both.

The song had a very strange calming effect on me. It wasn't magic or some hypnotic trance. I was fully aware the entire time but the beauty of the tune and feeling of reverence from the men calmed me, almost warming me from the inside out. I began to believe what they had said. I didn't think they were going to hurt me but why did they want me naked and what offering were they talking about and who exactly was going to receive it?

I don't know why, I can't really explain it but after the song I was calm, my crying had stopped, my heart had returned to almost normal and when my other shoe lace was pulled I did nothing. The man at my feet removed my Sketchers gently in almost slow motion. My socks were next and still I didn't move. His hands were warm on my feet and ankles and extremely smooth. After my socks were off he moved back. I heard another man from behind me approach.

"Please stand, goddess," he said politely.

I obeyed, hearing the chair taken from behind me. The ground was warm and cold in spots like some kind of metal was inlaid in a pattern on the floor under my bare feet. The musty aroma was increasing as I stood with the hood still over my head. The man returned to the others and the first man spoke again.

"Thou may remove the shroud if thou desirers, but remember thy humble followers mean thee no ill will. What thou shalt see will confuse thee, possibly frighten but it is only part of the ceremony and a necessity," he explained.

I slowly pulled the hood off my face and stared in horror at a circle of naked men, each with erect penises. They had hoods on themselves, concealing their faces but with holes over the eyes to see. None of them made a move toward me. The calmness I experienced was gone, my heart was racing again and I feared for my life and body. I didn't know what to do or say. There had to be over twenty men, ranging in age from old to young from the bodies I viewed. I watched a few of them maintain their erections with their hands as they began to fall flaccid. Many were oozing and I had a good idea what the offering was now and the musty odor.

"Please remove the rest of thine apparel for the offering," the older man directly in front of me said, motioning to a small red pillow on the floor next to me.

I looked down at the scarlet pillow placed directly in the middle of an intricate design of silver, inlaid on the wood floor. The pattern spread out, weaving around and around in a crisscrossing pattern very much like a Celtic weave but one I've never seen before. Some of the others began stroking their members, keeping themselves aroused, while staring and waiting for me to obey.

"So you want me to strip, kneel and what then?"

"Each of thy subjects will present thee an offering to thy flesh, bathing thee in glory, symbolic of Mother Eve receiving the same," the man answered.

"That's what I thought. And if I do this, will you let me go?"

"Most assuredly, blessed Daughter of Eve."

I knew if they wanted, they could easily overpower me, strip me naked and do whatever they wanted. My only chance was to do as they asked and hope for the best. They weren't going to let me leave until this bizarre ceremony was complete. Some more men stiffened up their members while I debated my options. I noticed the younger men didn't have to stroke as much, their members stayed at attention just by watching me.

They were patient, another sign they weren't going to harm me, but it was a huge struggle to consider removing my clothes in front of all of them. The scent in the room increased and several drops of pre-ejaculate oozed to the wood floor while they waited for my decision.

"What if I don't want to be worshiped and receive this offering? What will you do with me then?" I asked bravely.

"If thou only knew the honor bestowed upon thee during the offering, thou would most graciously accept. From the dawn of man, Daughters of Eve have been given the honor. Only the choicest of Daughters are selected for the tribute. This night is holy, when the planet Venus aligns with the Earth and Sun. Only this night can the offering be given. Thou must accept our offering we beg of thee."

"Why was I selected? I'm sure there are other Daughters that would willingly accept your offering."

"Thou art perfect, selected from hundreds of potentials; thy servants have chosen thee to be the recipient, for thy beauty, form, grace, intellect and spirit."

I was truly taken a back. I've been called hot before but not perfect. I almost felt pride for being selected for their ritual if it wasn't for the abduction and oddity of the whole thing. But I'm sure they knew I would never have come on my own if they would have asked. I also knew that they had been watching me for some time and comparing me with hundreds of other woman. To be selected was quite an odd sensation.

"So, no touching me? You'll just do your thing on my body and that's it?" I asked not knowing how else to put it.

"Correct, the offering is symbolic of our devotion to Eve, giving her our most precious self without physical contact."

I thought about it for another long space of time, as they stood their aroused and oozing. I waited so long each man had small drips of pre-ejaculate in front of him, some more than others. I made up my mind without telling them. Instead I slowly started to unbutton my shirt enough to pull it over my head. I stood there with just my pants and bra on, tossing my shirt to the ground. The stroking became less and less the more clothing I took off. Dropping my pants I kicked them away and only had my underclothes on. All the men were harder than I've seen previous and the production of pre-ejaculate increased, filling the room with their scent.

My bra came off first, quickly followed by my panties. As soon as they were off a man broke the circle toward me and I kind of freaked out, screaming until I realized he was just collecting my clothing and removing them off the symbol on the floor. None of them had to stroke any more at all. They picked me for my beauty and apparently I was doing it for them. Wasting no more time I took my position, kneeling on the soft silk pillow in the center of the room. My nipples hardened in the colder air and my body seemed to be reacting to the smell and sight of all the naked men.

The ritual began as soon as I was in position. They started chanting in the strange language and rhythmically stroking their members to the beat of the music. It was very strange to watch them synchronized in masturbation and hear them chanting. I wondered if they planned on all ejaculating at the same time, which would be quite an achievement let alone sight.

When one of the younger ones broke ranks an approached me I knew the answer. He traveled directly toward me, instead of coming to my front. He was actually slightly behind me to my left. The others continued to chant and then he yelled out his own symbolic praise, splattering me with more semen than I've ever seen before. It was then I realized they had been saving up for this night for who knows how long. He coated my left side, arm and breast with large ropes of sticky warm cum that dripped to the floor and down my naked body. The sensation of his warm semen hitting my body sent jolts of pleasure through me I wasn't expecting.

Once he was finished he bowed his head to me and backed up to the circle. I didn't know how to respond, just giving him a tiny smile while globs of semen dripped to the floor. I didn't move, didn't touch his offering even when it began to cool and itch. The chanting hadn't stopped or the stroking. It was less than a minute before I heard the scream and felt hot semen hitting my back and shoulders. One of them men behind me had silently walked toward me and unloaded his offering with a yell that startled me before I felt his cum. Another impressive load. I turned my head once I knew he was there. He was older than the first and had a much larger penis. He bowed as he finished and returned to the circle. Chills went through my body, stimulating me. It shouldn't have happened but for some reason their offerings were turning me on, arousing my nipples and clitoris.

Seconds' later two more came at the same time, one almost directly in front of me and the other further behind. The guy in the front really had a load and I think the visual of my breasts helped because he bent his penis down to make sure he hit them. They yelled together and unloaded their offerings, splattering my body, further arousing me to the point I wanted to touch myself and grind my hand onto my growing clitoris. My breasts were covered now and more of my left side and back which dropped onto my bent legs and feet after running off my butt.

More and more men approached, bathing me in their offerings until, without any stimulation from myself I climaxed! Kneeling there on the pillow, covered in an insane amount of semen my body hit a peak and orgasm as if I was being made love to or masturbating in my bed. It was unreal how my body felt! I think I actually screamed out in pleasure and I know I was vibrating and clenching up as I felt their warm sticky loads splatter my body until all but my face was covered with strings of gooey hot cum.

The chanting stopped after the last man released his offering and returned to the circle. I was still shaking, in a fit of pleasure, feeling overcome with self worth and importance. I don't know what it was but I really felt like I had just taken part in something very important and not only taken part but was the center of the importance. I looked around the room of men, most of their penises were flaccid but some of the first to offer were erect again. They weren't maintaining them with their hands but just the image of my body covered in shiny, sparkling semen was enough to keep them engorged. A single man turned and took a scarlet robe off the wall behind him and walked into the circle. I stood up and he placed the robe on my naked wet body. The offering was soon sucked up as I wrapped the robe around me. I didn't know what to say or do. I know they heard me scream and saw my body orgasm and I felt a little embarrassed I enjoyed it so much.

"Daughter of Eve, thou doest honor us with thy reception of the offering. Thy orgasm signifies the proper reception from Eve through thee. When thou art ready, thy clothing is awaiting thee. Due to this sacred location thy humble servants must shroud thy eyes again to return thee to thy habitation, leaving thee unharmed," the old man spoke again.

I didn't immediately walk to my clothes it was almost like I didn't want it to end. I don't know for sure but maybe Eve really did somehow accept their offering vicariously through me. It was nuts but it was the only explanation I had to why my body reacted the way it did. After some time I slowly walked to my clothing. Using the robe I cleaned myself off fully and replaced my clothing. The men also redressed and a large, wide individual handed me the hood. I put it on my head and he immediately lifted me up onto his shoulders to carry me back home.

When he set me down and I removed the hood it was just beginning to be light and they were nowhere to be seen. I haven't told anyone what really happened, making up a story to tell Tony. He was fine, just had a bump on his head from being knocked unconscious. We talked to campus police and later city police. I had to continue to state over and over I wasn't sexually assaulted, that the man that carried me off must have had a change of heart and let me go, never revealing what really happened to me. It was the least I could do for my 'humble servants'.


The author would like to thank gambit37 for his excellent and timely editing. He makes my stories even more fun to read.

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