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Not all stories have a happy ending. In real life, the good guy doesn't always get the girl, they don't always live happily ever after and they don't walk off into the sunset. In real life, nothing happens. At least that's the way I remember it.

I had met April roughly six years ago during my freshman year at UCLA. April was an exotic woman, way, way out of my league. She was an exotic beauty of Euro Asian descent. Her mother was Japanese and her father was Scottish.

She was very tall, towering over me at 6.2ft. She's what you'd call busty, with a shapely figure but she also spent a great deal of time keeping in shape at the local gym. She had beautiful dark mocha skin, large almond shaped brown eyes, a tiny button nose, high cheek bones, big pouty lips and jet black raven hair.

She was the object of my affection for quite some time. It took a great deal of courage on my part to even approach her let alone ask her out on a date. Alas when I did, she rejected my advances.

April was with the 'in crowd'. She hung out with the popular kids. Girls wanted to be her, men wanted to be with her. She was incredible. The very definition of 'blue balls'. I had rubbed one out on many occasions to her.

As the years passed and we grew older I slowly got over her, setting my sights on other girls. Subsequently, I ended up having a two and a half year relationship with a girl I'd met in my economics class. Her name was Sasha.

Sasha is what you'd call a good girl: proper, polite, prim and pretty. After college however, I got offered a job in a top accounting firm out in California and she got offered a role within the television industry in New York.

We decided to part ways given the fact that neither of us were big believers in long distance relationships. This brings me to the next part of my story.

I hadn't even thought about April until we bumped into each other at a quarterly business function. It turned out that she worked for my parent company. Given the fact that we were both new at this function, we ended up sitting together and chatting as we didn't really know anyone else.

I was charming, polite and articulate.

She was equally delightful.

I tried to refresh her memory of the time I asked her out and she rejected me. Alas she said that she could not recollect such a thing ever happening, upon which she added "Although, I used to be quite a conceded bitch back then. I'm different now"

An opportunity had presented itself. A window was opened for me. Perhaps it was her sign.

I made the decision then and there to ask her out to dinner later that night. To my surprise, she accepted my invitation.

I took her out to a restaurant called Bridges: similar to Sizzler yet slightly more upmarket. We chatted about our career ambitions, out past relationships, where we'd been and where we were hoping to be headed.

One thing led to another and we both ended up extremely intoxicated.

We later ended up back at her place, groping each other. I was in ecstasy. This was my ultimate fantasy, I was with the girl of my dreams. This was it, her flower was open.

We headed over to her bedroom.

She sprawled out on her bed as she began to give me a little show. I stood there, gobsmacked, watching in awe. She slowly removed her top and unbuckled her bra, exposing her plump C cup breasts.

She smiled at me.

I could feel my hardness pressing up against my jeans. I was so hard, it hurt.

With her right index finger, she pointed at her left nipple, "kiss me" she said.

I leaned in, eagerly giving her left breast a peck.

She then pointed to her stomach, "kiss me" she said again

I happily obliged as I began to lick and suck on her stomach, slowly unbuckling her belt, making my way to her honey pot.

Her left hand slowly started moving up my thigh.

All of a sudden and without warning, "Mpfh!!! Argh!!!" I spazamed. My breathing intensified, by body stiffened as I prematurely came in my pants. It was over.

I moaned in pleasure, despair and guilt.

She was confused, "are you okay?" she asked me, thinking something else had happened.

I tried to cover it up. I cupped my crotch and excused myself. "I ahh, I'm fine. I just need to use your bathroom." I looked up at her only to notice she was smiling, grinning from ear to ear. She knew what had happened.

"Did you just ejaculate?" she asked me.

"No, don't be silly." I said, "Where's your bathroom?" I asked.

"Just back there" she said.

I felt every little bit pathetic. This had never happened to me before.

As I locked the door behind me, I looked down only to notice that I had stained my pants. This was indeed, very embarrassing.

I unbuckled my belt, letting my jeans fall to the ground. Reaching across I grabbed a roll of toilet paper and proceeded to clean myself up. I could hear her through the door, breathing, listening in on me.

"You shouldn't be embarrassed" she said

"What do you mean?" I asked, trying to play the fool.

"It's very normal. It happens to most guys. If anything, I'm flattered" she said.

She was right, but I was just too damn embarrassed, "I don't know what you're talking about, I just had to use the bathroom."

Upon cleaning myself up, I tossed the cum drenched toilet paper in the toilet bowl, flushing the toilet.

I pulled my pants back up and emerged from the bathroom every little bit humiliated.

To my shock, there was April sprawled out on the bed completely nude. She smiled up at me, "you're a cutie pie" she said.

"I've never seen anything like that before. Are you a teenager?" she teased.

"I don't know what you're talking about" I said again.

She erupted in laughter, "sure you don't" she teased.

With that, she extended her hand to me, motioning for me to approach. "Let's get you out of that dirty shirt and those wet pants" she giggled.

As she proceeded to remove my shirt, I could feel the blood racing back to my phallus as we once again began to grope and fondle each other. Her breath whispering hot in my ear, I fumbled with my belt letting my jeans fall to the ground.

I crawled up onto the bed with her.

That's when she whispered hoarsely in my ear, "Do you have a condom?"

I was momentarily taken back and suddenly stricken with a sense of loss. I did not have a condom, hence we could not do the dirty deed. I let out a sigh of frustration, looking up at her, "No, no I didn't. I'm sorry" I began to ramble, "it didn't occur to me to bring a condom. How would that have looked?.....argh! I'm sorry April, I didn't think we'd be here like this, I'm really sorry, I..."

April started laughing once more, "it's okay" she said.

"I think my ex left some condoms behind." She reached over to her nightstand, pulling out a condom, handing it to me.

"Now lets get these boxers off" with that, she yanked down my shorts.

........."oh" she said in shock.

"what?" I asked as I looked down in unison.

We both sat there staring at my stiffness. Old glory saluting the ceiling, alas she was not impressed. She had a blank expression on her face, she almost looked puzzled.

"bushy" she said in reference to my thick nest of pubic hair.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Nothing...... It's very nice. You're excited" she said.

That's when she asked me something that took me completely by surprise.

"umm..... you're not completely hard are you?" she asked.

"what? what do you mean?"

"I mean, your skin. It hasn't retracted. I've never seen a stiff cock with skin that doesn't retract."

"Oh, yeah of course! Sure it gets bigger!" I lied. My ego was slaughtered.

I fumbled with the condom wrapper, eager to get this part over and done with.

She sensed I was having difficulty and began laughing at me once more. She leaned in to give a helping hand, snatching the condom from me and proceeding to unwrap it, withdrawing the rubber from it's packaging.

She leaned down, slowly unrolling the condom over my rigid flesh.

To my absolute horror: it didn't fit.

The condom was not only loose, it was baggy, it was long. No amount of trying was going to make this work.

I could see the shock, astonishment and disapproval in her eyes. Where she once saw a man, she now saw a little boy.

I was overcome with extreme embarrassment. My cheeks turned three shades of red. Yet oddly enough, I had never been more aroused in my entire life.

She looked up at me and erupted in laughter. Laugher from deep down. "Oh my god!" she said, "oh boy" she added.

"I'm sorry" I said, "do you have any normal sized condoms?" I asked in desperation.

"What do you mean 'normal sized?' that is normal sized" she said.

"umm... do you have any" I sighed in humiliation, "any, smaller condoms?"

"Oh boy. I've never had smaller guys up here before" she blurted out.

"oh......" I replied.

It took a second or two for her to realise what she had just said, "I mean, I didn't mean to say that you were..... oh boy"

This was awkward for both of us. We sat there in silence for a few moments, just looking at each other.

Slowly, she leaned up against her bed head, folding her arms smiling at me as I sat at the foot of the bed, looking every little bit pathetic with a condom at least three times too large hanging off my pathetic little boner.

That's what I realised something. This wasn't happening. Not now, not ever.

"were not having sex tonight are we?" I asked

She shook her head as if to say 'no'. "I'm sorry" she added.

"oh... that sucks" I said as I slid the condom off my erect member.

"so, what do we do now?" I asked.

"You can come and sit next to me and we can talk" she motioned for me to sit next to her.

I slowly crawled over to her, my little stiffy still ripe and ready for action, bobbing with each heartbeat.

She looked down at it in disbelief, "My god! You really are excited aren't you??"

"Yeah I guess so" I replied.

"It's so pink!!" she added, "I've never seen a dick that was so pink before"

I was lost for words, "oh yeah"

"It just looks so underused...... did you have sex with your girlfriend in college" she asked

"umm, yeah of course"

"What did she say about it?" she asked

"About what?"

"About your little pink dick." Ouch, that remark hurt. My ego, my poor little ego!

"She, she never really said anything about it"

"Were you her first?" she asked

I knew exactly what she was insinuating. "Yes I was."

There was more awkward silence.

Desperate to move forward and salvage the night I began to ramble, "You know, I could go to the drugstore and get some condoms. I'll be back in—"

"---I don't want to have sex with you" she said, cutting me off.

"oh..... you mean like ever?" god I was pathetic!

She looked down at my pecker once more and then back up at my desperate pleading eyes, "I'm sorry sweetie" she said.

"t-t-that's okay." I said, defeated.

"but don't worry, I'm not going to tell anyone"

"that's nice of you" I added.

We sat there in more awkward silence. I was so lost for words.

At that point I was still incredibly horny. I was determined to get something from her,

"How about...."

"What?" she asked

"You know..... relieving each other?" I asked in desperation.

Playfully she started to tease, "what? what exactly do you want to do? Huh? Huh??"

I was embarrassed to even say it, "you know, you could give me a, a, a blowjob?"

"awwww! That's so sweet...... I'm sorry I don't do that." She replied, I knew she was lying. I'd heard stories about her, I knew she gave blowjobs. It hurt that I wasn't even worth it.

"oh..." I said.

"but feel free to play with my pussy if you want." With that, she spread her legs. "go on...." she urged me.

I ate her out for hours. Her legs wrapped around my head, heavy panting, moaning, screaming my name. At least I made her cum.

After I was done, she noticed I was still erect, "You might want to take care of that before you go."

"oh, yeah of course" I said as I slowly proceeded to fondle myself before her

"wait! Not here!!" she stopped me.

"huh?" I asked dumbfounded.

"I don't want you to shoot your looser goo all over my satin sheets.... Go rub out a worship puddle in the bathroom"

That was the low point.

After I rubbed one out, I got dressed and left.

We never spoke again.... socially at least.

But since then, I always rub out a worship puddle to her every night before I go to sleep.

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