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Worth The Wait And Some


This is a story about my sexy little princess and me. My girl is the most sexy, petite little thing I know with sexy little perky tits, a perfect arse and a smooth, perfectly shaven pussy. We have been trying to find a girl to join us for a bit of fun for quite a while now with no luck. That was, until a couple of weeks ago, and WOW! We really started off with a bang.

We were sitting around at home the other weekend , a bit bored, so we decided to go up to the city and get a motel for the night, and see what was going on.

Before long we were on our way and in good spirits, having a laugh and generally feeling pretty good. When we arrived, we checked into our usual motel room, which is right in the middle of Northbridge and just lounge around naked for a few hours.

After a while we decided to head out, and started getting ready. We were pretty pumped up and super horny, thinking of what might become of their night. My sexy little girl got dressed up with a short with a short skirt and top, with long boots and no bra and undies on. She said it made her feel really and naughty with the cool breeze around her pussy.

As it was quite a hot day we went into a strip club to have a look and a drink. It was probably one of the best strip clubs I had been in and there was a fair few dancers there and to my quite a few women customers. It had a really good feel about it. We got a drink and found a good spot to watch the dancers. There was also girls walking around in the crowd some giving lap dancers in a more quiet area. After a couple of drinks I was up at the bar and noticed a fairly good looking chick standing there with a couple of blokes trying to put the hard work on her. I got my drinks and as I walked past her quietly said to her to come over and stand over were we were if she wanted to and I kept on walking. After a little while she came over and we introduced ourselves. She was a nice chick, easy to speak to and about the same build as my girl. Pretty soon the girls went off to the toilet and I got more drinks for us. When they came back they were laughing and joking around and when I asked what the joke was. They said nothing, and that all was fine.

As we stood there watching the dancers, I noticed them swaying to the music and standing quite close together. The next thing, my girl started to gently rub the other chicks' arse and to my surprise, the other chick started doing the same back to my girl. I thought this was pretty good! Then my sexy girl said, "Let's go back to the room for a while and have a drink or two. So, off we went!

On the way there, they started teasing me full on, but I wasn't allowed to touch. Back at the room, they were both feeling each other up right in front of me as I made the drinks. We quickly had them and headed back to the club.

Back at the club, I went to get more drinks and also got some tipping dollars so they could get a bit closer to the stage and tip the dancers. This got us even more turned on and before long, the girls' said, "Let's go back to the room." I was out of there in a flash and it was the same treatment on the way back, with them teasing me more and more. Now they were slightly lifting up the backs of their skirts and flashing me their arses and their pussies. I was almost ready to explode by the time we got back to the room, it was just awesome! The two girls were teasing me flat out and loving it! They were feeling each other up and full-on tongue kissing each other right in front of me. It was soooo sexy. My girl was rubbing the other chicks pussy through her short little skirt and slowly pushing her skirt up until I could see her pussy and to my delight, her pussy was fully shaved as well. What a turn on! Still, I was not allowed to touch and by this stage, I had my rock-hard cock out , slowly stroking it. This seemed to have the same effect on the girls' as they did on me, making them hornier and hornier.

After a bit more of that, the girls started to get each others' clothes off. I was in ecstasy! They were both as hot as each other and very similar size tits. Next thing I knew, they had turned around and were licking each others' pussies in an awesome 69er. This was the first time I had seen anything like that, and WOW, it was great! Once I had regained my compsure, I made my way over to where the girls were and slithered between my girls legs and slithered my tongue along her perfect little slit, gently licking up the outside of her pussy lips and over the hood of her clit, then back down the other side, still staying on the outside of her pussy. Then I gently lifted her pussy lips to the middle with my tongue, then the same on the other side. This drove her wild and then I made my tongue all flat and licked all the way up from her arse to her clit. She just loves that! Meanwhile, she was doing the same thing to our friend and that was driving her wild as well! After quite a bit of that we changed places and I started to give the other chick a good licking, then gently got the tip of my tongue and quickly gave her arsehole a little flick. That sent her right off. We all decided that we needed a rest to gather ourselves, so we all just lay around, showing off to each other with me stroking my cock and showing the girls and the girls laying back and playing with their pussies, spreading them for me. It was awesome! They were both posing for me like the strippers at the club. This was a dream come true for both of us and for our new friend. She said she had only had one other experience before but it wasn't that successful as one of the couple didn't pay any attention to his partner and she got a bit jealous. So she was pretty happy that we were both really cruisy and like to enjoy experiences like this together.

Anyway, back to the story. We all had another drink each and decided that a spa was on the cards, so I went to fill it up. When I came back, the girls were into it again, playing with each other like a couple of kids with a new toy. It was unreal to watch them, how gentle they were with each other. When the spa was ready, we all got in and started to fool around a bit. Finally, the girls decided it was time to let me in on the party and with that, they both went down and started simultaneously sucking on my cock. I was in heaven! I had never had anything like this happen. Then, when I was almost at the point of no return, they would stop or slow down a bit and let me calm down. Then my girl got the other chick to lay back with her legs spread wide and got me to kneel between them. She then pulled the other chicks pussy lips apart with one hand, grabbed my cock and slowly pushed it in. I was amazed her pussy was as tight as my girls. Then she pulled my cock out and went down and gave our friends pussy a quick lick, then stuck my cock in her mouth and gave that a bit of a suck. Then, just what I was hoping for, the other chick did exactly the same thing to my girl. That was just it for me. I just came everywhere. It was the most come I had seen come out of my cock since I was a teenager. What a rush! The girls were still keen as, so we decided to swap some of our pussy licking techniques with each other and give demos. This got me ready to go again in no time and we played with each other all night like this . It was easy the best night of fun, sex, teasing and passion that we had ever had! We have arranged to meet up with our friend again soon. This time we are going to go out in the bush so we can all run around naked in nature. I suppose that is another story, which I will tell you next time. So, until then, have fun and keep being sexy! It's good for you.

CHEERS, Happy Couple.

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