tagGay MaleWould I Have Liked It

Would I Have Liked It


Back in the late sixties I was serving in the Royal Navy, and we were visiting the East Coast of Canada. After several stops at Ports in Canada, we were informed that we were having one last visit before sailing for home.

This final stop would be fifteen days in New York. We sailed into the Port of New York, mooring alongside the liner Queen Mary. The morning after we arrived the ship was open to the general public, I was patrolling the upper deck, when I was approached by two guys who asked if I would like to go with them on a sightseeing trip around some of The Big Apple. I said that I would like to, but I would like to bring a friend. One hour later we were in a taxi, travelling around the City, the two guys were both very touchy-feely and we were wondering if they might be gay. The cab dropped us of outside an apartment block in a smart district of the City; we went to the flat of these two friends.

Once inside things started to happen quite quickly. One guy led me into a section of a room that was curtained of from the bedroom, beyond this curtain was another bed. He turned on the T.V and offered me a beer; I started to drink it when I felt his hand rubbing my leg just above the knee. I thought I would see how far he would go, his hand moved up my leg and rested just below my now stirring cock. He asked if I would like a blowjob, being young and a bit green I asked what he meant. He said let me show you, he then started to unzip my trousers. He slid my trousers and underwear down past my hips, and took my half-hard cock in his hand. Lowering his head he slid my cock into his mouth, I have never got so hard so quickly.

I have always been a bit worried about the size of my equipment, but he looked up and said it is just the right size to suck and then promptly took the whole of my raging cock into his mouth and throat. I was in heaven, as he moved his mouth up and down my cock he was caressing my tightening balls, within minutes I felt the cum building up in my balls and almost fly up the length of my penis and explode into his mouth. I tried to pull out of his mouth, but he forced his mouth back over the head of my cock and continued to suck any remaining cum from my shaking body.

I lay back on the bed and closed my eyes, I felt him move up the bed and he leaned over me and lightly kissed my lips.

I wasn't gay so kissing another male was not something I felt I could deal with, so I pulled away from him asking where the toilet was. I walked through the curtained of section and saw my mate was getting the same treatment from his partner that I had just received. Walking into the bathroom was like walking into the Savoy Hotel in London, it was massive the bath would probably hold two, the shower would hold four. I relieved myself tidied up and returned to the bedroom, I asked if it would be ok to have a shower as we had been at sea and showers were a hit or miss affair.

I returned to the bathroom and started to strip, there was no lock on the door but after what had just happened who cared. I had just removed my shirt and trousers when the door opened and the guy who had blown me walked in and asked if I needed any help with my shower. He then started to finish undressing me, he knelt before me and pulled my boxers down freeing my recovering cock, he licked around the head getting me hard again. He stood up and walked out of the bathroom, seconds later his friend came into the room. I thought I was going to get blown by this guy as well, a chance to compare actions perhaps. He knelt in front of me and started to lick the length of my throbbing cock, he then turned me round and spread the cheeks of my arse. I thought the blowjob I had received from his friend was the best thing that had happened to me, until now.

I felt his warm breath on my puckered rosebud, and then I almost blew my load as his tongue licked the length of my arse crack. He sucked around my hole and then eased his tongue into my virgin hole; my knees were starting to buckle as he tongue fucked me. Here I was a member of the heterosexual community having my arse raped by some gay guy's tongue, and I didn't even know his name.

He removed his tongue and turned me round and sucked my oozing cock into his mouth, he held the cheeks of my arse and pulled me right into his throat. He spread my cheeks and rubbed the saliva covered hole with his fingers, I nearly passed out as he gently pushed a finger into my until now untouched anus. He gently finger fucked my tight virgin arse while I was face fucking him, I felt my balls tighten in their sack and I blew a load into his warm wet mouth.

He stood up and pulled me to him and roughly kissed me, this time all resistance had gone. I kissed him back and as he forced his tongue into my mouth I could taste a mixture of flavours, standing out above the rest was a salty taste which I guessed was my cum.

I came back down to earth and got into the shower, while I was showering he told me he was Dave and his friend was Mike. We chatted for a while and when I stepped from the shower he took a towel and dried me, while he was rubbing my back he started to caress my arse. He rested his head on my shoulder, and nibbled at my ear lobe and whispered that he would love to fuck my virgin hole.


I wasn't sure what I wanted so I tried to make excuses. Being a member of HM forces in those days homosexuality was a court martial offence, so I said that while my mate was around I couldn't do anything. He walked into the other room and I could hear talking, shortly I heard the front door shut. Dave came back into the bathroom and said that Mike had taken my mate to a local bar and would be back very soon.

I was now out of excuses; Dave came towards me and put his hand on my flaccid cock. He led me into the bedroom, and put his arms around me pulling me into a gentle embrace. He leaned his face toward me and kissed me gently, this was no rough tongue straight in kiss but a gentle caressing of mouths. I told him that I wasn't sure if this was what I wanted, as apart from what had gone on earlier I have never done anything with another man. He told me not to worry, and that he would only go as far as I wanted or felt comfortable with.

I asked for another beer and he told me to help myself from the icebox, I came back with two beers and we drank a beer each. At this time I was completely naked and Dave was still fully dressed, he asked if I would like to help him undress. I moved toward him and reached out for him, I pulled his sweatshirt over his head and then undid his belt and trouser buttons. His trousers slid down his legs and he stepped out of them, he now stood before me in a pair of tight briefs only. I could see the outline of his penis, which was beginning to stir, I reached forward and touched him through his briefs. As I stood there with the cock of another man in my hand I realised that I was enjoying my first gay affair.

I was just about to pull his briefs down when the front door opened and in walked Mike, he had left my mate a local gay bar and he was last seen in a clinch with a blonde TS. Dave told me to carry on and pushed me to my knees in front of him, I pulled his briefs down to join his trousers on the floor. His cock was inches away from my face, as I looked at it his erection was growing. I put my tongue out and tasted my first cock, there was a bittersweet taste to it. Pre cum was oozing from the head of his cock so I opened my mouth and sucked him in.

This was amazing in two hours I had been sucked off, had my arse raped by a tongue, finger fucked, and kissed by two gay guys and was now on my knees tasting my first cock. Dave's cock was now fully erect in my mouth; the taste of his pre cum was like nectar to me. He pulled away from my mouth and led me to the bed, as we lay down on the bed Mike joined us in a three way kissing session.

Mike laid me on my back, and Dave leaned over and swallowed my cock in one go. While he was sucking on me Mike moved up the bed and knelt over my face, I could see his puckered anus just above me also his semi erect penis and hanging balls. By now Dave was rubbing my rosebud while he was sucking me, he poured some kind of oil onto me and eased a finger into me.

Mike saw how I was enjoying this and lowered himself down, I put my tongue out and licked his balls and licked back towards his arse crack. By the moans coming from him I guessed he must be enjoying it, I pushed my tongue into his anus and felt the slight resistance from his sphincter then it popped into his anus proper. I could taste the muskiness of his arse but I was so horny by now that I just didn't care. Dave by now had put another finger in me and was fingering my arse that I was like a large quivering mass; he stopped sucking me as I was near to blowing.

Mike raised himself of off my face and sat by the side of me and pulled my head to his erect cock, I licked him from his balls to the head of his manhood his pre cum was slightly sweeter than Dave's. I turned so that I was on all fours this caused Dave's fingers to twist in my arse, although this caused a pain to my sphincter it also nearly caused me to cum. I pushed Mikes legs up so that I could lick at his arse again; I put my lips around his rosebud and pushed my tongue up as far as it would go. I tongue fucked him, I took hold of his cock and started to slide my hand up and down giving him a long languid hand job.

Dave removed his fingers from my arse and I felt a strange feeling of emptiness, then I felt more lube being applied to my ring and then Dave put his cock at the entrance to my anus. I had sucked my first cock now I was about to lose my anal cherry to Dave, the feeling I got when Dave's cock pushed past the first ring of muscle at my arse was indescribable he waited until I was comfortable and then pushed again.

I was moaning around Mike's cock as Dave entered me, and the vibrations caused by my moaning caused Mike to erupt in my mouth. As I took all of Mikes cum I felt Dave's pubic hairs grind against my arse cheeks, I knew that all six inches of Dave's erection was in my arse this was heaven. Here I was with my arse impaled on six inches of rock hard man meat, and a mouth full of cum and six inches of man meat.

Mike pulled his cock from my mouth and started to kiss me, I still had his cum in my mouth as I was a little worried about swallowing it, and we passed it between us until we had swallowed it all. Dave was really pounding in and out of my arse; he pulled right out and told me to lie on my back. My body felt empty as I turned over, Mike held my legs up and Dave pushed his cock back into my gaping hole in one thrust he leaned his chest on mine and started to kiss me.

This wasn't the gentle kiss of a short while ago this was a kiss borne out of lust, the working over that Dave was giving my arse was causing my own erection to seek release and I went to play with it but Mike knocked my hand away. Dave suddenly drove his cock deep into my bowels and held it there I felt his cock start to get bigger and he shot load after load into me coating the walls of my anus with warm cum.

As he pulled his softening cock from me I could feel his cum start to run from my no longer virgin arse, I felt Mike's mouth cover my gaping rosebud and his tongue gently enter me and start to lick the still warm cum out of me. Dave slid up the bed and offered me his softening cock to clean; I took it in my mouth and could taste the musky taste from my arse and the sweet taste of his cum.

He shuffled forward and sat his puckered hole on my face, he told me to lick him well my tongue was soon buried deep in his anus. When he was soaked with my saliva he slid down and impaled himself on my very erect cock, he started to ride me and I was very soon blowing a very large amount of cum into his arse and bowels.

After this we all went to shower together and I left to go back to my ship.

The first part really happened, I wonder now if I should have let the rest happen.

Maybe if I can find somebody who will sort out my curiosity who knows. Offers.

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