tagGay MaleWould I Have Liked It Ch. 03

Would I Have Liked It Ch. 03


I think I might, in fact I do!

After my last Journey into that place between fantasy and reality, I thought I must try and resolve my doubts. I joined an internet chatroom, and got chatting to a young TV from the north of England. He asked me to call him my special little girl friend; we were just posting photos and messages to start.

As time passed she asked if she could e-mail me, at first I was unsure (my wife used the computer). I set up another e-mail alias on the computer, and agreed to her request. I explained that I was quite a bit older than she was, I sincerely hoped that this wouldn't matter. She replied that age didn't matter (she is 23) and that she probably needed a daddy to take her in hand. Some of the photos she sent me were absolutely fantastic, and I was getting more and more sure that I wanted to meet her. She asked me to get a bit more daring with my photos, so I went out and bought a selection of women's underwear. I posed for some photos, and was getting aroused not by wearing them but by what I was doing.

I was really being drawn into this fantasy world of mine, but this was a real person I was in contact with. Photos of me in women's panties moved on to almost full cross-dressed photos, I loved it.

We started chatting to each other thro IM's; I would have a picture of her in front of me as we chatted. There I was a married man chatting to some young TV who I hadn't seen, telling her what I would like to do to her. One photo she had mailed me was an upskirt shot, I told her what I would do if I were with her. I described how I would have put my head up between her thighs and moved her panties aside, and licked the crack between her buns finding her boy pussy with my tongue. I would then pull her panties down, turn her round and devour her clit in one.... My computer screen was red hot, my cock needed attention.

She asked if we could have phone sex, I was all for this as we would be in personal contact. We exchanged cell phone numbers, and arranged to text each other before phoning. The big day arrived we arranged a time, I couldn't wait. I kept thinking that my clocks had stopped, my wife was away for the weekend. Then my cell phone rang, it was her.

I asked her what she was wearing, my black party dress, white thong, and black fishnet stockings. Instant lust, we talked for what seemed hours. We described in minute detail what we were doing to each other. This was turning me on, here I was actually chatting to a real person. It was happening to fast, I thought I must slow down. She was saying how much she was enjoying me sucking and licking her clit, I asked her if she would like to fuck me. She then went into great detail of how she would use and abuse me if we ever met. I ended up a gibbering wreck, I needed to meet her.

I asked if we could meet, it seemed an age before she answered. YES, my heart leapt, my brain said no, my cum covered cock screamed YES, YES, YES. We arranged to meet in Staffordshire about halfway between London and her home town. The arrangement was to meet at the railway station as both our trains stopped there. That was easy wasn't it I thought, but what can I tell my wife.

I made up a story to my wife, and she wasn't too upset at me staying away overnight. The big day arrived and I boarded my train in London. My stomach was turning somersaults as I arrived at my destination,this was my first arranged meeting. My other meetings were spur of the moment. I was thinking of boarding the next train home but that would be the one he would be on. There was a small hotel not far from the station so I went and booked a twin room,then headed back to the station. I sat in the bar with a cold beer wondering if I should go home,when I was asked if the other seat at my table was free. I looked up and there stood the person I had travelled to meet,a gorgeous slim guy. I said please help yourself,he replied later will do, can I have a beer first.

We chatted about nothing in particular, he then asked if we could head to the hotel. We bought a bottle of wine on the way, so we could go straight to our room. When we got to our room, he said he wanted to shower to be nice and fresh for the fun we would have. I wanted to join him as I couldnt wait to get my hands on him, but he said no have your shower after me. After about five mins he emerged from the shower, and told me to go have a nice long shower. I stayed in for about ten minutes,as I came from the bathroom my heart nearly stopped. There in front of me was the girl I had been chatting to on the internet, but this girl had a little extra.

I walked towards her and pulled her to me and embraced her, she was a little rigid it was her first time. Easing her closer I kissed her neck then traced her face round and gently sought her lips. She tensed a little so I moved just slightly away from her mouth, but she followed me and started to kiss me back. Very soon our tongues were darting into each others mouths, and we started to give each other deep passionate kisses. My hands were all over her slim body, we tumbled onto the bed. She was moaning so I run my hand up her stocking clad leg, under her panties and grasped her rigid cock.

I slid down the bed and there was the cock I had only seen in pictures she had sent by e-mail. I kissed the tip and the taste of precum was on my lips, she moaned as I took it deep into my mouth. As I sucked on her I eased my hand under her butt and moved her panties to one side, I needed a clear run for my tongue to get to her rosebud. She gasped as my hard tongue licked around it and then eased into her sweet tasting anal passage.

While I was eating her she asked if I would let her fuck me, as we had talked about on the net. She pulled me up so we were again face to face and started deep kissing. She eased one then two fingers into my eager anus and turned so she was lying on top of me. I felt her begin to slide a third finger in and then start fucking me with them.

I almost begged her to slide her throbbing cock into me, she thrust it straight into me the pain was horrendous. I had forgotten it was her first time with a man, the pain eased and I began to enjoy her fucking me. She slowed and said she didnt want to cum to soon, I said we have two days so just fuck me and fill me.I soon felt her cock swell and she filled me with her cum.

By now my own cock felt it was going to burst, I didnt want to rush her into sucking me as I had plans for the rest of the weekend. She asked if she should try tasting me, I said only if you want to. I felt her breath on my cock and then she sucked me into her mouth. After she had been licking and sucking for a short while I told her I was ready to cum. She took me from her mouth just as I shot the first of my cum, it landed on her lips and then the rest covered her face. W e cuddled up and I licked and kissed my cum from her face and fed it to her.

After awhile we drifted off to sleep and my awakening cock was between her butt cheeks, tomorrow my friend I said you will be inside this cute arse. With that thought in mind I drifted off into a deep sleep.

To be cont.

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