tagMatureWould It Be Awkward

Would It Be Awkward


(all characters in this story are over the age of 18)

"In my own defense, I tried to move out the way."

"Maybe you should have tried harder!" Mary said, struggling to get up. "Would you please turn loose of my tit?"

"I would, but you have my hand pinned."

She squirmed a bit more, which did little but drive her soft breast even deeper into my palm.

"Oh, this is ridiculous," she said, with some heat.

I nodded my agreement. I mean how often do you find yourself buried under more than four hundred plastic pots, tangled up in gardening twine, with your hand filled with your best friend's stepmother.

Well, since his dad divorced her, I guess ex-stepmother would be the right term. After we graduated high school together, Ricky had headed off to college and was now living with his dad.

Me? Well, I was trying to make ends meet doing odd jobs till... well till something.I still couldn't quite make up my mind what I wanted to do.

Besides, I had to get out of this mess first.

The hemp line, a long, thick rope of it, was what had held the stacks of pots to the wall. It slipped off its nail as we were cleaning, and the pots came down, bringing the string with it. We were then trapped under the old, black, plastic pots and wrapped up in about twenty feet of unbreakable hemp line. She tried to move again, but only managed to tighten the lines even more. I felt her nipple like a hard pebble in the palm of my hand.

"Oh for goodness sakes, would you at least try to turn me loose?" She all but screamed, as my hand pressed harder into her breast.

"Mary, I...fine I'll try!"

I shifted a bit and then felt a stack of plastic pots shift under me. I tried to move again and couldn't. I did notice that I had managed to, if anything, tighten my hand even harder down against her breast.

"Well, did that help any?" I asked sarcastically. "I hope it did cause I'm pinned even more now."

She tried to wiggle which just made her breast move in my hand. I also noticed it made her ass rub across my crotch.

With a sigh she stopped and leaned back on me.

"This is ridiculous."

"You said that once already." I told her, trying to be helpful.

She turned her head trying to look me in the eye. Her short brunette hair, brushed my face and I found myself with my lips almost touching her cheek.

"Greg, this is no laughing matter. How are we going to get out of here?"

I looked past her face to the roof of the garden shed. I let my eyes go to the still tottering stacks of plastic pots that had yet to fall on us. I knew that it would take very little movement to make them come down.

"Mary I wish I had some idea. If we keep moving like we are, the rest of those will come down, and we will be truly buried." I pointed towards the pots with my chin.

"They're just plastic pots!"

"Yes, they won't hurt us, but we can't get purchase on them. The plastics too slick. It's like being in a ball pit. Plus, this damn line is not helping any."

I tried to shift my other hand. It was under her hip, and when I moved it I could just reach her pocket.

"Your phone wouldn't be in that pocket, would it?" I asked, with not much hope for that kind of luck.

She shook her head, which caused a pot to move, which caused a second shift. Then I watched as another of the ten-foot-tall pot stacks leaned over. The pots separated as they come down on top of us, and we were even more covered in the dirty, smelly plastic.

"The reason again why you saved all these pots?" I asked, when they settled at last.

She gave a huff then a sigh.

"I thought I might have a use for them some day," she answered.

I let my fingers slowly tap on her breast.

"Has anyone defined hoarding to you before?" I asked.

"Greg, I'm not a hoarder!"

"Let me tell you, I would find that a lot more convincing if... I wasn't buried under the results."

She squirmed a bit, and another stack came down onto us. I could barely make out the ceiling now. I pushed a pot to the side with my head, only to have another one move and pop me on the head. I got a shower of old dirt into my ear for my efforts.

"I'm sorry,"she said then. She sounded so defeated, I felt my heart nearly break.

"It's okay, Mary. I sorry, I was being an ass. I know you've been trying to clean out. Believe me, I have appreciated the money for helping you."

She shifted just a little to try and get more comfortable on top of me. For maybe the first time since I had known her, I wished she were a little less plump. The big soft hips and ass I had so admired though most of my teens had a bit of weight to them after all.

She leaned back against me again.

I breathed deeply of her. The smell of her hair, the smell of a woman sweating. Deodorant, perfume, shampoo. A dozen scents combining to make this fragrance that was so near my face.

I felt her ass wiggle a bit. Then she did it again.

"Greg? Is that your house keys?"

I realized that I had gotten more than half-hard, and she could feel it!

"Umm... no, it's not. Sorry."

She moved again, and I felt the length of me harden even more.

"Greg, why are you getting a hard-on?" she asked, then turning her head a bit to look down at me.

I scoffed.

"I have a sexy-as-hell woman on my lap, and I have a hand full of her...breast. I would be surprised if I wasn't."

"Sexy? Greg have you gone blind, I'm forty-nine years old and built like a pear." She moved herself a little, and I swear I got even harder. "Oh god lord, that's ridiculous. Now, stop it."

I just lay there for a second after that demand.

"Mary, just how do you recommend I do that?"

"Stop thinking dirty thoughts about me!"

I felt a sudden desire to tease her.

"You mean like the time you jumped into the lake, and your top came off your bathing suit?"


"Or maybe when I saw you and Tom doing it in the hot tub one night from my window?"

"Yes...What? Oh my god! Did you watch us?" she asked, trying to turn even more. The rope bit into my leg painfully as she did!

"Stop moving! You're just tightening up everything more." I gave her a bit of a push with the hand on her hip, and she slid back to where she was before. Another pile of pots came down as our reward.

"I was trying to get off of you." She moved her arm around and managed to get some of the pots from above us. "And you didn't answer my question. Did you watch us having sex?"

"Mary, of course I did. You were naked!"

She was silent for a very long time.

"You shouldn't have watched. That was a private moment, you should have had the manners to respect that," she chided me.

"If you had been in your bedroom I would have. No, you were in the backyard not twenty feet from my bedroom window."

She went quiet again for a long time.

"I'm sorry you had to see that," she said, after more than a minute of embarrassed silence.

"You have no reason to apologize. It was an awesome sight. Hell, that little scene was a fantasy for me for years. Hell, still is some nights." I chuckled as I saw her face flush.

"I cannot believe you just said that!"

I started to laugh and after a moment of more blushing so did she. We even kept laughing when the rest of the pots came crashing down on us.

"Oh good lord." She shook her head a bit. "Well, now I guess we wait."


She moved her hips just a bit. I realized that she actually was wiggling against my cock on purpose.

"Is this little incident going to be a fantasy for you some night to come?"she asked.

I chuckled.

"You kidding? It's kind of a fantasy for me now. How often does a guy my age get to hold a woman's breast this long?"

She laughed and squirmed some more.

"Your fantasy is to have a fat woman tied to you while you can't move, and you're both buried under an avalanche of old planting pots? I never knew you were that kind of kinky, Greg."

She gave her ass a wiggle again. I was hard enough for it to be almost painful. Okay, two could play this game.

My fingers tightened on her breast and I managed to rub her nipple with my thumb.

"Stop that!"she protested.

Moving my head a little I placed a kiss just under her ear.

"Why? You seem to be enjoying teasing me, fair is fair." I nibbled at her soft neck some more.

She turned her head towards me, our lips could almost touch.

"Please Greg...don't." She sounded genuinely upset, so I stopped. "I'm sorry I shouldn't have been teasing you just now. I'm sorry."

"Don't be. It felt good," I told her, in a soft whisper right by her ear. I noticed her breathing quickened a little. "Mary, would you be available this Friday night?"

She laughed. A soft chuckle.

"I may still be stuck here with you, but yeah I've got no plans. Why? Are you asking me out? That would look wonderful. It would look like I'm having dinner with my son."

"I was thinking about going to a fetish club more than dinner."

"What?" She turned her head as far as she could to look at me.

"Well, you seem to be getting turned on by bondage."

She laughed which made her breast shake in my hand.

Some part of the rope slipped!

"Do that again!" I demanded.

"What?" she asked, puzzled.

"Laugh! Your laughter just loosened the rope a bit!"

She leaned back against me and went silent.

After a moment I had to ask "Why are you not laughing?"

She laid there quiet not answering me.


"I'm sorry."

"Mary? What are you sorry about?" I asked, wishing I could fully see her face.

She didn't say anything.

After a few minutes of the silence, I tried to move my head to see her face and got a pot full of dirt in the ear for my troubles.

"Mary will you please either laugh or tell me why you're not?" I demanded.

"I...I'm sorry Greg, I was kind of starting to enjoy having you this close to me. I suddenly didn't want this to end." She gave a sigh. "I'll try to laugh."

The chuckle she forced out did little to make the rope move.

Moving as much as I could, I shifted my left hand around on her hip. When I felt the top edge of her stretch pants, I hooked my fingers in them and pulled them down and inch or so.

"What are you doing?" she demanded twisting on my lap a bit more.


My fingers dug into the soft skin just between her hip and ribs.

"No! Stop it! Stop it!"

Screaming, she started to wiggle and thrash on top of me. I felt the rope slip away from my arm. Then she was turning to try and get away from my tickling fingers. I managed to move enough that I got my right arm free.

Suddenly, I found myself face to face with her. She was lying the length of me. I felt her thighs open a bit, and she was then all but sitting astride me. I looked up into her red face. Her chest heaved with panting breaths.

"I ...hate...being... tickled!" She told me in gasps.

My hands freed, I slid one up into her short brown hair. The other hand went down to her hip, and the fingers went back under her pants.

"I know."

Lifting up, I met her lips with mine even as I pulled Mary back down into a hard kiss.

"Greg!" she tried to say around my lips. Then I felt a pause and she was kissing me back.

Every fantasy I had ever had about this woman paled in comparison to the actual reality of kissing her. Her lips were soft and wet as she leaned into the kiss. Her body was like a warm, soft blanket covering me as we kissed. I dug my fingers into the soft hip under my hand.

Then her tongue was at my lips demanding entry. I welcomed it into my mouth and the kiss became much hotter and wetter. Our hands began to explore each other, and I once again had her breast in my hand. Only now my hand was under her shirt, and the soft cotton of her bra filled my palm fully.

Slowly, after what felt like hours, she sat up.

"Greg...Could we get out of here and go up to my room?"

I looked around at our bed of black plastic pots.

"This might be fun, but yeah, a bed sounds a lot more comfortable."

She paused looking down at my face, her fingers pressed into my chest.

"Are you a virgin?" she asked me suddenly.

I gave my head a shake.

"Having sex with yourself doesn't count," she said, with a lifted eyebrow.

I smiled and shook my head.

"I talked a girl I dated in my senior year of high school into us doing it. We were together for about two months. We did it a few times. She said she didn't like it much and that I was a terrible kisser."

Mary looked down at me puzzled, then chuckled.

"She was an idiot. You're a great kisser."

I shrugged and then smiled as she came back down and started to kiss me again. I ran my hand even further across her hip, till her soft ass was under my fingertips. I gave that plump cheek a squeeze. She rubbed herself hard against me and broke the kiss, gasping for breath.

"Bedroom, or I'm fucking you right here!"

Grinning, I nodded, and together, we waded out of the deep pile of black plastic. I kicked them ahead of me like snow till we got to the door, then half-hopped out and kicked one off the end of my foot. Turning, I grabbed her and helped pull her out.

"My god, what a mess!" I said, looking back into the shed.

"We'll throw them out later. Come on." Mary grabbed my arm and started to haul me towards the house. I dragged her to a stop.

"What?" she demanded.

With a raised eyebrow, I brushed my chest with my free hand, and a ton of black dirt dropped off.

"I don't fucking care," she told me with a shrug.

"I was thinking about the shower by the pool."

She looked around at the houses surrounding hers. I saw a wicked grin cross her face.

"Why not?"she said.

Following her over to the pool, we stepped behind the privacy fence and started to strip. I paused once I had my shirt off and just watched her. After a moment she stopped, her hands behind her back, about to unhook her bra, and looked up at me.

"What are you...oh, you want to watch." She grinned at me and unhooked the bra. She held the front to herself for a moment, then with a shake let it drop away. "Like what they look like up close?"

"Lord, yes."

She smiled and went to work on unbuttoning her pants.

How to describe the pleasure of watching her slowly squirm her way out her jeans. Her plump thighs giving a slight shimmy as she slipped them off. Her breasts hung large and tipped with the darkest nipples I had ever seen. When she stood up, holding her pants with one hand and letting them drop with a smile, her eyes went down to my crotch.

"I want to see something of you before I take these off." She hooked the side of her white cotton panties and gave the elastic a tug. I saw a thick carpet of dark hair pushing up against the front of them.

Standing on my heels to get my shoes off my feet, and then I kicked them to the side. My pants all but flew off my legs. She smiled, seeing that I was hard just from looking at her and had my boxers tented.

I stopped moving as she stepped over to me, and her hand took hold of my cock.

"I like the boxers." Her fingers caressed me. "Don't guys wear those to bring up their sperm count? You hoping to get someone pregnant?"

I gave a shake of my head and a shrug at her look.

"Been a long time since I was on the pill. Can't say I want to be fifty and preggers." She bit her bottom lip as she looked down at the cloth-covered length of me. Then one of her fingers slipped in through the flap, and I felt her touch me.

"I have a condoms in my wallet," I offered after the moan I couldn't stop.

She shook her head.

"I prefer bareback. I'll take the chance. Hell you just might make an honest woman of me if you did." She smiled a sexy grin.

With her hand around my cock, I suddenly found myself looking her hard in the eyes and seriousness came over me.

"I would. I would love to do that, in fact."

She grinned, snorted, and then gave her head a shake.

"I'm flattered, but no. If you were ten years older and I was ten younger, I might try to catch you like that but..."

"Mary, your age doesn't matter to me in the least."

She looked at me and smiled.

"Greg, you're going to make a wonderful memory for me. My last young lover. I will keep you entertained for as long as you still want to bed an old bitty like me, but no. I won't let you end up trying to play nurse to an old lady in her last years. Anyway," She gave my cock a hard squeeze. "I want to see how well you can fuck before I'll even think about making you a permanent feature in my bed."

Suddenly, she knelt down and my boxers were yanked to the ground. I looked down at her dark eyes, and I watched her bring her hand up and stroke the side of me with the back of her fingers. Then her fingers curled around me. She looked up and saw me watching her.

"So, I will be your second?" she asked softly.

I nodded.

"You will be my...ninth." She grinned up at me. "I've had a lot more time to be naughty than you have."

She turned me loose and stood up. I looked down her body, across those heavy breasts with the shadows of blue veins and those dark-as-sin nipples. The slight pillow of her stomach that made me just want to rest my head there. Then the white line of her panties marred that perfect image.

That had to be corrected.

My knee coming to rest on my boxers, I ran my hands up her legs to her hips, and then I hooked her panties and dragged them down off her slowly.

"My god, that's beautiful," I said, as her thick forest of dark hair appeared.

"You'll have to forgive that I haven't shaved."

Our words crossed each other as we both spoke at the same time.

I looked up at her and smiled.

"Mary, I love the way you look down here." I brought my hand up and softly petted the thick, wiry hair. It sprang back from my touch. "Lord, you have no idea how sexy I find this."

"Really? I didn't know you were Australian."

I looked up puzzled, then chuckled as I caught her meaning.

"Yeah, I guess I'm a bushman."

She offered me her hands, and standing up, I found her in my arms, her lips gently kissing mine. Her soft warmth filled my arms. I smiled against her mouth when I felt the tickling of her hair on the end of my cock.

She began to push against my chest driving me backwards, and then I felt her hand move from behind me. A metal squeak was my only warning.

"Oh, fuck!"

The shower hit me with a shockingly cold then a slowly growing warm spray of water. I looked down at her grinning face. Then her hand was on me again, stroking me hard again.

"Can't let a little cold water bring down such a nice looking hard-on.

Maybe we need to warm it up some how." She looked to the right.

I followed her gaze over to the hot tub. My heart stopped as a hundred nights of fantasy appeared before me. When I looked back down, she was smiling up at me.

"Want to make fantasy reality? I always loved to be fucked in that thing."

The long-enjoyed memory of her in the tub riding her ex-husband flashed through my mind, even as my head was nodding almost frantically.

She smiled at my eagerness.

"God, you're cute. I feel like it's Christmas morning and I'm going to get to play with a present for the first time. Come on." She turned and walked towards the hot tub, still holding me by my cock. I was obliged to follow. I watched the twitch of her ass as she walked and promised myself a chance to place kisses on those soft looking cheeks. To chase those two dimples with my lips, as I tickled her again.

She turned me loose, and together, we got the cover off. I noticed her looking around at the surrounding houses.

"I don't think anyone's at home at this time of day," I told her, as I took her hand and helped her to step into the tub.

She nodded and sank into the bubbling water.


I knew it was going to be warm but the feeling of it almost burning my skin as I stepped in was a shock. As it rose higher and higher, I flinched at the heat. Then when it crossed my balls, I debated again the wisdom of this. Then I was chest deep into it, and the heat start to work its way deep into my back and sides.

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