Kathy and I hadn't been out in quite a while when some old friends asked us out for dinner and dancing. We readily agreed and set up a sitter for the night to watch the kids. When we met Daniel and Marie at the restaurant the first thing I noticed was that Marie was wearing a skirt just like Kathy's, but with a floral blue pattern instead of a green one.

At the restaurant, Dan and Marie kept talking about a new local couples place that had people who liked to expose or just watch those around them dirty dancing or showing themselves off. They said it was harmless, exciting fun as there were no single guys to grope the ladies. They asked if we wanted to go there after dinner.?

Kathy and I had been to nude beaches in the past and while it didn't do much for her; I found it very exciting to see others appreciate my wife's body. Seeing Kathy expose herself was such a turn on. Kat was never comfortable when we tried the nude beach but she was ok with going topless. It's no wonder as her boobs are gorgeous. I said I was game and Kat agreed but she gave me this look like we better watch out.

After the meal the ladies went to powder their noses and Dan and I got to talk. Dan said the couples club was awesome and that the last time they went Marie got pretty tipsy. While watching several couples grinding in sheer attire on the dance floor, she had confessed that she had always wanted to soft swing. I asked him what that meant and he said same room sex, maybe some touching but no switching partners. I couldn't believe it. I asked him what he thought about that and he said that he got very excited last year at Mardi Gras when Marie decided to get some beads by flashing her tits. Dan said that Marie got a much needed ego boost when other guys got off to seeing her boobs. The idea of others appreciating her body excited them both but he wasn't sure how he felt about actually swinging. Marie said it was just a fantasy but when they went to the club they had met a really nice couple that expressed an interest in playing further. Dan said he would just see how it went. I told Dan that I was the same way and I explained about the topless beaches and about how exciting it was seeing Kat's tits on display for all to appreciate. We both smiled at each other and the women returned.

"Hey!" Dan said, pointing to their skirts.

They had switched skirts. Kat was now wearing Marie's green skirt and Marie had on Kat's blue one. They giggled like schoolgirls and said that they were going to the bar to grab a quick drink and that they would be right back. The bar was across from us and I noticed Kat drop something on the seat beside me as they left. I looked down and saw that it was Kat's sheer panties. Dan then held up a thong from his seat then quickly hid it in his pants pocket. The women had apparently taken off their panties in the bathroom. This left me and Dan speechless and we stared at the girls. They sat on the barstools facing our direction and ordered drinks from one of the young bartenders. We could see him eyeing their cleavage and they seemed not to notice. They did however keep looking over at Dan and me. I then noticed Marie casually pull her skirt up to cross her legs. Kat did the same thing. When the bartender returned with a couple tropical drinks I saw them jump as if startled, laugh and strike up some conversation with him. While doing this both women uncrossed their legs. This left their skirts pushed well above their knees. As they paid the bartender they spread their legs open. They were side by side and facing us. This gave us a wonderful view of both our wives' pussies. Kat's was trimmed in a tight V formation and Marie's was very dark and hairy, her pink pussy lips were clearly visible down the middle. I looked around because the place was crowded but we were in the corner and no one else was in our direction. The women must have planned this in the restroom. The display was for us. Both women kept slowly moving their legs as if squirming in slow motion until they finished their drinks.

The girls then came back and gave us big smiles. Marie asked if we liked watching them get a drink by themselves. Both of us just nodded our heads.

We decided to take just one car to the club to save on gas. While in the backseat Kat whispered to me that she didn't want to drink too much as she might do something bad. Kat had only done the panty thing one time before and that was one fantastic memory. Marie pulled out some wine and plastic cups in the car so the girls poured themselves another glass and off we went. I tried to reach up Kat's skirt to finger her pussy but she just slapped my hand away and rubbed my dick with her non-drink holding hand. Just before we arrived Marie said out loud in the car "Bras off" and both Marie and Kat then reached inside their shirts and began removing their bras. They must have had that planned as well. Kat was wearing a light yellow tight blouse and without her bra her nipples could be seen through the material. Marie had on a loose black low cut silken blouse and the extra room allowed for her boobs to jiggle with every movement. Her nipples moved around the fabric to the music. I found myself getting hard and I had to look out the window, as I didn't want to walk into the club sporting a boner.

"Wow," Dan said when he looked at Kat in the parking lot.

"Why thank you." She curtseyed.

We had to fill out a few forms with some creepy guy which freaked us out but once inside it was like a nightclub except the men were dressed very nicely and the women were in all stages of undress. Some wore slutware or very sheer material. The women were all ordinary but extremely sexy all dolled up. We settled ourselves at a table and the girls went to find the restroom again.?

Dan asked me how I felt about my wife showing her tits and I said that I liked it. I don't know why but I told him that I had always fantasized about same room sex or playing around with others but not swapping.

Dan again mentioned how hot Kat looked and he asked me if Marie looked good. I asked him how come Marie always looked cold and Dan said that she has long nipples. He said that she was self conscious about it and always wore padded bras. He said not to tell Marie that he told me about the same room sex thing. He went on, saying that when they first met at a frat party he had ended up fucking Marie while she sucked off another guy and that Marie had always wanted to do that again but they had never found the right situation. Dan then asked me what Kat's fantasy was. Since he opened up to me he wasn't too happy when I said I didn't know. I really didn't know. Kat had never told me when I had asked in the past. She would just say that of course she has fantasies.

The girls returned and we got some drinks and several people came by and introduced themselves to us. This was like a social club. A "members only" kind of place and it was both cool and creepy. About an hour into dancing and drinking Dan and Marie were still out on the dance floor while Kat and I took a break at the table.

Kat finally let me play with her pussy under the table so while her eyes were glazed I decided to ask her what her fantasy was. Kat said she didn't know but I could tell she just didn't want to tell me.

"Have you ever had a fantasy about making love to another woman?" I asked.

"No!" She replied, wrinkling her face.

"What about being with more than one man at the same time?"

"Of course," She looked at me like it was a stupid thing to ask.

I started thinking that I really enjoyed watching Kat expose herself...would I like seeing her with anyone else? I didn't know if I could do that. Kat then said fantasies are just fantasies and that she knew I wanted more than one girl at a time.

"What man doesn't?" I smiled.

Kat then looked at me and said, "Who?"

"I don't know!" We left it at that and danced some more.?

Just before closing time Dan said that the couple they had met last time were sitting on the other side of the place. He said they had invited them over to their hot tub and did we want to go or do they drop us off at our car? I asked Kat and she just smiled so I said let's go!?

The other couple was about fifteen years older and empty nesters. Dan said that John boasted about his 7-foot hot tub and that women go nuts in it. Marie asked me if we were going to go naked in the hot tub and I said only if she did. Marie asked Kat what she thought and off to the restroom they went again. After they came out we left with Dan and Marie and followed the other couple to their home in the country. Dan introduced John and his wife Becky. Becky told the women to follow her after she gave them each a glass of wine from a built in bar in the living room. They then went into one of the bedrooms. Kat had way too much to drink. I could see it in her walk.

John got us each a beer as the women went to change and he escorted us outside into his backyard. It was dark and John lit a few oil torches and the hot tub was indeed big, hot and gorgeous. John took his clothes off and got in.

"Sounds good," Dan said, so we both did the same.

Within minutes we heard soft music coming from the house and the girls came out. They were all wearing bikinis. These bikinis were string backed and small. The bottoms of their breasts hung below the material. All of us guys protested as we were naked but it was in jest as the women were as good as naked.

When the girls got in Kat nestled up to me and whispered, "You should see what they have in that back room."

John overheard and he began talking about how Becky liked to be tied up and how she enjoyed being licked and sucked while tied down. Kat just laughed and placed her bikini bottoms on the side of the hot tub as casually as you would toss a leaf from the pool.

"Good idea," Marie said, and took off her top and bottoms.

Becky then did the same. Dan was right. Marie had large dark nipples. She began caressing them with her fingers above the water line and finally everyone looked at Kat. She was the only one with a top on.

"Ok...ok...ok." Kat said, standing up and doing a strip tease while swaying to the music.

She was sultry and sexy until it finally slid away but she kept her breasts covered with her hands. Kat then asked me if I wanted her to go all the way as she sat on the edge of the hot tub with her legs in the water.

"Oh yeah," I said.

Kat had written on her tits just above and below the nipples with what looked like a pen. On the top it said, 'Suck' and below it said, 'Lick'.

"Come on guys...follow the directions." Kat said. She covered over the word 'Lick' on one breast with her finger so that the word 'Suck' showed. She covered 'Suck' on her other tit so that 'Lick' showed.

"Ok," John said, gliding over to begin sucking on Kat's 'Suck' labelled tit.

Dan looked at me and I looked at Kat. Kat had grabbed the back of John's head and was pulling and moving his head around which tugged at her breast while he sucked away. I looked at Dan and nodded my head. Dan moved over and began licking her other nipple. Kat had one man on each nipple. She had her arms around them with her hands on the back of their heads. She was guiding and controlling their action. After a couple of minutes she told them to switch and they switched breasts and actions. Now Dan was sucking and John was licking.

When I looked over at Marie I saw Becky kissing her neck and pulling on Marie's nipples. I didn't know what to do. I watched Becky move down and begin nibbling and biting Marie's breast. Marie motioned me over to take the other one but Kat didn't signal that was ok. I looked at Kat but her eyes were on the tops of the guys' heads that were working her tits. I thought since Dan was sucking my wife's tit I should suck his wife's tit but I just sat there.

"Come on sweetie," Marie said.

Kat looked up at me and smiled. "Can you help her out please?"

I saw that Kat had spread her legs and that both John and Dan were fingering her pussy. I moved over to Marie.

"You want to be able to see, right?"

I nodded yes so Marie got up and sat down in my lap. We were both facing Kat and she laid her head back against my shoulder. I could see it all and I had Marie's ass on my dick. Marie positioned herself so that my dick was in front of her pussy and she grabbed my hands and placed them on her tits. Becky reached around and started fingering Marie and each movement of her hand stroked the top of my dick. Marie was playing with Becky's pussy under the water. Marie's nipples were hard as rocks.

I could hear Kat breathe faster and faster. She was nearing orgasm. Then John detached and stood up and positioned himself to fuck my wife.

"Not like that!" Kat said, grabbing John's hand and directed it to her pussy.

Oh man! I thought to myself, but John did exactly what she said. I massaged Marie's chest to the rhythm of Kat's breathing and Becky got into it, too. Becky now had both hands on Marie's cunt. My dick was being rubbed around because it was in the way of Becky's hands. Marie began moaning and Kat said, "I'm cumming!" over and over. Marie began saying it with Kat.

I had two women in front of me cumming. Marie pushed Becky's hands away and her breathing slowly returned to normal. Kat on the other hand continued saying, "I'm cumming," for what seemed like five minutes.

"Oh stop...please stop." She then began to shudder.

"Ok," Both Dan and John said, moving over to her side.

Both men were hard and Kat reached out and grabbed each one by the dick while she caught her breath. Becky sat watching and had a big smile but didn't seem to mind that no one had showed her any attention. She was nodding and looking at everyone in turn. Marie moved off me and over beside Becky. Marie then started rubbing on Becky's cunt when Becky sat up on the edge of the tub. Kat said she was now cold so she slipped back under the water but didn't let go of the guys' dicks. I was hot so I stood up and leaned on the side and Kat saw my stiff hard on.

"You didn't take Marie?" Kat said.

Before I could say anything Marie said, "I warmed him up for you."

"That just won't do... want more to watch, husband?"

I nodded and Kat came over to me, dragging Dan and John along by their shafts.

Kat turned around and stood on the foot bench in the hot tub so that her ass was toward me and she leaned back against me. Kat's pussy was so slick. I had moved forward and slipped inside her but then fell backward into the side of the tub and since Kat was leaning against me she went too. When my butt hit the side I was still inside Kat and her weight and the fall caused me to penetrate so far I felt like I had stabbed her. Kat yelped and inhaled loud and slow but she held onto Dan and John. I slipped down and was now seated just like I had been with Marie, but now I was fucking my wife.

"That was so deep," Kat said, and everyone laughed.

Her laugh was like a Keegle experiment gone haywire. Kat's pussy just grabbed me over and over. Kat then rocked back and forth on me, which was good because if she had moved up and down I would have cum right away.?

Kat then pulled both guys close to her face. She started giving them hand jobs while taking turns biting and sucking on each cock. I had a close view over her shoulder. My wife was sucking on two dicks with one inside her. Three men at once! John's dick was large but Kat had no problem moving her mouth up and down on it. Dan's was smaller than mine but his head was big and purple. She tried to put them both in her mouth at he same time but there was no way so she rubbed them both against her face.

"Oh well..." She said, "I tried."

Her mouth barely fit over John's, much less two. She would stroke and pump one of them while nibbling and sucking the other... changing back and forth. Finally she chose John and pumped him with her hand while scraping her teeth over his head. Her lips were spreading with the mushroom head then closing on the shaft up and down, over and over. Kats lips were pushed in then out with the stroke and her lips and jaw were bumping over the head. She was like a piston. When she pulled off one she would open her eyes and look at the job she was doing but once her head started bobbing she closed her eyes.

"I'm cumming," John said, and Kat pulled off fast.

Kat kept stroking John while he spurt all over the side of Kat's face, but Kat had already shifted over to Dan. John was now chanting, "I'm cumming," with each spurt into my wife's face. Kat started moaning and Dan couldn't take it.

"Ooooohhh," Dan cried, and began the same chant... "I'm cumming."

Kat then moved up and down on me while both men were coming on her face.

"I'm cumming - I'm cumming!" Becky said very quickly, while both dicks exploded over and over on Kat's face.

She wanted to be drenched and I was watching it all. I was so dizzy and cumming so hard my head was spinning. All three guys were cumming at the same time. When I caught my breath Kat had let go of the guys and they had rested back into sitting in the tub with their heads back. Kat laid her head against my shoulder and her face was a mess with cum. She had it in her hair, across her eyes, nose and down her cheeks and chin.

Kat whispered, "My fantasy came true."

Becky caught her breath and looked at Kat and said, "'re a pro!" and everyone laughed.

We then sat there for about 10 more minutes as John adjusted the thermostat down a bit. Becky had towels beside the tub in a wooden cabinet. Kat sat there drenched in cum for a bit then said she better get cleaned up. She dried off her body but didn't touch her face. She then smiled and went into the house to clean up.

She came out dressed and smiling a few minutes later. We said our goodbyes and John asked for our number. On the drive back to our car we just listened to music but when we got out and said goodbye, Marie kissed Kat on the cheek and said...

"Becky was right...Wow." Dan had a huge grin and didn't say anything so Marie turned back and said, "Next time it's my turn." She then winked and they drove off.

On the ride back home Kat sat up and said, "I must have had to much to drink honey because I don't remember a thing. I wasn't bad, was I?"

I was going to talk about it when Kat looked over at me and smiled as she licked her lips and wiped the side of her face with her fingers. Kat then put them into her mouth and moaned while she closed her eyes.

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