tagGay MaleWrangler Butts Ch. 01

Wrangler Butts Ch. 01


Darrin had seen a bumper sticker one time that said "Wrangler butts drive me nuts." Of course, it was some country girl driving the pickup that had it. But still, he could relate to the sentiment. Fortunately, being a grad student in agriculture in a land grant university provided him with more than enough opportunities to see hot guys in tight Wranglers. Jeans fashions can come and go, but country boys in Wranglers never change. It wasn't just the butts that he enjoyed either, the jeans showed off their package nicely too! But it wasn't until Mitch became his office mate one fall that he really appreciated the great job those jeans do for a cute ass.

Darrin was working in his tiny graduate student office, a windowless little closet of a space that had seen a steady procession of residents since the 80's. But today he was more unhappy about the situation than usual, since he had just found out that he was going to share his crowded space with another graduate student. Given all this, he wasn't in the best of moods when he heard,

"Hey, how are you doing today?"

Darrin looked up, and standing in his office door was the embodiment of his favorite wet dream. He had the required tight Wranglers with a nice full bulge in front, baseball cap on his head, and a fitted t-shirt that was still damp from being in the Texas heat. Short black hair and nicely trimmed sideburns made Darrin's cock jump a little. He took in the dark facial stubble and the coating of hair along his forearms. Yes, definitely jack-off material. Then his arm lifted to push back the ball cap, exposing his pits and curly black hair spilling from the edge of the stretched shirt sleeve. Oh god!

Finding a little bit of sanity, Darrin finally replied.

"Hey, I'm good. How are you doing? You the new student working with Dr. Koch? Damn it's a hot day to be moving in!" He smiled and hoped that his hard cock was well hidden since it was throbbing and pumping out precum just from the newcomer's musky scent.

Darrin realized that he had again slipped into the fantasy and was simply grinning and staring, with way too much staring. He extended his hand,

"Oh sorry, I'm Darrin."

Gripping Darrin's hand like a vice, the stud smiled and said, "Great to meet you, Darrin. I'm Mitch and yeah, I'm Dr. Koch's new grad student."

Darrin motioned back over to the other part of the tiny room. "That's your desk. Want some help carrying up the rest of your stuff?"

"Hell yeah, I'd appreciate the help!"

Mitch grabbed Darrin's shoulder and squeezed. His hand felt like fire, fire that flowed directly to his throbbing dick. Darrin started straightening his desk, hoping that by the time he had finished putting things away his cock would soften. Finally having done everything he could to stall, Darrin pushed back his chair and looked up at Mitch.

"Sure, let's grab your stuff. It's not going to get any cooler, so we might as well get it done."

As he turned to go, Darrin could have sworn Mitch smiled a little as his eyes raked across Darrin's still partially swollen crotch. He followed Mitch out to his pickup, unable to keep his eyes off Mitch's Wrangler encased, tight, round ass. But the amount of crap that Mitch actually did have soon refocused him on the job at hand. Once everything was carried into their office, the Texas summer heat had ensured that both men were soaked with sweat and smelled ripe.

Looking over at his wet dream, Darrin said, "Shit, you did have a lot of crap. I'm fucking soaked with sweat now."

Darrin sniffed and made a face. "And it smells like a high school locker room in here."

Mitch smiled and then reached down and grabbed the mostly dry tail of his t-shirt. He pulled it up to wipe his face, giving Darrin a great view of his hairy stomach. Dense, black hair fanned across his tight stomach, with a sexy thick treasure trail surrounding his navel and then plunging into his jeans. Darrin felt his cock jump and pump out yet another dose of precum. He knew he had to get out of there and get some relief or he was going to unload right there.

Mitch smiled, perfect white teeth framed against his tanned face with its sexy scruff.

"Thanks for the help. It would have taken me a hell of a lot longer." He took another swipe at this face as Darrin grabbed his backpack and practically ran toward the door.

"Yeah man, no problem helping. But I gotta get home now, so I'll see you in the morning," said Darrin as he rushed past.

He barely remembered the trip to his apartment. Squeezing his cock, he replayed the sight of that hard, hairy belly and those white teeth. Slamming the pickup in park at his complex, he almost twisted the key in half in his urgency. Darrin rushed through the apartment, stripping as he moved toward the bed. Landing on the bed, Darrin was down to his white socks, and throbbing cock. Gripping his slimy, granite hard cock, he started stroking. Knowing he wasn't going to last long, he slowly long-stroked his steel hard dick. The sloppy sounds of a wet cock assaulted his ears as he closed his eyes and pictured his wet-dream office mate. After only a few strokes Darrin felt his load boiling from his full and aching nuts. Guttural moans escaped his lips as Darrin's over stimulated cock started pumping out the biggest load of cum, ever.

Slowly stroking his cock as it transitioned to a much more relaxed state, he dreamily looked at his semen covered chest. Taking his free hand, he started slowly smearing the hot cum over his chest, matting the chest hair with his fresh load. As he floated in a post-climax euphoria Darrin wondered how he was going to survive spending so much time with his hot dream man.


Well, Darrin thought, things have at least calmed down some for me. I only have an erection part of the time when Mitch is around. He sighed to himself, remembering all the stolen glances at Mitch's hot body. But Darrin realized that Mitch was also a really nice guy. His easy laugh and warm personality made it even easier to want to be around him. One afternoon, as they sat struggling through biochemistry homework that was eating both of their lunches, Mitch stretched and yawned.

"Damn Darrin, I'm tired of this shit. Let's go do something! We need a break." Mitch said.

Laying his pencil down, Darrin rolled his tight shoulders and looked over. "Yeah, I could use a break. What do you have in mind?"

Mitch smiled even broader, if that was possible. "Well, I have my horses at the house, it only five minutes away. Let's go ride for an hour!"

"Fuck Mitch, we can't stop that long. Its already late and this shit's due tomorrow."

He winked at Darrin and chuckled. "We can, if we ride bareback. I like bareback better anyway. Its faster to mount up if you don't have to mess with the saddle!"

Darrin swallowed hard at the innuendo. "Yeah, yeah, whatever. We still don't have a lot of time."

"Sure we do, buddy!" Mitch gripped Darrin's shoulder in his large hand and squeezed. As always his touch was wired directly to Darrin's cock, shorting out any logical reasoning from his brain.

"Ok. Sure. Let's go ride. But then we have to finish this shit!" said Darrin with a scowl. But Mitch ruined the effect with his laughter.

"Sure Darrin, just a short ride. Come on bud!" said Mitch, grabbing his coat and heading out the door to his pickup as Darrin raced to catch up. He yanked open the driver's side door of his huge 5-speed diesel pickup. He stood on the running board and yelled,

"Come on Darrin! We ain't got all day!"

Mitch swung his denim-covered ass into the pickup and rammed in the keys. It roared to life as Darrin jumped into the passenger seat, barely slamming the door shut before Mitch backed out. Running through the gears, they sped to the small rental where Mitch lived. As they pulled in, the horses came over and hung their heads over the gate. Mitch parked the truck, vaulted out and grabbed two bridles from their pegs in a nearby shed. Jumping onto the gate, he swung his muscular legs over and heaved himself into the corral. He quickly caught the closest horse, rubbing it gently behind its ears and soothing it as he slipped on the bridle.

"This one is yours, Darrin. Lady will behave for you. I'll ride Storm 'cause I'm not sure you could handle the stud." Mitch glanced over at Darrin with his last comment and snickered, enjoying his joke.

"Yeah, whatever Mitch. I'm sure I can handle any stud that's between my legs."

Realizing the second the words left his mouth that he had played right into Mitch's joke, he turned bright red. He looked at Darrin as he finished the last adjustments on the stallion's bridle and wiggled his eyebrows. Busting out laughing at his absurd face, Darrin shook his head and climbed on the mare. He looked up in time to watch Mitch mount his horse, enjoying the brief sight of ass and bare lower back as he hovered for that split second above the horse before gaining his seat. Leaning forward, he guided the stallion quickly into a trot, moving quickly out of the corral. The mare lurched forward, causing Darrin to grip tighter with his legs, as he frantically worked to keep from being thrown. But Lady quickly caught Mitch, and slowed to a trot.

"Ok, this was a good idea. We definitely needed a break," Darrin concede as he began to relax and enjoy the ride.

"Yup, I told you it'd help. Aren't you glad you listened to me?" Mitch twisted his head and smiling, "Come on, let's have some fun!"

He kicked Storm into a full gallop. Lady launched forward in response, catching up quickly and staying with Mitch's stallion. The gallop lasted only a few minutes before slowing. Relishing the sights and scents of the late Texas fall, they enjoyed the companionable silence. Suddenly his horse jumped sideways, almost unseating Darrin, and then stopped, not wanting to move. Mitch dismounted and ran his hand down her leg.

"Get off, Darrin. I need to check her and see if she hurt her hoof."

Darrin swung his leg over and slid off Lady, walking around to watch as Mitch checked for injury. He lifted her hoof carefully, resting it on his thigh to inspect it. Darrin leaned over Mitch's shoulder to watch, succeeding primarily in getting a heavy dose of Mitch's musky smell. As the scent curled through his nostrils, Darrin's cock thickened. Stepping back to lessen the pheromone assault, he watched as Mitch dug his finger into the underside of the hoof. Finally he found the rock causing the problem and threw it down the hillside.

Mitch twisted to look at me, "She'll be fine but her hoof is bruised. You'll have to ride back behind me." Mitch smiled a little and shrugged his shoulder. Darrin swallowed hard, thinking of the torture of being pressed against him for the ride back, wondering how he was going to avoid getting a massive boner.

"Sure, ok Mitch. Whatever you think."

Mitch grabbed the mare's reins and smoothly straddled Storm. Reaching back, he offered a hand to help Darrin up behind him. As he slid against Mitch, Darrin got the double assault of masculine smell and warm ass against his crotch.

"Grab me around the waist," said Mitch, "Storm will buck if you grip your heels too tight into his flanks."

"Oh, Ok." said Darrin, sliding closer and grabbing Mitch around the waist.

The rest of the trip back was spent trying every trick Darrin knew to keep his already chubbed dick from going rock hard. Only partially succeeding, blood pumped into his cock each time their bodies touched. Finally arriving at the corral, Darrin stood to one side, hoping Mitch couldn't feel his cock on the trip back, and that it would go soft before Mitch finished taking care of the animals. Of course, it didn't.

Climbing back into the pickup for the interminable drive back to the office, Darrin tried to focus on the conversation, but was distracted by the hard pipe snaking down the leg of his jeans. Once back, he went through the motions of trying to continue the homework, but finally admitted defeat. Darrin recognized that he had to have some relief before he would be able to do anything else.

Making excuses to Mitch, he left the office and soon found himself in an all too familiar position. On his bed, stripped, and thinking of Mitch. With a slightly embarrassed grin to himself, he opened the drawer of the bedside dresser and looked at his new acquisition, a plastic cock. Knowing it would play a leading role in the session he planned, he reached in and pulled out the 6" dildo. Looking at its bulging veins and mushroom head, he briefly ached for the real thing, but quickly move ahead to the more immediate need of relieving his aching balls.

Darrin began licking and nursing on its resilient head as he closed his eyes and fantasized that it was Mitch's manhood his tongue was sliding over. Trailing his free hand downward, he enjoyed the hairy texture of his torso. Darrin's fingers finally came to rest in the pool of precum forming under his rigid cock, and spread it slowly through his thick bush.

Running his hand lower, he fondled and then grasped his hairy ball sack. Pulling on his full nuts as his tongue continued its ministrations on his imaginary lover's cock, he trapped his aching balls and squeezed them tighter, causing a loud groan to escape his lips. Darrin's hand continued its exploration as he moved slowly lower, rubbing his perineum. His now constantly oozing cock jumped with each pass of his fingertips over the region. Letting the dildo pop from his mouth, Darrin rubbed its saliva-coated head over each nipple as he fantasized about sex with Mitch. Running the cock down his chest until it bumped against his throbbing manhood, Darrin rubbed them together as his hips began to thrust in response to the stimulation. Reaching into the magic drawer again, Darrin pulled out his favorite bottle of lube and filled his hand. Lowering it to his ass, he coated his steaming crack, moaning as the hair matted and then slid easily under his fingertips. Falling backwards Darrin allowed his finger to work the slippery coating into his twitching asshole.

"Oh yeah, Mitch. That's it. Drill Open my ass and drill it with your big dick."

Dreamlike, he slowly slid one finger into his tight hole. Darrin circled and rubbed the smooth interior of his ass until his sphincter began to relax. Adding more lube to his already drenched ass, Darrin slowly slid two fingers into his now roused manhole. Pushing them in hard, he hit his button, causing a stream of precum to shoot from his throbbing cock.

"Oh yeah, Mitch. That's so good. Fuck me, make me cum," Darrin whispered as he continued the careful manipulation of his hole.

Adding a third finger and stretching his hungry ass further, Darrin allowed his thick fingers to slip from his gaping butt. Taking the almost forgotten dildo in his hands, Darrin coated it with the slick lube. Rolling on his side, Darrin separated his legs, sliding the faux cock up and down his ass slit, grinding it against his brown eye each time it passed. Moaning louder with each pass of the head over his throbbing hole, Darrin felt his ass lips expand as they tried to suck the plastic invader into his hot fuck slit. He sighed deeply as he continued to dream about sex with his hot cowboy officemate. With each pass of the synthetic cock, it came closer to entering his neither region. Darrin's breathing became ragged as his manhole ached for satisfaction.

Positioning the dildo against his pulsing hole, Darrin pushed it into his gut in one steady motion. Groaning loudly as the burning flared from the invader, Darrin dropped his head to his bicep and panted through the pain of surrendering his ass.

Closing his eyes Darrin groaned louder, "Oh yeah Mitch, ram that baby maker into my ass."

Grabbing the dildo, he began to slowly piston it in and out of his ass, rotating it to hit all the pleasure points. Sighing as his ass lips stretched in and out with each trust, Darrin increased the speed. Hitting his prostate, his cock jerked, and precum jetted from his over-stimulated cock. Grunting with each pass of the dildo through his ass, Darrin finally grabbed his slime-coated cock in a vice-like grip. Stroking his throbbing cock, he imagined Mitch providing the thorough assault that he was getting on his hungry hole. Feeling the sperm as it boiled from his full nuts, Darrin quickly shifted position and sat on the dildo, ramming its girth deep inside. Rocking back and forth on the invading fuck stick, he grabbed his cock with both hands, his pelvis pistoning, forcing his cock through his slime coated hands as the dildo hit parts of his gut that it had never found before. Then the intense, ball-draining, organism began. Shots of cum hit his face, dripping from his rough cheeks and goatee.

"Oh fuck yes! Damnit! "

He fell back as the final throes of the orgasm rolled over him. The jizz came with less intensity, but still coated his stomach with spurt after spurt of semen. He began to relax, feeling the dildo slowly slip from his well-worked asshole. He breathed a sigh of relief, and collapsed against the bed. Relaxing, he thought how good it would feel to be spooned against Mitch instead of alone with a rubber cock.


The crushing silence and the post-midnight hour were enough to alert even the most casual of observers to the tension filling Darrin and Mitch's office. The pair had grown closer over the preceding year, closer than many brothers. But the pressure of Darrin's impending thesis defense and Matt's struggle to stay afloat in the contentious world of academia were beginning to unravel them.

The fact that Darrin's initial lust had transfigured into a full-blown infatuation did nothing to help the situation. The spring semester had flown by but now the deadly pressure of finals was adding fire to an already overloaded pressure cooker of emotion. The stress was so palpable in the room that it was almost suffocating. Suddenly the expectations, the piles of work, lack of sleep, and stress became too much for Mitch.

"Fuck it! Fuck 'em all! I don't need this shit!"

Darrin rubbed his eyes and looked over at his friend. Too tired to be the diplomat he spat out.

"Just do it Mitch. This is the last one. We're almost finished."

"Finished? Finished! You're damn right we're finished. Or I am. I'm outta here!"

"Mitch, don't be stupid"

Mitch turned to Darrin with a snarl, "That's right isn't it? I'm just not as smart as Mister PhD am I? "

"What? That's just-" Darrin paused and then continued, "You can't quit now Mitch. After these finals you are half way. Half way! Don't fuck it up because you're having a pissing fit!"

"Fuck you asshole! I thought my friend might be more supportive! Well FUCK YOU!"

Mitch grabbed his computer and papers, rammed them into his bag, and stomped out of the door. Darrin raced to the doorway. Seeing Mitch's rapidly receding figure he called out to his friend.

"Hey Mitch! Come back man. That's not it. Come on, I'll help you!"

Mitch paused at the doorway and turned to look at Darrin. Raising both hands he flipped him off and then walked through the door, slamming it behind him.

Darrin walked back into their office and slumped in the chair. For the first time since he was three, and his Dad beat his ass for crying, he felt moisture start to gather at the corners of his eyes. Shaking his head he ground his teeth together in determination. Fine, he thought, if Mitch is gone so fucking what. I've lost friends before. Actually I don't need friends and this is why! College is the most important thing for me. No one can take that away from me!

Darrin wiped his face and mentally denied that the moisture was a tear. It must be allergies he thought to himself. He turned back to his studies, which had suddenly become much more important.

The following morning found a blurry eyed, but very caffeinated, Darrin twitching in the chair as he waited to take his last final. Occasionally looking around to see if Mitch had showed up, he finally sighed and decided that Mitch must have truly left school last night. He had begun reading the first exam question when he heard the classroom door open again and the professor say, "Welcome to your final Mr. McMasters. Glad you could join us." Darrin glanced back furtively and watched as Mitch slumped into a seat and began the final. He turned back to his own exam, smiled, and then began working through the grueling test.

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