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"How about here?"

Simon Laws looked at the building his friend, Stephen Clark, was pointing at. Lurid red and blue neon tubes ran along the fascia of an otherwise innocuous old warehouse building. The same tubes twisted into the shape of a heavy breasted girl twirling around a pole. The name, "SATAN'S HOLE", was emblazoned above a narrow doorway.

Subtle, it wasn't.

"Looks a bit tacky," Laws said. The vodka buzz was fading a little and he wouldn't have objected to heading back to the hotel if the truth be told.

"Let's check it out," Clark said. "We can always fuck off if the girls are minging."

After paying out a small fortune just to get through the door, Laws thought to himself.

It was no use. The conference was over and it was their last night in Moscow. Clark had set his vodka-blurred mind on finding some lithe piece of Russian totty to squirm in his lap and wouldn't go home until mission accomplished.

"Can't be worse than the last place," Stephen Morris said.

The last place was actually located in the basement of the hotel they were staying at. The hotel was a concrete monstrosity with a view of Saint Basil's Cathedral they'd dubbed the Borg cube. The strip club in the basement suited it perfectly -- anaemic girls with bad attitudes. The fact they were the only punters in the place should have told them all they needed to know.

They left after one of the girls went batshit psycho on Laws. He'd been patiently trying to explain he wasn't interested in a private dance when she'd gone nuts and started screaming at him. Laws, normally non-confrontational by nature, had been at a loss on how to respond. The others all thought it was hilarious, obviously, but it had at least given them a good enough excuse to get out of that shithole.

Then the four of them -- Laws, Clark, Morris and Jones -- had headed off on a wild vodka-fuelled goose chase through Moscow in search of a club Clark's crazy Russian friend had recommended. The first taxi-driver had dropped them off at a different club -- presumably one that gave him a commission -- that was even worse than the last place. The second couldn't understand English and had driven them round in circles for a while. The third had finally got them to the right place and predictably it had been shut.

Since then they'd been aimlessly wandering the back streets of Moscow. It was very late now and they all had flights to catch tomorrow.

"C'mon, last night in Moscow," Clark exhorted, pointing to the entrance.

At least it would get them off the streets, Laws thought. The back streets of Moscow in the early hours of the morning didn't feel like the safest of environments for a small group of IT geeks. They'd probably be able to find someone to get them a taxi back to the hotel as well.

Just through the entrance was a small foyer. At the far end a naked girl on her back was drawn in neon lights across the whole corridor. Stairs led down through her glowing outstretched pussy, illuminated by rings of pink neon. Fake smoke swirled up from below.

Subtle, it most definitely wasn't.

Two large Eastern European men with crew-cuts stood behind a small table just in front of the stairs. Obviously Russian Mafia, Laws thought. He wasn't so sure this was a good idea.

"Twenty dollars," the first said in strongly accented English. "Will get you two drinks inside also."

While the first man took their money the second told them to remove any metal objects and ran a small portable metal detector over their bodies.

"Nothing ventured hey," Clark smiled as they paid the money, passed through and headed down the stairs. Loud music, some sort of goth or electronica Laws couldn't recognise, and smoke awaited them at the bottom.

"Kinky," Clark observed as they entered the interior.

The hellish theme continued inside with the décor. Chains hung from the ceiling and down the walls. The colour scheme was predominantly reds and blacks. There were two iron cages in the corners of the room, each large enough to hold a man. A hidden smoke machine pumped dry ice, tinged red by the lights, across the floor.

The theme extended to the girls themselves. The clothes they wore were tight fitting PVC or shiny leather outfits, also in red and black, and they didn't leave a great deal to the imagination.

And the girls, wow!

"Man, I love Eastern Europe," Clark said.

Laws didn't think he'd ever seen such a collection of fit birds located in the same place before. You expected to find the odd 9 or 10 in the decent clubs, but he'd never been to a place where every single girl was a 9 or 10! Normally he was very picky, maybe finding one girl that piqued his interest, but here his mind was overloaded by choice. He didn't know where to look.

Initially he was worried they'd wandered into an S & M club by mistake, but after looking around he could see the interior was clearly more luxury than dungeon. Take away the chains and other unusual décor and it looked like every other strip club. The ubiquitous poles stood on slightly raised stages. There was a small bar in the corner. Soft leather couches divided the room into intimate spaces and for those that wanted even more intimacy there were small booths with heavy velvet drapes to provide a little extra privacy. And of course there were the mirrors. Lots and lots of mirrors.

Any remaining doubts were removed on seeing the activities taking place around the room. There were other punters, but it was hard to see them past the naked girls writhing on their laps. On the centre stage a girl leaned back against the pole and shuddered in ecstasy as another girl ate her out.

"Wow," Morris said. "Why didn't Sergei send us to this place instead?"

"Sly bugger is probably keeping this as his secret," Clark replied.

The four of them sat down as an elegant waitress took their drinks orders.

It didn't take long for the girls to come.

Clark got the first dance. A tall, well-stacked blonde shed her clothes, a skimpy black leather thong and bra, and sat astride Clark on the couch. She rubbed her large breasts up his body and let her long blonde hair fall across his face.

Clark turned to Laws with a smile on his face. Fucking A, he mouthed.

Then the blonde turned his face back to her so she could bury it in her ample cleavage.

Jones was gone. He'd taken the hand of a slim brunette and slipped off somewhere private. Jones was shy and barely spoke most of the time, it was usual for him to vanish inside these kinds of places. He'd be back before the end of the evening and while he'd never say what he'd been up to it was fairly easy to guess.

There was a rule for nights like this. A mantra uttered by groups of males abroad the world over.

What happens on tour... stays on tour.

Clark, married for ten years and with three kids, was wrapped in voluptuous blonde. The other Steve, married for three years, was smiling happily as a lithe, dark-haired girl rubbed her boobs against his chest in a circular motion. All around the club it was the same as a naked girl straddled each sitting man and rubbed her upper body against his.

Wrap dances, Laws thought. He wondered if he could get a dance off the blonde after she'd finished with Clark.

As he looked around the room he made eye contact with a stunning redhead. She was currently spinning around a pole on one of the small stages. She was wearing a tight leather bodice with a lace up back that was the same flame red colour as her hair. Short red leather shorts and boots that ran up to her thighs completed her outfit. Her slender flesh was pale, almost white even.

She span around the pole and leant outwards so her long red hair hung down away from her body. A leg rubbed seductively against the pole. She made eye contact with Laws again and smiled before spinning away.

The blonde could wait, Laws thought. This girl was more than fine. His mouth felt a little dry and he felt his tongue nervously dart in and out between his lips.

What did he do now? Did he call her over? Did he need to make a gesture of some kind? Was he supposed to ask the waitress? How had the other guys done it? He wished he'd paid more attention. The girls just seemed to appear next to them.

And that was exactly how it worked.

The girl twirled once, her flame-coloured hair fanning out behind her, and then gracefully stepped off the stage. Still smiling and still holding eye contact, she slowly sashayed towards him.

He didn't need to do anything.

The girl perched on the couch next to him and turned so she faced him.

"I'm Katya. What's your name?" She spoke English with only a slight trace of an accent, just enough to sound sexy.

"Simon," he replied.

"Where are you from, Simon?" A hand stroked his chest with long, blood-red fingernails.

"Manchester, England," he replied.

"Ooh, I like the English," the girl replied, "so very... focused..."

Laws was currently focused on the swell of her breasts as her bodice struggled to contain them. Suddenly conscious that he was staring, and that she knew he was staring, he looked back at her face, his own face reddening in embarrassment. She only smiled.

"You have... uh... very good English." So lame, he thought wincing.

"Would you like a dance?" she asked. Her teasing fingers crawled down to his lap.

And now it was time for the icky business stuff, Laws thought.

"How much?" he asked.

"Ten dollars," she replied.

"Sure," Laws replied. Seemed like a bargain. You always had to keep your wits about you in these kinds of places though, in case of scams.

The girl got up and stood with her back to him. She turned and flashed him a teasing smile before reaching up behind her back to undo her bodice. It fell away and she slowly turned around to reveal her breasts. They were two large, firm, milky-white globes. Perky nipples pointed up at the ceiling. They were so perfect Laws wondered if they were real.

She got down on her knees and let the swell of her breasts rest in his lap. He felt them through the fabric of his trousers and underpants as she rubbed them against his cock.

Felt real enough, he thought. His cock began to stiffen in his pants.

She looked up into his eyes and smiled. Her busy hands tweaked and stroked his chest. Then, arching her back, she slid right up his body; her naked breasts pressed tight against him the whole way. At the top she stood up between his legs and then bent into him so his face was pressed into her cleavage. She turned from side to side, playfully buffeting Laws's face with her tits. Laws joined in the game as he twisted his head and let his nose nuzzle against her warm flesh. Occasionally she pushed down hard enough to completely smother his face so that all he could breathe was the slightly spicy aroma of her perfume.

Finally she stood up straighter and let her long red hair fall across his face like a curtain.

"Are you liking your dance, Simon of Manchester?" she asked.

Wow, fucking A was right on the button, Laws thought, the memory of the spicy scent of her body still lingering in his nostrils.

"Yes... very much... thanks," he replied.

"Want to see a little more?" She leaned back and hooked her fingers into her red leather shorts.

Uh oh, was this where the charges started to mount up, Laws thought.

He didn't have anything to worry about as she unbuttoned them and shrugged them to the floor in one smooth moment. She was fully naked now, but Laws didn't get a chance to get a good look before she pushed his legs together and stepped astride him. His face was smothered in breast again and he felt her dry-hump his groin with her naked crotch.

Fucking A. Fucking A.

He could feel a stickiness in his underpants as his cock began to ooze pre-cum.

She leant close and whispered in his ear.

"Would you like me to fuck you? It's only a hundred dollars."

Laws was a little taken aback. The girl had stopped writhing in his lap and was staring intently at him, her face unreadable.

"What, here?" he replied. In front of everybody, was what he meant.

"Your friends don't seem too bothered," she said and turned his head to where the blonde was still bouncing in Clark's lap. The only difference was his friend had his trousers around his ankles and his balding head was tipped back as he grunted in pleasure.

Laws was shocked. Jonesey they kind of expected, he was unattached anyway, but Laws never thought Clark would go further than a lap dance. He must have been more sloshed on the vodka than Laws thought.

"I think everyone's too... wrapped up to pay us any attention." She started to unbutton his shirt. "And these seats are very comfortable."

A hundred dollars really wasn't that much, Laws thought. And she was fucking smoking hot.

"They're having fun. You wouldn't want to miss out now would you?" She smiled.

His shirt was fully unbuttoned now. She was perched above him with both hands hooked around his belt. Waiting for him to say the word.

He became conscious of the wedding band around his finger and felt pangs of guilt. Then he looked up at the girl squatting above him. He took in the perfect angles of her face, the ripe swell of her breasts and the elegant curves of her body.

Fuck it. He'd never get the opportunity to fuck someone as hot as this ever again.

What Marion and the kids didn't find out wouldn't hurt them.

What happens on tour... stays on tour.

"Sure, why not," he said.

The girl gave a hiss and then ripped at his trousers in a frenzy. In a matter of seconds she had unbuckled his belt, popped the button and then pulled both his trousers and underpants down to his ankles.

She seemed a little keen, Laws thought, a little perturbed.

"Hey, what about protec... ooh."

He never got a chance to finish as she jumped back on his lap and impaled herself on his erection with one smooth pelvic thrust. Laws gasped as he felt his dick slide right into her hot and extremely tight pussy.

"Hmm, you're mine now," the girl said. Her face took on a feral glow as she stared down at him.

"You're a bit tight," Laws said. Her vaginal walls gripped his cock like a vice.

"So my prey can't escape," the girl smiled.

Prey? What the fuck had come over her? Why did every woman he met tonight have to turn out to be batshit psycho? And what were those...

There were wings growing out of her back.

Laws's train of thought simply derailed.

There were great black bat wings growing out of her back. The girl moaned in pleasure as she flexed them.

What the fuck? Was it something in the drink?

He looked up at her face. Her brown eyes were gone, replaced by two abyssal black pools. She smiled in triumph.

He was hallucinating. Had to be the vodka. Had to be.

"I'm a succubus and you..." she touched a blood-red claw against his nose, "... are my lovely prey." Not fucking likely, Laws thought. He tried to climb up out of the sofa, but the girl/demon was stronger and heavier than she looked. He couldn't move no matter how much he tried to twist and turn.

"Get off bitch!" he shouted, swinging out at her with his fists.

She caught both of his wrists and pinned his arms back above his head. She leant over and gently blew into his ear.

"It's too late. You're inside me," she whispered.

Ooo, that felt good. Laws was hit by a sudden pulse of pleasure from his trapped cock. Her pussy walls had suddenly exuded some kind of smooth lubricant and had sucked his erect cock deeper within them. As she squirmed on top of him he felt his cock sliding against her soft vaginal walls.

"And I can do this."

Her bat wings folded around him and the air was filled with a heavy, thick perfume. It was the same spicy aroma he'd smelt earlier, but much much stronger. As he breathed in the scent Laws felt his body involuntarily relax. Gentle warmth suffused his muscles and they lost all their strength. Lustful images invaded his thoughts and both his breath and blood quickened in excitement.

"That's much better," the succubus murmured in his ear. "Float in my pheromones. Give yourself to me."

Bonelessly his arms dropped to his sides as her hands stopped pinning them to the wall and instead wrapped around Laws's back in a tight embrace. Her hot mouth found his and she murmured in pleasure as he responded to her kiss. Her soft breasts pressed against his naked chest.

Aaa, that felt so good. Her pussy, now slick with her juices, began to slide up and down his cock.

Her soft lips worked against his and he was powerless to resist. He felt her hips moving up and down on his and felt his body responding in kind.

So good. Her vaginal muscles pulled him deeper inside her. So deep he felt the tip of his cock come up against some kind of obstacle, as if her vaginal passage had narrowed to a small bud. As the head of his cock banged against if with each thrust he felt a hot sticky liquid come away and tingle against his skin.

"Ah," the succubus moaned. She broke off the kiss and sat up in his lap, trying to force him deeper inside her. Her red clawed hands pressed down against his chest.

She thrust harder and faster against him now. Her breasts swayed as her body drove against him.

As she came down harder and harder he felt the head of his cock push against the obstruction. The hard nub began to soften and give as his cock forced against it. More hot fluid dribbled down his shaft. Through the clouds of perfumed lust saturating his brain he dimly realised it felt like some sort of sphincter muscle. As his cock pushed against it he could feel it give slightly, almost opening but not quite enough to admit his member.

Moaning with pleasure the succubus increased her efforts. She drove her hips down on him faster and harder. His cock pushed through, but didn't quite penetrate the inner sphincter. It tried to grip the head of his cock with muscular tightness, but slipped off.

The next stroke and he felt the internal muscle give. His cock travelled straight through into an organ that was soft and slippery. It quivered unpleasantly as he felt the sphincter travel down the length of his cock until it seemed to meet the opening of her vagina. His entire length was engulfed inside some kind of squishy organ.

The succubus moaned in ecstasy and then stopped her movements. She straddled him with his cock held tight within her in the vice-like grip of the sphincter he'd just penetrated.

"It's over my lovely prey," she said contently, rubbing a hand on her flat stomach. "Can you feel it? You're in my stomach."

The organ Laws's cock had entered twitched ominously. He felt a hot liquid touch the skin of his member.

Icy cold terror washed through Laws. Stomach? The horrible image of his trapped cock being dissolved by digestive juices popped into his mind. He started to struggle.

Sensing his fear the succubus pulled him forward and wrapped her legs around him, clamping her pussy down against his cock. Her arms completed the embrace and she flooded the air again with her perfume.

"Relax", she whispered in his ear. "My juices won't cause you any pain. Feel."

The organ pulsed and squirted a thick hot liquid around Laws's cock. It was sticky like honeyed sin and sent crackling sparks of pleasure through his skin. The organ contracted and its fleshy walls massaged the liquid into his cock with gentle stroking motions.

All the fear and struggling drained from Laws as his mind was overloaded by the sensation.

The organ pulsed again sending another wave of liquid pleasure through Laws's cock. The warmth spread out from Laws's cock and into his body.

"Doesn't that feel nice," the succubus whispered. Her organ pulsed again and gently gripped and slithered up the length of his cock.

Next to him Laws heard the frenzied slap of flesh against flesh. There was also a more organic sound, unpleasantly liquid. He turned to see the beautiful rounded ass of the well-stacked blonde rapidly move up and down as she thrust her hips against Clark.

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