tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWreck Beach and Beyond

Wreck Beach and Beyond


Author's Note: These stories are based on my life experiences. If you haven't read the earlier parts of this tale, I'd suggest that you do so... The first part of this story has a good description of Wreck Beach. This is part two of my (and my dear friend/lover Cheryl's) first trip to Wreck Beach. It was a wild first trip – and the rest of the weekend that followed was even better. (What I'm trying to say here is there is more to this story – wait for it).

BTW: I apologize to those readers who were surprised by the double submissions – I was too! My error though... I submitted them as attachments first, and when they didn't publish, I re-submitted as cut and pasted text – and then both got published – Ooops... Well, on to our story.


As I wandered down the beach toward the shoreline my head was swirling with mixed emotions. Although I was still incredibly aroused by my flagrant self exposure to a complete stranger; I was, at the same time, feeling a little ashamed and almost humiliated by my overwhelming desire to act like a slut.

The more I thought about it as I walked, the more I knew that I had to do what made me feel right and good. I knew that meant more public exposure and taking even more daring risks, I craved the excitement of shocking people and the rush of seeing that raw look of desire for my body in another's eyes.

I waded deep into the water, dove in and, immediately after surfacing, swam out into deeper water. Once I could feel the water cooling significantly, and I stopped my swimming. I sensed the water was deeper here – it was darker and much cooler as I began to tread water.

It had the effect I needed though -- the cool water immediately cleared my head – the hash-gingersnaps I had eaten a hour ago were still working well – in fact, I felt more stoned now than I had when I flashed my pussy on the beach.

'God, that was crazy', I thought to myself. A second thought immediately flashed through my mind, 'Crazy yes, but the sexiest thing I have ever done, and I loved the feeling, I want to do it again, and again and again.' I looked around and realized I was all alone this far from the beach. I slid my hand down between my legs as I treaded water. My fingers found my clit and I began to finger myself lightly – making little flicking movements across my clit. I started to rub my little button of a nub – finding that perfect spot.

My mind drifted as I rubbed, reflecting on the fact that the only other person, (other than myself), who ever found this special spot was Cheryl. And, oh, she had found it so well! I began to fantasize about Cheryl doing it again, but this time in front of others. That thought pushed me over the edge, and my body convulsed as I came hard...

I lay back in the buoyant salty water and relaxed.

'Shit, that felt good' I thought to myself, and then I realized it wasn't just the finger fuck, but it was the whole experience: Publicly showing my body; unabashedly showing my pussy to complete stranger; it was masturbating myself in public (albeit well off shore) – that felt good. I was hooked on my new found sexual liberation, and I knew it – I wanted badly to flash again, and again, and again – and I wanted to do more too... A little voice in the back of my head told me the next time I took as far as just did on the beach, I wanted make sure Cheryl was with me to watch. I had a feeling not only would she be a very willing observer – deep down I had a feeling she would participate too.

But first I needed to find her – it had been a while since we parted on the beach...

I swam back to the shore and waded out of the water, it felt good to get admiring stares as I strode up the beach completely naked. I loved the feeling of the breeze on my nude body, and the eyes raking over it.

I walked towards our blanket and I could see Cheryl lying peacefully face down in the sun. I stopped beside her and intentionally dripped water on to her bare back. She rolled over and looked up.

"Holy SHIT Katie!!!" she gasped, "you're naked!"

I sat down cross-legged, facing her, my pussy lips spread open and she stared. "Oh-my-God, Katie! How long have you been naked?" she continued.

"Just after you left for the blanket," I stated as a matter of fact.

Even as I said it and remembered, I felt the rush all over again, goose-bumps formed on my arms, and I felt a warming down below again. "God damn it Cher, what a rush too. I just dropped my thong on the beach in front of dozens of people. Afterward I tied my bottom to my wrist and went walking -- Oh Shit! It's missing!" Shocked, I looked to my wrist, and the thong was gone. "I know it was there when I went for a swim – well that's it – it's gone." I said – still a little shocked.

Cheryl looked serious, "Katie, what are you going to wear?"

"For the rest of the afternoon, nothing, I guess!" I laughed. "Cher, you have GOT to try this – It's an unbelievable feeling. I flashed a guy on the beach – I mean I was already naked, but I spread my legs for him completely. I was so unbelievably turned on after that, I had to go for a swim too cool off. But that didn't work completely, so I frigged myself out in the ocean."

"Jesus, Katie. You look so great, and it turns me on, just seeing you naked like this -- I just can't believe you actually did it."

"Time to do it Cher – remember, if I will, you will..." I reminded her...

"I'm not sure if I can", she said shakily.

"No Prob's my sweet – let me help". And with that I stood, and I gently pulled her to her feet. I kissed her lightly on the cheek, and whispered quietly in her ear "Ready love?" She nodded, looked me in the eyes, and smiled. I dropped my hands to her sides, gave her side strings a tug, and then let go, her bottom fell to the ground.

Now, like me, she was completely naked in public for the first time in her life.

I released her, and stepped back a pace or two. I couldn't tell what her reaction was as she stood there. Next to us, I heard a guy whistle softly and say 'nice' to no one in particular.

Cheryl turned around 360 degrees – at first, almost as if in shock – and then she lifted her arms and grinned.

And then the words tumbled out "Oh fuck, what a rush! Katie, now I understand why you do it..." she turned to face me, step forward and kissed me hard – our tongues intertwined for a second and then we parted. "I think it's my turn to go for a swim and a walk, Katie". And with that she ran laughing for the beach. I watched her go, and knew she would be back in a bit – I knew exactly how she felt.

I lay back on my blanket, got another two coolers from Crystal, chugged one, and lay back and relaxed in the sun. The guy who whistled stopped got up and moved over to our blanket "Mind if I sit?" he asked.

"Not at all – I'm Katie – my friend Cheryl will be back though."

He said, "No prob's, I just wondered if you wanted to share a joint with me?"

"Sure," I said, "but nothing else, okay?"

He flashed up the joint and passed it to me, I took a long drag and held it. He smiled, and said "Okay, I just wanted to get a better look at you too – damn you're hot. You've got to be one of the best lookin' girls on the beach – and you're not shy either. What a sexy combo."

I smiled back, exhaled, and said "Thanks – I love showing my body. It feels so great to be naked." I sipped my cooler.

He took a deep drag and handed it back to me. Without hesitation I took another deep pull. I had a feeling I was going to be wrecked... I started to giggle 'wrecked, I thought, wrecked on Wreck.' I sat up, turned cross legged to face him and let him look at my pussy. I loved his stare...

I got wet again quickly, and I knew he was thinking about more than just being friends. Both his eyes, and the slight swelling in his dick broadcast it clearly. I knew I had to get out of this situation quickly – or things would get out of hand. I remember the older gentlemen's words at the top of the stairs "...be careful, this beach is full of all kinds of temptations – make sure act sensibly..." I knew this was one of those temptations.

"Hey, I gotta go find my friend, perhaps another time, Okay?" I asked. "I'll definitely be back here, and I'll watch for you..."

"Yeah," he smiled, "I'd love another time, I'd love now too – but another time is fine as well. Can't blame a dude for trying can you?"

I grabbed my cooler and stood, a little unsteadily, chugged my cooler and realized I needed to slow down a little.

I looked for Cheryl and saw her wading in from the beach. She waved and motioned me towards her. "Guess who I saw, over at that end of the beach? They didn't see me, but I saw them..."

I guessed immediately, "Mike and Chris??? Really???" I could wait to let them see me naked.

"Down by the beach, a fair ways to our right" said Cheryl pointing a ways off... "Too far to call them though."

"We could try to find them," I suggested...

"You want to looking for them like this???" Cheryl said, a little surprised, "It's one thing to lie on the beach naked with a ton of other naked people around you and it's something else to go strolling naked, but to go looking people you know naked?"

"Come on girl, you know you want to." I pleaded, I reached for her hand and pulled her "besides, we hardly know them, it's not like they are from home." All thoughts of slowing down had slipped from my head...

"Oh damn, I'm going to love this, I know it – this will definitely lead to trouble" I heard her laugh.

"Let's go in the water, Cher, I need to clear my head a little." we waded in slowly. The waves had gotten a little bigger from earlier in the day – the sun was sinking a little lower. The tide was coming in and the water colder than before, but I didn't care – I wanted to be in deep enough to try to put out this fire inside of me. If something didn't cool me down, I was going to wind up doing something really crazy

The water worked a bit, but not until I pulled Cheryl in completely, and we soaked ourselves in the ocean. We swam a little and I related my story of the guy with the joint to her. "Cher, I feel more than a little slutty today. And I like the feeling, Cher", I admitted.

"Katie, you are not a little slut, but you are a gorgeous exhibitionist – and I love it." was her response.

I thought to myself 'Okay she's right – so far I have only been an exhibitionist. But what about when we catch up with the guys?' And then I admitted to myself, 'While Cher doesn't realize it yet, deep inside I want to be far more than just an exhibitionist. I know as soon as we find those guys something is going to happen.' We swam back towards the beach, and stood. I watched intently as the water stream from her long dark hair, and down her beautiful body – I felt a little giddy knowing her body was mine, whenever I wanted it.

With water still dripping from out hair and off our naked bodies we emerged from the surf, hand in hand. We were near the far end of the beach when we finally came ashore, I realized at this end of the beach there weren't nearly as many as many people spread out in the sand.

A quick scan revealed no sign of the guys though.

We began to make our way up the wet sand towards our blanket – we hadn't gone more than about 100 feet, when I heard a voice yell out, "Katie, Holy Shit Katie, is that you..." My heart went to my throat as I thought what if it's someone from home, we both turned together, and there was Dave, Chris, and another guy sitting on a large beach blanket about 30 feet from the wet sandy area where we were standing.

We turned and headed directly towards them. Smiling and waving as we approached.

I hear Chris say, "Jackpot, not only Katie, but Cheryl as well!"

As we walked the 30 feet separating us and the guys, I heard Cheryl whisper "They aren't naked yet – but they will be." I looked over and she was grinning from ear to ear."

"Hey guys, we told you I would be here -- and just like I promised, with a surprise -- So do you like the surprise?" I laughed and together both Cheryl and I pirouetted for them.

It took the boys a few seconds before they got there voices back – It was Dave who managed the first words, "My god, you are both absolutely gorgeous!"

Purposely teasing Dave, I stood immediately in front of him with my legs apart slightly, I knew my lips were parted slightly, and I expected clit was poking out, I smiled towards the third guy on the blanket, and asked Dave, "So who's you friend? Or has our nakedness made you lose your mind again?"

"Oh, sorry, this is our other roommate we mentioned last week – Keith, this is Katie, and over there is Cheryl".

Chris patted the blanket beside him, looked directly at Cheryl and said "why don't you sit for a minute..."

Laughing Cheryl answered, "Why not indeed!" She laughed again, "I will, but only if all three of you will promise us one thing.... And I'm not going to say 'Be gentlemen!'"

Chris looked up in awe at this laughing naked beauty standing 3 feet from him... "What?? what??, Tell me what we have to do?" he croaked.

"You have to get as naked as we are silly!!! What do you think, you want us to be the only exhibitionists on this blanket, Chris?!?"

I was already dropping to the blanket as Chris stood up face-to-face with Cheryl, less than a foot separated them. We all watched as, without a word he reached for the drawstring on his bathing trucks, untied the knot and pushed them off his waist and down, where they dropped to the blanket. "Like this?" he asked directly to Cheryl.

"Oh yes, like that." She said breathlessly to him. She slowly lowered herself to her knees on the blanket in front of him. Her face stopped within a foot of his slightly swollen, uncircumcised, member. For a second I thought she was going to start giving him head, right then and there. But instead, she looked up at him, and said, "Are you going to stand there showing off that beautiful cock, or are you going to join us down here on the blanket?"

What a great looking couple these two made -- I couldn't help admire his body as he stood there. Chris appeared to be about 6-8" taller than Cheryl making him about 6' 2", he had, fashionably short black hair, and the same olive skin complexion as Cheryl, with almost Asian features.

We all laughed, and Chris dropped to the blanket – but the sexual tension remained.

I looked to Dave and Keith and said "Well, is Chris the only one getting naked here?" Dave immediately, lifted his butt from the blanket, and pushed his trunks down his legs. Clearly Dave was the most athletic of the three of them – he had a strong muscular body, his legs were covered in light brown curly hair, and it continued up his body to his very masculine chest. He was the most rugged looking of the three of them too – I could see a few scars on his torso and legs – he saw me looked, shrugged and explained with a single word "Rugby." His circumcised cock was still soft, and from what I had seen on the beach, about average in size. I wondered what it looked like when it was swollen and angry – I intended to find out before the day was over.

Keith hesitated – he was wearing cutoffs that buttoned down the front – removing them would require him to stand up, and I could see from the bulge why he hesitated. Clearly, he was a little aroused from our naked presence. To his credit though, he stood, and began unbuttoning his shorts. Cheryl had noticed the same thing, and was doing nothing to help the poor guy – indeed, instead she had now positioned her self on the blanket so she was sitting cross-legged, her open pussy directly facing both Chris, who was in front of her, and Keith who was standing a few feet behind Chris.

I turned a little and their and made sure I too was giving Keith a full few of my pussy as well. I looked him directly in the eyes, smiled reassuringly, and said quietly, to him, "So let's see what's under that bulge in those shorts. He laughed nervously, turned a little red, and dropped his shorts and immediately sat down. I delightfully surprised by what he revealed – his cock, although only half erect was thick, and smooth and already at least 6" long – he was clearly the most well endowed of the three of them. I continued to smile at him, and said, "You turned a little red Keith, but I can assure you that," and I nodded downward, "is nothing to be embarrassed about."

Cheryl laughed, and said "Oh, my God, I'll say!"

Keith finally spoke, and joked when he did, "It's not embarrassment girls, it the increase in blood pressure you girls are causing. Hell the blood pressure increase from my embarrassment is so great, I'm staring to swell up from it! And you've got to trust me on this – I'm a med student, I should know!"

We all laughed and began to relax a little. For the moment, I decided to turn my focus back to Dave. "And what about you, what do you want to be when you grow up?" I asked. I shifted my body to the right to face him directly as I asked my question, as I did so though, I made sure my left leg stayed in place. I was now sitting with my feet spread well apart and my knees together. As I listened to him explain that he was in the athletics department and wanted to become a teacher, I slowly inch, by inch, opened my knees. My legs spread wider, I felt my pussy lips part, and I knew my clit was now poking into view.

Dave watched intently, as I opened them wider, I knew he would see my wetness. I was watching for a response from his cock. I wasn't disappointed, as I saw it start to grow. 'Bingo', I thought to myself. I glanced up and noticed Keith sitting back behind both Dave and Chris, he also had a great view and his cock hadn't grown any smaller that was for sure. I could see his eyes flicking between me, and Cheryl, who was still sitting in front of Chris.

I glanced over at Cheryl. While I thought I had been daring in my teasing, my jaw literally dropped when I saw Cheryl sitting back resting on the one arm she had placed behind her, her feet were placed sole–to-sole together and her legs were spread wide open. Her index and middle and fingers of her free hand were poised at her pussy lips, and it was clear she has at least pulled them apart to allow Chris a full spread view of her gorgeous naked pussy.

I heard Cheryl quietly say to Chris, "You like the view, Chris?"

A slight pause, and then she asked, "Yeah, you do, don't you – you want to taste it too?"

Another slight pause, and then, "How about spending a night with it, hmmmm?"

And then very teasingly, "Hey, is this view starting to get to you Chris? Is that a little rise I see?"

I glance over to Chris' dick and it was clear that it was more than a little rise was happening... His dick was already three quarters hard and it was rising...

"Cheryl, are you teasing that poor guy?" I playfully asked.

Cheryl turned to me and smiled that same sweet smile I had seen before, "Oh, I'm not teasing at all Katie, my love. I'm very serious about spending a night with this guy... "In fact, if I could find a secluded place right now, I'd fuck his brains out in a second. How about you?, Aren't you thinking exactly the same thing about Dave, there... Or his buddy, or even both of them, together??? I know I am..."

'Holy crap', I thought to myself, 'and this girl called me wild. She's ready to fuck three virtual strangers on the spot...' And then it occurred to me, so was I!

I turned to look back at Dave, found his dick was also swelling nicely "Oh Dave," I cooed, "is that for me, for my slutty little friend over there, or for both of us?" As Cheryl burst into delighted laughter, I glanced over at Keith and he cock was starting to swell to a very nice size indeed. In the sexiest voice I knew how to muster, I said "Keith, don't tell me you are as horny as these two guys... My, my, my, what's a girl to do?"

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