tagGay MaleWrestler's Ride Ch. 1

Wrestler's Ride Ch. 1


I had never really thought about men before. I had always chased girls. I never looked at another guy. But that all changed one summer.

I was in the gym trying out for the wrestling team, and it was looking good. I had pinned four guys with just pure strength. Then a guy I had never seen in the school before walked in. For some reason I looked him up and down, from face to dick. I had not meant to do that, but for some reason I did. I looked around awkwardly to see if anyone had saw me. I had a rep to uphold, I cant let people think I was gay, even though I wasn't. I watched the new guy walked over and put his name on the attendance sheet. He kept looking over at me with this weird look on his face. What was he looking at?

"Mikal you're up," said the coach. I had no time to think about that guy, I had to win this one. I won it like I knew I would. Next came the new guy, who's name I found out was Haley. Haley, was extremely strong, just by looking at him you would have never guessed it. After he beat that other guy into the ground, he looked over at and looked me up and down, just the same way I had looked at him. Had he seen me looking at him? Oh no, he couldn't have...I hope not. Then to my amazement we had to fight. I looked him up and down again, only this time sizing him up so I could make a plan to win.

"Hey cutie...I'll take it easy on ya, don't worry," Haley said in my ear as we got into the starting position. The statement sent chills up and down my spine. Cutie? Did he just call me Cutie? The whistle blew and we began to fight. I felt him rub his dick against my leg. He was hard. Feeling his dick made my dick swell up too. What was going on with this guy? Was he gay? He got into the take down position, behind me and his dick rubbed up against my ass. I shuddered. It felt good. I rubbed my butt against him, then caught myself and turned over and pinned him. He just smiled up and me. Weird guy. Just plain weird.

The next day I was in my dorm, beating off on my bed. I opened my eyes for a sec to see if my door was locked, and to my shock I saw Haley on the other empty bed beating off as well. I didn't have a roomie so the whole other side of the room was empty. I looked at his huge, hard dick. I wanted to put it in my mouth and suck him down. But I once again I caught myself.

"What are you doing in here," I asked as I covered my 8" dick.

"Oh sorry, I heard you in here and I couldn't help myself. I like to get off with other people."

This guy was really sick. I looked at his dick again, he had to have been 9" cuz he was huge. He was sweating profusely and I handed him a towel. He nodded a thanks and started to wiped the sweat off his well built almost hairless body. My dick swelled up again. I tried to hide it, but I couldn't that well. I went into the bathroom to take a shower, forgetting Haley was in the other room.

"All I need is to take a shower that's all, just a nice cold shower, "I said to myself, stepping into the shower. I rubbed soap on my dick and started beating off again, moaning in pleasure. Haley must've heard me, ;;cause he came into the shower with me.

"What are you...," I started, but before I could say anything else his mouth was around my dick. His hot tongue swirled around my dick head and back down the shaft. I felt myself boiling up to the point of no return. I noticed he was beating off as he sucked me down. I bent down into a kneeling position so I could get him off. My hands weighed his balls and started to pull and manipulate them. Haley moaned in satisfaction. The first drops of cum started to drip off my dick. My head flew back as I came into his hot mouth. Thrusting myself deep into his throat with each explosion. I looked down and saw Haley had not cum yet.

My mouth ached for his dick. Haley caught my expression and rolled over, giving me full access to his huge dick. I dived for it. Swirling my tongue around his dick as he had done to me. I felt his hands stroking my dick and fingering my asshole. His fingers went in and out, in and out of my tight hole. I felt myself swelling up again. Trying to keep my attention on the job at hand I started to suck faster and faster. Haley's moaning and twitching around told me he was close. I started getting anxious, beating him and sucking him. Cum...cum in my mouth. Let me taste you.

My dick was has hard as a rock again and I felt like I was going to explode. "Oh fuck, oh fuck imma cum," Haley yelped, twitching more.

The first few drops of cum started to ooze out. I sucked it off. It tasted salty at first, but then more and more started to ooze out and it began to taste better. That's right cum, cum down my throat. Haley let out a loud cry and held my head on his dick. Load after load of hot cum surged up and out of his dick and down my throat. I came also, sending a load of my cum on his leg and on my face. We laid back, spent looking at each other.

"I knew I'd like you, Cutie. I saw you looking at my dick the other day and I felt you rub your ass against my dick," Haley said letting the warm water slid down his bare chest and down to his balls. I just looked at him, I felt ashamed and kind of grateful, I had never came twice before, and never with that much force. "I had noticed there wasn't anyone's clothes in here except yours, do you need a roommate?"

Haley asked swinging his dick around in the water. I nodded not really able to talk. "Can I be your roomie? I don't have a dorm," Haley mentioned, letting his dick fall between his legs.

"Sure, you can move in whenever you like..." I said, finding my voice. I thought I had said yes to fast and anxiously. But who cares. Haley nodded and got out of the shower. I heard the door slam a couple minutes later. I hope no one finds out about this...I hope Haley doesn't tell nobody.

After that Haley and I got a lot closer, and we went a little further than just sucking each other, but that's a whole nother story.

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