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Wrestling Memories


Francine Minnelli watched the screen with intense scrutiny, looking for something—anything—that showed weakness. "Greatland Enterprises took Reynolds Aerospace because it fit our intention to grow. As the CEO, I have a responsibility to look beyond the next quarter and into the next decade. Reynolds Aerospace becomes a part of us just as we begin retooling to meet our future goals." She mouthed the last few words. She smiled and turned from the large, flat screen back to the laptop on her desk. "The shareholders will love that statement. I'll be sure to have it added to the film to be shown at the next shareholders' meeting," she thought.

She began tapping at her keyboard, but kept an ear to the television. "Another bold move in the short tenure of Francine Minnelli. Her rescue four years ago of struggling giant Greatland really made headlines. Now, she finishes the takeover of struggling Reynolds Aerospace, who fought the move tooth and nail. In the end, though, the 'Lioness' threw aside the doubters, prompting Reynolds Aerospace's now-former CEO and founder Jennings Reynolds to tell close friends quote, 'that bitch really doesn't know when to back down...we call her Frank over here.' No comment yet from Mizz Minnelli or Greatland Enterprises."

Francine stopped tapping at her keyboard. She slumped down in her chair with her mouth ajar. "Son of a...," she didn't finish. All of a sudden, the stress of the last three months' work hit her like a lightning bolt. The deal closure last night and the ensuing press conference tody left her with little time to relax and reflect on the torturous last few months that finally ended in a sweet victory. Along the way, though, she had really stepped on some people. Now, hearing Jennings Reynolds use such a sleazy, sexist comment toward her really felt like a kick in the gut.

She was doing her job. Doing what she was raised to do. Her father died six years ago and gave the reigns to her brother, who did little to shift the fortunes of Greatland. She couldn't believe when Ricardo Minnelli passed her over to give the head of the family company to her brother Leo. "My Francie is a lioness that will rip you apart!" She could still hear his voice cheer her on as she closed deal after deal. She remembered how bad she hurt at the reading of her father's will when controlling interest of Greatland was passed to Leo. Leo took two years to fail. She convinced the board to help her buy out her brother's share and fixed what her weak brother couldn't do. An image of her brother looking at her saying, "Dad always thought you were more man than I ever was," jolted her brain quickly.

She then thought about Richard. Her intense drive to take over Greatland from Leo pulled her marriage apart. She was so wrapped up in the power grab that Richard's last words to her were, "When did you get so cold?"

And now, "Frank. Frank?! What the hell am I supposed to do? Fuck him. FUCK HIM! FUCK ALL OF THEM," she raged in her head as her breathing began to increase and tears ran down her face." She turned her chair, bent over and put her face in her hands, resting them all on her lap as she began to sob. She needed this. She needed this release. The last six years of stress seemed to flow out of her all at once. She reminded herself that the office was empty, her assistant had left, and she could cry as loud as she wanted. She deserved it. It still didn't quell the pain she felt, nor did it dowse the memories that were burning her right now. The bottle would help with that. She pulled it from her desk, second drawer behind the partition, along with the glass that rested beside it. She noted half the bottle left. "It's enough. It's enough," she told herself.

Terry Stamford walked through the dimly lit corridors of the Minnelli Building doing his normal checks. Every other hour, he left Stanley, his older partner and supervisor, at the front desk as he made his forty-five minute rounds. He'd check to ensure the outer doors were locked and that the lights were on in the stairwells. He'd also check that separate office doors were locked. He finally reached the fifth floor, "the bigwig suites" he and Stanley called them, and did the same.

This job was a holdover job for Terry. He left Oklahoma City to come closer to home, to be near his parents, and frankly, to get as far as hell away from Marlee as he could. The divorce was as ugly as the reasons for it. Terry tried to shake the memory of him walking down the hall toward their bedroom and walking in on her fucking their neighbor. When he peeked through the crack of the door, Marlee was still wearing her uniform from waitressing at a local diner, but the skirt was collected around her waist. He could see her totally exposed ass and underneath its crack, their neighbor Matt's glistening cock was pistoning into her well-oiled pussy.

The memory would continue even with him trying to concentrate on his security checks. He remembered Marlee's beautiful 34 C tits protruding from between the opened seam that split the chest of her yellow waitress dress. Her tits would bounce up and down when Matt wasn't squeezing and sucking on her nipples. For some reason, his mind's eye would focus on her name tag, still attached to the uniform. It read "Rita". Then, the real painful part of the memory would start. Matt's voice. "You like that don't you Marlee? You like this dick?"

"You know I do Matt," she'd answer.

"Terry doesn't give it to you like me, does he," he'd grunt.

"Shut up Matt. Just fuck me. You know I love your big, fat cock up in me,' she'd say.

Matt wouldn't back down. "Say it Marlee. Terry's dick ain't got what I got. And he ain't never done this." Terry would wince as the memory continued with Matt pulling his Marlee forward, reaching between her legs and putting the head of his dick in her anus.

"Oh fuck Matt, you know I love it there. Fuck my ass. Fuck it," she'd whimper.

"Say it or I'll stop," Matt would push her.

"I love your dick Matt. Terry doesn't have anything on you Matt. Your dick is so much bigger," she'd crescendo, saying it louder and louder, moving from simply riding him to squatting on both her feet and driving his cock into her ass while her tits shook above him. The memory would fade as she collapsed onto his cock, shaking through her orgasm, as droplets of cum spilled from her ass and down Matt's cock.

He carried the memory every night. The pain kept him awake for the awkward 10 pm to 8 am shift. A perpetual loop that he hoped would stop playing as time pulled him further away from the scene that he played out in his mind nightly. Seven months had already passed, though, to little relief.

Tonight was no different. Check the doors. Check the exit signs. Check to make sure the monitors were off. Wait. Something different. He was shocked to see the stream of light coming from the corner office—Miss Minnelli's .

Francine was certainly feeling better after four, five, or was it seven shots. Her cheeks were warm and she ran her top teeth over her bottom lip to check how numb her lips were. Her eyes were in a squint as a smile finally returned to her lips. She leaned back in her chair and hummed a song to herself as her own memory flooded over her.

"Nobody does it better, da, da, da...," she lightly sang. She was suddenly dancing at her prom again, sharing long stares into the eyes of Gregory Lampton. He stared down at her from his 6'4'' perch and stole an occasional peek down the front of her dress. "Gregory Lampton! What would the nuns think," she asked with mock anger.

"I'm sure they wouldn't mind if they didn't see me looking. Maybe I could look some more out in my car," Francine's memory continued.

Terry walked up to Miss Minnelli's office door. As he got closer, he could see her at her desk. He was about to walk in and ask if everything was okay, but he stopped when he got a closer look at the scene. There, on her desk was a liquor decanter and a half-full rocker glass that she had her right hand around. She would occasionally shake it to hear the ice rattle. She was leaning back in her chair, seemingly mumbling to herself. Terry listened.

"Frank? Not that night," she mumbled to nobody. "Gregory Lampton got a whole lotta Francine!" Terry watched as Miss Minnelli stopped fiddling with the button on her white silk blouse, now unbuttoned to the point that her lacy white bra was slightly exposed. She next reached under the blouse and began to massage her right breast, seemingly under her bra.

The heat in Francine's cheeks had begun to drift. Now, it was all over her body—her neck, her chest, her stomach, her thighs. All of it seemed to center within her pussy, which grew wetter by the second under the lacy white panties she wore. Francine was enjoying this. It had been a long time since she felt like this: so feminine. It was nice to look back to a time when she wasn't "the Lioness" or "Frank", but an eighteen-year-old young lady being taken in the backseat of her boyfriend's car. That seemed so far from now, but the booze and her wandering hands were bringing it all back. She had no idea that she was being watched though.

Terry continued to watch Miss Minnelli as she continued to manipulate her right breast with her left hand. He ensured that he stepped back into the dark enough to go unseen, but close enough to continue watching the show. Francine Minnelli was always the boss. He had never seen her in this light, let alone touching herself. Now, he was seeing a very beautiful, sexy 44 year-old woman with unparalleled class masturbating in her office. He didn't move until she unbuttoned another button and pulled her blouse open to expose what were some of the nicest breasts he had seen in a long time. That motion caused him to reach down and start to stroke his already semi-hard cock through the polyester rent-a-cop uniform pants he wore. He guessed they were C-cups like his Marlee's when they came busting over the underwire of her bra.

As Francine remembered Gregory Lampton sucking on her nipples in the backseat of his car, she began pinching them in the present, leaning forward in her chair as she squinted her eyes shut hard. When the memory came to Gregory slipping his hand under her prom dress and fingering her virgin pussy under her first pair of lace panties, Francine leaned back in her chair, lifted up her right leg onto her desk and allowed her business skirt to ride up her fit, tanned thighs. Her right hand slipped below the side of her lacy white panties and started to stroke the moist lips of her vagina.

Terry couldn't believe what he was witnessing. Francine Minnelli, one of the world's most renowned CEOs, was fingering herself in her office. She had one foot up on her desk, the other leg over the side of her chair and was rubbing her pussy with her tits hanging out of her blouse. She was no longer the owner of the building, the big boss lady to him. She was a beautiful, sexy, classy woman full of lust and desire. He exhaled louder than he wanted to at his realization.

Francine stopped seemingly startled. "What was that," she thought to herself. She stood up startled, holding her breasts with her right arm and covering her pussy with her left hand. The sight for Terry was priceless. Miss Minnelli was standing now beside her desk trying to hear one bit of evidence that someone might be in the office just beyond her door. Her panties were around her knees, her wet pussy was exposed with her light brown pubic hair matted around it, and her right arm was trying to hold her breasts to her torso while covering her nipples.

After two seconds, she seemed to giggle, reminding herself that everyone was gone for the night. She reached over to glass and took a quick swig of more liquor. Terry thought the show was over, but then Miss Minnelli did something shocking. She zipped the skirt at the side and let it fall and pulled her blouse off and then her bra. She then kicked her panties off of her left foot and was standing there in her office in only her black high heels. It became very apparent that she was very drunk then because she started to dance around her office laughing out loud and mumbling to an imaginary partner. She turned and turned until finally she collapsed to the floor of her office laughing almost hysterically. Terry dared to open the door a little wider as his boss of all bosses lay on the floor laughing at something that was a mystery to Terry. She lay naked on the floor laughing for about thirty seconds and then she put her right arm across her eyes and seemed to fall asleep.

Terry stared at her for a second. She was breathing a light snore. She was lying on her back with her legs slightly spread, showing Terry her glistening pussy lips, now spread from her earlier fingering. Her left arm lay across her stomach and her shoulder-length brown hair was splayed on the floor around her covered face and head. He debated mentally doing something but had to overcome a growing fear.

"Okay Terry. She might be hurt. Do something," he motivated himself. He walked through the door and went to her. He looked down at her listless body and then to her office couch. Terry took a knee and put one arm under her knee and one arm behind her naked back and lifted. He estimated her weight at 130 pounds and lifted her easily and started walking toward the couch.

Suddenly, she turned her face into his collared neck and mumbled aloud, "No Gregory, I can't go all the way, you know that! I'm not a tease. Don't say that. I'll suck you down there." She was obviously dreaming, but Terry was more than a little intrigued as he laid her once-again silent body down on the couch.

"Leave now Terry," he was telling himself. His body was saying something else though. Terry reached down and pulled out his six-inch cock which was harder than it had been in ten years. He stood over the body of one of the most beautiful women he'd ever seen. An international celebrity in the business community he reminded himself. Plus, she's naked and horny. "Who would know," a bad spirit within him asked.

Terry thought about what Miss Minnelli had just said during her dream. He took the swollen head of his cock and put it against Francine Minnelli's slightly parted lips. She was one of the best-known CEOs and one of the richest women in the world and her he was with his dick against her lips. Fear began to swell in him. "What are you doing Terry," he yelled at himself mentally. Right as he was about to put his cock away and leave, Francine's hand took hold of his cock and she opened her mouth onto it. She guided it all the way into her mouth. Terry's eyes opened wide as she turned onto her right side and pulled his ass toward her wanton mouth. The amount of slobber that she was creating was incredible and it slathered his cock like he'd never seen before. She started pulling his hard against her face as he dared not touch her head. Her eyes remained only slightly opened as he looked down at her giving him head.

He felt his balls start to contract as he began to moan. He looked down and she had put three of her fingers from her right hand into her very wet pussy. Terry could smell her arousal and the sight of her right thigh with juices spreading on both sides of it pushed him over the edge. He wanted to pull out, but Miss Minnelli's face just grimaced for a second and she continued gripping his squirting cock with her mouth. After a few gasps and some final tugs at his cock, Miss Minnelli laid her head back down. He listened as she mumbled, "See Gregory, I told you I'm no tease," followed, again, by light snoring.

Terry quickly put his cock away and turned hurriedly to leave. As he marched quickly to the door, he heard her start to cry it seemed. "Why are you leaving me," she cried out. He turned and she was sitting up crying and staring right at him. He was scared to death. He was more than fired. He was going to prison for sure.

"How can you call me that Richard? You know I'm under a lot of stress. I'm not a frigid bitch, I'm just trying to save my father's company," she said through streaming tears. She stood up and walked towards him with open arms. "Don't leave me Richard. I'll do anything. ANYTHING!"

Something snapped in Terry. Miss Minnelli let out a slight yelp as Terry turned her around and pushed her forward onto the front of her desk. He wasted no time taking off his gun belt, pulling down his pants and boxers and slamming his cock into her wet and dripping cunt. For all he was worth he slammed his six inches into her pussy while his hands gripped her hips. Her feet were coming off the floor as she screamed loudly, "Oh Richard, don't leave me. I've missed you so much. I love you so much. Fuck me however you want."

Terry pushed the desk clear and laid Miss Minnelli onto her back and slammed her pussy until he began to grunt repeatedly, "I'm going to come!" After four or five pumps, the deed was done.

"I love you Richard, don't ever leave me," her voice trailed off as her head turned to the side and she fell back asleep. Terry couldn't believe what just happened. He looked around, wiped the sweat from his brow and put his uniform back on. He lifted Francine Minnelli and put her on her couch, making sure to cover her with her clothes. He leaned down and kissed her cheek.

"Sleep well Marlee. Sleep well." He left Francine Minnelli's office and locked the door behind him.

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