Wrestling Rookie Ch. 01

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White man dominates Asian Man.
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Chapter 1:

As Jackson entered the gymnasium, he looked around nervously at the guys standing around the mat. Compared to the guys from his high school team, these men were much larger. Muscle wise and bulge wise.

Jackson took a moment to stand to the side of the bleachers, readjusting his cock underneath his singlet. As he watched the guys from behind the seats, his cock couldn't help but throb.

Come on, not right now.

He was able to keep his sexuality hidden from the rest of his high school, and he wasn't going to let the secret out now.

Jackson was always worried that if his team found out he was gay that it would affect his relationships. After high school, he ended up losing his friend Ricky when he found out that Jackson might be gay. It wasn't even confirmed and he already lost his best friend.

"Hey, new kid!" A voice yelled from the center of the gym, catching Jackson off guard. When Jackson looked up, he noticed one of the wrestlers in red straddling another wrestler on the ground. The one wearing the red singlet was smiling as he gripped the other guys' legs on either side of him.

Even though he looked to be in pain, Jackson couldn't help but feeling jealous.

Once the match ended, red singlet walked over to the bleachers towards Jackson. He tried to keep his eyes locked on to the stranger, not wanting to get caught checking out his bulge. Even though it was soft, the bulge was large and pointed down towards the left side of his singlet.

Keep your eyes up. Jackson thought.

"Oh, hey. Yeah I'm Jackson." He held his hand out, gripping red singlet's hand in his.

"I'm Cade, good to meet you. Come on over, let me introduce you to the rest of the team."

Cade walked him back over to the center of the room to wear the other guys were starting to pair up on different mats. From this point of view, Jackson was able to fully appreciate how Cade's tight ass bounced from side to side.

Good thing the singlets they had to wear were tight.

Cade stepped over to a group of guys who were waiting for their turns.

"Everyone, this is Jackson. The new guy. These are Blake and Ethan."

The other guys each shook Jackson's hand, and he couldn't help admire each of them. Most of the guys on the team were white and muscular, just like how Jackson liked them. He did feel a bit uncomfortable being the only Asian guy on the team, and he hoped that wouldn't cause him any issues.

Blake was the tallest of the three of them, but probably weighed the least. He still had defined arms and legs, but the other two were much more muscular.

Ethan was shorter, and Jackson could tell that he had a little bit of a stomach.

But of course, compared to Jackson, neither of the other two were even close to his attractiveness. But Jackson still wouldn't mind being used by all three of them.

Too bad wrestling is only a one on one sport.

"So what got you into wrestling?" Ethan asked.

Besides the fact that I get to roll around with other men in spandex? "I always wanted to learn how to fight since I was younger. Coming from a small town, I had to deal with a lot of bullying."

"Oh... because you're..." Blake's voice trailed off. Jackson's eyes widened and his heart started to pound in his chest.

Could they already tell?

Cade elbowed him with his arm hard, giving him a glare. "Hey, not cool, dude."

Blake's face fell down and he looked to the floor. "Sorry. I didn't mean it in a bad way or anything like that, swear. I just meant that you don't have to worry about anything like that with us. We're cool with it."

Before Jackson could respond, the coach blew on the whistle. Coach Bell looked completely different from the rest of the team. He was a lot older with a fading hairline, and had a belly that stuck over his cargo shorts. Jackson wondered why he didn't notice him earlier.

Cade must have noticed Jackson's confusion. "Coach usually sits in his office while we wrestle. He never used to wrestle before, but they convinced him to coach the team anyways. We kind of run practices on our own."

Both Blake and Ethan stepped over to an open mat, switching with two other guys.

Jackson felt a tap on his shoulder, and he turned over to see Cade leaning closely in. Close enough that he could feel his breath on his shoulder. But Jackson was disappointed that he wasn't close enough to feel his cock rub against his leg. Almost.

"Hey, I'm sorry about Blake. Sometimes he doesn't really know when to stop talking."

"It's fine. It just... caught me off guard, you know?" I said, bringing my voice to a whisper. If they already knew that I was gay, I hoped that they wouldn't share it with the rest of the team. Unless the rest of the team already knew.

"He's not racist you know. None of us are. Like Blake said, we really don't care about stuff like that."

Jackson jerked around, confused. Was that what Blake was talking about?

"Oh. Yeah no worries, I didn't think that you guys were." Jackson's heart finally started to calm down, and his breathing slowed. Things were going to be fine.

The two watched their friends wrestle for a few minutes until Ethan finally got Blake pinned onto the mat. He held both his arms down, straddling his legs with his. His flaccid cock was pressed up against Ethan's stomach, and Jackson tried his best to divert the blood away from his cock.

The whistle blew once more, and Jackson started to get excited. Was it going to be his chance to get a match in against Cade?

"All right, everyone. Thanks for coming in. I gotta head out so practice is ending early today. See you all tomorrow early for morning conditioning."

Jackson's heart dropped. It was his first day and he didn't even get a chance to do anything. At least he got to meet some of the others.

A tap on his shoulder broke him from his disappointment. Luckily, it was Cade's wide grin. "Sorry we didn't get a chance to compete. I would have loved to see what you're made of."

Jackson forced out a laugh. Knowing that Cade was just as excited as he was didn't make him feel any better.

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sealandssdsealandssdabout 1 year ago

A good start…I guess. So next time stick to the 3rd pov?

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