Writer's Block Ch. 07


I really wanted to know how the story ended but I could see Sim's point. If I read each book to completion it would take me all night just to get through one. "But how will we know if we really like it?"

Sim handed me another manuscript. "We'll come back to it, I promise. For now we have to weed out the bad ones. Then we'll worry about getting more in-depth with the rest."

I cracked open the next story and shot a shy little smile at him. It was a weird being in the same room with Sim now without thinking of what we'd done together. I could feel a pleasant, anticipatory tingle between my thighs and every time our eyes met my heart all but stopped in my throat. I wanted so desperately for him to touch me again, but I knew if he did I wouldn't be able to read another word. With a sigh of impatience I set my mind to the words on the page in front of me.

Less than a page in, I tossed the manuscript to the floor.

Sim chuckled, but he didn't look up. I plunged my hand into the box sitting between us and pulled out the next in the pile.

I got faster at skimming the pages as the night wore on. The pile of rejects on the floor grew a lot faster than the other two. The 'maybe' pile was modest. The 'good' pile only had two manuscripts in it. My eyes ached with reading.

"Listen to this," Sim laughed. I raised my head to watch his eyes crinkle at the corners as he chuckled. "You rip the dress open my breasts are free as I have no bra you grab my head and pull me to you for a deep kiss and then you move down to my nipples taking them into your waiting mouth. You suck them and say god they taste ooh sooo good they are hard like steel I beg for more as you stop sucking them. You tear my dress off. I am naked totally you see my pussy it is glistening in the light."

My laughter joined his. "Was there even a comma in all of that? Or any punctuation at all?"

Sim shook his head and pretended to be short of breath, making me laugh all the harder. He cocked his head to the side and watched me for a while. Our eyes met and I could find myself smiling so hard my cheeks ached. How could I be so incredibly happy with someone I hardly knew?

"What?" I asked when no comment or quip was forthcoming.

He leaned over, picked up the box between us, and moved it to the floor. Then Sim shifted and spread his legs out across the couch until his bare toes rested against my thigh.

"I thought we weren't cuddling," I teased as I tossed aside the manuscript in my hands and bent down to get another from the box now on the floor. Sim just wiggled his toes against me, smiled, and began to read again.

With a shrug I started in to the new story. Sim and I read in comfortable silence as the clock on the mantelpiece ticked the hours away. Jude eventually ceased his banging and rearranging in the kitchen and popped his head in the room to say good-night. Sim would refill my glass of wine from time-to-time, and all the while there was the constant flow of words and images through my brain. As I relaxed I spread out a little across the couch too, until my short legs were entwined with his long ones.

The wine, the warmth of Sim's legs against mine, the crazy events of the day, and the endless, endless ream of badly-written pages all took their toll. I could feel my eyes grow heavier and heavier with each paragraph. It was so warm and pleasant curled up with Sim and I was so tired.

"Imogen," Sim whispered softly in my ear. His breath tickled my neck before he dropped a kiss there. "Sweetness, its bedtime, come on."

I opened my eyes to see Sim standing over me, a tender smile on his face. He reached down and took the forgotten manuscript from my hands. I tried to brush away the sleepy confusion from my brain, but before I could process exactly what had happened, Sim scooped me off the couch and into his arms.

The change in altitude made me a little dizzy. I threw my arms around his neck and clung drowsily to Sim's warmth.

"You fell asleep," he murmured as he carried me from the livingroom, down the hall, and up the stairs.

"No I didn't," I countered automatically. "I was reading."

He chuckled into my hair. "With your eyes closed?"

I nodded, a little embarrassed to be caught. "I am capable of walking, Sim," I pointed out as he made it to the top of the staircase. It was nice being held in his arms, but I couldn't get over the small fear that he'd either hurt himself carrying me, or worse - drop me.

Sim tightened his grip. "I know, but this is much more fun, don't you think?"

I couldn't very well argue with that, so I let Sim carry me down the hall to the third bedroom on the left. I'd never spent the night with a man before and my heart began to beat rapidly at the thought. By the time Sim closed the bedroom door behind us and set me gently to my feet, my sleepiness had disappeared – replaced instead by a tingling sort of expectancy.

I turned in Sim's arms, rose up on my tip-toes, and kissed him. He was warm and solid, and tasted like wine. It made me ache with wanting him.

His arms wrapped around me, curving up the length of my spine. Sim buried his hands in my hair and held me still before he dove enthusiastically into the kiss. The room spun - deliciously dizzy. We both held on to each other and greedily took what the other offered.

Time stopped as we kissed. Over and over I returned Sim's teasing tongue, his pleasurable pressure. Every once and a while one of us would surface for a gasping breath of air, only to dive back into the other, desperate for more. I tingled from head to toe, my insides a jumble of liquid excitement. I never knew a kiss could be so much.

Sim's hands moved from the back of my head to my cheeks and he broke the kiss with a gasp and a moan, my name on his lips. "Oh God," he chuckled in a deep, husky voice. "You drive me crazy."

His body was hard and lean against mine, stretched taut with tensile anticipation. His erection nestled against my abdomen: a trophy of my effort, a mirror of my own desire for him in return.

"Take me to bed?" I whispered.

In the dim light I could see Sim's chocolate brown eyes darken to lustful, inky black.


To be continued...

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wanted to add more about this piece. I sense that there's going to be some kind of struggle between the two characters. He seems older and may have more ghosts in his past that may hinder him from allowingmore...

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I'm glad I've run across this story for the second time. I enjoy the characters and their easy sense of coming together. Imogen and Sim (great names of both characters, too) have such an old-fashionedmore...

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