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Writing Lines


Lena blinked sleepily, raising her head a little to look up at the man stood before her. His warm, strong hand reached out to shake her upper arm gently. She stretched her body playfully, her loose tee rose up to expose her stomach and the neck slipped off of her shoulder. She tilted her head, pressing her pale bare legs out as she fidgeted.

"Comfy, Lena?" He enquired, sitting softly on the couch beside her laid out form. The brunette blushed and he reached his hand out to tuck a stray strand of hair behind her ear.

"I didn't mean to fall asleep," she murmured as she captured her lower lip between her teeth, blinking again.

"I have something for you," he began, turning to reach beside the couch. His torso contorted, his muscular physique outlined by the material of his crispy light grey shirt. Top button undone, dark chest hair just visible. As he turned back he handed a notepad and a pen to her. She turned them over in her hands, opening the empty pad and looking at the blank page.

"What's this for, Sir?" Lena's brows furrowed.

"You're going to write for me."

She tilted her head, twisting the pen between her fingers. "Write?" She asked.

He nodded, "I think a few lines should do at first."

Curling her legs underneath her as she sat up, her eyes widening as she opened the book fully, exposing the first clean page.

"I belong to you." He started, "I am yours to do with as you please."

"Sir?" Lena bit her lip again, confusion etched upon her face.

"I think that's where you should start."

It suddenly dawned on the girl what he meant and she pushed herself up on her elbow, crossing her legs beneath her. The tee swamped her frame and it was only then that he noticed it was one of his. Lena rested the pad on her thigh, and in perfect cursive handwriting began to write.

I belong to you. I am yours to do with as you please.

Her eyes glanced up to look at him, watching his expression change upon his face. Five o'clock shadow evident, the wisp of grey among his short dark hair. Tracing his features with her vision, his mouth curved up into a smile.

"I think five lines of that will do for now." His voice was soft but firm. Her gaze returned to the pad.

She nodded, carefully starting to write again.

I belong to you. I am yours to do with as you please. I belong to you. I am yours to do with as you please.

"Good girl, after the fifth I want you to add your own spin on to it." He praised.

I belong to you. I am yours to do with as you please.

He watched as her fingers gripped the pen; the nib moved against the white paper as the ink shone for a moment and then dried.

I belong to you. I am yours to do with as you please.

He watched as she fidgeted for a moment, the end of the pen coming up to brush over her lower lip. He could almost see her mind working overdrive as she decided what to add to her sixth line. Turning so that his back was against the side of the couch, he shifted to relieve a little pressure against his growing length.

I belong to you. I am yours to do with as you please. I was made for your pleasure.

His moan was low, and he nodded his approval. Lena bit her lip, her eyes darkening with arousal.

"Perfect addition, Lena." His hand moved down his thigh to lewdly stroke his hardening cock through his pants.

Lena looked down and her breath caught in her throat. "Sir, can I help you?" She whispered but he shook his head.

"No. Four more lines. Then add something else."

I belong to you. I am yours to do with as you please. I was made for your pleasure.

She heard him unzip his pants, and she struggled not to look up from the paper.

I belong to you. I am yours to do with as you please. I was made for your pleasure.

The couch shifted and she knew he had stood to take his pants off. Her heart hammered in her chest, desperate to look up and over at him, and desperate to tend to his needs.

I belong to you. I am yours to do with as you please. I was made for your pleasure. I belong to you. I am yours to do with as you please. I was made for your pleasure.

His voice startled her, "I think you should tell me what you are next," he instructed.

Her eyes darted up and she took in his body. His pants long gone, his boxers strained from his erection. His fingers worked the buttons of his shirt, and the flesh across his shoulders flexed as he removed the material from his chest. In just his boxers, her mouth gaped and watered as she watched him. She blinked, his eyes catching hers and she quickly looked down in embarrassment at getting caught, gripping the pen and returning to her task.

I belong to you. I am yours to do with as you please. I was made for your pleasure. I am your dirty little whore.

"You can do better than that." His tone was half teasing and she glanced up.

"I..." she stuttered, twisting the pen nervously.

"Think of all the nasty things I've called you, slut." He pushed his boxers down and took a step forward. His hard dick was inches from her face and it took all her willpower not to move in to dote upon it. He gestured down to her pen and paper. "Ignore my cock, Lena. Get back to your lines."

I belong to you. I am yours to do with as you please. I was made for your pleasure. I am your pathetic cunt, your sloppy whore, your greedy little cum slut.

"That's it, " he moaned, "good girl." His fingers stroked his shaft and Lena closed her eyes tight. She could feel the warmth from his body and she struggled not to reach out. The fingers from her free hand fisted the material of the cushion beside her.

"Please may I touch you, Sir?"

"Not yet, Lena." He worked his cock slowly, right before her face. A droplet of precum smeared over the tip. "Write that again, and then read the last line out loud for me."

She gasped softly, her hand shaking.

I belong to you. I am yours to do with as you please. I was made for your pleasure. I am your pathetic cunt, your sloppy whore, your greedy little cum slut.

"Now tell me, slut."

Lena's eyes looked up, meeting his. Her breathing faster now, her chest rising and falling with intakes of breath. "I... I belong to you." She stuttered, "I am yours... I am yours to do with as you please. I was made for your pleasure."

He reached out with his other hand and softly stroked her cheek. "Keeping going," he smiled.

"I am your... your pathetic cunt." Lena's cheeks flushed dark red. She always struggled to vocalise when it came to dirty talk, and it always left her feeling humiliated. "I am your sloppy whore, your greedy little cum slut."

"Good girl," he praised, tucking her hair behind her ear. "You're doing so well." Lena blinked, her face burning with shame.

"Thank you, Sir." She replied quietly, blinking rapidly.

"Next line," he smiled, "tell me how much you want my cock."

Her hands shook and she pressed the pen against the page.

I need your cock, Sir. I need to taste you, to feel your hard shaft in my mouth. I need to feel you pulsate against my tongue and stretch my lips wide with your thick cock.

"Repeat that line, and say the words out loud as you write them." His movement fastened on his cock, and he stepped forward to press the tip briefly against her lips as reward. He smeared his precum across her lower lip.

Lena greedily licked her lips.

"No more until you've written and read that line out loud."

I need your cock, Sir.

"I need your cock, Sir." She began.

I need to taste you, to feel your hard shaft in my mouth.

Her voice broke a little, "I need... I need to taste you, to feel your hard shaft in my mouth."

Lena looked up, whimpering in frustration.

I need to feel you pulsate against my tongue and stretch my lips wide with your thick cock.

"I need to feel you pulse... pulsate against my tongue and stretch my lips wide... with... with your thick cock." Biting her lower lip, she uncrossed and crossed her legs.

"Open," he commanded and she obeyed. Her lips parted and he pushed his cock into her mouth.

Her moans muffled but the sudden intrusion, her tongue fluttered over the underside of his length, her saliva wetting her cock as he drove himself into her mouth.

"That's it, take my cock Lena. Show me what a good little cocksucker you are."

He pushed his cock deeper, stuffing half into her mouth within ten seconds. Spluttering, saliva dribbled out the corner of her lips and her eyes widened as she glanced up. Lena blinked, wriggling her face, another inch slipping into her mouth, the tip brushing against the back of her throat. He groaned loudly, her mouth was so warm, her lips tight, suction just perfect. His fingers slipped into her hair, helping her to work her face up and down his shaft.

"Good girl, take it deeper. You know I love when you take it all."

Her eyes glazed over as she struggled, so eager to please as she nuzzled her face against him. His moan louder as her throat contracted. His fingers gripped her hair, tugging as he pulled her off. Lena gasped in air, swallowing the excess spit within her mouth. Greedily she moved back, taking his cock back into her mouth again once she'd caught her breath.

He smirked, "that's my greedy little cum slut," he repeated her words from before. Her body shuddered in embarrassment and she worked herself obediently down his shaft. Just an inch from the base of his cock now, and she pushed hard. Her throat opened up and the tip slid deeper. Lips curving into a smile as her nose brushed against his stomach. "Think you can suck and write, Lena?" His hand stroked her hair softly, a stark contrast to the thrust from his hips to force his cock a little deeper.

She spluttered, her fingers gripping the pen. He helped her, moving the page to give her room to write, her eyes looking down, trying to judge where she was.

"I am yours, Sir." He suggested, as he caressed her bulging cheek. "Five times." He nodded and she began to write. Her handwriting a scrawl and he chuckled softly as he watched.

I am yours, Sir.

Her writing was at a 45 degree angle to the lines on the paper. He smirked.

I am yours, Sir. I am yours, Sir.

She hadn't made it to the next line, writing the second and third just fractions below. His hand pulled the pad up a bit, her pen moving lower.

I am yours, Sir.

Lena gasped, choking around his cock, saliva hanging from her chin. His hips thrust and she choked again.

I am yours, Sir.

He beamed, pulling his cock free. Strands of spit clung to him, one large string connected between her lips and the tip of his dick.

"You're such a good girl for me."

"Thank you, Sir," she replied, groaning as he smeared the excess spit across her lips with the tip of his cock.

"Let me see," he nodded at the paper. Lena looked down and a wave of emotion filled her as she eyed her words on the page. The black ink had smeared, droplets of spittle had smudged a few of the words. The last few lines were all over the place. Her hands shook as she handed the pen and paper up to him.

"I'm sorry, it's a bit messy." She blinked, half referencing the spit and half referencing the state of the lines written while his cock was in her mouth.

"It's perfect," he smiled as he read through the lines. "Do you think maybe we should frame this?"

Lena swallowed nervously, licking her saliva coated lips. "If... if you want to, Sir." His laugh was loud and she found herself looking at him in confusion.

"I think I want a nastier one framed for my office."

She gulped audibly.

"Don't you agree?"

Lena nodded, her eyes glazing with tears of shame. His fingers tore at the paper, tearing it from the pad.

"I do have a place that I think would be perfect for this though."

Her brows furrowed and she fidgeted nervously. His hands worked the paper, making it into a ball.

"Oh look, it says pathetic cunt on the outside." He smiled, showing Lena the words visible upon the scrunched up bit of paper.

"Y-yes Sir."

He tossed the ball up in the air, playfully catching it one handedly. His cock twitched. "On your back, now."

She moved, laying back across the couch quickly. The tee rose and exposed her stomach and panties, the lace material visibly drenched with her arousal.

"Wet for me?" He questioned, even though he already knew the answer.

"Always," she murmured, spreading her legs.

His fingers found her panties and tugged them away from her slick pussy. He groaned. So wet and sticky already, her perfect bare mound glistening with her juices. Stroking his middle finger through her slit, her focused on her swollen clit. She gasped and bucked her hips in response.

"Oh, please... please, Sir." Lena begged, working her hips against his touch. Her soaked pussy aching for his touch and she gasped, her mouth open wide.

"No noise from you," he teased, pushing the paper ball between her open lips.

Pathetic cunt.

He smiled at the words he could read.

"Perfect, slut."

She moaned, her noise muffled and he took the opportunity to push his cock into her. Her pussy so wet, it easily accepted him and he slid inside her deep. Her cunt was slippery but tight, desperately clinging to his cock. He smirked as she squirmed, her lips closing over the impromptu name tag as she bit down around the paper.

"Open your mouth, pathetic cunt."

Her eyes shot to his, and he shoved his cock into her hard. Fingers gripped the cushion of the couch beneath her, her legs wide to accommodate his frame between them.

"You're so wet for me." He thrust hard again. His hands moved to the hem of the tee, pulling it up to expose her tits.

Lena wriggled, her pussy clenched hard around his cock.

"Look at those hard nipples," he leant down and captured one between his teeth, tugging hard on the sensitive nub. He released her flesh, nuzzling his stubble against it instead. He chuckled as she writhed.

She muffled something, but it was futile. The paper effectively gagged her.

"I can't hear you, cunt." He thrust hard into her. The sound of her sloppy hole as it squelched with the invasion fuelled his fire. He pushed up into her again, the squelch louder. Her pussy was drenched and he was getting closer, ready to make her even messier.

Lena groaned around her makeshift gag, the words still visible between her lips.

"Do you want my cum, Lena? Are you my cum slut?" He pushed hard, and she gasped. "Are you my filthy whore?" Again he shoved his cock into her.

Pathetic cunt.

His eyes took in the words between her teeth. Her handwriting, the ink starting to smudge.

"Make me cum, cunt."

She bucked her hips, focusing on squeezing his shaft with her soaked pussy. Over and over she worked her body against him, trying to meet his hard pace.

"Come on," he slapped her left tit hard. The flesh shook, bouncing against her torso. He rewarded her with a swipe to the right tit too. "Show me what a pathetic cunt looks like," his frame towered over her and his hands rested on the couch beside her, working his cock into her harder and harder. Ramming her wet hole, her gagged groans spurring him on to fuck her faster.

Her hands moved to his back, clawing at his shoulders as he took her. Her soaked cunt accepting his long, hard strokes. She worked her hips, pushing up to meet him

"That's it," he panted, "that's it."

Wrapping her body around his, she clung to him, his cock pulsating within her and she felt his cock begin to swell.

"Lena." He shoved hard. "Cunt." His cock pressed deep and he groaned. "Fuck." And then she felt it. His cock spasmed and the warmth spread as his cock began to spurt inside her, his load filling her.

One hand moved to snake into the hair at the base of his neck, stroking gently as he rode out his orgasm.

"Fuck, girl." He murmured after a moment, pressing against the couch to push up away from her body. She looked so small beneath him, her mouth still parted with the words still visible.

She murmured softly, smiling around the paper.

"Push it out," he offered his hand and she pushed the ball into his hand. It was sticky, slick with saliva and ink. "Messy girl," he teased.

"Thank you," she licked her lips to wetten them. He brought his mouth down upon hers and kissed her softly. His teeth tugged on her lower lip and she gasped, her body instinctively bucking beneath him.

"Play with your clit for me." He withdrew his cock, sitting back. He looked over the girl laid out before him. Tee pushed high, tits exposed. Her panties pulled aside. Cunt messy with her arousal and his cum. Her legs bent at the knee and spread wide.

Lena brought her fingers down to her pussy, dipping her middle finger into her slit she scooped up a little of the mixture of her wetness and his load, smearing it over her clit. She looked up at him, biting her lower lip as she rubbed it softly, gasping and groaning as she worked her finger over her tender bud.

"Good girl, show me my filthy whore." He settled back against the edge of the couch. His softening cock slick with their juices, twitching as he watched her.

"Oh fuck," she gasped, added a second finger. Trapping her clit between the two to rub hard and fast.

He moaned his approval and her head rolled back against the couch.

"Sir... Sir..." she began to beg.

His amusement shone through his response as he leant forward to spit against her already soaking slit. "Yes, Lena? What do you want?"

"Cum... please..." she gasped as the saliva dribbled down over her fingers and down to her ass. Moving her hand faster, her pussy glistened in front of him.

"You belong to me." He started, reciting his version of her lines, "You are mine to do with as I please."

"Yes... yes I am. I'm yours, please." Lena panted, her fingers unrelenting and he could see her body start to shake as she began to unravel.

"You were made for my pleasure." He smirked as he watched her body writhe.

"Yes," she groaned, "please, Sir... please..."

He watched for a moment longer, reaching out to stroke her calf softly as he spoke, "please what?"

"Please may I cum, please Sir." She looked up at him desperately as his hand moved from her leg to unfold the wet, screwed up bit of paper. He turned the page over to show her and she blushed in response.

"Cum for me, pathetic cunt."

Her fingers moved faster, massaging her folds as she grew closer.

"Yes, cum for me," he smirked as he watched her explode. Her hands moving to her inner thighs, holding her legs apart as her hips bucked upward. Lena cried out, her head falling back, eyes closing, desperately riding out her orgasm. Wave after wave flooding through her, and he watched as her glistening pussy spasmed before his eyes, his cum still dribbling out of her freshly fucked hole. Her clit peeking out between her lips, swollen and engorged and he couldn't help but reach out with his spare hand to brush the pad of his fingertip over the exposed ball.

Her eyes opened, her head lifted and she yelped. "Please, no..." she groaned and he laughed.

"Oh, have you had enough Lena?" His voice was teasing and he took the opportunity to flick over her clit yet again.

"I can't," she gasped.

"I know." He replied, letting the paper fall to the floor as he moved forwards, enveloping her within his arms, drawing her body into his, cradling her in an embrace.

"Thank you," she whimpered, clinging to him.

He stroked her hair softly, holding her protectively, his gaze glancing down at the discarded page on the floor. "You're such a good girl," he murmured.

Lena shivered against him, "I try, Sir."

He moaned quietly, stroking her hair tenderly. "You know, I think I might keep those lines after all."

"Yes... yes Sir," she stuttered, turning her head to hide her flushed cheeks.

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