Wrong Bet


big thanks to Master Supercock for the quick editing job. all characters are 18+ if you are lesbian and are offended by a lesbian taking cock stop reading now. otherwise i would love to hear comments about the story.


"Well as the coach isn't here I guess that we can settle this month's gambles before hitting the showers."

Tommy said as the group finished a 3 hour mixed martial arts training session.

"Kirsten, who will be your male opponent for your bet with the black belts?"

Kirsten smiled at Tommy but it wasn't a warm smile. The tall redhead despised Tommy and she was just glad that today she would be able to teach those guys a lesson. Stepping forward she pointed at the new guy.

"He will be my opponent." When she saw that Tommy was going to object saying that the deal was for her to fight and defeat a black belt holder she stopped him. "Yanick is a black belt Tommy, you never specified that it had to a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu belt." She said smugly as Tommy turned towards the new guy asking him if he was indeed a black belt.

"I do; I hold black belt in Muay Thai. I have been Belgian light heavy and heavyweight champion, European light heavy champ and ranked third light heavyweight in the world before I switched to MMA." As he said that, Kirsten lost some of her confidence and Tommy looked as if he had already won the bet.

"But, I am not going to fight her. I don't hit women and well, to be honest, gangbanging a lesbian would be frowned upon by my girlfriend." He said as he made his way to the showers to clearly show he didn't want anything to do with it. Kirsten fumed inside as she knew that this was her only way out of a stupid bet. Cursing herself for letting those idiots push her buttons like that, to the point that she had agreed to a fight which, if she lost, she would let those pervs have their way with her.

"Guess we get the chance to show you how much fun a cock can be Kirsten." Tommy said in the most annoying self-righteous way possible. But just then the young fighter saw her last chance enter the dojo. Turning away from the fighter she walked towards the dark haired beauty that just walked in. Yanick's girlfriend was a bikini model for Billabong and ever since she had walked in the dojo, about two weeks ago, Kirsten had spent many hours masturbating to her pictures.

"Hey Barbie, now that it is proven that Yanick is nothing but a little scared cunt, what about you come with me and I show you a good time?"

The girl froze in her tracks and looked at Kirsten in disbelieve.

"Thats right that little fag your dating isn't even man enough to take on a little sparring match. So why waste your sexy little body on him."

And just as anticipated the girl flung herself at Kirsten grabbing a good hold on her ponytail trying to pull her down. Grinning, Kirsten tripped the girl and started to fondle her breast as the bikini model screamed at the top of her lungs. It was then that she felt two large hands on her shoulders lifting both girls up in one try, prying them apart.

"What the hell is happening here?"

Yanick's voice did little to hide his anger as he calmed down his girlfriend.

"I want you to kick that cunt's face in." She screamed as she was panting against his chest.

"I know you don't like to hit women, even in training, but she attacked me!"

For a second Kirsten wanted to object but caught herself in time, knowing that that bitch was playing along well in her plan. As Yanick looked like he was going to object to the spar she let him be and focused on his girl.

"Let's wager a little bitch. If I lose, you can come watch my humiliation at the hands of those guys; but if I win, we give this guy a little show on how I don't need a dick to cum."

Seeing the shocked look in the girls' eyes she feared for a second that her repulsion for lesbian sex would make her back off, but apparently confidence in her man took over.

"Deal!" She spat back. Yanick tried to talk her out of it but as the guys in the gym started cheering Kirsten knew that there was no way that he could pass up this fight if he wanted to keep on training here. Putting on her gloves she made her way to the cage preparing for the fight. She knew that she couldn't stand up with him and that she would need to take the initiative and drag him to the ground in the first seconds of the match when he was still reluctant to fight her.

As Yanick walked in and took his fighting position she froze for a second as the pressure he was instilling in her was huge. The moment the bell rang she closed the distance and grabbed the back of his knees to take him down, but to her disbelieve he didn't even budge. Quickly disengaging she backed off to see the man smile at her.

"I forgot to warn you that I played 12 years of rugby as kid."

He said as he closed the distance in a flash and landed a tremendous low kick to the inside of her leg. It felt as if she had been hit in the leg by a small car. As her leg was swung away she grabbed the man's neck and clinched up. As soon as she did she felt herself fall forward as the Thai boxer apparently pulled her in his guard.

"Stupid mistake."

She thought, as she had seen very little of him on the floor the past two weeks, but as they touched the canvas and she got ready to transition she felt an enormous pressure on her hip and spine. Catching her breath she couldn't believe how tight his guard was and panic set in as she knew that she was now at his mercy as his hands trapped her wrist like a vice. For a brief moment she felt the pressure vanish, but before she could do anything his legs trapped her arm and neck in a vicious triangle choke. One second she was struggling hard to get out of it, the next she was passed out as he twisted his hips so hard that the knock out was immediate.

Kirsten woke up in the girls' locker room with a wet towel on her forehead. She couldn't remember how she got there but as she felt no pain, except on the inside of her left leg, she figured she must have been chocked out. Sophie sat next to her, clearly amused at the redhead's situation.

"Taking on Yanick was a mistake, he might be new to this gym but in Europe he was well known for his grappling."

She stood up holding a marker with a malicious smile on her face.

"Since it was thanks to me that Yanick fought you the guys have decided that I could help out with their fun. Lift up your shirt please."

Sighing, Kirsten knew better than to argue as she had lost the bet fair and square. Sitting upright she took of her shirt waiting to see what would happen. For a second she was getting excited as the tall brunette squatted between her legs, but as she took the cap off the marker she knew she wouldn't like it. Sophie first wrote in big letters on her perfectly toned stomach. "Cum whore." Then on her chest she wrote "Cum Target"; she made two arrows directed at her perky c-cup tits, and one upwards towards her face. After a little bit of thinking she squatted lower and wrote Sperm on the inside of her right thigh and Depot on the inside of her left thigh with arrows towards her pussy.

"Get up and bend over bitch."

Kirsten felt like smacking that dumb bitch right on the nose but she managed to control herself and comply. As she placed her hands on the bench she could feel Sophie's hand grab the waistband of her shorts and panties and slowly peel them off her hips.

"Bet you would love to do this to me."

Sophie whispered in her ear. Kirsten couldn't deny the fact she would indeed have loved to do so, and she couldn't help at being disappointed at herself for losing the fight. Once her panties dropped to the floor she could feel Sophie write on her ass cheeks, one side had Spank Me Hard written on it, the other side had Insert Here with an arrow pointing towards her ass. Then pushing her pelvis against Kirsten's muscular ass, mimicking fucking motions she drew two circles around her kidneys and wrote " Donkey Punch here" in between. And finally between her shoulder blades, she wrote, Grab Here and pointed an arrow towards her ponytail.

"You like that whore?"

Sophie asked as she yanked the redhead back by her hair while she pinched her nipples hard. Finally she fixed a big dog collar around her neck and smiled sweetly.

"Get on your knees and be a good little bitch."

Grumbling, Kirsten did what was asked of her as she saw Sophie walk towards a sports bag on the bench in front of her. To her surprise the model stripped out of her tight jeans to reveal her perfect ass in a little black lace string. Unfortunately for her it was quickly covered by a little black sparkly short skirt with a little white belt. Then, intentionally turning around to face her, Sophie pulled of her shirt and unhooked her bra, letting the lesbian fighter enjoy a full frontal view of her perfectly shaped D-cups before she covered them up with a too little black bikini top. As the girl slipped into her high heel boots, Kirsten really wished she could have had her way with that little cunt. Grabbing the leash Sophie kicked Kirsten softly in the ribs.

"They told me to warn you to act as if you enjoyed it, or you would regret it."

When the doors opened she was greeted with a wave of cheers from about half the men in the dojo and even though she was smiling bravely she was really scared at what was about to happen. Kirsten had always known she had been gay so she had never even tried flirting with guys but tonight she knew that they would make her pay for every snide comment she had made over the past few years. As she was lead into the cage she felt somewhat relieved to see that there were only about a dozen guys inside the cage, the rest of the club would just be witnessing her humiliation not participating. Everywhere she looked she could see guys snapping pictures, but what bothered her the most was that the guys had also brought out the cameras they used to film the fights. She was being lead towards Tommy and Yanick when she saw the cue cards with her lines and she almost started crying.

"So, Kirsten ready for some fun?" Yanick asked.

"Please Sir just call me Bitch; and if with fun you means sucking cock and getting fucked hard I can only say yes."

The men laughed as she spoke her line without much conviction. As Sophie handed the leash to Tommy, Kirsten saw how Yanick took his girlfriend to the side and whispered something in her ear. Whatever it was it seemed to please the bikini bitch as she turned around with a huge grin upon her lips and Yanick nodding to the fellas as Sophie went to sit on a chair in the middle of the cage.

"Well Kirsten before you can have your fun and suck of all of our cocks you have to get us hard first, so why don't you crawl over to our lovely assistant and lick her boots for us."

Tommy said chuckling, knowing that most of the guy's already had raging hard-ons only at the sight of this dike bitch being put in her place. As Kirsten lowered her head to lick the tip of Sophie's boots he almost felt sorry for her as he knew what they had in store for her. He had to respect the fact that she was actually stepping up and accepting her loss; but not for even a second did it cross his mind to be merciful, for she had humiliated him too often.

Her tongue was getting dry from licking the last part of Sophie's boot when she suddenly felt her head being yanked up by her ponytail, forcing her upright and then bent over the back of the chair. She could feel the model's fingertips softly caress her ass which was now sticking out for the world to see. Sophie once again positioned herself behind her and mimicked fucking her from behind as the men cried for more. As she gasped she saw a cue card that told her to ask to be spanked and that she had to say thank you after every blow.

"Please Sophie, please spank my little unworthy ass."

And before she even had the time to brace herself Sophie landed a huge bitch slap on her ass. The slap resonated so hard through the room, followed closely by Kirsten's scream of pain as her ass cheek felt as if it was set on fire, that the boys fell silent for a second. Sophie again let her fingertips caress the now red cheek.

"Tsk, tsk, what do we say if you want this to continue..."

She said with a sweet voice.

"Thank you Sophie ."

She said with a laboured breath, and as Sophie landed another slap with all she had on the other cheek. As Kirsten thanked her, the young model fired again and again until the poor slut's ass was so red and sore that every hit brought tears to her eyes. The worst part was that the heat of her cheeks and the shockwaves of the slaps had made her pussy react.

"Babe, why don't you check if our little bitch really enjoys this."

Watching over her shoulder she could see that there was some hesitation from Sophie to touch her somewhere special. Kristen thought it was good to know that the girl was so anti woman on woman action, but as Yanick stepped forward, Sophie yanked her head back up by the hair and jammed two fingers into her soaking little cunt.

"Geez wet like a bitch in the rain."

Sophie said with clear disdain in her voice as she pulled out and let her man smell her fingers. Then turning the chair around, she pushed her fingers into Kirsten's mouth so that the little bitch could taste her own humiliation. As she sucked on the wet fingers she could see how Yan now started to fondle his girls' breast, at the same time that she felt several hands on her own breast and ass. Pinching her nipples and slapping her ass. Two things suddenly happened at the same time and Kirsten didn't know how to react to both of them together. Yanick dropped the bikini top from Sophie, assuring her that it is okay as the young model started to protest, and someone else started to slap between her ass cheeks and legs with malicious force.

As Yanick pinched the nipples of his model until they stood in proud attention he whispered something in her ear. Sophie shook her head not agreeing to it but as one of his hand cupped her mound, Kirsten could see that the girl would agree to anything he asked. At the same time she was grabbed by her hands and feet and flipped over on the floor. To her surprise she saw Sophie stand between her legs, slowly getting down on top of her until their breast mashed each other and their lips almost touched. Kirsten smiled as she thought that maybe losing and getting ploughed over and over by a dozen or so men wasn't so bad if she could have sex with her favourite model. However, just as their lips were about to touch Sophie backed off and slapped her in the face.

Starting at her neck Sophie slowly began to kiss and lick her way to Kirsten's tight stomach, letting her hands rest on her own breast as her tongue started to flirt with the shaven pubic area of the lesbian. Shivering, Kirsten watched as Sophie skilfully aroused her by kissing and licking every inch of her stomach and thighs without touching her pussy while Yanick stood behind her rubbing her ass through her shorts. Unfortunately, her view was obstructed as Tommy straddled her chest, aiming his cock towards her lips. Too excited to react she opened her mouth and let Tommy skullfuck her.

It didn't take long for Tommy to empty his load in her mouth, when he was done she was pulled to her knees and was presented with another cock to suck. She could see how Sophie was now taking out Yanick's cock, smiling as she clearly enjoyed pleasing him. For some reason this bothered Kirsten more than anything else. That little bitch was sexier then she was, half naked, and yet the guy's let her be. As another cock exploded all over her tits she wondered how long this would take.

"Yanick, why don't you come closer with Sophie, so that this little bitch can see how a real woman uses a cock?"

The fighter smiled as he pulled his girl up and walked her towards Kirsten. To her amusement she could see that the young girl didn't look so confident following her man in this dick circle. But as the other men focused their attention back towards her she could see that Sophie gathered herself again and started to tease her man's cock. For her part she just opened her mouth as the seventh cock of the night came to fuck her face. As yet another cock spewed its load on her tits she saw how Sophie still was just caressing and teasing Yan's cock.

"Yan, you want a go before we start fucking her?"

Yan looked down towards Sophie who wasn't looking all that happy about it and smiled.

"Nah all I want is to fuck these babies." He said as he cupped Sophie's breast. Even if it was demeaning to her, Sophie smiled broadly towards Kirsten in a way that showed what she thought about being preferred. She did stop smiling at the next comment though.

"Babe, go lie down so that that bitch can take of your shorts."

"Yan they are filming this! I don't want my pussy in this movie."

"Relax babe, we'll edit it out, you know I can't cum if I don't see my little glistening pussy."

Yanick didn't wait for Sophie to reply and motioned to Kirsten to go on with it and for once the lesbian didn't stall, she immediately hooked her fingers in the waistband and peeled away the shorts inch by inch, kissing the girl's legs slowly as she did. Yan swung his knee over Sophie's face obscuring her view with his ass and placed his cock between her ample cleavage. But as the lesbian girl who was being nailed from behind kept teasing her, Sophie started to complain again.

"Babe, I don't want her touching me like that, that's gay."

Yan laughed and motioned Kirsten to continue.

"Babe, it's her licking you, or those guys fucking you. Really it's up to you; but I don't think it is gay if she is the one doing it."

He said, winking at the rest. The annoyed response of the model changed in a little moan as the expert muff diver worked her magic. As she felt yet another cock explode in her pussy and being replaced she just imagined it was another woman with a strap-on fucking her from behind as the sweet taste of pussy filled her mouth and nostrils. The sound of moans filled the dojo as both girls where pushed over the edge. Then Yan feeling his own climax approach, he took his cock out of his girls' boobs and moved forward aiming it at the action.

"Put your tongue in that pussy bitch."

As Kirsten did as she was asked, cum squirted over the pelvis of the bikini babe covering her tongue and her face. After several more squirts the strong man grabbed Kirsten by the hair and made her clean his cock, then pushed her face back into his girl's lap. Finally when all of the cum was licked off the beautiful starlet, Yanick pulled her on top of the girl.

"Babe I really would love to see you two make out."

The girl didn't look all that into it, but as Kirsten started to kiss her , she allowed it. Kirsten wondered why Sophie was so submissive to this guy, but as she was allowed to have some fun with her she didn't mind; after all she had a score to settle with the bitch. From the corner of her eye she could see Yan and Tommy were talking about something as several men started to grope at her again. Seeing that none of them dared to touch Sophie, she turned around pulling the model into her guard, hindering the men's groping.

"Babe, get that ass up for me would you?"

She heard Yanick say as the lovely lips of her make out partner left her. Looking over she could see that the man was already back to a full erection.

"Babe, you can chose, I want to fuck something that is licking a pussy."

The girl looked up at her boyfriend with a confused look on her face, but he just smiled.

"So do I fuck you, or shall I fuck her?"

For a second the girl hesitated but then turned to Kirsten and lowered her face. Kirsten propped herself onto her elbows to be able to see better, even if that gave some of the guy's better access to her boobs. She saw how Yan entered his girl from behind and started to pound her face into her lesbian cum bucket.

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