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Wrong House


**Read and Enjoy. No, this one's not a true story, but maybe it should be. Don't forget to vote!**

It was a typical fall Thursday night; nothing going on, and nothing on TV. Jack, Jarod and Billy were just sitting around their apartment, lounging on their second hand couches, watching the TV guide channel for something good.

"Fuck it, man," Jarod said and went into the kitchen. Jack and Billy watched him go and then come back with some cold beers from the fridge. Jarod tossed one to each of them and cranked the top off his own. "Put in a movie or something," Jarod suggested and sat down.

"You were just up, you coulda put one in," Billy said sitting up and twisting the cap off his beer. Jarod responded with his middle finger while taking a big swig out of the beer. Billy sighed, shaking his head and went to their movie case.

"Hey, we could watch the new one," he said grabbing a tape and holding it up so he could read it. "Girls Getting Wild in Peru. Fuck. You suppose they're getting desperate for new places for this shit yet?" Jack laughed and took a swallow out of his beer, throwing the cap at Jack's ass as he walked over to the DVD player. Jarod polished off his beer and set it on the table in the center of all the couches as Jack went to sit back down.

"I don't know about them," Jarod started and let out a hell of a belch, "but I know we're out of beer. Somebody's goin' for more, and it ain't gonna be me."

"Not it!" Jack said while looking for the DVD remote.

"Not it! Fuck," Billy said a split second later. He took another swig out of his beer and set it down. He stood up and looked at the clock over their entertainment center. "Aw, son of a bitch. I'm gonna have to go to Gunderson's for beer, Columbia's closed right now."

"Gonna have to go to Gunderson's for beer," Jarod mocked. "Who the fuck cares! Just get a couple cases of bottles. And here," he said digging his wallet out of his back pocket. "I need another bottle of So Co. Get a big one this time, pussy," Jarod added and threw a 50 at Billy. Billy looked over to Jack. Jack shook his head but swirled his beer.

"Just hurry up, man," Jack said.

"Yes, masters," Billy said and hunched himself up, dragging a leg behind him as he gimped to the door.

"Don't give me that shit, fucktard; I'll make that limp a permanent addition!" Jarod yelled as Billy left. Jack laughed.

"You ought to be easier on him, man. He's gonna fuckin' move out and then we have to come up with another 80 bucks apiece for rent."

"When you start treating him like shit because he crashed his fuckin' Honda into your new T-bird, I'll remind your dumb ass of that, too," Jarod said and picked up the DVD remote. Jack shrugged and nodded, nursing his beer as the familiar splash of titties and lesbians cropped up on the screen. They sat eyes glazed for a few minutes when there was a knock on the door.

"Who the fuck?" Jarod growled, standing up. Jack snagged the remote and paused the DVD. He changed the channel to MTV just as Jarod opened the door.

When the door opened, Jarod saw a little Asian girl standing there, probably 20 years old. His eyes quickly soaked in the B-cup breasts which looked fantastic on her frame, the tiny waist, the long black hair, the dark and shining eyes, and tight green tube dress that enclosed it all. The case of bottles at her feet didn't escape his eyes either.

"Is this where the party is?" she asked giggling and bouncing a little.

"Yeah, you're damn right. Hasn't really started yet, but come in," Jarod said, smiling.

"Party, what the--" Jack said as the girl bent over and picked up a case of beer by her feet. She just bent right over and picked it up, giving Jarod a perfect view of her ass and clearly displayed that she wasn't wearing any underwear. Jarod flipped Jack off and nodded quickly.

"Yeah, party. Most everybody said they'd be here after they left the Pound tonight," Jack said, getting up.

"Ooh, I love the Pound," she said walking in. She looked around, seeing that the place was obviously a party house, but it was surprisingly dirty for them to be saying there was a party there tonight.

"I bet you do," Jarod said, closing the door. She walked in and plopped down on the couch, opening her case.

"What did you say?" she asked, smiling at Jarod as Jake turned the stereo on.

"I said I bet you do," Jarod responded. "Those cold?" he asked before she could say anything else. Jack fished another remote out of the couch and started the CD-changer after hitting the mute button for the TV.

"No, they got all warm on the way over here," she said pouting. Jarod went into the kitchen and grabbed the last cold one from the fridge.

"I'm Jack," Jack said after the music was going. "That big fucker in there is Jarod. And you are…"

"Gin," she said. "This is my first time here," she said, looking around. She saw what was probably a good house once, with the main room having a 15 foot ceiling at least. The hall for the upstairs was exposed and was wide enough to be a balcony. There was a picture window on the far side of the big room and it over looked the new housing development that only a few years ago had been a nice glade. There were bottles caps and crushed cans in the corners of the room and under the furniture. The place hadn't been vacuumed for a while. There was no question: this was a party house.

Gin walked in and sat on the couch which was the only clean thing in the house. Jarod walked back in and gave her a beer. Jack shot Jarod a dirty look.

"Thought those were the last of the cold beers," he said.

"I lied. I was getting sick of him. Besides, we're almost out," Jarod said and popped the top off a new bottle.

"This is the first time I've been the first one to a party," Gin said, still looking around. She wiggled a little in her seat, and propped herself up a little. Her dress slid up her thighs a little higher and she pulled a remote out of the couch. "Thanks for the beer," she said and drank a good quarter of the bottle.

"Yeah, like we said, this place shouldn’t get busy for a while yet; the Pound will be going for a couple hours before they run out of beer," Jack said, leaning back in his couch, staring at the little Asian hottie on the couch in front of him. He noticed the dress she was wearing was half way around her ass and that it probably wasn't covering anything in front. She had her legs crossed the wrong way for him to see any bush, but those legs were enough to give Jack a twitching cock. He slid over next to her on the couch.

"So what do you do at school?" Jack asked and she started playing with the remote. It was one of the half-dozen universal remotes they had scattered around the place. The channel flipped down from MTV, and it was getting pretty close to the channel for the DVD player.

"Oh, I'm undecided right now. I was in nursing, then in veterinary, then in English. I think I want to be a teacher," she said in a bored voice. Jack put his hand on her thigh and she didn't protest.

"Sounds like you need to figure out what the hell you want to do," Jarod said bluntly. He took a big swig out of his beer and sat down on the other side of her. He hadn't so much as touched her other leg when she hit channel 3 and the paused DVD was displayed. Gin's eyes got huge and she started to blush a little. She didn't know what she was expecting to see, she had heard something playing when she knocked, and it sure as hell wasn't the stereo or MTV, but she wasn't expecting this.

A close up of a furry pussy was on screen. Her dark, silky bush was being eaten out by a blonde and a red head and they were crossing tongues on her clit. Their short, polished finger nails were pulling her pussy lips apart for the camera; the blonde wore red polish while the red head wore light blue. Her hot slut cunt was open and slimy with her cum already. Beads of sweat could be seen on her belly. Her lower abs were clenched as the tongues danced on her pussy, while her upper abs were concealed by the gold and crimson curtains of hair.

"Ooh, what's this," Gin said softly and pushed the play button. Soft moans and cheesy music filled the air and Gin took a slow sip of her beer. Before she knew it, a powerful, familiar heat was between her legs and her nipples stiffened. She felt her knees being pulled gently apart, but she was enthralled in the scene on the TV. The blonde and the redhead were going to town on her dark skinned lips, kissing each other almost as much as the open slit in front of them. Their broken English and odd accents were an even greater turn on for Gin and she felt her pussy get hotter and a rush of excitement filled her as she felt air on her wet pussy. A second later, the cool air of the living room was replaced by two probing fingers.

"Hey, I didn't say you guys could start fuckin' touching me," Gin said dreamily and spread her legs farther apart. She hit the play button on the remote and the three girls in the screen were set in motion. The Peruvian girl was moaning away as the blonde and redhead started eating her pussy with a passion, all the while rock music was playing softly in the background. Her attention was totally consumed by the TV.

"You're a little party slut, ain't you," Jarod said and slid two of his fingers into her drooling cunt. She moaned in response and slid her bare ass to the edge of the couch so his fingers could go deeper. Jack abandoned her pussy and pulled her dress down over her tits and started mauling them, rolling the nipples between his fingers as he massaged two handfuls of tit-flesh.

Gin's head rolled back in response, her eyes closed, and a low growling moan escaped her lips. She spread her legs wider and her hands went to the two crotches beside her, happily finding two very hard cocks. She gave each of them a stroke over the pants concealing them and then fished Jack's cock out of his sweat pants. Jarod's jeans posed a slight challenge to her because the harder she worked on his fly, the faster and harder he fucked her with his two thick fingers.

"Oh my fucking God!" she almost screamed and leaned over, taking all of Jack's good-sized meat in her mouth. She started moaning immediately and sucking for all she was worth. Jack's eyes rolled back in his head and he lay against the back of the couch, his left hand still working over her tits. Every time he pinched a nipple, she gave a little shiver and sucked a little harder. After a minute of Jarod's fingers slamming into her honey pot, she was happy to feel the head of his dick rubbing up and down on her slit. Gin's breath caught in her throat every time the head connected with her clit and she moaned around Jack's dick every time it teased her eager hole. After four passes like that, she couldn't take anymore and Gin thrust herself back on Jarod's dick. They both moaned as Jarod's entire length was sheathed in Gin's dripping box.

"That's a good little slut," Jarod said and started slapping Gin's ass. Every time he thrust into her, her mouth was driven down over the top of Jack's cock. Every time he pulled back, she pushed back to him and started sucking on Jack's head until his meat was forced down her throat again. Gin couldn't get over the feel of Jarod's mushroom stretching her slightly more than his dick with every stroke. She mewed every time his manhood tickled her g-spot.

Every noise she made on Jack's dick made him want to cum that much more. With her tongue working over his erection, she actually made him shiver. Jack's eyes were rolled back in his head and there was only his dick and her throat. He'd never had a blow job like this and he always thought he'd be weirded out by a three-some with one of his roommates, but he clearly wasn't having a problem with it now.

The choir of moans and grunts from Jarod Gin and Jack mixed together in a chaotic symphony that mingled with the moans of the girls on the DVD.

"Oh yeah!" Jack moaned softly. "Gonna cum," he trailed off. Gin pulled her mouth off his dick and started stroking him softly. His eyes opened in surprise and he watched her rock back and forth as Jarod pounded into her pussy from behind. "What the…" he started to say. Gin's evil twinkle in her eye cut him off. She started jacking him off and giving his cock head little flicks as she reached for a beer bottle. Jack was almost ready to shoot and Gin replaced her tongue with the bottle and kept jacking him off.

Jack saw what she was doing but didn't under stand. All he knew at that moment was that he was cumming and his jizz was being milked into a beer bottle. After he blew his last shot, Gin squeezed the last drippings of cum out of his cock and started sucking again, still hanging on to the bottle. Every time her tongue hit his head, his whole body twitched in rapture. The feelings running up and down his spine were incredible and he almost couldn't take the pleasure.

"Get ready, slut," Jarod said and slapped her ass good and hard. Gin moaned and pulled herself off his 9 inches of rock hard cock and did the same to him, licking his shaft and the rim of his head as his load blew into the bottle. When he was done, she kissed his head softly and he sat down, spent. Gin looked at the two boys, covered in sweat and utterly shot. and giggled a little.

"Ohhhh," she moaned poutingly. "Are you boys all done?" she said, sticking her lower lip out.

Jarod and Jack just laughed. "No," they said simultaneously.

"Good!" Gin said bouncing, her tits taking a moment to settle. "I guess I'll have to just wait a second for you two then," she said and started rubbing her clit with the beer bottle. "Mmmmm, it's still cold," she moaned, twitching every time the bottle rolled across her button. Jarod and Jake just sat there, eyes wide, mouths open as they watched this hot little Asian bitch masturbate with the beer bottle. Their cum was swishing around inside it as she played with herself and moaned cooingly. It wasn't long before she was pushing the lip of the bottle inside her pussy and slowly stroking the first two inches of the neck of the bottle in and out of her wet little pussy, the bottle twisting in what looked like very practiced fingers as it slowly slid in and out.

Gin started cumming and lost all sense of time. The only thing that mattered was the rapidly warming beer bottle, her fingers, her pussy, and the fireworks that were going of through her body. She felt her whole body shudder and then she felt the bottle being taken from her. Her eyes opened and she watched Jack's dick slide into her pussy. She kept right on shaking but shook her head no.

"Ass," she panted, "put it, ooooh, in my ass!"

Jack picked Gin up, keeping his meat buried in her hole and sat down on the couch. He turned her around on his dick, making her moan and shiver harder. He pulled out of her hot little box and pushed her forward a little while she pushed his thick cock to her tight little rosebud.

If her pussy was hot, her ass was an oven. "OH MY GOD!" was all that was heard as Gin screamed with a small pulse of pussy juice shooting out of her abused cunt. Jack started lifting her and then dropping her down, forcing all of his length inside her hot backdoor while Jarod got in front of her and kneeled on the floor.

"Oh my God!" she panted again almost as loud. "No, don't, I've never had two…" she started to say quickly. She was cut off by Jarod piercing her slit with his dick, burying himself to the hilt in her pussy. Jack just set her down for a second, impaling her fully on both cocks. Her head twitched back and a silent scream escaped her lips as she tried to catch her breath. Gin's pussy and ass started to contract uncontrollably and another pulse of cum shot out of her onto Jarod, soaking his drying pubic thatch. After a few seconds and another squirt from her quivering cunt, she took a deep breath and her head fell forward onto Jarod's shoulder.

"Um, dude," Jack said after a second, "I think we broke her." Jarod just chuckled and grabbed her hips.

"She's not broke, not yet," he said and started using her to masturbate with. It wasn't even a full stroke before Jack and Jarod were moaning. Gin's pussy and sphincter were still contracting, and she started breathing deeply as Jarod fucked her, but she wasn't conscious. After a few more strokes Jarod pulled out of her pussy and pushed her back against Jack. Jack grabbed her hips and kept fucking her ass while Jarod jerked off in front of her. A few quick strokes and a second load of cum shot out all over her tits and little brown nipples, most of it running down onto her green dress, some of it coating her tits in a thick white rope. Jarod dropped down onto the couch and tried to catch his breath.

Jack kept pumping into her ass and using her to jerk himself off with until he was ready to cum. He picked her completely up and set her down beside him on the couch. Jarod looked at him funny and watched him grab the bottle of beer with the two loads of cum in it and watched as his dick pulsed a third load into the bottle. This one, if anything, was larger than the first load and when he set it down, there was a good inch of cum in the bottom of it between the three loads of jizz and Gin's pussy juice.

He no more than set the bottle down and Gin started moving, still moaning. She spread her legs and her pussy opened wide and then closed back down, looking like it was craving more cock.

"Hey what happened?" she said dreamily, micro orgasms still washing over her in aftershocks, making her whole body twitch. She sat up and rubbed her tits, her hand coming away sticky. She smelled it and then licked Jarod's cum off her fingers.

"You passed out," Jarod said and flipped the TV back to MTV. Gin nodded and stood up.

"Well, it was a good time, guys, but I've got to get to the Pound. I told my roommates I'd be there before it was done tonight," she said, still wiping up fingerfuls of cum from her tits and sucking it off her finger. She pulled her now-stained dress up over her nipples and pushed the hem down over her extremely happy pussy. "Try to clean up for the party next week," she giggled.

"Hey bitch," Jarod said as she walked to the door. She stopped and looked at him. "Don't forget your bottle of spoo."

Gin walked sexily over to the table, propping one leg up on it, giving both boys a good look at her very red, very swollen cunt.

"How could I have forgotten?" she asked and picked up the bottle. It touched her lips and she drained it into her mouth, a fair share of it flowing down her chin from the corners of her mouth. When the bottle was empty she set it down. "Ohhh," she moaned unhappily. "I ruined my dress." She started walking out the door and peeled her dress down her body and pushed it over her hips. She stepped out of it and stood up, legs spread, pussy on display. "I can't very well go to a party with cum on my dress, now can I?" she said and dropped the scrap of green fabric on the floor. She walked out the door and shut it behind her.

Jarod and Jack looked at each other, eyebrows raised. They said nothing, but they pulled their pants back on. The TV had enough time to flip three channels before the door opened.

"Hey! There's a naked chick walking down the street!" Billy came in, half shouting. He set the boxes of beer and sacks of liquor down on the steps to the second story and saw the green dress sitting on the floor in a pile. "Aw, sonofabitch," he whined. Jarod and Jack looked at each other and laughed.

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