Wrong Locker Room


"Oh fuck, oh fuck! Hmm oh God, oh just like, yess!" Jessica called out. She bounced her body against his hip movements and rammed his cock deeper inside of her. She could feel her orgasm approaching as he continued to ravage her. "OH keep going! It feels soo good! Oh Ay Ey OH yes Fuck! OH HARDER YOU BIG BASTERED!" She screamed. "Ooh yea, oh baby, ooh oh oh Ah AH! Oh shit, ooh, oh I'm cumming! OH fuck yes!" she blurted out. Her pussy walls pulsated against Bowie's rigid cock as her flood gates opened and juices exploded from her climaxing pussy. "Oh yes! Oh Fuck! Oooh Bowie oh baby, oh fuck, oh shit!" She continued to shout as shockwaves of pleasure pulsed across her body. She continued to bounce on his erect spear to prolong her lasting orgasm.

Bowie still did not feel his own juices flowing yet and he obliged Jessica by continuing to fuck her leaking hole without reservations. As her orgasm finally subsided, Bowie used his free hand to play with her hard nipples, and occasionally rub his thumb against her throbbing clit. When he did this, Jessica quickly responded; and before they both knew it, she was nearing another orgasm.

"Oh Bowie, yes, yes, Bowie ah oh eye y oh fuck! OH Bowie!" Jessica cooed as he drove his pile-driver in and out of her cooch. "I feel it, oh, I feel it again," she managed. "Oh yes Bowie! OH I'm getting there," she said biting her lip and panting. "Harder baby! Do it harder Bowie!" Jessica screamed out.

Bowie pumped his cock faster and faster as he sensed Jessica on the brink of her second orgasm. He grabbed her hips and slammed her body against his bucking mid-section. As he penetrated her vivacious cunt he felt the rubber snap and tear at the base. As he continued to slide his dick in and out of her wet slit, the latex began to tear and slide off his cock. "I don't believe this! I think the condom broke!" He said pulling his juice latent cock from her aching vagina.

Jessica acted quickly and pulled the tattered latex from his cock. "I don't care just put it back it in Bowie!" She said positioning his cock in between her legs. Bowie needed no second invitation and he plunged his raw cock deep into her snatch. His hot flesh against her inner walls felt even better now that the condom was off. His penetration sent her body into sexual frenzy. "Ah ah oh ah oh yes, oh yes! Mmm ooh yeah, oh fuck me, y oh fuck me yesss!" Jessica's whole body shook. "Oh I'm cumming, oooooohhya oh shit yess! Oh my god Bowie its feels so, mmm, ah so, ooh yes, oh my!"

Jessica erupted once again and Bowie felt her warm juices flow over his pussy-deep member. Without the condom on, his cock was substantially more sensitive to her tight inner layers. As his cock continued to move in and out of her dripping pussy, he felt his own juices once again flowing to the tip of his shaft. Just as Jessica's orgasm was subsiding, Bowie decided to force the issue and once again started to fuck her viciously. His pace increased and he drove his hot flesh deeper and deeper into her snatch.

"Oh Bowie! Mmm, I can't believe you have more!" She said as she cupped her tits and pinched her erect nipples. "But I'm sure not complaining stud! Oh fuck keep going. Don't stop, oh yes keep, oh don't quit baby!"

"Ah oh, oh, Jessica, oh, it's so tight. Oh it feels so good. OH yes, fuck , ah your 'pussy is so good."Bowie blurted out. "Oh shit ah oh you're so good. I, I, oh, almost, yes, there! Oh I love, I love you Jessica, OHHH!"

"Ah fuck, you big stud you! Oh Jesus. I can't believe, oh, ah ah, I'm there too!" Jessica screamed. "Oh I'm fucking cumming! OH yes, oh Ah y y Ah, I'M CUMMING!" She screamed. Jessica's legs flailed about as she experienced her third consecutive orgasm. "Ah ooh, yes, yess, yessss! Oh Jesus! Ah Ay Ay oh ooh yes, oh yes!"

Bowie plunged his riving manhood deep into her cunt one last time. Her vaginal walls gripped his rigid shaft as they practically vibrated against his member as he climaxed. He exploded a fat sticky load inside of her. "Oh yeah, oh take that you slut!" He yelled out as he blew his load inside of her.

The blast was so powerful that Jessica felt the warm juices shoot against her pussy walls. "Oh I can feel you hot cum inside of me Bowie! OH it makes me feel so hot feeling your sperm all over my cunt!" She said. Bowie was breathing heavily as he collapsed onto Jessica's sweaty naked body. He lay exhausted on top of her with his cock still buried deep in her snatch. He and Jessica could both feel his hard-on slowly subsiding inside of her.

"Oh my god, I can't believe this," Bowie muttered into Jessica's ear.

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