tagCelebrities & Fan FictionWWE: One Night at The Marriott

WWE: One Night at The Marriott


Inside on the hotel rooms at the local Marriott in Mobile, Alabama, WWE Superstar Greg 'Hurricane' Helms is in his hotel room with WWE's newest developmental talent, Mickie James, or as she's been better know as Alexis Laree on the various independent promotions she's been in. Helms is dressed in jeans and a black t-shirt, and Mickie is wearing dark blue pants and a white tank top. Mickie laughs as she sits on hotel room's bed, "Oh that was so funny earlier tonight... that one guy thought he was all that...." Mickie says as he recalls the incident that took place earlier in the night at the local Hooter.

Helms laughs and nods his head as he leans against the dresser, "Yeah... he was like..." Helms pauses as he deepens his voice for a moment, "I don't know who ya are... blah, blah, blah yackity smackity...." Helms returns his voice to normal, "He was such a fucking jerk...."

"Don't forget you took him out with one punch..." Mickie reminds him as she laughs a bit more.

"I had too... the was a total jerk..." Helms says, slightly defending himself to his long time friend.

"Uh-huh... I know..." Mickie says, "But it was really cool that the manager felt bad about not dealing with that jerk himself and took care of our bill...."

Helms nods his head as he folds his arms over his chest, "He should've taken cared of it earlier when he started acting up..."

"But at least we didn't have to pay for our food!" Mickie points out.

Helms laughs, "Yeah.... It just left us with more money when we left to do some clubbing...."

Mickie laughs as she slides a hand through her long dark colored hair, "Yup! Although I don't think that was a good thing... I bet Joey and the rest of the guys did some major liver damage with all the alcohol they drank...."

"Oh please... you must've drank a two six-packs by yourself alone!" Helms laughs.

Mickie raises an eyebrow; "I'm not the one who had a flag match out in the parking lot with Joey..."

Helms laughs a bit more as he unfolds his arms and walks over to the bed where Mickie is sitting, "Hey... that jerk at Hooters got us in the mood to wrestle.... It just took a lot of hours and a lot of drinks for it to come out...."

Mickie nods her head as Helms sits down next to her on the large bed, "I noticed.... Hey... what do you think Joey is going to do with that flag?"

"I have no idea.... Probably hang it up at his home or something...." Helms laughs.

"It's huge...." Mickie says as she slightly takes a moment to glance at Helms' crotch, "It's like the size of a sheet or something...."

Helms nods his head, "Yeah... so anyway... congratulations on getting signed!"

Mickie laughs a bit, "Thanks again... it's totally wicked that I FINALLY got offered a deal...."

Helms smirks, "Yeah, all it took was you getting thrown around by Jeff Jarrett in a cage match to show you can take an ass kicking...."

"Shut up!" Mickie laughs as she playfully punches Helms' arm. "I had a good time down there....and at times... a very good time too." Mickie says as she again slightly looks at Helms' crotch which like the first time, goes unnoticed by the WWE's Hurricane.

"Mick... you're more drunk than you let on.... You said you had a good time down there twice...." Helms says.

"I'm not that drunk....and I meant what I said...." Mickie says and then she smiles, "They don't call that one match Raven's House of Fun for nothing.... Cause... after the show is over... it was really a lot of fun..." Mickie laughs a bit.

"Oh.... OHHHHHH!" Helms says after he realizes what Mickie is talking about.

"Yeah... Ohhhh..." Mickie laughs, "God are you dense..." Mickie says.

"Hardee-har-har-har...." Helms replies with a sarcastic laugh, "Ok... since you got into that house of fun.... How big is he? I know since he's Jewish he's got to be at most.... Like five and a quarter...."

Mickie laughs, "Oh.... He doesn't live down to that stereotype... try like a frickin' foot long..." Mickie says as she holds up her hands to indicate the length.

"Bullshit... I can top that..." Helms says boastfully.

Mickie raises an eyebrow and then licks her lips, "Really? So let's see it..." Mickie says as turns to fully face Helms and she pushes him backward so that he's laying on the bed.

"Hey!" Helms laughs just before Mickie gets on top of him and she leans down instantly to kiss him as she slides her hands against his shirt covered chest. Helms doesn't hesitate and he starts to return the kiss from Mickie as he puts his hands on her round hips before moving them to her large round butt. The WWE Superstar and the newly signed Developmental Diva make out passionately as they slide their hands all over each other, and Mickie's right hand soon finds its way to Helms' crotch.

"Mmmmm...." Mickie moans into Helms mouth before she breaks the kiss as she starts rubbing the crotch of Helms' jeans and she feels his cock grow harder. She takes her right index finger and traces it along the outline of Helms' jeans covered cock as she starts to slide off of him and the bed straight on down to the floor as she smirks at him, "Mmmm you maybe right.... Your dick seems huge..."

Helms' smirks as he licks his lips, "One of the reasons why I am a Superhero in the WWE.... Now excuse me as I whip this out" Helms laughs as he stands up in order to unbutton his jeans. He pushes them down slightly, as well as his boxers so that he can pull out his very impressive fourteen inch long, four inch thick cock.

Mickie's eyes go wide with delight as she looks at Helms' incredible cock, "Oh shit! That's thicker than anything I've seen before!" Mickie says as she sits up on her knees before she leans forward to flick her tongue against the tip of his hardening shaft. Mickie grabs Helms' cock at the base with both of her hands and she doesn't waste any more time before she takes Helms' long, fat cock into her mouth. The plucky new WWE contracted talent begins to bob her head quickly back and forth on Helms' cock. She slides her tongue from side to side against the underside of his dick as she presses her lips tightly against the meaty dick that's in her mouth.

"Ahhhh ohhh shit...." Helms moans as his knees buckle a bit and he falls backward to sit on the bed once again. Mickie doesn't let that disrupt her as she continues to bob her head up and down on Helms' fourteen inch cock, and she quickens her pace when Helms grabs a handful of her long soft dark colored hair.

"Mmmmmm... mmmm..." Mickie moans around Helms' cock as she continues to suck him off and then she lowers her mouth down a good length and presses her tongue firmly against the bottom side of his dick. She then slowly lifts her head up, dragging her tongue against the meaty shaft before she lifts her mouth off of Helms' saliva covered cock. Mickie smiles up at Helms as she then starts to lift off her white tank to, freeing her nice, firm, large and round tits. Mickie grabs Helms' large dick again and starts to rub the saliva covered top against the skin of her tits.

"Ahhhh.... Ohhh fuck.... You got some incredible tits...." Helms moans as and Mickie grins up at him as she continues to move his prick against her tits.

"Thanks.... But they are fake as hell for your information...." Mickie says playfully as she takes Helms' cock and places it between her large tits. Helms gets a huge smile on his face as Mickie presses her tits against them before she starts to slide them up and down along the length of his rock hard cock.

"Mmmmm yeah baby..." Helms moans as Mickie locks her eyes with him as she tilts her head down ward a bit so that she can flick her tongue against the head of his shaft as she beats off his cock with her incredible tits. Helms grits his teeth together as his cock starts to throb wildly and Mickie almost instantly stops what she's doing. "Awww fuck Mick..." Helms complains playfully.

"Shut up..." Mickie says as she crawls up onto the bed and on top of Helms and starts to kiss him again, and the new Developmental Diva and WWE Superstar circle their tongue around one another's. Helms starts to turn Mickie over onto her back so that she's laying on the bed and he breaks the kiss with her, but he starts to move himself down to her large tits.

"Fuck these are hot... who cares if they are fake..." Helms says as he takes Mickie's right tit into her mouth and he starts to suck on it slowly. As Helms sucks on Mickie's large tit, he flicks his tongue against the nipple before he lifts her head up and blows his warm breath onto it as Mickie's nipple becomes extremely hard.

"Oooooo yess...." Mickie moans as the green haired WWE Superstar turns his attention to her other tit and does the same things to it before continuing to work his way south. Mickie arches her back slightly as Helms drags his tongue down the middle of her firm, toned stomach as he reaches her pants.

"Damn you're hot..." Helms says as he spreads Mickie's legs and he presses his face against the crotch of her pants. He starts to lick her pussy through the material of her pants, and Mickie starts to lift her hips in response.

"Ohhhh fuck.... Mmmm...." Mickie moans as she quickly undoes her pants and pushes them down. Helms helps her out and he pulls them down all the way off of her legs, which exposes Mickie's pink panties, and the WWE Superstar instantly starts to dig his face between her legs again. "Ohhh shit... I need more god damn it..." Mickie moans as she feels Helms' tongue lapping against her panties-covered pussy. .Mickie reaches down with her left hand, grabs her panties and pulls them to the left exposing her hot, wet and incredibly smooth cunt.

Helms presses his face against Mickie's pussy and he starts swirling his tongue all over it as he brings his right hand up to her moist cunt. He slides his middle and index fingers into her pussy and starts to pump them in and out rapidly while flicking his tongue against her cunt. "Ohhhhh eat me... eat me!" Mickie moans as she grabs two handfuls of Helms' green-dyed hair as he buries his tongue deep inside of her pussy.

Helms soon gets up and he stands in front of the bed and pulls Mickie towards him, "Spread 'em... cause a Hurricane is coming in..." Helms laughs as he places the head of his big fat cock against the soft lips of Mickie's moist cunt as she continues to hold her panties to the left

"God that was cheesy..." Mickie laughs and moans as Helms lays on top of her and pushes his cock into her pussy. Helms starts to thrust his cock in and out of tight pussy of his long time friend and he starts to gradually thrust his cock deeper into her.

"Ahhhh.... Ohhh fuck you're soooo fucking tight... and wet...." Helms groans as he starts to rapidly move his hips as he pumps his cock in and out of Mickie's pussy like a jackhammer.

"Mmmmmm ohhhh fuck me... fuck me...." Mickie moans and her large tits bounce in sequence of the slamming pace Helms is using to fuck her cunt. She grabs her large tits and pushes them together. Helms leans his head down and starts sucking on her tits once again as he continues to fuck her hot pussy.

"Ahhhh ohhh yea..." Helms moans as he occasionally lifts his head from Mickie's tits in order to slam his entire fourteen inch cock deep into cunt. Mickie licks her lips lustfully as she pushes herself up against the WWE's green-haired Superhero as he fucks her and licks her tits.

"Ahhhh ohhh fuck Greg... mmmm ahhh fuck this is hot... but... you should get totally... naked!" Mickie laughs and moans erotically as Helms slams his cock deep into her pussy once again.

Helms stops his stiff thrusts and then pulls out of Mickie's pussy, "You're right... I should...." Helms says as he wipes some sweat from his forehead. He quickly pulls off his jeans, boxers and t-shirt before he lays on the bed next to the sweating woman with his stiff fourteen inch cock pointing up towards the ceiling.

"Boy you are quick..." Mickie laughs a bit as she removes her moist panties and she gets on top of him. Mickie licks her lips as she eases her hot wet pussy down onto Helms' cock and she closes her eyes as she starts to bounce up and down on his large fat cock. "Mmmmmm ohhhh yea...."

Helms licks his lips as he watches Mickie James's tits bounce up and down as the Diva slams her hot cunt down on his big fat hard cock, "Ahhhh ohhhh yeah.... Mmmm fuck yea Mickie..." Helms moans as grabs Mickie's tits as she continues to bounce wildly on his cock.

"Mmmmmm ohhhh fuck... I love this action!" Mickie moans as she rides him as fast as her long hair flies in every direction. Her ass smacks down against Helms at a quick rate as she slides her hands over Helms' smooth sweaty chest as sweat falls off of her own body. Mickie keeps moving her pussy and up and down and both she and Gregory 'Hurricane' Helms are sweaty heavily and breathing hard and Mickie soon stops and sits down completely on Helms' cock before she gets off of him and lays down. "Mmmm what now Mr. Helms?" Mickie asks as she reaches between Helms' legs and starts to rub his large balls.

Helms licks his lips and moans as Mickie plays with his balls, "Hmmmm get on all fours...." Helms answers.

Mickie gets a big smile on her face, "About time you pay attention to my big juicy ass..." Mickie laughs as she tosses her sweat soaked hair back as she moves away from him, turns around and gets on all fours while on the bed. She sways her ass back and forth a bit as she looks back at him.

"Gotta save the best for last..." Helms replies as he gets behind Mickie and places the head of his fat fourteen inch cock against Mickie's asshole and he starts to push it in. "Mmmm yea..." Helms moans as he inches his cock little by little into Mickie's ass.

"Mmmmm ohhhhh I like that...' Mickie moans as the WWE Superstar begins to fuck her ass with long slow thrusts that slowly become fast sharp thrusts. Mickie licks her lips and pushes back against him as Helms really starts to pound her ass with his cock.

Helms looks down at Mickie's ass and he slaps it as he pistons his meaty cock in and out of her juicy ass, "Ohhh yeah... I love girls with nice big asses...." Helms grunts.

"Ohhhhh mmmmm ahhhhh fuck.... That explains... your former sidekick..." Mickie teases and moans as she reaches between her legs with her right hand begins sliding her fingers back and forth against her pussy. She tightly grabs hold of the bed sheet with her left hand as Helms slams his cock in and out of her big ass.

"Ahhh yeah... mmmm fuck yeah...." Helms grunts as he watches Mickie rub her pussy as he keeps thrusting his large cock harder and deeper into her ass with everything he's cock. Mickie wildly tosses her long hair back as she quickly rubs her pussy as she pushes back against Helms' cock that is ramming into her asshole.

"Ohhhhh.... Mmmmm fuck yes.... Mmmm...." Mickie moans as she starts to cum on her right hand as she keeps moving it back and forth at a rapid pace. Helms holds onto Mickie's round hips as he buries his cock completely into her tight ass and his balls come crashing against Mickie's round fat ass.

"Ahhhh ohhh fuck Mickie.... The Hurricane is gonna be cummin' through in a sec..." Helms grunts.

"Ohhhh Hold ahhhhh on.... Pull out..." Mickie moans her reply as she finishes cumming on her fingers. Helms pulls his throbbing cock out of Mickie's ass and he falls back to lay on the bed. Mickie moves quickly and lays down between his legs and she looks up at the sweating green- haired Superstar as she grips his cock with her left hand and begins to stroke it.

"Ahhhh ohhh fuck...." Helms moans as Mickie pumps his cock rapidly as she aims it right at her sweat covered face. Helms grits his teeth as he starts to cum and his hot sticky load shoots right onto Mickie's face as she continues to jerk off the WWE Superstar. Mickie licks her lips as she feels every ounce of Helms' cum land on her face and when Helms' cock is spent, she sits up onto her knees.

"Mmmmm that was fun as hell!" Mickie says as Helms' cum drips down her face.

"Yeah.... Fuck.... You're a hot piece of ass...." Helms says as he starts to get off of the bed.

"Thanks..." Mickie says as she raises an eyebrow, "Where are you going?" Mickie asks as Helms stands up and starts to head toward the bathroom.

"Unlike you and Joey I gotta be on the road in the morning.... I need a shower...." Helms replies as he walks into the bathroom and closes the door behind him. He steps into the shower and turns on water and after a few moments the door to the bathroom is opened, and Mickie James joins her friend in the shower. "Hey... what's going on?" Helms asks as he looks at Mickie as the water rains down on him and now her.

Mickie smirks, "Well.... Since you got to be on the road tomorrow... I'm gonna make sure you're going want for me to hit the WWE...." Mickie says as she pushes Helms to the wall of the shower and gets down on her knees.

Helms smirks as Mickie wraps her lips around his hardening cock again, "Shit....don't care if it takes you years... I'm gonna make sure to see a when you get to the big time...."


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