tagCelebrities & Fan FictionX-Men: Evolution Ch. 02

X-Men: Evolution Ch. 02


It had been a week since Rogue and Scott's encounter. All of the students finished their finals and the seniors finally graduated from high school. In honor of the recent events, the headmaster of the School for the Gifted, Professor Charles Xavier, decided to throw a party for the young mutants. And with a pool located behind the mansion what better party, then a pool party? While the instructors prepared the food, most of the students lounged around the pool. Being young and free of school, the mutants were definitely enjoying themselves.

However, Rogue, being the gothic recluse that she was, isolated herself from the group. She lay down on a lawn chair and tried to stay as far away from her peers. Especially while wearing a bathing suit, Rogue normally secluded herself like this due to her powers. She always feared that someone might accidentally touch her, activating her mutant power, and get hurt. However, Rogue had just recently discovered that she could control her absorption powers. Only Kitty and Scott knew of Rogue's control and for the moment, she decided to keep it that way. Old habits die-hard and Rogue enjoyed her privacy.

As she lay there, trying desperately to get a tan, she occasionally caught some of he boys looking at her.

Ya know, Rogue thought, For a girl who isn't all that popular, ah sure do get gawked at a lot. With the fear of her mutant power gone, Rogue decided it was safe to wear a black and purple bikini. The small bikini showed off Rogue's body to perfection. Her smooth pale white legs led up to her firm and toned stomach. These two attributes alone would drive most pubescent boys to madness. However nothing compared to her ample chest. Needless to say Rogue's breasts were much too large for the material to cover.

Having never worn a bikini before, Rogue was definitely unprepared for the reaction of the male students.

Mental note, don't sport cleavage. She thought to herself. Guys practically trip over their tongues.

Trying to dismiss the gawkers, she gently put down her sunglasses and her head drifted to one side as she tried to relax in the cool sunlight. Her mind wandered to a variety of things. However one thing stood out above the rest, her little encounter with Scott. The past week, it had been the only thing she thought of. Just the thought of having him in her mouth again sent shivers down her spine. As she enveloped herself with images of Scott's member, an unnoticed person snuck up on Rogue.

"Hey, like, why don't you put those things away?"

Rogue tilted her head. Through her shades, she noticed a short, thin brunette girl standing in front of her.

"What was that, Kitty?" Rogue asked.

"Your boobs, why don't you put them away before one of the guys pass out from lack of blood flow to the head."

"You're just jealous that you don't have boobs to flaunt," the sassy gothic girl snapped back.

Kitty looked down at her own chest. Her breast could barely even fill up her B cup bikini top.

"Good point," Kitty consented as she sat down next to Rogue. "It's funny, we're roommates and I've like barely seen you lately. I guess what with finals and graduation and all."

Rogue sat herself up as she noticed that Kitty was about to talk her ear off. However the conversation took a sudden turn for a more appealing subject.

"So, are the rumors true?" Kitty questioned.

"What rumors?"

"You and Scott, word has it that you two hooked up."

"What!!!" Rogue exclaimed as her eyes widened.

"Don't worry, like, most of the students have pretty much dismissed it has pure rumor. You know, because of your powers and all." Kitty explained. "But I know different, I know you have control over your abilities."

Rogue slouched back down and crossed her arms over her chest. It was quite obvious that she was very upset on hearing this.

"So, like how was it?"

A smile shot across Rogue's face as she thought back to that day.

"Well, first we kissed. And ah must say that he has the best lips in the school. Not to mention that tongue of his." Rogue then sat herself up as she started to enjoy the conversation. "Mmm, he tasted so nice."

Kitty just sat there, listening to her roommates every word with the biggest grin on her face.

"Oh my god, then he started sucking on my neck! Just him sucking on my neck coulda made me...go crazy."

Kitty then butted in "I wonder how good he is at sucking on other things."

Rogue's head darted over to Kitties and their eyes meet. The two young girls both fell over laughing uncontrollably. Once they gained their composure, Rogue started up the girl talk again.

"Well, unfortunately we didn't get that far. But I did get to prove my wonderful oral skills." Rogue admitted with a naughty grin.

Kitty smiled again as an expression of interest covered her face.

"Wow, aren't you a little slut." Kitty giggled. "So..was he...big?"

"Well," Rogue said as she thought. "While I have nobody to compare him to, I'd have to say yes. More than a mouthful."

"Nice, I always thought Scott was well hung," Kitty admitted and after a bit of hesitation asked her next question. "What did he taste like?"

"Mmmm, very nice, his skin was so smooth. When I first tasted his juices, it was kinda bitter. However when he came it got a little sweeter, not to mention it was nice and warm. Just thinking about it gets me hungry."

"Oh my god! You swallowed? Kitty exclaimed.

"What? Like you wouldn't? You'd never do that with your boyfriend?”

"I don't know if I’d call Lance my boyfriend. Whatever he is, I don't like him that much."

"Well, don't knock it until you've tried it sugah."

"So are you two, like dating now?"

"No, despite the wonders my mouth gave him, I still couldn't get him to forget about little Miss Perfect."

"Yeah, like Scott will probably always love Jean."

Rogue looked over at Scott. His long strong legs led up to his blue and yellow shorts, which perfectly hugged his ass. As he turned around Rogue noticed his muscular and smooth chest. It sent shivers up Rogue's body. However, just then a hand was placed upon his shoulder. And soon enough a body joined the hand as it leaned up against Scott's body. Rogue's eyes winced in anger and she finally realized who the person was. The ever perfect Miss Jean Grey.

"Gawd, look at her," Kitty exclaimed, "She's like hanging all over Scott."

"Ah don't see what Scott see's in her," Rogue jabbed. "Ah mean her boobs are so much smaller than mine. And look, her ass is so flat that she can't even keep it in her bikini!"

Kitty giggled at the roasting. "Yeah but, like I think guys like the ass crack look."

"Ah bet she isn't even a natural red head," Rogue said as she continued to mock Jean.

Kitties face then lit up with a brilliant idea.

"Hey, like, you should go find out!"

Rogue glanced over at her roommate.


"To see if she is a natural red head. And you can embarrass the hell out of her in the process. All the guys in the school would thank you."

Rogue was shocked to hear such an evil idea coming from her `innocent' roommate.

"Yeah, that would be pretty hot." Rogue admitted. Her eyes widened as the words left her lips and quickly tried to recover. "For the guys ah mean."

"Well," Kitty said as she got up out of her chair, "I better get going before we get expelled or something. I'll see ya later."

Rogue waved and slouched back down in her chair.

Jean bottomless is hot? She thought to herself. What the hell is wrong with me today?

She closed her eyes, and tried to get back to her tanning, desperately trying to shake the `scary' image of Jean bottomless.


Later that day Rogue was in her room. She lay in her bed with her headphones on, drowning out the world. Despite the heavy metal blaring into her head all Rogue could think about was Jean. Normally anger and resentment were the only things Rogue felt toward Jean. However this time, all she could think about was shanking her in front of everybody.

Gawd, why am ah obsessing over this, she thought to herself. Ah would never be that mean to somebody. So why am ah thinking about it so much, why else would ah wanna do that?

Before she could answer herself Mr. Logan (aka Wolverine) burst into the room.

"Hey kid! Take those damn things off."

She quickly removed them and sat her self-upright.

"Geez what is it?" She asked, somewhat panicked.

"Your girlfriends on the phone."

Rogue looked at him with a puzzled look on her face.

"Your friend Risty." Logan tried to remind her.

"Oh!" Rogue blurted out. "Geez ah thought you were sayin I was ga.. never mind."

As Rogue picked up her telephone Logan gave her one more weird look before leaving the room.

"Hey Risty what's up?"

"Hey Rogue! There is another "Pop Sucks" concert tonight and I got some tickets. You totally need to come with me! It's gonna be a blast!"

"Alright when is it?" Rogue asked.

"In a couple hours. I'll be over to pick you up in say 10 minutes?"

"I gotta put on mah makeup first, make it 20 minutes. Ok? See ya then bye."

She hung up the phone and walked over to her closet. She quickly slipped on a light purple sweatshirt over her black tank top. Combined with a black pair of jeans she was ready to go. It might not be sexy but it was a hell of a lot more comfortable. She exited her room and walked down the hallway. As she came upon the bathroom, she heard a faint sound.

Damnit, someone’s gotta be using freaking shower right when I need to use the bathroom.

She knocked on the door. No response. She twisted the doorknob and slowly poked her head. She couldn't see who it was exactly but through the shower curtains, Rogue noticed it was a very slim figure.

Maybe it's Scott, Rogue thought to herself.

"Hello?" Rogue hesitantly asked.

The figure quickly turned around.

"Is that you Rogue?" Jean asked.

Rogue pouted, disappointed that it wasn't Scott.

"Yeah it's me." She entered the room and made her way for the sink and mirror. "Ah need to put on some makeup."

"Oh, go right ahead, I don't mind." Jean pleasantly suggested.

"Wasn't asking for your permission Red," Rogue whispered to herself.

"What was that Rogue?"

"Oh nothing," Rogue smiled to herself as she started to rummage through her make up kit.

She pulled out some eyeliner and unscrewed the cap. Rogue lifted her head up to apply the dark blue coloring across her eyelids. As she coated the makeup on, her eyes unintentionally glanced over to the shower. She quickly recomposed herself as she finally realized what she was staring at. Rogue resumed and once again fumbled through her bag to fine her mascara. Her head quickly darted up as she heard the shower faucet screech shut. Her heart skipped a beat and a sense of anticipation overcame her. Her fingers trembled as she unscrewed the mascara tube. She once again lifted her head and applied the black mascara to each of her eyelashes, trying not to look over at Jean.

Then at the corner her eye Rogue noticed the shower curtain pull back. Out stretched Jeans long leg. Rogue couldn't help but marvel at Jean's slender smooth stems. Rogue's eyes twinkled as the light glistened off the wetness of Jeans leg. Once Jean fully emerged from the shower, Rogue noticed that she had already draped herself in a white towel.

Holy Crap, Rogue thought to herself.

The site of Jean tightly wrapped in a towel was too much for Rogue, and she dropped her mascara. She frantically tried to recompose herself and fumbled around for her lipstick. She found a good dark blue color, perfectly matching her eyeliner. She rubbed the stick across her lips, dabbing here and there and rolling her lips over one another. Rogue's heart accelerated as Jean walked up beside her. Jean looked in the mirror over at Rogue and gave her a kind smile. She then began to run her fingers through her long, wet red hair. As Jean stretched her arms upwards, Rogue couldn't help but stare at Jeans breast, swelling up against her towel.

Oh ma gawd, get hold of yourself Rogue, she thought to herself.

Rogue ran her own fingers through her white and brown hair. She hunched her shoulders back.

Sneakers, check. Black pants, check. Black thong riding up my ass. check. Purple shoulder less sweater, check. Black bra with exposed straps, check. Makeup, check. Ok I'm all ready to go.

Rogue turned around and made her way for the door. As she began to turn the doorknob, she heard a hair dryer kick in. She turned her head and saw Jean drying her hair. Rogue's eyes drifted down Jeans back and stopped at her ass. Just barely poking out from the bottom of the towel, Rogue could make out two distinct curves of Jeans ass.

Hmm, maybe not as bad as I thought... Gawd STOP IT ROGUE! You're not gay.

She shook her head and left the room.


Fear in me so deep It gets the best of me In the fear I fall Here it comes face to face with me Here I stand Hold back so no one can see I feel these wounds "ROGUE!" Step down..Step down..Step Am I breaking Can I break away Push me away Make me Fall Just to see What I see "ROGUE!" The other side of me Fall back on me.

"HEY ROGUE!! HELLO?!?" Risty screamed for the third and final time.

Rogue snapped out of her trance with a violent jolt.

"WHAT?" She yelled back.

"I SAID THIS BAND IS PRETTY GOOD AREN'T THEY?" Risty screamed back, barely hearing her own voice over the bands intense noise.

"YEAH, I GUESS." Rogue shrugged.



"WHAT LIKE SCOTT?" Risty questioned.

"YEAH,...HE'S BEEN ON MA MIND A LOT I GUESS." Rogue admitted.



Risty gave her friend a second glance.

"WHAT'D YOU SAY?" The purple haired girl asked.


"OH," Risty said with a big smile. "I COULD HAVE SWORN YOU SAID SOMETHING ELSE!"


The two girls looked at each other.

"Time to go home." They simultaneously agreed.


"Thanks for tha ride Risty." Rogue said as she got up out of the car.

"Hey Rogue," Risty responded. Rogue turned around and bent down, sticking her head in the car. "Wanna got out clubbing tomorrow night, I'm itching for some excitement!"

"It's 2:00 in the morning Risty. Ah need sleep. Ask me again tomorrow." Rogue explained with a tired look on her face.

They exchanged goodbye and Risty sped off, while Rogue turned around and walked into the mansion. As she approached her room she slowed down her pace. Not wanting to wake up her roommate Kitty, Rogue slowly and quietly entered her room. As she tiptoed to her bed, she glanced over at Kitties bed.

"Kitty," Rogue whispered. "Are you there?"

No reply.

"Kitty?" Rogue again asked, this time louder. She turned on a light only to find that her roommate's bed was empty.

It's 2 am, where the hell is that girl? Rogue thought to herself.

She walked over to her bed and kicked off her shoes. She then slipped her sweater off and let it drop to the ground. Then with an effortless flick, she unbuttoned her jeans and slid them off. A cold shiver went down spine as the cool air came into contact with her flesh. Rogue quickly slipped into her bed and pulled the sheets up. She lay there comfortably in the warmth of her blankets. However sleep was not coming to her. She looked over at her clock.

Damnit, 2:15 in the morning and I'm wide-awake. Rogue thought to herself.

She slipped a hand down her thong.

Well this always soothes me to sleep, Rogue thought.

Her small hand moved right to work. Her fingers parted her pussy and her other hand moved to join it, rubbing and pinching at her clit. She let out a low moan as she slid two fingers deeper into her pussy.

Oh ah wish Scott was doin this, Rogue thought as she began to thrust her fingers wildly in and out of her dripping snatch.

She lifted her head and locked her eyes on her pussy. As she pounded her fingers into her pussy, her other hand left her clit and slipped past the material of her bra. She began to rub and squeeze her nipple, moaning as it became erect. She gasped loudly as she could feel the swell of a long awaited orgasm. She threw her head back, resting it on her pillow. She bit her lower lip as she tried to fight back the orgasm, wanting for the pleasure to last forever.

Ah wish your cock was in me Scott.

She began to wail and moan loud as her fingers slammed deep into her wet pussy. She bit her lip and tried to keep quiet, as an immense orgasm crashed down on Rogue. But she still let out a loud moan as she squeezed her legs together with her hand still in-between her pale thighs.

"Mmm, oh yes, oh yes! mmm..ah..ah..Oh Jean!" Rogue collapsed back with a loud sigh of contentment. She just lay there on her bed; her tight pussy still occupied by her fingers. She looked down at her sweaty body, her fingers were still slowly moving in and out. She tried to regain her breath as she recovered in the after glow of a sensational orgasm. Then, a sudden realization came over Rogue and her eyes widened in disbelief.

"Oh Jean?"


10 hours later and a restless night of tossing and turning, Rogue awoke with a jolt. Sweat trickled down her forehead as she looked over at her alarm clock.

Wow, 10 hours of sleep and Ah'm still exhausted, Rogue thought to herself.

The unexpected name Rogue had called out the previous night had seriously affected her slumber. She groggily got up out of her bed and went to the window. She pulled back the curtains, squinting her eyes as the sun poured into her room. She marveled at the beautiful landscape that engrossed her eyes. However, the beauty quickly faded as a voice inside her head echoed an all too terrifying phrase.

Oh Jean!

Gawd, what the hell was goin through ma head, Rogue thought as she shook her head, still in disbelief. She then suddenly realized that she was standing in her window, only in her bra and panties. She backed away and slipped on an oversized black t-shirt.

Rogue then exited her room and headed straight for the kitchen. As she approached the kitchen she was surprised by the whole lack of noise. Normally on Sunday the kitchen was filled with students at all hours of the morning and afternoon, therefore a very noisy place. However, Rogue hadn't even heard a peep. She opened the door and peeked her head in; the room was completely empty.

That's weird, Rogue thought to herself as she poured a bowl of cereal. She continued to look around in confusion as she pulled out a chair and sat down.

Just as Rogue was almost done eating her sugary breakfast she heard someone walking around upstairs.

Guess someone else is here after all.

The pitter-patter of feet got louder as the person glided down the stairs. Rogue looked up from her bowl as the kitchen door opened.

Oh shit, Rogue thought to herself as she saw who it was.

"Hiya Rogue."

"Hey Jean," Rogue grimly replied. Her eyes briefly followed the tall red head around the kitchen before looking back down to her cereal.

"So where is everybody?" Rogue asked. Her eyes remained fixated on her cereal.

"Well, Logan took most of the guys on an overnight training session, and Ororo took all the girls to the mall. Professor Xavier and Mr. McCoy went into the city to talk Mutants Rights," Jean explained. "So it looks like it's just you and me," Jean said with a smile.

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