tagLesbian SexXanthe Files XXX002

Xanthe Files XXX002


Authors Note: This series of short stories are intended to be episodic and thus can be read alone. Any feedback, criticisms or improvements are always welcome. The author also invites reader suggestions about what they would like to see Xanthe do next.

It had been another tiring day at the office for Xanthe. Endless paper trails crossed her desk and her ear was worn out from all the constant phone calls. She was looking forward to getting home having a drink and collapsing in her brand new Jacuzzi.

She had left early that morning as a couple of big burly workmen carried their tool boxes and materials into her sixth floor city apartment. As she arrived home on the bus she noticed that the workmen’s van had already left, raising her expectations of a relaxing dip in her new toy.

After a tedious ride in the elevator she fumbled with her keys and opening the door to her apartment, number nine. As the door swung open a strange scent greeted her, an unfamiliar perfume wafted to her nose mixed with the smell of a heavy industrial glue. Xanthe stepped in the door and quietly eased it shut behind her, the faint sound of music carrying to her ears.

She placed her handbag and keys on the kitchen counter and flicked the switch which ignited her gas fire place. She turned and looked down the hallway towards her spare room where the Jacuzzi was being installed. The door was partially shut, a small crack of light breaking through. As Xanthe approached she could see a shadow move on the wall behind the door, someone was still hard at work.

With a little trepidation Xanthe gently rasped on the door with her fist and gave it a nudge opening it slowly. The faint music was now a loud roar as a figure bent over the Jacuzzi making some final adjustments in the tub. The figure stood back away from the tub, noticing the open door and Xanthe standing at the door. Xanthe was shocked to see the figure’s long flowing blonde hair and feminine figure.

“Hi there,” greeted the beautiful blonde woman. “I’m just making a few minor adjustments then it’s all yours.”

Xanthe gazed on, still a little stunned that a woman was finishing off the work on her new Jacuzzi, after all she had only seen a couple of men come into her apartment. After regaining her wits Xanthe realized that she hadn’t introduced herself and stepped into the room careful not to disturb any of the tools lying around the floor near where the woman was working.

“Hi I’m Xanthe,” met Xanthe in a warm and friendly voice. She couldn’t take her eyes of the gorgeous figure of the woman who again bent over to get into the tub. “This looks great,” Xanthe offered trying to stoke up a conversation and acknowledging the work done.

“Yeah it’s turned out really well. I must admit I found the location a little different when I arrived,” replied the blonde with her head still buried in the tub. She turned to face Xanthe, “Oh I’m sorry, my name is Jacqui.”

Xanthe smiled at Jacqui who again turned around to finish what she was doing. Xanthe stared at her gorgeous tight rear end pushing up against the little green shorts she wore as part of her work uniform. There was something alluring about this hot woman in her green shorts, button up short sleeved shirt and tan hiking boots.

The light shimmered off her long smooth sexy legs again drawing Xanthe’s eyes to her cute ass. Xanthe could feel her thong bunch up under her skirt, a subtle tingling and dampness spreading through her sex.

“So what did you find different about the location?” inquired Xanthe with an innocent tone.

Jacqui stood up, obviously satisfied with what she had been fiddling with. She was taller than Xanthe by a long way, at least five foot ten compared to Xanthe’s five foot three. She turned and smiled at Xanthe as she wiped the dust off her hands on the sides of her tight little shorts. Again Xanthe couldn’t help but admire her hot body.

“I’ve been working with the company for about three years now, and this is the first time I’ve ever had to finish a Jacuzzi in someone’s bedroom,” answered Jacqui. She crouched down and foraged for her scattered tools. “I was a little shocked when you first arrived, I sort of thought this had to be a guy’s apartment. Although the decorating is too tasteful for a man,” giggled Jacqui paying Xanthe a compliment which was graciously received.

Jacqui was referring to the spare room that she found herself working in. In the corner next to the large window with its breathtaking view of the city at night sat the new Jacuzzi. At the other end of the room was a huge kidney shaped bed. A big home theatre rested against the wall and a few sunken wardrobes finished a very neat but modern room. For an outsider it looked like an amalgam of a bedroom, living room and bathroom, but to Xanthe it was known as her “room of sin.”

“Well it’s a spare room I’ve put together with a few things in mind,” explained Xanthe watching Jacqui closely as she put away her tools and dusted herself off. The sight of Jacqui brushing her body made Xanthe feel moist; how she longed to touch her. “It serves as an entertainment room and a spare bedroom,” Xanthe said diplomatically. She didn’t want to scare Jacqui off by explaining the real purpose of the room.

“It’s an interesting concept, I sort of thought this would be the kind of room a guy would put together to entertain … how do I say … lady friends,” Jacqui laughed as she stumbled over her own words. Xanthe smiled politely in response, Jacqui wasn’t far from the truth.

“So is the Jacuzzi ready to go?” asked Xanthe trying to prolong Jacqui’s presence. She had no coherent plan on how to get intimate with the gorgeous blonde, all she knew was her inner desire was beginning to surface, making her a slave to her sexual needs.

“Actually part of my job is to fill it up and demonstrate the functions to you before I leave, so if you’ve got something to do it will take a few minutes to get set up,” offered Jacqui. She threw the taps open and water began to pour into the deep tub. “There, it usually takes about a good ten minutes to fill up the first time.”

Xanthe took Jacqui’s hint and quickly thought of how she could drag the blonde away from the Jacuzzi to continue her flirting. “You wouldn’t happen to be thirsty would you?” asked Xanthe nodding back towards the door in a gesture to get Jacqui to follow. Jacqui graciously accepted Xanthe’s offer and followed her back down the hall to the kitchen where they could still hear the water flowing.

With a cursory glance in the fridge Xanthe grasped a bottle of champagne. She popped the cork and poured two tall glasses of the effervescent liquid. Jacqui looked a little strangely at the selected drink, Xanthe quickly explaining away that she had bought it to christen the new tub. Jacqui appeared to accept that excuse and took a sip from her glass.

“Isn’t it a bit odd for a woman to be doing your kind of work?” questioned Xanthe trying to stir up a conversation and distract Jacqui from how much champagne she was drinking. Whilst Xanthe knew better than to get someone drunk so she could have her way with them, she did acknowledge that alcohol often lowered a person’s inhibitions.

“Well I am the only woman at my company, but I like to think that my boss likes the little finishing touches that I perform. You’d never get a guy to do that,” replied Jacqui. She appeared to be a very happy go lucky type of person, very comfortable in other peoples company.

“From what I’ve seen you do a very good job,” complimented Xanthe. “Another glass of champagne?” Before Jacqui could offer an answer Xanthe had topped her glass up and slid it back towards her. As a guest Jacqui felt obligated to accept although her chirpiness belied a little light headedness.

“So what do you do?” Jacqui asked taking another reluctant sip from her glass.

Xanthe stifled the urge to giggle like a school girl after a smutty thought crossed her mind. “I work in the city for a big company, pushing paper mainly, and chasing other people to get things done.”

Jacqui nodded along as Xanthe told her details about her job. Xanthe could see the champagne was having some effect. She found it hard to peal her eyes away from the trim blonde, her sparkling green eyes and supple tanned skin, Jacqui was remarkably clean considering her job and the fine dust left lying around the tub.

“I’d better go check that tub before it overflows,” interrupted Jacqui, placing her tall wine glass down and leaving the kitchen. With a devilish grin Xanthe topped up both glasses and followed Jacqui to her room of sin.

Xanthe arrived to find Jacqui shutting off the taps and testing the water with her hand. She turned and noticed Xanthe who had now snuck up behind her, looking over her shoulder into the Jacuzzi. It was a three person model which fitted snuggly in the far corner of the room. It offered an unparalleled view of the city lights and the light traffic which passed on the road across from the high-rise.

“Water’s nice,” smiled Jacqui as she repositioned herself near the large window so she could demonstrate the Jacuzzi’s functions whilst facing Xanthe. Xanthe thrust a glass of champagne towards Jacqui, who again accepted albeit reluctantly. “Anyway, when you want to start it up you …”

Xanthe was spellbound by the Jacqui’s beauty. She had flawless olive skin, wavy blonde hair and her dust covered work clothes hid what Xanthe knew would be a well honed body. It was like being caught in a silent dream, Jacqui’s mouth projected no sound and Xanthe could do no more than smile and nod along.

The fizzy bubbles of the champagne crossed Xanthe’s tongue and it all seemed so clear. Xanthe had to have Jacqui. “So I’ll be able to use it tonight?”

“Yeah there should be no problem with that. Just try not to splash too much water on the tiling, it may still need a little longer to settle,” Jacqui added. “Got company coming over to christen the new tub, have you?”

With a wink in reply Xanthe knew that the alcohol must be getting to Jacqui. After a moment to review what she had said Xanthe could see Jacqui’s demeanor change a little, obviously embarrassed that she had made such a personal suggestion. It was the opening Xanthe was looking for.

“Well I was kind of hoping that I’d have some company to join me in the new tub. They could help me drink the rest of this champagne as well,” beamed Xanthe. It was her warm inviting voice together with her disarming body language which has so often worked like a charm. Xanthe could see Jacqui processing her statement and trying to reconcile what was being inferred with the situation she found herself in.

“So maybe I should cleanup real quick and get out of your hair.” Jacqui gathered the last of the packing and threw it in her garbage bag. With some haste Jacqui put her glass down beside the tub and collected her tools.

“No there’s no need for that,” Xanthe said softly touching Jacqui on the shoulder. “I didn’t mean that anyone was coming over.” Xanthe’s ponderous brown eyes caught Jacqui unaware as she stood silent and contemplated what was being proposed.

“Sorry I don’t follow,” stuttered Jacqui her tone almost apologetic.

“I was hoping that maybe you would like to join me in the tub.” Xanthe gently stroked Jacqui’s forearm daring to touch her midriff but waiting for some form of positive response. A look of surprise and then deep thought swept Jacqui’s face. Xanthe knew it was a daunting proposal but she had discovered through experience that being bold was the most effective approach.

“Ummm, I’m not sure if I’m understanding …” Jacqui was totally perplexed by Xanthe.

“I think you’re smarter than that,” urged Xanthe. “You’re smart and sexy, isn’t it only natural that other people should be drawn to you.” Flattery was another one of Xanthe’s favorite weapons. “I have to admit I find you absolutely hot.”

“That’s nice … but …” Jacqui stumbled trying to express herself. “It’s just that I … never … well.”

Xanthe knew the moment had arrived, now was her chance to pluck an indecisive Jacqui and act on her desires. With a hushed seductive voice Xanthe purred. “That doesn’t matter, there’s a first time for everything. I know you’re interested, you haven’t left yet, you’ve known since I arrived that I was different …”

Her hushed tone and open body language slowly but surely melted any remaining resistance Jacqui had left in her. Xanthe ambled over the remaining distance between their bodies. She placed her hands on Jacqui’s angular hips; she had a firm body under her work clothes. Xanthe placed a slow gentle kiss on Jacqui’s wet lips letting it linger for a moment before returning for a second.

At first Jacqui did not respond to Xanthe’s gentle touch, but with slowly with some remaining trepidation she loosened her lips and offered some pressure in return. With a relaxed effort Xanthe breached Jacqui’s lips with her tongue and sensually explored her mouth, mingling with Jacqui’s tongue.

Xanthe grinned to herself as she felt Jacqui’s hands tentatively touch her hips and work their way around to the small of her back. She offered encouragement by reaching around and firmly pressing Jacqui’s hands against her, the gentle direction was soon adopted as Jacqui began to search Xanthe’s figure.

“How about we get in the tub?” hinted Xanthe reinforcing it with a soft caress. Jacqui stood stoic for a moment. Her hands ceased to move, uncertain whether to go any further. Xanthe tugged Jacqui’s shirt tail free of her work shorts, and with a swift move her shirt hung loose and free.

“What … what exactly do you have in mind?” a timid Jacqui asked.

“Why don’t I show you,” Xanthe replied with an impish grin.

Xanthe stepped away from Jacqui’s uncertain grasp, she eased her business jacket off, and tossing it the short distance to the kidney shaped bed. With a calm demeanor and unbroken gaze Xanthe flew through the buttons on her white blouse. She pulled it free revealing her bare stomach and petite figure.

With little fuss Xanthe bent over and let her unfastened skirt drop to the floor, then resolutely stepping to her side and kicking the discarded garment away. Xanthe now stood in from of Jacqui in her bra, thong and heeled work shoes.

“I think it’s your turn now,” Xanthe pressed provocatively lifting her knee and caressing her thigh. It was with that naughty gesture that Jacqui modestly took hold of her shirt tail and fumbled with the bottom button. Xanthe could see her nervous hands shake and bumble their way up her shirt.

A warm moist feeling greeted Xanthe’s aroused pussy as she watched the hesitant, yet willing blonde finally free her shirt and let it fall to the floor. She was greeted with the sight of Jacqui’s well defined stomach and her firm breasts sheathed by a non-descript white sports bra.

“That’s it,” a buoyant Xanthe put forward. By now her juices were flowing and she could feel her soft nipples get harder and harder. A mild shiver ran up her spine as her body snapped to attention, she could feel all her faculties peaking.

With a more confident grasp Jacqui freed the fly of her shorts and slid the tight fitting piece of clothing down her long toned legs. As then gazed on her white cotton panties she smirked to herself, with Jacqui’s selection of underwear she obviously wasn’t intending to get intimate when she got dressed.

Noticing that Jacqui had stopped Xanthe again took the initiative. With an alluring twirl of her finger she traced a soft trail over her flesh leading to her sexy black thong. She wrapped her finger around the thong and eased it down on one side, her finger sliding around her back and fishing the string out from her cheeks.

With a slight tease Xanthe stripped her thong off letting her damp crotch kiss the warm air of the room. Jacqui stared at Xanthe’s pussy in a trance like state, one which stirred Xanthe on. With a solitary finger she pried her labia apart and teased her wetness into full arousal. She could feel the subtle sensation of her pussy swelling, becoming engorged with blood and wet with her juices.

A faint moan pursed Xanthe’s lips as she opened her eyes and stared at Jacqui. Xanthe licked her thin pink lips in a graphic manner, strode forward, unclasping her bra and flinging contemptuously away. She closed the distance to Jacqui quickly and wrapped her arms around Jacqui in a tight embrace.

As they kissed Xanthe searched her hips, finding the elastic of her underwear. With a deft motion she plucked the undergarment and peeled it away from her sodden crotch. Jacqui’s chest heaved as she inhaled deeply, Xanthe’s hand having found the back of her bra.

Jacqui’s breasts bounced free as her bra lifted up over her head, disappearing into her periphery view. She shuddered as her sensitive breasts pushed up against Xanthe’s warm skin. Xanthe kissed her passionately before breaking away. She stepped up the first tiled step to the Jacuzzi standing taller than Jacqui for the first time. As Jacqui turned to watch, Xanthe reached back gently taking her hand and giving her a peck on the forehead.

The water was soothing and warm, the jets on a temperate setting, stirring the waters softly as Xanthe lowered her body onto the small bench which ringed the tub. Jacqui stepped into the waters cautiously. She grimaced as the bubbling water splashed on her hot sex.

Xanthe’s senses were alive as the jets brushed across her hard body watching intently while Jacqui settled into the opposite seat. Xanthe leaned over and whispered into Jacqui’s ear, “I want you.”

Jacqui responded with a passionate kiss submitting to the same lust which consumed Xanthe. She could feel Xanthe’s probing hands stroke up her stomach and over her hardened nipples. Jacqui sighed as Xanthe nibbled on her neck and ear softly licking her tanned skin.

Xanthe’s roving hand slid under Jacqui’s taut butt, a curt boost lifted her up from her seat, Jacqui pushing back off the other side of the tub and lifting her breasts from the water. Xanthe longingly watched as her tits surfaced from the bubbling water and sat tantalizing close.

“You are so sexy,” purred Xanthe her own hand having found her anxious pussy and softly kneaded it. With her arm cradling Jacqui’s back she let her natural buoyancy lift her legs and let her lye in line with Jacqui. Xanthe’s horny snatch wrapped itself around Jacqui’s right leg as she rested her cheek on Jacqui’s soft chest.

“Oh my …” panted Jacqui as Xanthe delicately pecked at the flesh surrounding her erect nipple. She kissed the subtle contours of her areola sneaking a wavering tongue across the tip of her pronounced nub. Again Jacqui moaned. “That feels good.”

Xanthe took Jacqui’s right breast into her mouth easing her suction at first before increasing the pressure. Jacqui stirred under Xanthe, she led her thigh up and down Xanthe’s horny crotch eliciting a voracious increase in Xanthe’s activities.

The sound of her own heart beat thudded in her ears, pounding rapidly, and her lust took control of her. Xanthe slid her hand through the water finding the obvious outline of Jacqui’s folds. “Yes … please,” begged Jacqui in a calm yet lustful voice.
Xanthe teased the folds apart softly rubbing their length but refusing to penetrate. With a deft touch Xanthe brought Jacqui’s inflated clit to the surface, a light tap causing Jacqui to throw her golden hair back over the edge of the Jacuzzi.

“You like how I’m doing that?” cheekily posed Xanthe. Another shiver and muffled cry projected through the room. Xanthe led her fingers more vigorously over Jacqui’s puffy labia, her thumb flickering across Jacqui’s sensitive nub.

“That feels so good,” was all Jacqui could manage. With a deep breath she looked into Xanthe’s soft brown eyes. “I want more.”

Jacqui sunk back into the tub and kissed Xanthe, their tongues tangling around each other. With a look of yearning Xanthe nuzzled next to Jacqui’s ear, cheek to cheek. “Sit up on the edge of the tub.”

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