tagGay MaleXolt 2 Ch. 01

Xolt 2 Ch. 01


This will hopefully make ya'll happy. Also, for those confused, I purposely left information out in the first story. I wanted to leave it for this. I welcome you back to the world of XOLT. Thanks for reading! Please don't forget to comment and vote! I like knowing what readers think :D




It was that night we all decided to hang out at my place. We rented a bunch of movies and thought we'd have ourselves a cheesy movie night. It was fun until one of the guys asked if we could torment my brother. Well, I wasn't about to say no. They all seemed to like it when his face turned that ghastly pale green, to me it seemed crude. They all started to make gay jokes, so I had to join in...That just seemed to piss him off more, naturally, and my brother ran upstairs to his room. That was when Ryan chased him up the stairs. When Ryan came back down he asked to go home. We all thought it was odd, but he could've gotten a text from his mother or the bullying of my brother could have bothered him, so we didn't question him.

Why hadn't I noticed? It was obvious that my brother liked Ryan; sure it was odd that Steven was six years older than us, but he wasn't hurting anyone by crushing on Ryan. And if I was completely honest I would say that I notice that Ryan liked him back, it was only a matter of time before something happened between them.

That was why when I walked in from dropping the rest of my friends home I wasn't shocked at seeing my brothers room a mess. My father had trashed it; my mother was on the floor crying that god let her baby stray away. I had asked what happened. My father showed me the letter. Basically it said that he was running off with his lover.

It wasn't a secret that my brother was gay, the whole block knew. But what they didn't know was that my mother and father hated gay people, which included my brother. To the eyes of everyone else they were the perfect parents who loved their gay and Goth sons. The reality was quite different though, my mother wanted to cut all my black hair off so it would be blond again; my father wanted me to remove all my piercings and they both wanted the eye liner to go away. The same was for my brother. They wanted the gay to go, and the perfect son to stay, because he was the perfect son with an imperfection. Imperfection was not okay. But they pretended because the image was good for them.

My father told me that if I ever decided to become a 'fag' that I should either run very far away, or kill myself. The kind words of a father...

We had gotten into another argument about my lifestyle. They said that the eyeliner was too gay and that I must stop wearing it. I told them that it was my fucking body and that I could do whatever I freaking wanted to do with it. They sent me to my room without dinner.

I don't know what compelled me to walk into his room. Maybe it was just the sense that he got to do something for himself. He got to break away before he knew what was happening, he was lucky. I sat on the ripped and useless bed, looking around the war zone that was my brothers' room and started to weep. It wasn't crying, I didn't shed tears, but I made the motions, the sounds of crying. I found myself curled up on my side facing the door. My brother had his desk right beside the door and next to the window. I was cold because it was the middle of January and the window was open, but it was stuffy in the room and it needed to be aired out. No one had walked in it since he left three months ago. I decided to look at his desk, maybe I'd find a clue as to where he was. On the floor under his craptastic IKEA desk was his laptop. Luckily it wasn't damaged by my father's wrath. I could find out the last pages he ever looked at...

It wasn't hard to crack is password, it was Ryan's name. My brother had saved three tabs in his last session; a porn site, a sex toy shop, and a dating site. My brother had interesting taste, or technically he had reasonably normal taste. Other than the fact that he ran away with my best Goth friend I'd say he was vanilla. I on the other hand appeared to like the darker side of gay lust. It was something I never considered for myself.

I spent weeks on the dating site, exploring a side of me I didn't know I had. Before I found the laptop I wasn't interested in sex and I hadn't had a girlfriend, but I also hadn't found men interesting. In my mind I wasn't a sexual person, but after seeing a twink being tied up and spanked, I found I had an erection. After I masturbated I found that most of the sadness and stress went away, and after that when I got into a fight with my family that was what I'd do.

But after a month that soon lost its luster. It was no longer doing its job and I was getting angrier every time it didn't work. So, I bought a purple dildo. I would combine my toy and porn to get the ultimate release. Each time I did it I felt strong, like I was finally doing something that I liked. It worked for a while, about a month. But then something changed.

Someone had asked me about my brother's whereabouts, like I would know. 'You were close to your brother' they would all say. That was all BS. I knew nothing about my brother, and he knew nothing of me. He didn't know that my life's goal was to become an artist. One of the reasons why I loved horror was because I loved to draw monsters, especially aliens. They were cool, mysterious and literally out of this world. For some reason that day I was already pissed off and when they asked me I blew up. I locked myself in my brother's room and logged onto his computer. Masturbation was doing nothing, I couldn't get any release. So, I went on the dating site. I made an account and created my profile, stating that I was a lover of sci-fi and was into bondage.

Later that night I got a message from a man who went by the name of Leo.


My brother, Xe'Hul, and his mate Jing finally had their children; two young with bright eyes and bright futures, though, quite mutant in their appearance. They had Hul's eyes, the slits of a snake, and his teeth and tail, but they had Jing's white puffy hair and tan complexion. I was interested mainly because it isn't common to see a Chanture with a Xolt. I was very happy that the birthing went well, Jing had recovered and the young were healthy. A few weeks later Xe'Trygg and his mate Steven successfully got pregnant, though I worry more for the human. It took him about three months to achieve getting pregnant; I worry about how the birthing will be for him, or how long it will take for the fetus to mature considering his human features. I plan on keeping an extra eye on him.

Thankfully, though, he has a job. He is a teacher for the young on the ship, teaching them about Earth and other planets, as well as the art of speaking other languages. This took him about two months to get the certification, but I have a feeling he and Jing studied often. And sadly it is a continuing learning experience for him for we still have yet to travel to all planets.

One night I was bored and I was searching the human internet. I had to get Steven to explain what it was and I found the notion of a place where all common knowledge was store interesting. As I looked I somehow managed to find myself on what was called a dating site. It was for males and I searched through it, trying to understand the concept of online dating and why humans did it. As a Xolt, dating was un-necessary, you mate with whom you find attractive and strong. It was an animalistic instinct that helped ensure the reproduction of our kind. But as shown with my brothers it is now common to 'fall in love' with your mate.

When I showed Steven the site he encouraged me to find someone to talk to. He said to find someone who not only aroused me but also shared similar interests with me. So I sat in my office, plain white with black leather chair and dark wood desk, looking for a possible mate.

There was no such luck until I found this boy. His photo showed him with a fair complexion, long black hair and piercings on his face, nose, eyebrow, lip and tongue. It made me wonder if the boy had more of those elsewhere on his body. I also found this notion very attractive. The name on his account was Brandon. It said that he liked sci-fi, which I had gathered was science fiction, and bondage. When I looked it up on the internet, I was surprised at how it aroused me. When I looked at the boy's picture all I wanted to do was to tie him up and mate him senseless.

So I contacted him.

*Hello*, I said.

*Hi, how are you?*

*I am fine, yourself?*


I looked at the word with confusion. What was that supposed to mean?

*Pardon?* I asked, perhaps asking him would clear things up.

*Never mind...I'm sorry, this is my first time at this kind of thing.*

I smiled; he was so very cute, even with just text.

*As it is mine. Tell me, what do you like?* I smiled at my words, they felt strong and right. I imagined what the boy looked like on the other side of the conversation; pink lips wet and pouty with arousal, his eyes wide and needy as he squirmed in his seat.

*...Sexually or hobby wise?*

*Both. Tell me, what is it you enjoy?*

There was silence for a few moments. I was getting slightly anxious, had I done something wrong?

*Sorry, the laptop needed to be plugged in, the battery was dying. I like to draw, mainly monsters and aliens, and I love anything Science Fiction. I enjoy reading and music as well. Sexually, I like anything dark and sexy. Bondage mainly though, I'm not a huge fan of pain. What do you do for a living Leo?*

I shivered; this boy was perfect for me. I wanted him in my bed withering for my cock.

*I am a doctor.*

*Oh, really? That's pretty cool. What do you like, Dr. Leo? Sexually and hobby wise.*

*Well*, I started, *normally I just read or work. Or I visit with my brothers and my nephews. I must warn you, Brandon, I am a boring person. But sexually I'd like to tie you up to my bed and touch you lightly till you beg to cum. Then I want to grasp your cock and milk you until every drop is out. I want to watch as you wither underneath me*. It was quiet for a few moments, before I got my response. I was about to log out in defeat when I got the reply.

*I'm sorry. *

*Why are you sorry, boy?*

*I just came.*

*Just from my words?*

*Yes sir. *

My tongue snaked out and traced my bottom lip. I imagined what the boy looked like as he grasped his cock and jerked himself off. His black hair falling over his face, his blue eyes dark and hazy half closed as he bit his bottom lip, making it red and plump. As he comes all over his hand while he imagines me fucking him senseless while tied to my bed, mumbling my name softly. I gently brushed the palm of my hand over my erect penis and came in my pants. I let out a muffled cry into my shoulder. I quickly started to type into the computer.

*Very good, boy. I have to go now, but I would like to talk to you again. When can I do this?* I asked as I looked at my crotch in wonder. As a doctor I have no time to think about being in an intimate relationship—not that I didn't have Xolts who wanted to—I was just not interested, and yet I had cum in my pants without direct contact. What was the boy to me? We had only just met, and even then not in person.

*Tomorrow, same time?*

*I will talk to you then. Good night, Brandon.*

*Good night sir.*

I was determined to follow through with Brandon. I wanted him.


My room was covered wall to wall in posters and drawings. It was dark, the light of the moon falling between my dark curtains creating enough light for me to see. My desk was messy, covered in the last of my school work; I was graduating in less than a month. I had a few sketch books laying on the chair and floor. I had clothes on the floor as well, they were all dirty but I still wore them anyways. I told my parents that I was going to collage for an art degree. My parents were shocked; they thought that perhaps I'd go into acting or something more...active. Neither of them knew that I like to draw, nor did they care as long as I didn't make a fool of myself.

For some reason it pissed me off that they didn't care. But they hadn't in so long. They didn't care that my brother was no longer around, well, they did at first. Thinking that it was a disgrace to them, but after a month or so they stopped caring. But when Steven said that he was going to be a teacher, they were happy. When I said I was going to be an artist all they said was, "that's nice dear."

So I logged on. I went to Leo's profile to see if he was on. He actually was on, which surprised me. It was not our date time. We had been talking for about four months, he only showed up when it was our nightly talk. Those talks were my haven.

We talked about our lives, what we liked and what we didn't like. What our goals were and how we could achieve them. It was Leo's idea that I take up drawing for a living. I showed him a few of my sketches that I had posted online. He said that they were creative and realistic; said he really enjoyed my alien ones. I found out that he lives far away, on the other side of the planet and has two brothers. He said that being the middle child was hard but he was happy with his success in his field. He also told me about how his brothers and how they both had life partners. It made me happy that he had an open family.

When I saw that he was online, I smiled. Maybe he wanted to talk to me as much as I wanted to talk to him.

*Hey*. I typed fast on the keyboard. I didn't want to miss this chance.

*Brandon, you're on. I'm happy to see that, how are you?*

*I'm fine, thank you sir. How are you?* After talking with Leo this way it's more certain to what I like and what I want. I want Leo to be my Sir and I want to be his boy. Now if only we could meet.

*I am happier now that we can talk. How was your conversation with your parents?*

*Of course they didn't seem to give two shits. More concerned with themselves then me. Doesn't matter anyway, I'll just do it. I want to be an artist.*

*I'm proud of you, Brandon. You do what you feel is right, I will stand by you*. I blushed; lately he's become more boyfriend-like then ever. The more he praises me the more I want to make him happy. I just really want to meet him, I want to actually touch his lips with my own and tell him how much I like him.

*Thank you, sir. That makes me happy.*

*Very good. *

I wanted him to know how much I cared for him each day we spoke. I wanted to tell him that every time he praises me, tells me what a good boy I am, tells me how beautiful I am, I get hard. So hard that just wearing my cotton underwear is constricting.

I timidly wrote *I want to meet you* but didn't send it. It was a big step. If we met it would turn our casual online relationship and turn it into a serious one and I felt like there was still quite a bit missing in our conversations. We still didn't know our last names, how old we were and where we lived. But the thought of actually kissing him, touching his body, having him hold me in his arm...They were too tempting.

So I hit send.

There was no reply. Not for at least five minutes, and it felt like hours to me. I was sweating, I got out of my bed and started to pace around the room. I looked out the window and stared at the stars, looked at the moon and wondered if this was also what Leo saw, if he was looking out his window as well...

The laptop alerted me that I had a new message. I rushed over and fell to the floor; I didn't even bother to sit on my bed. I stared at the screen for a few moments and then realized that I forgot to breath and took a big gulp of air.

*When and where? *

That night I cried happy tears. I told him that I wanted to meet him after I graduated high school. He said that he would meet me the night after my graduation. I was happy, so happy that I fell asleep dreaming what it would be like to actually have him in my arms. The weeks could not go any slower.


"You said what?"

"I promised him that I would meet him the night after his graduation."

I had called Xe'Trygg to my office as soon as I sent Brandon my last reply. Apparently what I did was a huge mistake in the eyes of my younger brother. I, for one, thought he would be happy for me. I had finally found someone that I cared for. Instead he was pacing in my room with his green hair trialing behind him. He stopped and placed his hand on my desk and leaned down to me, his blue eyes staring at me with concern through strands of his coarse green hair.

"Are you sure you want to do this? Zhi, bringing a human here is hard. You of all people should know, it took us weeks to get Steven comfortable near us and months to get him socializing, and he knew me. It's going to take time and effort, can you handle that?" I looked at my brother and chuckled. I'm the youngest Xoltarin doctor our kind knows of, and yet I am still the best. If I wanted something enough I would get it by all means. And I wanted Brandon. Besides, he didn't know Brandon like I did.

"Yes, little brother, I can handle him." It also helped that Brandon was submissive to me, and he hadn't even heard my voice yet. For a Xolt my voice was fairly low and gravelly. "I will go see him, I will show him what I am, and I will ask if he wants to come with me. If he does, I'll give him the language chip and bring him home and take care of him. If not, I will erase his memory of me and send him on his way."

"Won't you be sad that he'd forget you?"

"Not at all." //Because he won't choose that path.// But my brother didn't need to know what kind of relationship we had. That was private and I wanted to keep it that way. Xe'Trygg stood up straight and walked to the door and sighed.

"Before you do anything, talk to Steven. I don't think he realizes you are dating his little brother virtually."

"I'll talk to him in the morning. You two go get some sleep, I'm sure he needs it." I looked at my younger brother and smiled. "How is he?"

"Be barely has a bump. He's happy though, taking good care of his body. He occasionally rubs his belly. I think you're right, because he's human the pregnancy is slower."

"I'm sure your mate will be fine. Did you get him your...What was it called again? Wedding ring?" I asked. Human customs was something my brother picked up when he went on his study to Earth. He also picked up his odd fashion taste and the flavour of what he called Fish. When he duplicated it with our technology it smelt revolting. Apparently it's a common food on Earth...

Xe'Trygg smiled and nodded, "yeah, I showed him the rings earlier. He loved them."

It made me happy that both my brothers could find such great Mates.


I pushed the buzzer and waited for a voice. I was outside of my brother's quarters so that I could talk to his mate. Steven was generally an understanding person, but he was fairly emotional and lately it's gotten worse due to his pregnant nature.

"Hello?" A young voice inquired. I could imagine Steven's blond locks curling around his face and his blue eyes looking puzzled.

"It is I, Xe'Zhi. I am here to request a talk with Steven-ko." I said into the speaker. This was a safety precaution. There are codes for all doors in the ship, only those with the codes can open or close them.

"Xe'Zhi, come on in. I opened the door for you."

I walked in front of the door and kept walking as the door flew into the celling of the ship and fell behind me. Steven was reading a novel while sitting on the bed and smiled when I found my way in. He waved and patted the space next to him.

The changes to Steven's appearance were very minor, his eyes took on the same pupil-less look as his mate and throughout his blond hair were small strands of green—though somehow the human managed to still look angelic with the green tarnishing his sun kissed locks.

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