tagNonHumanXXXanth Novels: Dana 1

XXXanth Novels: Dana 1


*Author's note: These are a series of stories which I am basing on one of my all time favorite fantasy works, the Xanth Novels. The actual books contain mild erotica and were a great influence on me during my earlier years. They speak of sex between numerous fantasy creatures including centaurs, elves, nymphs, harpies, mermaids, fauns, fairies, humans, dragons, naga, gorgons, and numerous others. ENJOY!*

* * * * *

Dana lay in her bed wondering what it would be like to be loved, to make love. But because she was under the age of the dread Adult Conspiracy which kept all young ones from learning the secret of how to summon storks (the people on Earth supposedly called it sex but Dana didn't believe those rumors).

As she pondered the process in her mind she tried to figure out some way she could discover the Adult Conspiracies secrets. She had tried watching her parents summon a stork but they had caught her moments before they had engaged in the act. She had seen them lying naked next to each other groaning but the bed sheets hid almost everything. She wished she knew some adult who would be willing to tell her. Suddenly an idea came to her! Why not go to the Magician of Information's castle and ask the customary question?

Of course she had to complete her years service in return for asking the question but Dana was sure it would be worth it. With that thought she got up and pulled her small dress over her head revealing the dreaded bra and panty. Men in XXXanth would do anything to get a glimpse of a girls panties so Dana had to be careful who she removed her clothes in front of. She looked down at her body enjoying the recent growth of her breasts finally maturing after years of being behind all the other young maidens. But she still was smaller then most her friends but her mother had told her she would fill out in a few years.

She unstrapped her bra and threw it in a corner. Then she climbed into her bed under the sheets. Dana enjoyed the feeling of the rough sheets on her bare nipples and let out a small moan before turning and falling asleep. Early the next morning Dana wrote a note to her parents explaining she had gone to the Magician to ask him a question and would not be back for a while. She snuck out the door and onto the dirt path that led away from the village towards the Castle of Information. As she walked she wondered why no other young person had thought of asking the Magician.

If you performed the challenges then he absolutely had to answer your question so Dana saw no problem in her logic. Dana hurried along knowing that if she did not make it to the castle by dark then she would be in trouble as all the evil monsters came out. As Dana rounded a bend the castle came into view. It was a massive grey structure with parapets, towers, and numerous other structures. Boldly she walked across the draw bridge, ignoring the Moat Monster that eyed her hungrily. She passed through a series of corridors and hallways before finally reaching the Magician's office. Supposedly the Magicians magic was knowing all answers and everything that had and would still happen.

There were only a few people with enough magic talent to be called Magicians in all the land of XXXanth. Leaned over a dusty desk piled high with papers and books was the Magician. He was short and old and looked a little like a gnome. As she walked in, her steps echoing across the cold stone floors, he looked up at her, his iron gaze pinning her in place.

Dana meekly glanced back and then spoke up," Mr. Magician, sir, ummm I was wondering, ummm if you would ummm please tell me how to summon the stork?" With the last words she felt herself blush for some strange reason. A small smirk crossed the ancient Magicians face as he stared at her with an appraising look. "Find the red egg atop Mt. Edirst." With that two attendants rushed in and escorted her out. As she stood outside the castle wondering what the Magician had meant and how it had applied to her question.

Mt. Edirst was almost all the way across the continent of XXXanth. Maybe she would learn how to summon the stork once she recieved the egg. Dana shrugged and went to the nearest town to gather supplies. As she walked along the streets she looked at all the creatures which had gathered here. There were nymphs, demons, demoness', centaurs, goblins, ogres, and the occasional troll and fairy. She went into the store marked General to purchase some items she may need. She bought a small bottle which contained and expanding tent, a curse spell, a backpack, some rope, and some food. As she was exiting the store, paying no attention to where she was going, she ran right into a young centaur colt.

Both of them fell and their stuff spilled to the ground mixing with the others items. Dana blushed as she saw the little centaur eye's scan her body pausing in the most private of places. Men, she thought to herself. As she rushed to pick up the items she noticed many items that were identical to her own.

"I'm Arthur, and I apologize for this inconvience," the centaur said in typical centaurian fashion. "My name is Dana, and it really was my fault. You don't need to apologize. I was just in such a rush to get to Mt. Edirst I wasn't watching where I was going." The centaur looked surprised and replied,"Mt. Edirst? That's where I am headed also. The Magician told me to hunt for a red egg at the top."

"REALLY?? That's what the Magician told me also. Maybe we can travel together." Dana giggled as she thought about the amazing coincedence that had befallen them. Arthur readily agreed and offered to carry Dana on his back. Dana was happy to be off her feet and quickly climbed on his back. She wrapped her arms around the centaurs bare chest as they galloped out of town and onto the road that led west, towards the Mountain. Dana felt strange twinges in her maidenhood as the soft velvety fur of Arthurs equine half rubbed against her thin panties. She even felt her nipples harden as they bounced up and down Arthurs strong little back. Arthur sniffed the air several times, smelling the scent of a female in heat and realized it was coming from his small passenger. He could feel himself harden as a result but luckily she could not see under him. He blushed as he thought about what would happen if she discovered his response to her smell. Unbeknownst to him, she too, was blushing from her unmaidenly thoughts and feelings. They had travelled for about an hour when they rode into the Black Woods. The Black Woods were notorious for evil things and its many dangers. They had only gone a few feet into the woods when out of the giant oaks two harpies swooped, screaming many foul words, and beset the companions. The adult harpies easily overcame the young friends and soon had brought them back to their small cave deep in the back of the Black Woods. Dana couldnt understand it but at the sight of the harpies naked breasts Arthur had frozen in place with his eyes and mouth opened widely. But now she had no time to think about such things as she tried to think of a way to escape. Arthur had his hands tied behind his back and his neck chained to a stake buried in the ground. She looked at herself and noticed she was tied spread eagled on a small straw mat. She felt stinging sensations on her arms and neck and noticed several scratches that had happened during her attempts at fighting. Her dress had been badly ripped and her unmentionables were almost in view to the naked eye. The harpies were no where to be seen but Dana was sure they would return in time. Dana had heard many stories regarding the horrors of being captured by harpies. A swift wind blew down the cave and chilled her to the bones. Suddenly in the entrance there were the harpies, their upper human halves naked and their lower bird halves covered in feathers. They cackled evily as they approached their two captives. One turned towards Arthur while another approached Dana. Arthur appeared to have been mesmerized by the sight of the harpies large naked breasts and hard pink nipples and could not move. Dana however, had no such obligations and tried to struggle against her bonds but it was no use. The first harpy kneeled next to Arthur and began to run her hand/wings over his smooth chest and furry body. Meanwhile the other had straddled Dana's waist and was beginning to remove her clothing. Dana screamed as she tried to free herself from the cruel grasp of the harpies. As she shook her head she noticed one harpy stroking the underside of Arthurs horse body in his private area. Her mother had told her never to look at a male centaurs back legs and what lay between them but now she could not fight it. A long red appendage appeared to be growing from between his legs. Arthur's eyes were closed and he was moaning. Dana couldnt tell if he was in pain or was enjoying it. The harpy continued to stroke his horse member and lowered her head to it and began to lick the tip. Arthur let out a loud whinny at the touch of her tongue to his cock . Dana was brought back to her own situation as she felt the cold air on her naked breasts and her southerly regions. The harpy had quickly stripped her of her clothing so now Dana was naked to the world. The harpy began to stroke her breasts and nipples pinching and squeezing. Dana was amazed at the pleasure she felt as the harpy molested her. The harpy leaned forward and licked Dana's ear sending shivers through her virgin body. "If you do not obey me I will rip each of your little maidenly nipples from your body and eat them. Do you understand?" the harpy asked in a small menacing voice. Dana silently nodded as tears ran down her cheeks. "I am going to sit across your face and I want you to lick my womanly regions. Do you understand wench?" Dana nodded again in horror as she realized what she was about to be forced to do. The harpy scooted her feathered body over Dana's trembling lips and pulled the feathers aside revealing a small slit much like Dana's own. Dana continued to cry for a few seconds and then began to lick softly and halfheartedly. The harpy grabbed one of her nipples and yanked hard yelling,"Eat me hard bitch or you will be horribly tortured." Dana's tongue began to dart in and out of the small slit and over the outer lips and then in again. Dana was intrigued by the graspings of muscles someplace inside the small hole. She heard the harpy begin to moan in obvious pleasure. Each of the flickings of Dana's tongue over her cunt caused her to shake and moan. Dana wondered if she would feel similar feelings if she was being licked. In the meantime the other harpy had continued to lick and stroke Arthurs cock and was now taking position under him spreading her own feather legs revealing another small womanly slit. She gradually pressed back on Arthurs large centaur cock and buried herself on it. Eagerly the harpy bounced forward and backwards on the invading rod savoring the centaurs horse half. Arthur responded in kind thrusting forward hard letting out small moans and whinnies as he hit the back of the harpies cunt. Arthur knew he shouldnt be doing this, whatever it was, but he could not stop himself. She was just too tight and too hot for him to stop. As the harpy beneath him moans increased Arthur felt her slit gripping his cock and stroking it from the inside. Arthur wondered about this but quickly forgot as she slid almost all the way off and then down again. Arthur stamped his hooves as he lunged forward and back burying her on his cock. The harpy was screaming curses as she pounded herself harder and harder on his manhood. She had never been filled so well then as well as she was now. She could feel the vessels in his member spasm as they prepared to unload their burden. She began to work herself into a frenzy as he pressed deep into her womb. Then with two more hot hard lunges she screamed and released herself, orgasming. Arthur had no time to wonder about her screams and the sudden rush of fluid onto his member as her cunt gripped him and pushed him over the edge and he unloaded gallon upon gallon into her harpy cunt. She lay beneath him for several minutes while fluids flowed down Arthurs legs. While this had been happening the other harpy had continued to force Dana to eat her cunt. Dana was sobbing as she tasted more juices on her tongue from the harpy's cunt. Then the harpy had leaned forward burying her face between Dana's spread legs. Dana began to feel amazing waves of passion and pleasure sweep through her violated body as the harpy expertly sucked her clit and virgin cunt. Dana gasped as the harpies tongue darted deeply into her cunt sending her into her first orgrasm. The harpy laughed as Dana moaned and sobbed at the same time as her body shook in the aftermath of orgasm. Dana continued to lick at the harpies cunt for fear of punishment until the harpy too began to spasm and grip her tongue and finally release a flow of fluid that poured onto Dana's face and into her mouth. The harpy rose and walked away from Dana towards the exit and was soon joined by her companion. Both took flight looking for food to fill them from their exertions. Dana glanced at Arthur to make sure he was okay. Their eyes met and they quickly blushed and turned away as they saw each others naked parts covered in sweat and cum from their "tortures." Dana was the first to speak."We have to get out of here Arthur. If we dont they will eat us or worse." Arthur agreed somewhat hesitatingly. Dana managed to grab a sharp bone fragment next to her place of restraint. Within 10 minutes she was free and semi dressed. Her dress was badly ripped and exposed a bit more skin then she would have liked. Dana rushed towards Arthur and knelt beside him. She worked at pulling the stake in the ground free. As she did she glanced and noticed a large limp extension which had been stroked by the harpy between his legs. She looked away and went back to work. After ten minutes of pulling and sawing Arthur was free. Dana quickly climbed on his back, her juices which had been released by her orgasm spilling through her panties onto his back. Arthur hardened again and blushed as he thought about Dana naked and what the harpy had done to him. He quickly galloped out of the cave and onto the road towards Mt. Edirst.

To Be Continued...

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