tagNonHumanXXXanth Novels: Dana 9

XXXanth Novels: Dana 9


After two months of passionate breeding with his mother and sister (who were now very pregnant), Arthur departed from his home and headed in the direction of the Good Magician's castle. The thought of seeing Dana had him very hard and the ride was a painful one.

Arthur was admitted through a rear entrance to the castle since he would not be asking the Magician a question. He was led up a set of stairs to a small waiting room where he was instructed to await his summons. Arthur had not received any word from Dana regarding the nature of her year's work and wondered as to what it had been. The servant who guided him to the room passed into a room beyond and soon returned and allowed Arthur to enter.

The sight that greeted him was a surprising one. On a large four post bed lay Dana spread eagled, her body glistening with sweat and numerous scratches covering its pale skin. Sitting next to her was Medusa, the Magician's wife, slowly stroking a very hard nipple. Dana was bound to the four posts and her eyes were blindfolded and a pair of panties shoved in her mouth silenced her except for an occasional moan.

Arthur couldn't decide between whether or not he was angry or aroused. How dare they take advantage of her promise, he thought.

Medusa grinned at his obvious bewilderment and arousal. She rose to her feet and walked around to the end of the bed, between Dana's legs. With a small smirk she bent over the mattress and began to lightly stroke and lick Dana's naked cunt. Arthur was absolutely insane with arousal now. The sight of Dana bound and gagged, being eaten out by the beautiful naked wife of one of the most powerful men in the land was maddening.

The exposed cunt lips glistening between two finely rounded ass cheeks was the final straw for Arthur. He strode bravely towards the bent form of Medusa and mounted her, his cock head pressing against her moist cunt lips. With a powerful lunge Arthur entered deep into the tight cunt of Medusa. Arthur groaned as he felt the tight walls of the hot hole encircle him and draw him in deeper. He began to angrily thrust deeper and deeper into her, forcing the snake covered head deep into Dana's slit. Dana began to writhe in passion and thrust herself painfully up against the ropes in an effort to allow Medusa deeper entrance. Medusa was making small mewling sounds as she slurped on Dana's juices and as she was pounded by the strong young centaur. Arthur loved the feeling of Medusa's cunt. It was surprisingly hot and tight for a woman who was well over 200 years old. His breathing grew heavy as he plunged himself in deeper, feeling the back of her womb press against his tip. Medusa was being driven insane by the feel of the centaur's cock. It was much longer and rougher then her husband's although it wasn't as thick. She began to grind her hips in circles as she clenched and unclenched her cuntal muscles.

Her snakes were going insane, plunging themselves into Dana's cunt while others nipped at her hardening clit. Arthur thought he would be driven over the edge by the sudden movements of Medusa on his hard cock, but to his amazement he was not. He increased his pace as he sought release deep in the hot depths of the woman's cunt. The sight of her snakes busying themselves in Dana's cunt was further driving him to an edge he could not seem to reach. Dana, meanwhile, had not realized that Arthur was present in the room. She thought that the Magician had taken a break and was responsible for the heavy breathing and slurping noises of a cock pounding in and out of a woman's cunt.

The blindfold surrounding her eyes muffled her hearing and helped heighten her sense of touch and of smell. Dana could smell the strong scent of her own arousal intermixing with that of Medusa. Dana shuddered as what she could only presume to be a snake nibbled on her hard bud. She thrust up against the invasive tongue of Medusa in an effort to bring more pleasure to herself. Medusa was expertly skilled with her tongue and the rapid strokes and slow slurps were maddening. Dana had learned one thing about the talent of Medusa. Not only would her sight turn a man to stone, but her cunt never allowed any man who entered her to cum (keeping the man as hard as stone). Dana had been fucked anally many a time by the fat cock of the Magician after long periods of endless fucking with his wife. She figured she soon would be privied to the thick cock of the Magician again. Arthur drove in and out of the woman under him trying to bring some release for himself.

His increase in pace had already caused Medusa's cunt to explode several times in waves of clenching muscles and wet juices. Finally in frustration he pulled himself free, his cock dripping between his legs, covered in her juices. Medusa brought Dana to another orgasm with a flick of her tongue and rose, leaving the young girl shaking in pleasure on the bed. Medusa smirked again as she turned and planted a kiss upon Arthur's stunned face. Arthur tasted Dana's juices on the tongue forcing itself into his mouth. Just as quickly as that tongue was there, it was gone. Medusa moved around the bed untying and retying the ropes until Dana was tied bent over the end of the bed, much as Medusa had just been. Arthur understood what the woman wanted and was very glad to appease the request. He quickly mounted Dana folding his front legs under him. Dana realized that she was being mounted by either a horse or a centaur as she felt the soft fur of an animal press against her naked back. She felt a large cock press against the waiting entrance of her slit.

Dana felt a slight shift in weight before the cock pounded itself deep into the recesses of her spread cuntal lips. She felt the rough surface of a cock covered in blood engorged veins begin to stroke in and out of her as she thrust backwards on the cock. She soon was gasping into the panties moist with Medusa's juices that gagged her. Arthur was in his element as he pounded into the young cunt lips of his wife. Dana was obviously in pleasure as she pounded backwards on his cock. Her cunt was tighter then he remembered it and her lack of control led him to believe she had not been fucked cuntally since they had last seen each other. Dana loved the feeling of finally having a cock buried in her cunt after long months of oral and anal sex with Medusa and Humphrey. The wide head of the cock pressed deep in her allowing the cunt walls to grip in behind it, before it slid backwards out the entrance to her tunnel. Arthur was very near cumming now as his cock began to spasm and the veins flared outward as he began to drip inside her. Then as Dana exploded into a powerful orgasm, Arthur too came in massive jets of cum that poured for several minutes. Medusa was soon behind him slurping up the cum that poured outside the joined pair. Dana was suddenly distraught as she screamed in pleasure and as she realized that she had now been bred by someone other then Arthur.

After several minutes of gasping Dana was untied by Medusa and her blindfold was pulled free to reveal her mysterious partner.... Arthur!!!! Dana ran and wrapped her arms around him, pressing her breasts into his strong bare chest. Arthur was quickly filled on the details of the past months when Dana remembered something rather important. "Arthur, I'm pregnant with your child!" Arthur was stunned into a proud silence as he realized that he would soon have three children. After spending another evening with Dana and the magical couple he left for home to anxiously await his next meeting with her. Arthur was happy that Dana was being well cared for and knew that he would be too as he saw his mother and sister standing outside their home waiting for him. Arthur hardened and charged towards the pregnant pair. Arthur's sister presented herself first as Rahni began to slowly lick her milk-laden nipples and began to stroke the small rounding of her belly.

Arthur mounted his sister and thrust his cock deep into her cunt. Despite two months of heavy fucking she remained very tight. Arthur thrust maddeningly into her tight twat anxious to fill her with more of his cum. She moaned as her nipples were sucked by her mother and as her brother filled her with his thick cock. Arthur's rough surface was driving the silky walls of her cunt wild and soon she was spasming and twitching in orgasmic bliss. Arthur soon followed with a long blast of milky white jizz. As he dismounted and waited to mount his mother, Arthur knew he would be well cared for in his wait.

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