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Flash One-Hundred-Fifty-two: Some Massaging Shots: 3rd Person: Past Tense:

1----- At this moment [the demo dude] was moving nakedly quick with the quickening movement of [a jay bird man] in search of {a big assy bitch mate}, and [the demo dude] still had [the demo dude's] long thick cock still half erect while [the demo dude] was rushing by within the secret corridors of the secret secretions society's secret demonstrations building.

2----- This was because [the demo dude] had just finished coming from just a little while ago finishing assfucking Assareena-Assaringa to incensorially-censored), and [the demo dude] was rushing away from [the demo dude's] scene of the scenic crime.

3----- Just then right now, by what now turned out to be a happy coincidence for [the demo dude], (Krysti-Lyn was nude as {a big bare big assed lady char} could be that was only wearing a pair of high heels , and Krysti-Lyn was also rushing by.

4----- Krysti-Lyn was going in the opposite direction to [the demo dude] and Krysti-Lyn was gonna rush right past [the demo dude]. But just before Krysti-Lyn came up beside [the demo dude], [the demo dude] made the secret secretion society's sign of the swizzle stick reverently.

5----- Now, the secret secretion society's sign of the swizzle stick is a long squiggly line from forehead to groin done with the right hand but with the right hand's edge usually facing [the blasphemer's] face or {the blasphemeress's} ass. But in this instance, [the demo dude] pointed [the demo dude's] right hand's edge toward [the demo dude]. Thereby signifying to Krysti-Lyn that [the demo dude] was now willing to do anything on {the big assed bitch's} behalf even willingly becoming [a blasphemer].

6----- But [the demo dude] had to make the secret secretion society's sign of the swizzle stick swiftly, on account'a (Krysti-Lyn's long leggy curvaceous and nude figure was swingingly swiftly rushing up to and right on by [the demo dude] so fast. And [the demo dude] wanted to make sure Krysti-Lyn saw [the demo dude's] loving obeisance to {the big assed bitch}.

7----- Still [the demo dude] knew [the demo dude] was taking [a blasphemer's] blasphemous chance. 'Cause if Krysti-Lyn misread [the demo dude's] swizzle stick sign, if Krysti-Lyn didn't notice [the demo dude's] right hand's edge was pointing toward [the demo dude] and not at Krysti-Lyn, {the big assed bitch'd} get mad.

8----- In the secret secretions society there's no greater insult than having the sign of the swizzle stick pointed at [anybody seeing the swizzling sign]. Even {the big assed bitches} don't like that when {the big assed bitches seeing the swizzle motion of the sign} see that the secret secretion society's sign of the swizzle stick's manic motion is being pointed directly at {the big assed bitches that see the swizzle stick sign's manic mobility}.

9----- Krysti-Lyn might get mad enough to immediately and voluntarily assume Krysti-Lyn's Kokky {the kore kunt kommander persona} right there.

10----- Though, of course, [the demo dude] knew already that Krysti-Lyn's usual way to get turned into Krysti-Lyn's Kokky {the kore kunt kommander persona} either willingly or unwillingly or both unwillingly and willingly was to touch the motionary hotspot that excited Krysti-Lyn's cunt.

11----- Actually {every big assed lady char} in the secret secretions society had two hotspots secretly installed by [the fiend] when [the fiend] converted {each big assed lady char}. But [the fiend] kept this information from {the big assed lady chars}, and [the mad inventor fiend] also kept {the balc's} motionary hotspots data from [just about everybody else] in the secret secretions society that didn't have a secret secretion's society's societally clear and well defined need to know. So, {most of the big assed lady chars} didn't know {every big assed lady char} had those two access points in {each big assed lady char}. If {every big assed lady char} had known, {every big assed lady char'd} always be self inducing {each big assed lady char} into a continually orgasmic state for the intense sexual pleasure a continually orgasmic state gave {every big assed lady char}).

12----- In fact, that's why [the fiend] made the hotspots very motionary hotspots. In case {one of the big assed lady chars} accidentally auto erotically touched {one of the big assed lady char's} in a motionary hotspot's temporarily stationed spot and went into an orgasmic state), {every big assed lady char} wouldn't be able to repeat the experience at will 'cause {every balc's} motionary hotspot's temporarilly stationary spot would've moved somewhere's else by the next day.

13----- From time immemorial, {every balc's} temporarily stationed motionary hotspot's exact position for cunt and ass on any given day for {all the big assed lady chars in the society} was always found profligately and very profusely indicated on the predictions calendar of all {hot lady} hotspots.

14----- And by a happy fall of [the demo dude's] die, [the demo dude], though unauthorized to have done so, had succeeded in finagling a copy of the current month's {hot lady} hotspots calendar from [the suckle baby doc] for [the demo dude's] unspecified services rendered.

15----- Now [the demo dude] was in just as much of a hurry as Krysti-Lyn.

16----- 'Cause [the demo dude] had an appointment already scheduled to go interview [applicant 79].

17----- And [that applicant], and [applicant 79's] {big assed incensorially-censored gal protege}, were already seated and waiting for [the demo dude] in [the demo dude's] assing displays room.

18----- And [the demo dude] hated being late for [the demo dude's] appointments. 'Cause [the demo dude] prided [the demo dude's] prized pride on [the demo dude's] competence at [the demo dude's] work in the assing displays room. And [the demo dude] wouldn't've been late except for the fact that [the demo dude] had spent so much time prepping Assareena-Assaringa as [the demo dude's] {assy little gal display girl}).

19----- That had worked out real good at first 'cause Assareena-Assaringa was such {a beautifully big assed incensorially-censored }. In fact, that had worked out so good that [the demo dude'd] gotten carried away and had to send Assareena-Assaringa over to [the incensorially-censored]).

20----- So now [the demo dude] was late for [the demo dude's] appointment with [applicant 79] and had {no fit and proper display girl} to show [applicant 79].

21----- That's why [the demo dude] was so quick to obeise [the demo dude] and make [the demo dude's] abjectly debased sign of the swizzle stick as soon as [the demo dude] saw (Krysti-Lyn's lewdly fleshy and corruptingly curvy and thoroughly denuded body, and as soon as [the demo dude] thought, "Wow, what {a great assy display girl} Krysti-Lyn would make".

22----- Krysti-Lyn didn't like working as [the demo dude's] {assy gal display girl} so much, but [the demo dude'd] convinced Krysti-Lyn to do {assy gal display girl} work once or twice before and Krysti-Lyn was really good at {assy gal display girl} use. So Krysti-Lyn was {the ideal lushly asscheeked replacement display bitch} for Assareena.

23----- And [the demo dude] hoped Krysti-Lyn noticed [the demo dude] was swizzle sticking [the demo dude] for {the assy bitch}.

24----- Krysti-Lyn did notice. But Krysti-Lyn was in such a hurry, and Krysti-Lyn was walking so fast that, by the time [the demo dude] finished [the demo dude's] swizzle sticking of [the demo dude] in an abjectly debasing manner before {the assy bitch}, Krysti-Lyn was more than 3 paces past [the demo dude]. Though, of course, Krysti-Lyn was looking back at [the demo dude] over the soft bare flesh of (Krysti-Lyn's nude left shoulder.

25----- Krysti-Lyn smiled at [the demo dude] and stopped. Krysti-Lyn liked [the demo dude's] nice swizzle stick compliment that [the demo dude'd] just given {the assy bitch}. So, even though Krysti-Lyn was in a horrible hurry, still, Krysti-Lyn stood still for [the demo dude]. And while still looking back at [the demo dude] over ({the big assed bitch's} denudedly revealed left shoulder, Krysti-Lyn let [the demo dude] have a good long look at Krysti-Lyn's big bare assed behind's superbly formed asscheeks. And, right at that proportionately propitious moment, Krysti-Lyn even wiggled and clenched Krysti-Lyn's big supple fleshed assmounds for [the demo dude] a few times). And Krysti-Lyn's sexual dynamism organ which was one of the most hyperactive ones among {all the big assed lady chars} in the secret secretions society and double powered to boot immediately sent little tremors of pleasure coursing through {the assy bitch} while Krysti-Lyn stared at the sight of [the demo dude's] long thick cock's little eyelet.

26----- But Krysti-Lyn really was in horrid hurry, so Krysti-Lyn made no move to come back to [the demo dude]. Instead Krysti-Lyn asked [the demo dude], "What does [the demo dude] want?" And pretending to be angry, Krysti-Lyn clicked both {the assy bitch's} high heels on the society's secret demos building's corridor floor's flagstones quite smartly and very loudly and Krysti-Lyn said, "{this big assed bitch} knows [the demo dude] wants something. What does [the demo dude] want?"

27----- "Listen {assfuck bitch}, {this big assed bitch's} got to help [the demo dude] right now," [the demo dude] told Krysti-Lyn, while [the demo dude] was stepping up close behind ({the big assed bitch's} lusciously denuded asscheeks's hot to the touch asscheeks. And [the demo dude] got real close behind {the big assed bitch's} hotly fleshed asscheeks and, [the demo dude], reaching forward with [the demo dude's] same right hand that [the demo dude'd] used to swizzle stick [the demo dude] for Krysti-Lyn, [the demo dude] usefully used [the demo dude's] swiftly moving right hand on Krysti-Lyn as [the demo dude] grabbed Krysti-Lyn's nude right hip's soft flesh tightly so Krysti-Lyn couldn't get away).

28----- And [the demo dude] knew [the demo dude] was way stronger than Krysti-Lyn when Krysti-Lyn wasn't in Krysti-Lyn's Kokky, {kore kunt kommander persona}. And [the demo dude] knew so long as [the demo dude] didn't trigger Krysti-Lyn's double powered sexual dynamism organ in the wrong way Krysti-Lyn would remain Krysti-Lyn.

29----- Luckily for [the demo dude], [the demo dude] knew where both of Krysti-Lyn's motionary hotspots were due to be today. The hotspot that excited Krysti-Lyn's asshole was in a certain spot on the back of Krysti-Lyn's right hip today , and [the demo dude] was right now busily kneading Krysti-Lyn's asshole hotspot with the thumb of [the demo dude's] right hand. And [the demo dude] was being careful to stay away from the motionary hotspot that excited Krysti-Lyn's cunt. 'Cause [the demo dude] knew Krysti-Lyn's cunt arousing hotspot had been specially designed by [the fiend] to immediately turn Krysti-Lyn into Kokky, {kore kunt kommander}).

30----- And [the demo dude] didn't want to accidentally turn Krysti-Lyn into Kokky, {the kore kunt kommander of the kkk}. 'Cause this would mean that, instead of getting Krysti-Lyn to help [the demo dude] in the assing displays room , [the demo dude'd] have to help Krysti-Lyn find incensorially-censored to take to [the fiend].

31----- Still, [the demo dude] wasn't afraid. So long as [the demo dude] stayed away from the motionary hotspot that excited Krysti-Lyn's cunt and concentrated on the hotspot that excited Krysti-Lyn's asshole , Krysti-Lyn wouldn't be able to think of anything but getting ass reamed as quickly as possible, by anything and [anyone]).

32----- And Krysti-Lyn was always easy to control. Krysti-Lyn was {one of the most submissive big assed lady chars} in the secret secretions society. Krysti-Lyn loved being tied up and manhandled roughly).

33----- "The rougher the better" Krysti-Lyn'd always told [the demo dude], which always made [the demo dude] get extremely rough with {the big assed bitch}.

34----- That's why, after [the demo dude'd] thoroughly massaged the motionary hotspot that excited Krysti-Lyn's ass and asshole , [the demo dude] curled the fingers of [the demo dude's] right hand into a talon shape and really dug [the demo dude's] long fingers into the soft flesh of {the big assed bitch's} nude right hip).

35----- And the fact, that [the demo dude] immediately pressed and shoved [the demo dude's] long cock's shaft into the deep crack between {the assy bitch's} superbly shaped and out thrusting asscheeks did a lot to set Krysti-Lyn to trembling erotically. And whenever Krysti-Lyn trembled erotically, {the big asscheeked bitch's} big supple asscheeks tended to squeeze [any man's] shaft that happened to be throbbing in the deep crack of {the big asscheeked bitch's} ass).

36----- This now didn't seem like Krysti-Lyn was in that much of a hurry anymore. The moment Krysti-Lyn felt [the demo dude's] cock on {the assy bitch's} big bare ass, a submissive signal erupted in Krysti-Lyn's sexual dynamism organ. And Krysti-Lyn immediately began rubbing Krysti-Lyn's big ass on [the demo dude's] cock , trying to trap the tip of [the demo dude's] cock with the tight mouth of Krysti-Lyn's converted asshole, or between the thick soft lips of Krysti-Lyn's converted cunt.

37----- "Oh, [you'll] have to fuck {this big assed bitch} quick," Krysti-Lyn told [the demo dude]. " 'Cause {this big assfucking bitch's} in a hurry." But [the demo dude] knew Krysti-Lyn wasn't in any hurry to get away now. Krysti-Lyn's hurry was all for the assfucking Krysti-Lyn now expected from [the demo dude] to begin immediately. But [the demo dude] knew Krysti-Lyn wouldn't budge from where [the demo dude] had {the assy bitch} till {the big asscheeked bitch's} asshole tasted the whole length of [the demo dude's] shaft).

38----- But [the demo dude] also knew [the demo dude] was gonna have to get Krysti-Lyn really hot to get Krysti-Lyn to agree to come be [the demo dude's] {assy gal display girl} in the assing displays room. And [the demo dude] knew Krysti-Lyn'd remember the last time. And [the demo dude] knew Krysti-Lyn wouldn't want to go through that again unless Krysti-Lyn was forced to generate a really submissive signal from {the big assy bitch's} hyperactive sexual dynamism organ. And [the demo dude] knew {none of the big assed lady chars} liked the way [the demo dude] treated {any of the big assed lady chars} in the assing displays room. That's why [the demo dude] usually used {incensorially-censored big assed gals} like Assareena-Assaringa. Hardly {any of those incensorially-censored big assed bitches} knew what was gonna happen, and so didn't put up much of a struggle beforehand.

39----- So [the demo dude] clawed at the motionary hotspot that excited Krysti-Lyn's asshole with [the demo dude's] right hand. At the same time using that cruel grip to keep {the big assed bitch's} big ass pressed up tightly against [the demo dude's] cock. And [the demo dude] just kept [the demo dude's] huge erection, which was hard as iron and pointing straight up, riding up and down in Krysti-Lyn's asscrack). This let {the assy big bitch} feel the whole underside of [the demo dude's] long cock on {the big assed bitch's} ass. But this also kept {the assy bitch} from maneuvering well enough to get the tip of [the demo dude's] long cock into {the big asscheeked bitch's} asshole or {the assy bitch's} cunt.

40----- Krysti-Lyn raised {the big assed bitch's} arms and reached backwards over {the assy bitch's} head to try and grab [the demo dude's] face, murmuring hotly, "Come on, get that cock in, 'cause {this big assfucking bitch's} hot for this cock."

41----- Krysti-Lyn's back arched in a big bow shape with Krysti-Lyn's lewd effort to get [the demo dude] to assfuck Krysti-Lyn quickly. And this made {the big assed bitch's} big lush breast mounds jiggle separately on {the big asscheeked bitch's} chest.

42----- So [the demo dude], reaching round the left side of Krysti-Lyn's luscious nude figure, grabbed Krysti-Lyn's left nipple between the fingers of [the demo dude's] left hand, and pulled on Krysti-Lyn's left breast's nipple cruelly.

43----- Delight rushed through Krysti-Lyn so fast, Krysti-Lyn started to butt crush [the demo dude's] cock with hard thrusts of {the big asscheeked bitch's} big behind's lush asscheeks, and Krysti-Lyn undulated {the assy bitch's} big ass all over [the demo dude's] groin, trying to bend [the demo dude's] cock into {the assy bitch's} asshole).

44----- "Come on," Krysti-Lyn cried, "If [you] don't stick this cock in, {this big assfucking bitch's} gonna bend that big cock and break this long hard on." And Krysti-Lyn went up on {the assy bitch's} toes trying to get the large round tip of [the demo dude's] cock into the tight mouthy ring of Krysti-Lyn's asshole).

45----- But [the demo dude] needed to get {the big asscheeked bitch} hot enough to agree to be [the demo dude's] {assy gal display girl} so [the demo dude] could keep [the demo dude's] appointment with [applicant 79].

46----- This was the only way [the demo dude] could think of at the moment to keep [the demo dude's] unblemished record as [the demonstrations expert] of the secret secretions society secure from any criticism.

47----- So [the demo dude] continued to knead the motionary hotspot that excited Krysti-Lyn's asshole with the claw shape of [the demo dude's] right hand.

48----- "Oh, good, got {this big assy bitch} so hot," Krysti-Lyn screamed. "Oooh, {this big assfucking bitch'll} do anything. Assfuck {this big assed bitch}, please, assfuck {this big assed bitch}." And Krysti-Lyn reached behind {the big asscheeked bitch's} big behind with both hands and spread {the big asscheeked bitch's} asscheeks for [the demo dude] so [the demo dude] could see how Krysti-Lyn's rosebud was muscularly pulsing, open and close, for [the demo dude's] cock).

49----- But [the demo dude] refused to shaft {the assy bitch} in {the assy bitch's} luscious ass. 'Cause [the demo dude] was waiting for the sign that Krysti-Lyn had been forced to generate a really submissive signal from {the big assed bitch's} hyperactive sexual dynamism organ. And [the demo dude] knew then Krysti-Lyn would refuse nothing to [the one] that put {the big asscheeked bitch} in such a state.

50----- Having stretched both Krysti-Lyn's nipples roughly and cruelly with [the demo dude's] left hand for some time now, [the demo dude] moved [the demo dude's] left hand up to the front of Krysti-Lyn's soft throat. And [the demo dude's] left hand cupped [the demo dude's] left hand round both sides of {the assy bitch's} jaw and [the demo dude] pulled Krysti-Lyn's head to the left and back, so [the demo dude] could watch {the big assed bitch's} eyes carefully). And [the demo dude] was sure [the demo dude] noticed the exact moment when the vermilion cloud flashed up into Krysti-Lyn's eyes. Both of Krysti-Lyn's eyes turned dark as rubies, with a white intense dot in the center of each. And [the demo dude] knew this meant Krysti-Lyn's sexual dynamism organ had inflamed and sent orgasmic and submissive signals throughout {the assy bitch's} whole body. And [the demo dude] knew Krysti-Lyn's submissive orgasmic state would last for several hours, and keep Krysti-Lyn tuned to [the demo dude], [the demo dude's] voice, and [the demo dude's] touch, and to [no one else] unless [the demo dude] commanded Krysti-Lyn.

51----- So now [the demo dude] felt safe. For the next several hours, Krysti-Lyn would respond only to the sound of [the demo dude's] voice or the feel of [the demo dude's] touch) and Krysti-Lyn would do whatever [the demo dude] commanded Krysti-Lyn to do. And [the demo dude] didn't even need to fear touching the motionary hotspot that excited Krysti-Lyn's cunt. Not even {the big assed bitch's} Kokky, {the kore kunt kommander of the kkk persona}, could supersede the effect of the vermilion cloud.

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