tagAnalYeah, My Ass!

Yeah, My Ass!


I am still surprised, as I walk into the store. Not surprised so much that I am in the store, but surprised as to the reason why I am there.

As the black doors close behind me, I adjust my eyes to the bright lights. I went to the store in the early afternoon, thinking I should have a relative degree of privacy. I could care less who saw me in there- it's just my tendency to scare the guys by standing next to them as they check out the lesbian porn!

There were a couple of other ladies in the store, minding their own business. The lady behind the counter said a polite "hi" to me as I headed towards the section with the "goods" I intended to purchase.

The wall was full of the "product" I wanted. . .the selection was too expansive! There was product from the top of the wall to the bottom, then about eight feet across! I didn't know where I wanted to start. I just dove in, picking up packages, flipping them over, gauging the weight the of objects, the colors, textures, etc. As I went over each product (sometimes giggling to myself) I let my mind wander back to you.

I wonder if you are serious, do you really want this? Or, are you just testing me, to see how serious I am? Perhaps "it" is something you just think you want. . .theory, yet not in reality? I begin to wonder what you will think of me, when I show up with my purchase. I become entranced in my thoughts. I start to think my "eternal question." How do I, as a female, say to a man that there are activities I want to experience sexually? How do I tell him I want to abandon myself to pleasure, to discovering all of my body? How do I tell him I want him to abandon himself to pleasure with me, as well? How do I express my sexual self, my sexual desires, my sexual wants without losing regard for me as an intelligent, respectable woman? It is my classic "Madonna vs. Whore" debate.

I realize this "personal question" of mine will not be solved in the next ten minutes.

I have narrowed my choices down to about four objects. They are pretty similar, but the one I ultimately select has won my favor due to the fact it is purple. I take it to the employee, handing the box to her with my credit card on top. She checks the box, making sure it was still sealed as it was sent from the factory. She makes idle chit-chat with me, suggesting I should buy some lube for my purchase. She shows me the one she said she prefers to use, giving me a "taste." I tell her to give me the big bottle of the peach flavored stuff-- might as well buy in economies of scale.

One of the other customers comes up the counter as the clerk is waiting for my card to clear. This customer looks at what I am buying, asking me if she could ask me a question. I tell her to shoot--

This lady wants to know if the object is for me! I tell her yes; however, I plan to be the one "using" it! We all giggle like schoolgirls. My card clears, I sign the slip, take my receipt and the black bag as I leave the store.

When I get home, I "try on" the merchandise. Wow, I think. It is a nifty thing on me. I try it on with various lingerie outfits, trying to figure out the one I like it best with! I settle on a short strappy nightie, made of crushed gray velvet.

I spend the next few days telling you how I have something "special" for you, but it is not anything we can play with on a school night. You are curious, and I suspect you have an idea as to what I am hinting towards. . .you ask me outright what I have bought. I think my refusal to tell you has you going crazy! I know you are an intensely busy person, filling your weekends up rapidly with commitments to your family and friends. So, I leave the time open for you. I tell you to tell me when you think you will have some uninterrupted time for me, sans the stress of having a busy day the next day.

Eventually, you find the time for me. I tell you we are going to have so much fun, we may just pass out from pleasure! You say you are "up" for that, and I tell you I will see you later. When I see you later on in the evening, I am delighted by your Butt Nekkid door greeting. I enter, give you a big kiss, plus the standard ass squeeze I love to give you. I drop my bag to the floor, telling you I am so excited I think I am going to just bust!

I ask for your forgiveness, because I don't want to make small talk. I just want to be naked with you, trying to find the answer to the "eternal question."

You oblige me, heading back to your bedroom, while I stop off in the bathroom. I emerge in the gray velvet nightgown, nipples hard. I bring my bag with me, telling you we are going to have some serious fun on this chilly fall night!

We start off with wet kisses. I take pleasure from your oral skills, as we tease each other. You run your hands all over my body, spending extra time on my nipples. You ask me if my pussy is wet; I move your hand down to my honey pot so you can see for yourself. You tell me you want to taste me, and I can't resist. I know I am supposed to be running the show, yet you are so cute, how can I refuse your tongue lapping at my clit and wet pussy?

I lean back onto the bed, raising my knees. You tell me to take off the lingerie, but I just pull it up around my waist. I immediately peak in my first wave of pleasure. . .you tell me you want to keep making me come, and come, and come, until I begged you stop because I am exhausted. The idea is enticing, though I had other plans for your indulgence!

I sneak in a couple more orgasms, as you grip my hips tightly so you can enjoy my juices slipping out of me. I tell you there is something I want to do to you. . .you must take your fabulous mouth off of my pussy for me to give you ultimate fun!

You let me up, switching positions with me. You ask me questions, but I don't answer. I tell you to just relax, get ready for fun . . .

I sit next to you, touching you all over your face, your neck, your chest, your arms, your stomach, your legs, (I skip over your hard cock. . .) I even tickle your feet! I tell you to relax, quietly talking to you. I tell you how wonderful your tongue felt on me, how hard my nipples are, how my skin is on fire. . .I tell you how wet I am. . .I tell you about how I can't shake you from my mind. . .I push your legs open a bit, massaging your balls. You had been softly moaning all along, but your moans get louder as I play with your balls.

I reach into my naughty bag, and pull out a small bottle. I tell you to look at me, as I dip my fingers into my wet hole. Your excitement steps up a level as I lick my fingers clean. I can smell the muskiness of me in the room. I get wetter. You watch me pour a bunch of the goo on my fingers. You ask me what is that. . .I choose not to answer-- you are a smart boy.

I put my hand underneath your balls, pushing your legs open wide. I start to rub that tender part guys call the "tain't"-- tain't your balls and tain't your ass. . .I appreciate your moans of delight. I can tell you want me to continue on. I do an emotional temperature check, asking you if I am free to explore all of your body. Yes, you tell me, calling me a silly girl for even thinking otherwise. . .

I massage your ass. You are unbelievably hot there. I continue to play there, right at the opening of your ass. . .I use my other hand to play with your cock-- it was already rock hard, and I didn't want to continue to ignore one of my favorite parts of you. I began to slowly stroke your cock, as I continued to rub your ass.

I start to be more adventurous in my probing. I tell you to tell me to stop if I start to do anything that doesn't feel good. . .you tell me yeah, asking me not to stop anything I am doing to you. I slowly work my middle finger into your ass. Not too far, just a little bit. . . you are so hot there, I can hardly stand it! I feel your muscles relax a bit, as I start to slide my finger in and out of you.

My body is sizzling; I am intoxicated with thoughts of what I want to do to you. I continue on, slipping my finger in and out of you. I work my way up to two fingers, asking you how that feels- - -for once you are at a loss for words-- you just look at me, grinning. I ask your permission to go further, you tell me yes.

I slide my fingers out. I hop off of the bed, digging into my bag for my object. I turn my back to you as I take it out (oh, you know what is going to happen from this point) and slip my legs into the harness. I pull it up to me, making sure it is positioned properly in front of my clit. I tighten the straps, then I "test" it, making sure it will stay on me. I turn towards you. The left strap on my lingerie has fallen down on my shoulder, revealing my breast and a perky nipple you like so much.

You can also see I have a virtual "tent" in the front of my nightie! I pull the velvet back, exposing the purple passion pole. As I lube it up, I tell you it is about five inches long, and about an inch wide. I also tell you it is made of a soft jelly material, so it will bend a bit. I massage my "addition" in the manner I have seen all the male porn stars do it. . .funny how a dick makes a chick feel really powerful!

I settle myself on my knees in between your legs. I tell you to just relax. I tell you how much I want to fuck you, feel you from the inside. I tell you how much I want you to receive what I have to give you. . . I use my finger again at your ass, to relax the muscles. I tell you how hot I think you look, waiting for me to fuck you-- I start to press the tip of "my" cock at your ass. Slowly, you let me in. I continue to gradually slip it in you. I put your legs up on my shoulders, giving me an excellent angle into you. I lean forward, pushing my toy all the way into you. I look to your face, to make sure I am not hurting you. . .you have an interesting look on your face. . .one whereby you are trying to figure out if you are enjoying yourself. I slowly start to pull "myself" back out of you. . .I have to look down since I can't truly feel my "tip." Your face changes back to satisfaction. . .I start to slide back in. I continue to move my hips back and forth. . .I think you are loving what I am doing to you, especially my tits bouncing up and down. As I go forward on you, your hard, straining cock hits me in the stomach.

I put your legs down. I squirt a bunch more of the lube on "my" cock as I bring it in and out of you. I can't stop looking down at what I am doing, being jealous of a view you have all of the time! You are moaning; I tell you how tight you are, how wonderful you are, how much I am enjoying fucking you. . .

I then lean forward onto my arms. holding myself up over you. You can feel my breasts hitting your chest. . .I come up to pull the strap down off of my other shoulder, so you can feel my hard nipples on your chest. I wish I could get far enough up to kiss you; alas, I am too short. I tell you I am going to fuck you, and fuck you some more, suck you, then fuck you some more! I go in and out of your body, in perfect cadence. The end of "my" dick is rubbing on my love button. I start to gasp as I realize it will be mere seconds until I have another mind-numbing orgasm.

As I continue to stroke in you, it happens. I feel the juice flow from me, as I pull all the way out of you. I quickly bend down, taking your extraordinary hard cock into my mouth. It doesn't take me too long licking and sucking on you to make you spurt!

I fall down next to you. You grin, as I ask what. Turnabout is fair play, you tell me.

Only if you use "your" real cock, I tell you. . .

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