tagNonConsent/ReluctanceYearly Exam Ch. 04

Yearly Exam Ch. 04


Kelly's apartment was huge, spacious, modern. When she led me in I couldn't believe she afforded it on a nurse's salary.

"Well, as you now know, I'm not just a nurse. They pay me a huge salary because of the extra services I provide."

"Wow," I said, astonished.

"Come on slut, let me show you the bathroom."

We walked into a large, marble bathroom with a walk-in shower and a large bathtub.

She started filling it and told me to get undressed. I took my clothes off. As I lifted my shirt over my head I felt the hardened cum in my hair.

"Good girl. Kneel here and wait for the bath to fill. When it does, turn this knob off and get in and wait for me."

The tub filled fast. I turned off the valve and got into the hot water, my muscles tensing from the shock of it. I splashed the water on my face and dunked my hair in.

She came back in wearing just a white bra and white satin panties. She took a loofah and soaped it up. She started scrubbing me gently, dragging the loofah over my tits, my back, my neck.

She reached down and started scrubbing my pussy, which was very sore.

"I'll bet that slutty little pussy hurts, huh?"

"Yeah," I moaned as she scrubbed it up and down, hitting my clit.

"Get on all fours and let me see your ass."

I lifted myself up and got on all fours in the water, sticking my ass out to her.

"That's better." She scrubbed me thoroughly. "Such a dirty slut. All full of cum."


She started scrubbing the insides of my thighs, then moved to the outside and down, then around to the front.

"Sit back down, lift up your legs."

I did so, and she cleaned my feet, my calves, and my knees.

"Such a nice body, Lila."

"Thank you."

"I'm gonna do all sorts of things to it eventually."


"Mhm...you've got a lot in store for you. Are you excited?"

"A little...I'm just..."

"Nervous? Don't be. You were so good tonight. There. I'll get you a towel."

She went into the closet and took out a giant, soft towel and handed it to me as I got out of the tub. I dried myself off and she took it and hung it on the rack.

"Come on, let's go to my room."

Her bedroom was large like the other rooms in the apartment. The walls were a deep red, and her bed was king size.

"Lay down."

I got onto the bed and laid down. She sat in a chair across from me.

"Now spread your legs and show me how you masturbate."

I wasn't completely comfortable with it, having never masturbated in front of anyone before. But she urged me on.

"Come on. Show me how you make that slutty little pussy of yours cum."

Her words got me wet, I felt the blood rush to my pussy. I spread my legs and started playing with my tits, pinching my nipples. Then my hand traveled down to my cunt and I gathered the moisture from my hole and worked it up to my clit.

I circled my finger around my clit, pressing lightly, gliding over it, making it bigger.

"Mmm I can see that nice juicy clit from over here."

I moaned and while I rubbed my clit I slid two fingers inside my dripping hole.

"Mmm yeah, fingerfuck that cunt, baby."

I started pumping my hole with my fingers and moaning. It was sore but it felt good. I pumped and rubbed faster and faster, watching as she started fingering herself while watching me. My orgasm started building, and I groaned as my pussy gushed all over my fingers and her bed.

"Such a messy little slut. Clean that up."

I got on my hands and knees and started licking up the gooey puddle I'd just made. When I finished she came over to me, her own juices dripping down her thighs.

"I'm gonna fuck your pussy. Would you like that?"


She pushed me down and got on top of me, and started kissing me. She worked her way down, sucking and biting at my nipples, making me yelp. She slid her fingers into my freshly juiced up pussy and pulled them out, and fed my juice to me, then kissed me. I started playing with her nipples, sucking on one then the other. My hand traveled down to her wet pussy, I rubbed her clit while my mouth still worked on her tits. She pulled my hair and pinched my nipples hard. I let the pain flow through me into my groin.

She flipped herself over and scissored me, rubbing her hot, messy cunt against mine.

"Mm Kelly," I moaned. "You make my pussy feel so good..."

"So do you, slut," she moaned. But then she pulled away.

"I have a nice big double-sided dildo we can stick in our pussies."

She went into her drawer and took out a dildo that looked huge. It was thick, and about 15 inches long.

She penetrated my pussy with it, then laid back down and stuck it in her own.

"Slide down on it, get it all the way in that slutty little hole."

I slid it further in, making it go deeper into her. Our pussies met in the middle. We were getting fucked deep, both of us moaning gutturally, grinding on the cock and sliding our pussies against each other.

All of a sudden her doorbell rang.

"Who the fuck is that?" she exclaimed. "Wait here." She slid off, leaving her side of the cock dripping. She threw a robe on and went to the door. I heard a few voices - it sounded like two men. Then I heard her say, "Yeah, she's in here. We were just getting started."

She came back in the room followed by two older men, they looked to be in their 50s.

"Lila, this is Bob and this is Tony. They're old friends. They saw your pictures, Matheson suggested they come here."

"Hi," I said, the dildo sticking out of me.

"You look like a tasty little slut. I heard you love cock," said Tony.

"...Yes," I admitted.

"Good, because I'm gonna feed mine to you."

He unzipped his pants and took his dick out, I moved to the edge of the bed to take it into my mouth.

"Such a pretty little mouth. I'm gonna enjoy this."

Kelly got back on the bed and slid the dildo back inside her. Bob unzipped his pants and stuck his dick in Kelly's mouth as Tony stuck his into mine.

We started fucking each other again as we sucked. I sucked Tony hard, his cock was huge. It filled my mouth, and hit the back of my throat. He grunted and started thrusting.

Within moments Kelly and I were squirting our cum all over each other with dicks stuffed in our mouths.

"You sluts like cumming with a dick in your mouth?" said Bob.

"Mhm!" we both moaned on their dicks.

"Get off that dildo, you need real cocks inside you," said Tony.

We slid off of the dripping dildo.

"Stick those asses up. You're gonna watch each other get fucked."

We got on all fours, facing each other. Bob grabbed the wet dildo and held it out.

"Clean this off, you dirty sluts."

We opened our mouths and started sucking each side of the dildo as they penetrated our pussies.

"Oh yeah," grunted Tony as he slid his huge cock inside me.

"Ungh!" grunted Bob.

They fucked us and with each thrust made our mouths slide up and down the dildo that connected us.

"You sluts were made to eat cum," said Tony. "You're hungry for it."

We both moaned and watched the other getting fucked. I felt my juice drip out of my pussy and slide down my labia.

"Yeah, you like a big, hard cock inside you don't you?"

"Mhm!" I moaned. He spanked me, making me clench my pussy muscles around his girth. "Oh yeah." He spanked me again. Bob started spanking Kelly and grunting like Tony. We were both yelping and moaning around the dildo in our mouths.

I started moaning faster as Tony slammed my cunt. "You gonna cum, baby? Cum all over that big cock, slut. Show me how much you like it."

I started cumming all over him. He reached around and started rubbing my clit as I squirted and gushed. "Oh fuck yeah, cum on that thing baby."

Then Kelly started cumming, I watched as the fluid squirted out of her and onto Bob. With that and Tony's fingers teasing my clit, I shuddered and came again.

"Oh, you fucking slut. I'm gonna fill that pussy with cum and make your friend eat it. Let's make them eat our cum from each other's cunts."

Bob grunted in agreement.

Tony started cumming, filling my opening with his seed. He pulled out took the dildo out of our mouths.

"Lay down and feed that cum to her."

I laid down and spread my legs, Tony's hot jizz leaking out of my hole. Kelly started going down on me, licking it out of my hole, then teasing my clit, then licking my hole and teasing my clit. She slurped at Tony's cream as my vagina pulsated and started cumming again, pushing all his cum out onto her tongue.

Bob came, and Kelly sat on my face and fed it to me. It dripped out of her hole in gobs. I savored it and her pussy, swirling my tongue around her clit and eating Bob's cum from her hole. I made her cum, returning the favor, and she pushed and pulsated and dripped all of Bob's seed into my hungry mouth.

"What a great pair of sluts you make," said Tony. "We're gonna have to introduce you to our friends someday."

"We'd love to meet 'em," said Kelly as she slid her pussy back and forth on my tongue.

"You girls are gonna be at it all night, aren't ya?" asked Bob.

"Probably," moaned Kelly as she rode my face faster.

They stood and watched as Kelly came on my tongue again and I slurped it up.

"Fucking hungry cumslut," she said.

Tony and Bob left, and we played with each other for the rest of the night.

That Wednesday, I showed up at six o'clock on the dot. Kelly greeted me with a deep kiss.

"I've been thinking about that pussy since you left."

I smiled at her and blushed. "Me too." I lowered my head.

"So demure!" she laughed. "Come on, the client will be here soon."

"Is it a man or a woman?"

"Woman. She's getting a legitimate exam, and then you."

"I see..."

She brought me into the exam room and had me undress. Then she took out a collar with an O ring attached to it.

"Put this around your neck."

"What's this for?"

"It's your collar. You're our slave now."


"You're not surprised, are you?"

"Not really...Are you going to use me like this every week?"

"Multiple times a week, hon. We're easing you into it."

I thought of the gang bang I'd been used in and didn't think that was anything like being eased into it. I said so. She smacked me.

"Don't be insolent. We did that for a reason."

"What reason?"

"We knew it'd show you just how hungry you are."

"Oh...I'm sorry."

I put the collar around my neck. She spun it so that the O ring was facing front, then attached a leash to it.

"Why are you putting a leash on it?"

"Because I'm gonna hold it when you crawl to that pussy like the hungry little bitch you are. Get on all fours and stay like that."

I did so, my big titties dangling, my holes on display for anyone behind me. Kelly stuck her finger into my pussy.

"See? Wet already." She fed it to me. "Now stay here."

I stayed there and waited. I thought my knees would start to hurt after ten minutes, but to my surprise they didn't.

Finally the client came in, following Kelly. She looked about the same age as me - 26 - and svelte. Her straight brown hair fell down almost to her round ass, her breasts were about a C-cup. She looked me over.

"What a nice looking piece. I'm glad I scheduled this," she said.

She took her clothes off and got on the table, scooted down, and put her feet in the stirrups and spread her thighs.

I looked at her pussy. It looked very tight, I guessed she was a lesbian. I started feeling the moisture pool in my hole.

"This one loves eating pussy. She never knew it until she ate mine. I was the first pussy she ever ate, wasn't I, Lila?"


"She better be better than the last one."

"Oh no, she's gone. We sold her."

Gone? Sold? Kelly noticed the worried look on my face.

"I'll explain later. Don't worry. She was a bad one, very resistant. Not like you at all."


Dr. Matheson came in.

"Ah, good to see you, Elizabeth. I'm happy you came back."

"Well if it weren't for Kelly, I wouldn't have."

"We owe a lot to our Kelly."

"I'll bet."

He started the breast exam. He was completely reserved and professional with her.

Then he went and sat down on the stool. He put his gloves on and started to examine her vagina. First he lubed his fingers and stuck them in, feeling around. Then he withdrew and inserted the speculum.

"Do you like watching this, Lila?" he asked as he worked.

"Yes," I answered.

"I'll bet you like looking at pussy almost as much as we do."

I didn't answer and continued watching.

When he was done he stood to the side.

Kelly walked over to me and grabbed my leash, yanked on it, and said, "Go feed on that pussy, bitch."

I crawled to Elizabeth and got on the stool. Kelly stayed there, holding my leash and watching. I slid my fingers up and down, from her hole to her clit. Then I started licking. I could taste the lube Matheson had used, and started licking faster so that I could taste her own pussy juices. She started moaning and writhing against my mouth.

Her juices started leaking out of her. I slurped at them and rubbed her clit with my fingers. Then I slid two fingers inside her juicy hole and pumped them in and out as I sucked on her clit. I watched as her face contorted in pleasure. She started cumming in my mouth, yelling "Oh god!" as her juices flowed out of her and I lapped it all up.

She caught her breath and took her feet out of the stirrups. "What a great little pussy eater you found. I'll have to make another appointment just to play with her."

"Any time you want," said Matheson, smiling.

I could see the big bulge in his pants as he spoke, and knew he'd be using me again. My cunt was sopping, I could feel it dripping on the stool. I wasn't very fond of Matheson though for how he'd treated me the first time he fucked me. He scared me with how rough he'd been.

Elizabeth got dressed and Kelly showed her out, leaving Matheson and me alone. He didn't waste any time.

"Lay down on the floor and spread those legs."

"The floor?"

"Did I stutter, bitch?"

I didn't say anything and laid down on the floor and spread my legs.

He walked to me and unzipped his pants, releasing his hard, thick manhood. He stroked it and looked down at me, then lifted me up by my legs, hooking them onto his shoulders so that my lower body was sticking straight up in the air.

"I'm gonna make you cum on your own face."

He plunged into me. I yelped in pleasure at the feel of his meat and how it stuffed me. I hated that I liked his cock so much since I didn't like him very much.

"Ungh," he grunted, thrusting in and out of my slick hole. He started teasing my clit with his fingers. "Play with those titties for me, slut."

I started rubbing and caressing my tits, circling around my nipples.

"Pinch them."

I pinched them.


I pinched them harder. I started crying out at the mix of sensations - the pain I was inflicting on myself and the relentless pleasure he was giving me. I sobbed out moan after moan as he impaled me over and over. I felt it welling up deep inside me as my fingers clamped my nipples and his fingers tormented my clit and his cock hit my deepest limits. I started cumming. It squirted up like a fountain and poured all over my face and my tits, drenching me.

"Yeah, you like my cock, don't you?"

"Yes!" I panted.

He kept rubbing my clit. I screamed because of how sensitive it now was.

"That's right. Squeal like a pig, slut."

He was evil, relentless. I felt my cum dripping off my face. I licked it off my lips.

"Yes, slut. You love eating your own cum. You're a filthy fucking slut," he grunted.

I started screaming again, my cum shot out of me like a geyser, and drenched my face and flowed down my body. I was covered.

"Just looking at you like that is gonna make me blow this nice big load I have for you. I'm gonna fill your slutty mouth with it. How would you like that, slut?"

"I'd love it....Please feed me your cum, doctor," I moaned.

"Since you asked so nicely like a good little fuckslut..."

He pulled out of my dripping cunt and I got on my knees and opened my hungry mouth. He stuck his dick inside of it and I cleaned my cum off of it as he exploded in my mouth, his dick pulsating hard, shooting more than a mouthful of hot semen inside me. It dribbled out and dripped down my chin. I swallowed the giant load into my belly.

"You're gonna go home just like that, with your cum - and that little bit you couldn't keep in your mouth - all over your face."

"But...no! Please don't make me!"

"You're gonna show everyone around what a dirty, cum-hungry slut you are."

"Please, no!" I begged.

"Yes. And Kelly will escort you to make sure it gets done. She'll take a picture for me as proof." He took out his camera and shot a photo of me, then showed it to me. My face was wet and shiny and dripping with my cum. It dripped from my hair, and the cum that had dribbled out of my mouth streaked my chin.

"Please don't make me go out like this!"

"You're going to. You're going to show everyone what you are."

"Please, no!"

"Get dressed - and be careful not to rub any of that off, or I will punish you severely." He left the room.

I didn't want to risk the punishment he had in mind. He was not the type to care how much he hurt me.

I very carefully put my shirt back on, making sure it didn't touch my face.

Kelly came in and looked at me. "Good job, he showed me the picture. Come on, he wants to see that you obeyed before we leave."

She brought me to his office.

"Very good." He snapped another photo.

"Good night, Dr. Matheson," said Kelly.

"Good night, sluts."

She smiled, I didn't.

As we walked past the security guard in the lobby he looked surprised and stared at me, but didn't say anything. Kelly cheerfully wished him a good night.

Walking down the street a few people stared. One woman exclaimed in disgust, "What is all over her face?!"

I wanted to cry, but I choked the tears back. Kelly said nothing.

"We're not taking a cab, we're taking the subway," she said.

"What?! Everybody will see me!"

"I know. You're going to show them your true self."

I started panicking. I almost ran but Kelly grabbed me. She said through clenched teeth, "You do not want to fuck this up. Now come on." She pulled me to the stairs of the subway and I followed her down.

People noticed the cummy mess on my face quickly. Some of them gawked, some of them just averted their eyes and shook their heads. One said, "Only in New York."

Mostly anyone who looked at me knew. Kelly made me face the tracks like everyone else and wait as if I had nothing to hide.

The train finally came and we stepped on.

It wasn't very crowded, there were some seats available. We sat down. I kept my eyes on the floor.

"Slut," I heard a man say. I looked up. He was staring at me with everyone else. He was in his forties and actually good-looking. I looked away, completely ashamed. I heard a woman whisper to another in disgust, "Is that cum?"

The man sat down next to Kelly. "How much is she?"

"She's not for sale."

"She looks like she's well-used."

"She is."


"Very," she smiled.

"How can I-"

"Here, call this number." She took a card out of her bag and handed it to him.

"Thanks, sweetie. I'll be in touch."

I couldn't believe it. I felt ashamed and...proud at the same time.

We got off at my stop. The man got off too.

"My name's Mark, by the way."

"I'm Kelly. This is Lila."

"Nice to meet you both. You live in this area?"

"She does, I don't," said Kelly. "I'm just taking her home."

"Care for some company?"


"You're not afraid of strange men?"

"She is, I'm not," she laughed.

"Does this slut talk?"

I cleared my throat. "Yes, I do."

"Do you like being used?"

"Mostly...I guess."

"She loves it, she just hates admitting it. She's new to this."

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