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Yellow Panties


The fact of the matter is that all women's underwear is sexy. But, normally, it seems as though black or red panties are talked about the most often as being erotic. When I think of sexy panties there is another color that can be equally stimulating.

One might think of sun bathing under the hot yellow sun or picking pretty yellow daisies. You might even think of the sour taste of lemons. But, yellow is also the color of warning. Don't cross the yellow line on the street or run a yellow light or you could be asking for more than you bargained for.

So, when I catch a glimpse of ladies yellow panties warning bells go off in my head and my cock gets hard. I love the thought of charging right into trouble. The yellow warning sign is somehow daring me to cross that line and reach out and see what kind of trouble I can get myself into. The only problem is that women don't often wear yellow panties.

It has been nearly thirty years since I caught my first glimpse of the crotch of a woman's yellow panties. At the time, the most wonderful thing was it was easy to see the wet spot right in the middle. My first experience glimpsing a yellow crotch was in my high school English class.

The sexy girl was sitting straight across from me as our chairs were arranged in a U shape. She was wearing a lime green skirt that came midway down her thighs. She didn't realize what a great view she gave me as I was able to look right up between her legs right to her lemon yellow crotch. The warning alarm went off as I got hard. This time I heeded the alarm bell and went home and just jacked off as I knew she was unreachable by me as I wasn't in the cool group.

In the next couple of months she provided me an eyeful of those same panties several times keeping my fantasies going for some time. But, my fantasies of the chic in English class would be overtaken by real life. What is more I didn't have to leave home to have my dreams come true. My life changed into something wondrous when I walked into the kitchen one day and nearly fell over because of what I saw.

There was my mother bending over to get a pot out of the cabinet. She was totally unaware that her white skirt was nearly up to her waist and had no idea that I was nearby. As usual, she had come home from work and taken off her shoes and pantyhose giving me a perfect view of her silky yellow bikini panties. I stood there frozen for a second debating what to do. Finally I simply said, "Hi, Mom."

Getting the pot out she stood up and her skirt fell back into place. Realizing what had happened and what I had just seen her face turned Beet Red as I blushed slightly. However, she played it cool pretending that she was unaware that I had seen anything. Placing the pot on the stove she walked across the kitchen to get something out and asked, "Did you have a good day." As I stammered out some idiotic answer I noticed that her eyes were fixed on the large bulge in my pants. The sexual tension was thicker than I had ever experienced even on one of my dates. Mom and I had been alone for two years and this was the first time I had felt pure lust for her. We had been alone since my older sister had gotten married and my dad left us two months later.

Mom never said anything about dad dumping her but I could tell it bothered her. A 55 year old coworker had seduced him and they ended up getting together breaking up two marriages. My mom would ask from time to time how he could fall for a woman 15 years older than him. Until this moment I could never give her an answer.

Now, seeing her standing there in our kitchen I fully understood lusting an older woman. Mom stands about five feet eight inches and weighs 160 pounds all of it in the right places. She has shoulder length brown hair and deep blue eyes. I would find out in the next few days that she had DD cup breasts and her large ass was covered by size eight panties. At age 42 she was in great shape without a hint of flab.

At that moment getting away from her seemed very important to me. After grabbing the can of soda I had come to the kitchen for in the first place, I whirled around and headed back to my room. As I unzipped my trousers I placed the soda on my dresser. In seconds I was sprawled out on my bed thinking of mom's yellow ass and jacking off.

Picturing her sitting on my face wearing those panties and thinking of what it might be like actually fucking her it took me no time at all to shoot a huge load of cum all over my shirt. Usually I took precautions to prevent cumming on my clothes or on the bed or other furniture but I was so aroused I forgot all about being careful.

I wiped myself off as well as I could and took the shirt into the bathroom and rinsed it off. Later, mom asked why there was a wet shirt in the bathroom. Without difficulty I told her that I had spilled some soda down the front of it. She thanked me for being responsible enough to take care of my mess.

My mom had always had trouble with her ankles and feet as a result of a soccer injury she suffered when she was in high school. Several nights a week I would give her feet and ankles a massage. The activity was very mundane and boring. Rubbing her legs was so platonic that there were actually nights I dreaded it. My hands didn't exactly excite her either as much of the time she would drift off to sleep and take an hour long nap while I was trapped on the couch with her calves on my lap.

This night started off no different. She asked for a rub down while we watched "Cheers" on TV. As I watched the barflies doing their typical things my mind began to wander. It didn't take long for it to bring me back to what I had seen earlier that evening. This caused me to rub her feet a bit brisker and soon she was clearly asleep as her breathing grew deeper.

Being a typical horny teenager I couldn't help but wonder if I could get another peek at her yellow crotch. Soon "Cheers" was over and some other rerun had taken its place that I paid no attention to. My hands gradually found their way up her lower legs. Reaching her knees I debated whether, or not, I should go any higher.

At this point the massage would be still seen as platonic but if my hands traveled up much higher I would have some explaining to do. Of course, I decided to live dangerously as I just had to touch her panties while they were being filled up so well by her body. So, I let my hands traverse right over her knees and onto her lower thigh.

As I continued to move higher and higher I let my wrist and hand gradually push her skirt up. It took me quite awhile but finally I got a glimpse of yellow. Warning alarms went off in my head. I knew the caution sign was right in front of my eyes but I decided to run the yellow light anyway and hope I would not crash and burn.

Her ass was now laying on the skirt making it harder to scoot up but with one hard push it moved. It seemed as though that all of a sudden the entirety of her sexy bikini panties were right there just for me. Forgetting all about her feet and ankles I lightly placed my hands on the sides of her hips and rubbed little circles there.

Now I was breathing hard, with excitement, as my hands moved around to her front side. As I worked toward the center I could feel her fluffy pubic hair under the panties. To my amazement I could see a wet spot form in the center of her crotch. It started out grape size but the longer I caressed and the closer I got to it the bigger it got, until it filled about a four inch area at the heart of her crotch.

Now I had forgotten that this sexy lady was my mother as I just had to touch that wet area. After gliding my fingertips over it two or three times I brought them to my nose and inhaled her beautiful scent. I knew now just how much I wanted her and reached back down and began caressing her again. Her breaths got deeper and harder as she was nearly moaning in her sleep. I was getting carried away when her eyes popped open and she began to wake up.

Her eyes flickered and searched around the room in confusion. Coming fully to her senses she focused her gaze on me and opened her mouth but nothing came out but a deep exhale. As my hand rubbed near the top of the wet spot I felt her shudder. Being ever calm and unflappable my mom pushed my hand away and her skirt down saying, "That is not my feet and ankles; now rub where you are supposed to, please."

Figuring that there was nothing more to be said without putting my foot in my mouth I lowered my hands back to her lower leg. Needless to say my cock was forming quite a tent in my trousers. Suddenly, mom rolled over to lay on her stomach and told me she thought I could rub her better this way as I could more easily lift up her feet. She was right and I resumed my job.

But, as I sat there thinking about her crotch I realized that she had fallen back asleep. Being a typical guy, I didn't learn from the earlier instance and didn't even think about what mom would do or say. So, I let my hands once again wander all the way up the back side of her legs knocking her skirt over her waist. My god, her ass looked like two yellow playground balls sitting side by side. As I mauled her ass cheeks her feet bounced against my cock exciting me all the more

Letting my fingers trace up and down her ass crack and then between her legs I thought about how I could have her for real. I had just concluded that it would never happen as mom woke up yet again. This time she slapped down her skirt and promptly got up saying, "I think that is enough for tonight, I am going to bed."

I didn't see her again that night. For the rest of the night I thought about what had happened. I could not help it I smiled the whole night and jacked off countless times picturing my mom's brilliant yellow panties as I did.

Usually I had the house to myself for a good hour after school. When I got home the next day I headed to the clothes hamper in her bathroom. There, right on top, was the pair of panties I had caressed the night before. There in the cotton crotch was a large crusty spot of her dried pussy juice. I lifted them to my nose and was rewarded with the most sensational aroma I had ever encountered.

Unzipping my fly I began stroking my rod but couldn't help but wonder about the rest of her underwear. Did she have anymore sexy pairs? Making my way to her dresser with my cock hanging out I pulled open the top drawer. My jaw dropped as I saw the treasure trove of panties and other lingerie in there.

Almost all of the panties were yellow except for a couple of white cotton pairs and one or two other sexy pairs of another color. I did a double take when I saw one pair of yellow briefs that had an imprint of a black Tiger paw in the front right above the crotch. Then I noticed that while her panties were mostly yellow her bras were nearly all black.

A lightning bolt went off in my head when I realized what mom had meant when I heard her tell dad that she always wore the school colors as they talked one night before going to a basketball game. She and dad had met while going to school at the University of Missouri and the school colors were black and gold. Most folks seemed to wear yellow when gold wasn't readily available.

Mom and Dad had been in Marching Mizzou the school's marching band. She would tell me later it was there that she started wearing yellow panties and black bras as she had made a pact with her friends to always show school spirit this way. The cotton panties were for doctor's appointments while the other couple of pair were for an occasional change of pace. Picking up the Tiger Paw pair I ran them through my fingers.

Then I wrapped them around my prick while I brought the dirty pair back up to my nose and began flogging my cock manically. Thoughts of my mother's ass and the wet spot flooded my mind. I didn't even notice that she had come into the room. My trance was broken when she spoke as she was kicking off her shoes and pulling down her pantyhose, "Clean up your mess when you are done and be sure to put both pairs of my panties in the hamper when you are done."

She was careful not to lift her skirt enough to reveal anything to me as she removed her pantyhose. She laid the pantyhose on the bed and then walked out of the room bound for the kitchen. Puzzled and confused but hotter than ever I decided to finish what I started and soon was shooting globs of spunk onto the panties and onto the floor.

As I wiped up my mess I thought about what to do. Should I go and hide in my room or join mom in the kitchen and face whatever consequences that there might be. Thinking about it I decided to get it over with and went into the kitchen. When I got there she was pouring herself a drink and getting out stuff for dinner acting as if nothing had happened.

It didn't feel right to ignore what had happened in the bedroom, no matter how cool she was acting about it. Not knowing what to say I just told her, "Mom, I am sorry about what I did in your room."

"Don't worry about it, sweetie, it is perfectly natural to masturbate. If my panties turn you on that much you can borrow them anytime you want just be sure to put them in the hamper when you are finished."

It was beginning to seem like an episode of the "Twilight Zone" as I felt myself blushing again. Stammering I replied, "Thanks Mom, I thought you would yell at me for using your panties to get off while yearning for your body."

The last part came out before I knew what I was saying. Mom stood there contemplating things and smiling replied, "That is flattering to hear that my son finds his old wrinkled mother attractive. Obviously, I can't let you do anything with me as that is taboo; but, I know how boring you find rubbing my feet. Would it be better if on those nights that I need a foot rub I also take off my skirt or pants so you can see me in my panties?"

My cock instantly swelled back up to full hardness as I almost shouted back, "Oh yes mom, in return for seeing you in your panties I would rub your feet all fucking night!"

"Now, remember, you are only allowed to rub my feet and lower legs. Don't go past my knees or do what you did last night or the deal is off." After I nodded yes, to my amazement, Mom unfastened her skirt and let it fall to the floor before gently laying it over a chair.

My eyes were glued to the yellow briefs wrapped around her hips the entire time she was fixing dinner. From time to time she would just look over and smile at me. She knew exactly what I was thinking about. We ate dinner carrying out as normal of a conversation as was possible completely ignoring the sexual overtone that was obviously present.

After dinner I was much more helpful than usual getting things cleaned up so that we could get into the living room. To me the TV was merely noise, just a pretense to show that being in the living room wasn't just about me admiring mom in those yellow panties or her getting a foot rub. I had no earthly idea what was on. All I knew is that this night the foot rub seemed new and exciting. I was very careful to abide by her wishes as I didn't want to spoil a good thing.

Keeping things very platonic I caressed her feet for nearly two hours never even going near her knees. Even when she fell asleep I remained good but my erection never went away. The next evening was pretty much a repeat of the night before with me jacking off in her panties and then the same platonic foot rub. But, our lives would change forever on the very next evening.

IT started out just as the prior two evenings had until I joined mom in the kitchen. First off, she was wearing a form fitting sweater that accented her boobs more than any top I had ever seen her in. But, even more importantly was the panties she had picked to wear that day. These were the same pair I had jacked off into two days earlier with the tiger paw right above her crotch. They were brilliant yellow bikini panties that were one or two sizes too small for her as the material dug into her ass crack and crotch.

My lustful mind was working overtime when she threw me over the deep end. As I watched her saunter around the kitchen she bent over to get a pot out as she had done a few days earlier. The silky material crawled up her sweet crack revealing about half of each of her meaty ass cheeks. I was totally blown away.

She had no more than stood up when I grabbed her around the waist and ground my pelvis against her ass. Quickly my hands reached up and cupped her globes; I wasn't going to be denied, she would be mine. Struggling she pulled away and turned around and slapped my face saying, "That is totally inappropriate; leave your hands off of me."

Her slap stung but something told me to proceed, grabbing an ass cheek in each hand I moved into kiss her saying, "Mom, I have wanted you for a long time, son or no son, I am going to fuck you."

Putting her hands on my chest she pushed against me as my tongue forced its way into her mouth. She kissed back but then gave me a furious shove and brought her knee up and got me right in the balls, "Now, damn it I mean it you can't fuck me I am your damn fucking mother."

Grabbing the bottom of her sweater I yanked it off over her head. My eyes were popping out of their sockets as I saw her massive orbs in that sexy black bra. I gave her boob a hard squeeze growling, "Oh good God, you are hot aren't you?"

My balls received another swift kick causing me to grab her violently and pull her tightly into my arms. Kissing her again as she fought back scratching her nails into my back. My hands kneaded her butt cheeks like bread dough as she slapped me hard in the face. I am not sure just when it happened but before I realized it she was a willing participant. She was being very rough still clawing and biting but also removing my clothing as we fell to the kitchen floor. Her hand stung as she swatted my ass hard snarling, "Bastard, you can't treat your mother like this."

"The fuck I can't, just watch me." Reaching behind her back I unfastened her bra and pulled it off. And immediately sunk my teeth into her oversized melon. Mom let out a yelp and dug her nails into my back. Hungrily I nipped and sucked her boobs while squeezing the ever loving shit out of them. Her hips were bucking up to grind against me.

Having had enough of foreplay I climbed off of her and kneeled beside her on the kitchen floor. Promptly she grabbed my balls and pecker and squeezed my balls roughly as she pulled my cock so hard I thought I would fall over. The only reason I had moved to her side was to yank off those yellow panties. Moaning in pleasure I hooked my fingers into the sides of her undies and tore them down her legs.

There it was her beautiful hairy bush that I had come from a couple of decades earlier. It looked good enough to eat, but there would be time for that later. Jumping back between her legs I took aim at her heavenly cunt and rammed my cock all of the way inside of her in one stroke. Her cunt was extremely tight as she resisted my plunging cock. She groaned in a mix of pain and pleasure as I told her, "Bitch, I am going to fill your sweet little twat up with my hot cum."

Her heels were kicking my ass as she dug her fingers ever deeper into my back while her hips bucked up to meet my thrust. She yelled, ""You little son of a Bitch how dare you take advantage of your mom. You are a god damn mother fucker."

Now I was pounding her hot and heavy as I yelled back, "You love it don't you. You love fucking your son; come on tell me bitch that you want me every way possible!" "Fucking god, your hunk of meat feels so good in me; oh shit fuck me harder you fucking asshole."

Smiling triumphantly I snapped, "You want it harder bitch try this!"

"Give it to me; come on give me your hot stuff. Yes, I want your fucking body in my bed doing things you have only heard of. Fuck me, come on fuck me harder son."

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