tagIncest/TabooYes, I Wear Panties

Yes, I Wear Panties


I'm a relatively normal 25 year old guy, and the only thing "abnormal" about me is I have a panty fetish. It started when I was a teenager by playing with my mom's and sister's panties, but once I went off to college, I didn't hesitate to walk into a store and buy my own lingerie. Dresses and makeup were never my style, I didn't want to be a girl, I just wanted the silky feel of nylon panties on my cock.

By the time I hit 23, I was living on my own in a big city and had a decent job. I also had a nice collection of panties, camisoles, and slips.

I'm not gay and I don't have much trouble getting girlfriends, but I am a slave to my secret passion.

So on a Sunday afternoon a few years ago, I was taking advantage of the terrible weather to stay inside and do some laundry. The laundry duty always gave me a chance to walk around in my favorite panties as well as clean and fold my collection. Just the sight of my panties and silky lingerie in my laundry was a thrill for me.

This particular day, I was wearing two pairs of panties, a green satin thong and a pair of black briefs with lace around the waist, a black bra (no underwire, no padding) and a blue camisole that teased the top of my cock. I had just dumped all of my laundry on the couch and was folding my clothes including my lingerie when I heard the lock in the door opening.

I knew who it was -- my older sister, Sue. She lived a few blocks away and we were pretty close friends, so we traded keys. We each lived in buildings with doormen and it made it easier to get past them. Unfortunately, it made it easier for this surprise visit to happen.

I was screwed. My front door entered right into my living room and I had to go past the front door to get to my bedroom. I froze in fear and humiliation.

She came in froze as well. "Oh, shit" she stammered, "I'm, I'm sorry. I just wanted to say, hi. Look, I'll talk to you later." And she shut the door as I stood frozen holding a pair of pink panties in my hand.

I didn't know what to do. I was flooded with shame, embarrassment and guilt for having such a weird fetish. I was pissed that she just barged in. I was horrified that this would become a family incident and I would be labeled a pervert. I didn't know which emotion to hold and which to let go of.

After a few minutes of mindless folding, cascading emotions and a deflated cock, I finally felt a little relief. I had never told anyone about my thrills from lingerie and had grown tired of the burden of the secret. This just may be my chance to admit it to someone, including myself.

I finished my laundry and decided to finish what I had planned. I lay on the bed and stroked my nylon-clad cock. I tried to forget about what had happened and just enjoy how I felt with panties and lingerie. I pulled my thong tight in between my ass cheeks and felt my nipples caressing the bra material. I stroked and stroked my black panties until I filled them with cum.

As I fell into the grip of my orgasm, I had flashes of the look on my sister's face as she stood in my door way, glimpses of her panties, bra and up her skirt that I had seen over the years came to back to me as my cum rose to the tip of my cock. I had never thought of my sister sexually, but one really can't control their thoughts in the midst of an orgasm.

I cleaned up, put my collection back in my suitcase hiding place and dressed in boxers and regular "guy" clothes. After opening a beer, I decided I should talk to Sue.

"Hey" I started, not really knowing what to say when she answered the phone.

"Hey, Jeff. Look, I'm really sorry about coming over unannounced today." She said.

I interrupted her, "It's okay. I understand but I think we need to talk about it. I've done a lot of thinking and I need someone to talk to." My words came out slowly as I didn't have a clue on what to do.

She helped me by talking again, "Why don't you come over for dinner. That's why I was stopping by. I just picked up some groceries and wondered if you would like to have some spaghetti tonight."

"That sounds great, Sue. Thanks. How about in an hour?"

"Come over anytime, I'm just reading."

We hung up and I felt more relief. My sister was always there for me and I could tell she didn't think I was a freak. I thought about her as I finished cleaning my apartment.

I couldn't stop thinking about what to say. I wanted to tell her about stealing her panties and bras as a teenager, but she might get grossed out or mad at that. I wanted to tell her that seeing mom in her underwear may have been my inspiration, but I knew that would freak her out. I decided to just stick to what makes me happy -- panties.

As I was getting my coat on to go over to her house, I stopped. I didn't want to go over there and spill my guts about panties and lingerie while wearing boxers. I went to my bedroom and pulled out a pair of white panties with a bow and put them on. I decided to skip the rest and just keep it simple.

When I arrived, my hand was shaking as I unlocked her door. I walked in and she was sitting on the couch reading a book. She wordlessly got up and gave me a hug. She must have known it was hard on me, not to mention the strain on our relationship.

"I hope you don't think I'm a freak," I said as we hugged.

"You're not a freak," she assured me, "I've known guys who have weirder interests. You have nothing to worry about."

That calmed me down and we sat next to each other on the couch and I told her everything. After two glasses of wine, we were laughing about the look on our faces during "walk-in incident" when she put her hand on my thigh and asked, "Are you wearing panties now?"

I gulped as my cock began to swell. Her touch and the word panties sent a thrill to my dick. "Yes," I answered.

A silence filled the room and she leaned over and whispered in my ear, "I'd like you to show them to me."

The wine empowered me a bit and my sister's touch and whispering were seducing me.

I was still shy about it and needed more prodding. "Why do you want to see them?" I asked.

She blushed a little and said, "Um, I guess I'm curious and, um..." She leaned into my ear again and whispered, "I guess I have something to confess too," she replied.

I held my position near her soft brown hair and felt her warmth. I whispered in her ear, "Does a guy in panties turn you on, Sue?" She nodded her reply. "Okay," I said. "I'll show you."

Her hand was still on my thigh and she rubbed it lightly. The tension was building and she finally leaned back. She stood up and said, "Okay, I'm going to get a pot of water started for pasta. I'll meet you in my bedroom for your, um, unveiling." She winked and smiled as she turned and walked away. I stared at her suddenly sexy ass in her tight khakis as she left the room.

A few minutes later, she found me in her room standing in just my panties. I looked her straight in the eye as she stood in the doorway in a near reenactment of this afternoon at my apartment. She focused hard on my cock as my white panties hugged it.

I spoke first, "I showed you mine, now you show me yours."

"Well, I guess that's only fair, but, I must say, yours are very cute," she said as she walked over to me to get a better look. "Turn around and let me see your ass," she said as she sat on the bed.

I turned for her and paused with my back to her. The wine inspired me to bend over for her and I heard her gasp as I reached for the floor. I held the pose and I felt her hand caress my ass. "Very nice," she said softly. I stood up and turned to face her. She stood up, took my hands in hers and continued, "You'll get cold if that's all you wear for dinner. I think I have something that will fit you very well."

That's when she leaned in and kissed me on the lips. Our tongues tangled and tasted each other in a very sexy kiss. My hands worked their way to her ass and hers to mine. I massaged her cheeks while she slipped a hand inside my panties and felt my ass cheeks. Our kiss lasted a while as my cock hardened fully and strained toward her.

We stopped kissing, but we held our embrace. She looked me in the eye and said, "Now, have a seat while I find a few things for you. This is going to be fun."

She went to her dresser and pulled out a myriad of panties, bras and other lacy and satiny pieces. Eventually she picked out a peach bra and panty set and a very beautiful white nightgown.

"Now, as much as I'd like to watch you put all this on, someone needs to make dinner, and from what I saw at your place, you don't need help figuring out how it all fits. So, change, and meet me in the kitchen."

She left me with my instructions and a selection of new lingerie to put on. I couldn't ask for much more, but I wanted more, of course.

I put on her bra first -- it was tight, but it was thrilling to have her tell me to wear it. My cock had dropped some precum on my white panties so I was happy to take them off and try her more colorful ones. I was still hard with all the exciting lingerie, but with Sue in another room, I wasn't raging. I pulled my sister's panties up my legs and thought of all the times I did this at my parents' house. Luckily, we were still a similar size and they were a bikini cut that had enough material in front to hold my cock nicely. I pulled the negligee over my head and down. It went down to my upper thigh so it just covered my ass and felt so good. There's nothing like two layers of silky material.

I walked into the kitchen and she was finishing up cooking. She had me turn around and show her the outfit.

"You look beautiful, and, um, very sexy," she said. "Now, you pour the wine and I'm going to go change into something similar." She gave me a quick kiss as she left the room. It was strange kissing her, but I was so charged up dressed in her lingerie everything was a little strange.

She returned in a white bra and panty set with a white nightgown tied with a pink bow. Her boobs looked great with firm nipples poking through the material. She pulled up the bottom of the nightgown to show me her panties and her crotch looked spectacular in the nylon panties. She turned and showed me her ass. I couldn't resist running my hand over her panty covered ass and I kissed her upper thigh. She swatted me away, "Let's eat first."

We sat and enjoyed dinner as we have so many times in the past, but we never had the sexual energy between us not to mention dressed in lingerie. We talked a little more intimately about panties and fetishes and she told me about some of her sexual experimentation with guys and girls. I was getting hard thinking about my sister in bed with her friend Rachel or getting it up the ass from one of her ex-boyfriends.

After we finished eating we practically threw the dishes in the sink and went back to her room. The stereo was playing some quiet jazz.

"Jeff, I really like how you look. Very sexy," she said as we stood against each other swaying to the music. Her hands were caressing my chest and ass. "Dressing a guy in lingerie has always been a secret fantasy of mine. Something about the control, I don't know."

"Sue, I think you have me in your control. I really like being dressed like this and I would do anything for you."

"Good, because I want you to do a lot for me," she said.

She lit candles and I lay on her bed. Neither one of us was moving this along too fast. We were brother and sister about to cross a pretty big line and we both seemed to want to enjoy the prelude.

"You look so pretty," she said. I didn't think I was pretty, but if she liked it, I wasn't going to argue. She climbed on top of me and we started kissing. She put her pussy right against my cock and our panties slid together as we kissed.

Quiet moans were escaping from both of us. "Sue, you are incredible," I said as my hands grabbed her tits for the first time.

"Jeff, I'm ready for you," She almost whispered, but was very firm about it. "Get up."

I stood next to the bed while she lay down with her legs over the edge. "Kneel and kiss my panties like a good girl." I didn't need to be called a girl, but standing there in her panties and bra with a raging hard-on, I wasn't going to argue with her fantasy.

I made my way towards her pussy. Her thighs were smooth as I kissed my way up and spread her legs apart. Her hands were exploring my hair and her tits. I put my hands under her ass and felt her panties against her skin. I was in heaven and from her moans, she was getting there.

I finally reached her pussy with my lips. I pulled her panties to one side and gently licked her pussy lips from bottom to the top. "Ohhnnhh" she moaned. "Yessss."

I kissed deeper as I spread her pussy lips apart. My cock was straining at my panties as I knelt next to her bed. I shifted my weight from side to side to feel my cock against my thighs. The top of her nightgown was pulled down to expose her bra. She continued to moan and was uninhibited about playing with her nipples through her bra.

I licked her pussy with a heated passion as her fluids began to flow. She was sweet and clean tasting. I stuck my tongue down to caress her asshole and she let out a loud moan. She pulled her feet up on the bed and slid towards me to provide more access. I salivated on her ass and licked a finger to play in her tight hole. Her puckered ass relaxed and I slid my finger in and my tongue returned to her clit. My nose was pressed against her panties as I pleasured her.

"Jeff, that's it. Ohhh, that's it." She cried. She had one hand on my head holding me against her and her other hand was pulling at a nipple. "I'm going to cum. Ohhnnh. Keep going," she was practically screaming at this point. Finally she began to shudder as her ass tightened against my finger and her legs locked around my head. I didn't dare move and she wasn't about to let me.

She eventually relaxed and I slipped my finger out of her ass to move up and kiss her.

"Jeff, that was fantastic. You're a great pussy licker. Now I want my girl to fuck me with her cock," she said as she reached her hand into my panties. The tip of my cock was wet and I was super hard.

"Are you ready to fuck your sister?" she asked as she rubbed my cock against her pussy. I responded by pushing my cock against her and it slid inside her.

"Oh, Sue, you are so tight. I really want to fuck you hard."

She pulled my ass towards her and guided me in and out. She ran her hands all over my panties and pulled my nightgown down like hers to expose my bra covered nipples. She squeezed my chest hard as I pumped into her.

I pulled her bra down so I could suck her beautiful tits for the first time. They were topped with magnificent nipples that responded eagerly to my tongue. I was so ready to cum, but I wanted to last more than two minutes so I tried to focus on something else.

"Just let it go girl. Cum inside me," she said and it wasn't helping stave off my orgasm. "I want my panty loving brother to fill me up. Oh, you look so cute in my bra and panties. You're going to make a cute cock girl. Pump me hard."

I couldn't hold back anymore; her words were too much. She had her hands inside the back of my panties and she squeezed my ass cheeks apart, pulling my cock into her deeper. With a deep groan, I let go of my cum and it spewed inside her as my lips locked on her nipple. I collapsed as my orgasm continued and my cock spasmed inside of her.

She ran her fingers along my silky sides and said, "Jeff, that was fantastic. I'm really glad I walked in on you today. It's nice to be fucked by my brother. Since you like panties so much, I have a lot of plans for you."

It being Sunday, we both had to work the next day she sent me home with a few pairs of her panties and told me to be good to myself as she wanted me to have some strength for the next weekend. I couldn't stop thinking how happy I was to finally show someone my panties.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous01/28/18

Loving incest and wearing women's lingerie and clothing

I cant stress just how much i enjoy dressing up in women's clothing and lingerie,i was wearing red silky lace panties and matching bra and suspenders with black stockings while I was fucking my mom,i wasmore...

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by Anonymous01/07/18


This story gave me such a Boner
I tried on my mothers panties at a young age and i was Hooked they felt soooo Good and so right for me that I knew I wanted more so it was not long till I was wearing allmore...

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by bob364122303/11/17

5 from me to, enjoyed it all

i would love to read more

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by Pantiespink03/07/17

Good stuff

I can relate to your story and it's mine as well, we both are very lucky people.

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