tagGroup SexYMCA Shower Turns Me Into Hot Wife

YMCA Shower Turns Me Into Hot Wife


I smelled the vanilla candle as I was blindfolded and tied to my king size bed in our bedroom. My husband said he wanted to turn on a porn movie on the big screen television in the corner of the room and I heard him messing with the remote control. It was a quiet Saturday night in August and we would often crawl into bed and fool around watching porn. We always had more sex in the summer months, maybe because we walked around with fewer clothes on. I liked the orgy type vid's with the more the merrier and I liked the lesbian video's even though I've never licked a pussy.

"What do you have to watch I asked my husband of twenty years." Tim was a sexy, good looking middle aged man that was six feet tall and 200 pounds. He spends plenty of time in the gym and at 48 still gets some attention. He has a decent tuft of brown hair and is well-endowed where it counts. He is the biggest I've ever had and I've been around the block at 47. He is strong without the bodybuilder muscles and is damn good in the bedroom.

"Be patient horny lady," Tim replied. "This is one we have never watched together I can promise you that." There are times we have watched the same porn video a second time because it was easy or convenient.

I was spread eagle on the bed. My arms were tied above my head to the corners of the bed. My legs were spread and they were tied to the corners of the bed too. I had a blindfold on that I slept with every night. My dark olive Italian skin had a deep summer suntan but I always sported nice tan lines on my ass and tits. Since I've had kids I've not been naked once in the sun.

With the cool air from the air conditioner blowing across the room to calm the hot August night, my nipples were coaxed to full sized, erect pieces of sexual hotness.

A pair of white crotch-less panties hid my black landing strip though with the panties it wouldn't take much to find the magic spot. I had a sheer white uplifting naked push-up bra with an under-wire below my breasts. There was no material covering them so my 34C's were jutting up toward the ceiling and were fighting the wire to slide down to either side of my body. I had dark brown areola's the size of silver dollars with very erotic nipples that were erect and measured three-quarters of an inch when erect, and were just waiting for Tim to caress them.

I could now hear the television starting up and I could smell the familiar smell of coconut massage oil. I knew what that meant so I relaxed in the dark, knowing my feet and legs were about to be massaged by Tim's strong hands.

"You have such a nice ass babe, You look great in those tight black yoga pants." I heard the sound coming from the big television. "Of course the peach colored gym top you are wearing looks great too. Looks like its having trouble keeping everything contained." The video on the television continued.

Tim had lifted my leg and I felt the warm coconut massage oil being applied to my feet. Outside of having my pussy licked, getting my feet rubbed with oil was my favorite thing on the planet. I'm happy I had a pedicure earlier in the week as I like to look good for my honey. I should have gotten the wax this week but I declined. I shaved my landing strip in the shower so I think I looked hot enough for Tim tonight but he loved a full bush too "You like the package?" I heard a woman on the porn vid but I was now getting lost in the foot massage.

"You are an amazing MILF sweetheart. Forbidden fruit and I'd like to taste the harvest. Imagine your husband was behind the whole thing. Oh yeah. I have the CD of songs I made for you out at the counter. I will get it on the way out."

Oh man Tim is so good with the oil between my toes. It is such a wonderful feeling and I could feel the heat warming up in my pussy. I could tell the juices were starting to flow, but since my hands were tied up at the moment I couldn't reach down there and check it out.

"What's going on down there, mister?" The lady asked on the video. I envisioned her reaching down to find a raging hard-on, though in the back of my mind the last comment about the CD seemed familiar to me. Ahh, I love it when Tim applies pressure to my heel with the oil. God that is good.

"I came into the small gym because that is the only gym without camera's in it. I locked the front door and I'm the only one left here tonight, sweetheart." The man on the video was giving the lay of the land to his would be fuck toy. It sounds like a gym sex video to me but Tim's hand was slowly pressuring my groin muscle on my left leg as it stretched up to my pussy. Bliss.

"You naughty little boy, You want to fuck a MILF 20 years older than you don't you?" The woman on the video was whispering to her friend. "I want your 27 year old cock in me too, take off your shorts." The woman demanded.

Now Tim's strong fingers were gently brushing my pussy and I felt some fresh oil just above the landing strip. "What video are we watching, babe?" I wanted to know. Doesn't sound like an orgy. You know I like lots of people."

"It's more of a compilation. Hang tight. Give it a chance. Beside you can't see it. I think you will be surprised." He assured me. :Enjoy what is coming your way," he laughed.

"The couple in it sounds familiar. Did we watch this before?" I asked

"That is certainly possible," Tim replied as he danced a sole finger across my clit. Umm, I was ready for some action. We hadn't made love in about two weeks.

"Wow, you look so good in those yoga pants, but it's time to take them off. Feels like a nice little thong underneath." The man said on the television. "Oh nice, Mer. I love the Leopard print thong. Let's get that off of you." The man exhorted the lady in the gym.

Tim moved his oily hands up and started to work over my tits with the coconut oil. He was in love with my boobs and I could make him do anything by showing him the girls. At that moment, his hands were making me hot as he rubbed them and sucked them.

"Holy shit hon. Your tits are amazing. Can I lick them?" I heard the question coming from the familiar voice on the video. As Tim massaged my tits focusing on my now erect nipples, there was movement below at the bottom of the bed. Suddenly there were two hands spreading my pussy lips far apart and now a tongue darted inside my wet box. What the fuck is going on, I wondered as Tim's hands were still focusing on my tits with the coconut massage oil. There were four hands on my body and the tongue was softly working over my engorged clit.

"Wow mister, you are hard as a freaking rock." I heard the sound coming from the television. "Lets's see if we can find you some relief." The woman was taking aim at her prize while he was admiring her completely naked body standing before him in the weight room of the Y.

"Looking at your beautiful tits and your nice ass in that thong doesn't take a guy long to get hard," was the man's response on the video. "And since it is after 10 pm it is time to get you a workout since we are closed." The trainer had everything planned to perfection and had been working for months to get this hot Cougar naked.

"I want you to lie down on that bench and spread your legs baby," the man with the familiar voice was now giving instructions. I was having a hard time focusing as the tongue on my pussy was working it's magic.

"What the hell is going on here, Tim?" I wanted to know of my husband.

Now there was more movement on the bed and Tim had his cock dangling in my face. Normally I would grab it with both hands and work it over but since my arms were tied to the bed I was at his mercy. He eased it in my mouth and I playfully bit it as I asked the same question a second time.

"Allow me to slide that thong off your nice ass, Mer." I remember hearing on the video. Oh wow, nice landing strip sweetie. You are so wet, I need to taste you right now." The man on the video sounded excited, and I was struggling to place him as four hands and a tongue worked me over in the dark. I was wearing a crotch-less thong so the stranger had little trouble reaching the goods..

Being tied up and blindfolded was so erotic with the smell of vanilla and coconut hanging in the air along with four hands and a tongue. "What the hell is going on, Tim?" I asked a third time.

And then it happened. A really hard cock plunged deep into my pussy in one bug push. My wetness enveloped the hardness and his hands pushed my legs a little wider. I momentarily stopped sucking Tim's dick as the pleasure and surprise of the hard cock swimming in my pussy took me by surprise.

"Mer, lift your legs high on the bench. That's it hold them up high. I'm going to lick you." I heard the words coming from the porn video I could not see on the big screen in the corner. "Oh baby you taste so good and you are so wet," the voice continued.

"Fuck that honey, I want your cock in me right now." I heard the ladies voice demand it on the video. But the hard cock inside me at the moment was making it hard to concentrate and then I got a wiff of the cologne from the torso that was fucking me.

"Holy shit. I said out loud as it hit me what was going on in my bedroom on this Saturday night. My husband was licking my tits, I was sucking his dick, and I now knew the stranger with the hard cock riding in and out of my pink was the trainer I had been banging for the last couple months. I also knew that the porn video that was playing on the big screen TV was me and Ron fucking for the first time in the little gym at the YMCA. As far as I know Tim knew nothing about my infidelity and it was the first time in 20 years I banged someone other than my husband.

"Holy shit, Ron. Fuck me hard baby," is all I could muster. I could feel his ample thickness sliding in and out of my pussy. He was plunging deep but in a nice rhythm. I suppose after fucking me a dozen times or more in the past few months he knew exactly what I liked. And I guess he likes to video the sessions without telling me about it. I was now a Porn Star.

I sucked Tim's dick hard and mumbled again, "what the fuck is going on?"

Now Ron adjusted his hands, moving them under both ass cheeks and lifting my ass off the bed. He slipped in deeper if that was possible. He was fucking me good.

Tim exhorted him. "Lift her ass Ron. She loves that position."

"Oh yeah, yes, yes yes, Ronnie. Fuck me hard. Give it to me baby." I heard my voice coming from the video playing on the television. It was surreal to hear myself in the dark getting fucked on the video while the same guy was fucking me for real in my own bed while my husband watched the whole thing. And on top of it all, I was tied up and blindfolded. I guess this was not going to be our standard Saturday night sex session with my husband.

Suddenly, Tim lifted the mask off my face and I was staring at Ron's shaved head and I could see his familiar dick sliding into my pussy.

"I love to fuck you, baby. You look spectacular all tied up on the bed tonight," my "fuck toy" trainer was happy to be filling me up while my husband was getting a blow job.

"Oh yeah you know how to use that weapon, Ronnie. Fuck me baby." I encouraged him. I tried readjusting my legs but the ropes had me immobilized.

"Cum to me Ronnie," I heard myself on the video and for the first time I glanced up at the big screen. And there I was. The camera angle was up higher looking down. I was lying on the end of a weight bench in the missionary position, but my legs were both high in the air and I was holding them with both hands. I was totally naked and there was a pile of our workout clothes lying a few feet away. My tits were flopping around as Ron slammed into me. I remember it like it was yesterday but it was at least four months ago, maybe more.

I tried to watch the television closer through the pleasure Ron was now giving me in my bed just to make sure the video was really the two of us. Yep. I'm an amateur Porn Star now I thought. And I closed my eyes as a hard cum was building in my pussy from Ron's amazing rhythm.

"Of fuck yeah, I'm coming Mer," I heard Ron moan on the television. I opened my eyes to see Ron's spurts of cream hit my stomach. I pulled him closer, grabbed his throbbing dick and milked it all out onto my tits as he moaned. My only thought was that was a wild video and how did this happen.

That thought was cut short as my hips rose to meet Ron's thrusts in my bed. The first time I fucked Ron he was like a teenage jackrabbit and came fast. He had learned to slow it down and please a Cougar or a MILF. Now his rhythm was working his magic and I was rising to meet every thrust as the pleasure built in my pussy and clit. With each thrust the waves built within me. I was so close to the edge.

On the video, Ron was now licking my pussy again, trying to get me off. I was rubbing his cum all over my breasts as he softly licked my pink slit with the thick Italian lips.

"You are so wet lady," he mumbled.

As the orgasm built for me on the video, I put my legs on the ground and started to thrust back against his tongue. He was going from my ass to my clit with his tongue in long soft strokes. I pushed into him hard and told him to not stop. And then as I was getting fucked by Ron in my bed I watched myself cum on the big screen thrashing and moaning against Ron's wonderful tongue. I squeezed his head hard as I came on the bench. I rolled off the bench and laid on the floor as Ron stood there with his now limp penis.

"That was nice, Ron." I said to him as I tried to get myself together in the gym. Since I had not had sex with another man in 20 years I had to pull myself together. I said to Ron that he needed to follow me to the showers and wash off his artwork smeared all over my stomach and breasts. I watched from my bed as we both left the gym headed for the showers. I was naked and didn't care but Ron was worried that I would be seen on the video camera of the Y.

In my bed, I was still rising to meet his thrusts and then it happened. We both exploded together and I could feel Ron's cream hit the back of my ecstatic pussy. He pulled out while I was bucking wildly, though I was restrained. He shot his load on my tits and managed to get one small stream near my mouth. My hips were still bucking up and down as the orgasm slowly left my body.

We all laid there quietly for a moment on the bed and then another porn video came on the big screen. I was remembering that the first video ended in the shower at the Y as Ron turned on all the shower heads, soaped me up, and fucked me from behind. None of that action was captured on video.

So there I was again on the next porn video too, but at least this one started with my clothes on. There I was walking into the Marriott Suites Deluxe King Master Suite. I did look good but with my husband sitting inches away with a raging hard-on I was a little embarrassed.

"Tim, honey. Why don't you untie me and let's take care of your hard on. Unless you want it just like Ron did?" I asked.

Tim immediately untied me from the bed. He loves to take me from behind so I crawled up on all fours and beckoned him into my sloppy pussy. I could feel my juices and Ron's cum running down my leg and I positioned myself to watch the newest video. Tim grabbed my hips and guided his manhood into my wet pussy from behind. He was bigger than Ron and split me wide. "Oh damn that feels good honey. Make me cum."

Tim split and stretched me as my ample tits tried to reach the bed. Ron moved up to use his cream on my hanging tits to massage them as Tim went to work. He really is a good lover and he found a rhythm. He was holding onto my hips and gently plunging into me. I was rocking back and forth and squeezing my pussy muscles to get him off. My tits were swaying with the motion with Ron trying to massage them.

And there I was on the video again, walking across the room of the Marriott Suites. My shoulder length black hair met my bare neck of the sexy black silver Shimmer sleeveless party dress. It featured a bare back leaving me bra-less with my nipples stretching the fabric as I walked. It was thigh high with a front neck line that finely displayed my breasts. It grabbed my hips hard and highlighted my nice ass. I was wearing black fishnet panties, a Leopard thong that one could see under the dress, and Leopard 6 inch "knock me down and fuck me" heels. I had painted on pink lipstick right before entering the hotel room. I was surprised with how good I looked on the big screen TV.

And just like that Tim's plunging cock took my attention away from the television and the Porn Video featuring this MILF. I was really getting into his action and could feel the pleasure building. I had jutted my ass higher in the air and placed my tits and torso on the bed, I was no longer pushing my ass back to meet Tim's cock because I was paralyzed by the pleasure. I just focused on squeezing his dick and letting him make me cum.

Tim reached his hand around my hip to touch my clit and I brushed him away. I was almost there and it was too sensitive after Ron had wrecked my pussy.

"Hi Ron, nice room. Thanks for leaving the key at the front desk for me." The dialogue was back on the video.

"Wow you look amazing Mer. How old did you say you were?" Ron laughed. "You look good enough to eat. How did I get so lucky?" Ron mumbled. "I'm not sure if we should keep the dress on you or take it off," Ron replied as he handed me a glass of Cabernet.

Again, Tim's steady drum beat into my pussy had me on the edge and one more squeeze and I couldn't hold it any longer. I started to scream loudly and I came hard as Tim continued to pump in me. I reached back grabbed his balls and he exploded, pulling out to stream his cum all over my ass and lower back. Now I smelled like coconut massage oil and salty, sticky cum.

The three of us collapsed on the king sized bed in our bedroom and no one spoke. We glanced at the video of me propping my fishnet covered legs on Ron's lap as he sat in a chair by the hotel porch. I took a big swallow of the red wine and Ron reached his hands over to my fishnets.

This was boring me as I sat naked surrounded by my husband and my "fuck toy" from the last four months. "So how did we get here?" I asked no one in particular. "I always fantasized about a threesome but I never saw it playing out like this." My comment hung in the air along with the vanilla candle and coconut massage oil. Tim started laughing. Then Ron started laughing. We were all naked and sexed up. A video was playing on the big screen of my second encounter with Ron in a Marriott hotel.

"I guess this is on me," Tim fessed up.

"But how did you find Ron and who was video taping our sexual encounters? And how the hell did we all end up on this bed tonight?" I had more questions than answers.

I glanced at the TV to see Ron on his knee's on the floor running his hands up my legs and hiking my dress up under the chair. I can't believe I was watching myself on video. "It's all on me," Tim tried convincing me, but said he never thought I would fuck Ron.

"I noticed that Ron was making compilation music video's for you all the time and I watched how you looked at him in the gym," Tim started his explanation. "How about we all go take a quick shower and we can talk about it. Our shower is big enough for three people."

"Great idea Tim," Ron said and he climbed off the bed. "Are you coming Mer?" He asked.

"Well, since I'm covered in all of your semen I suppose I better freshen up too," I looked at both naked men and pinched myself to make sure this really happened. I headed to the bathroom and as I passed the TV, Ron had the top of my dress rolled down exposing my perky, big tits. I thought I had become a total slut in my 40's, but in some strange way I loved it.

We climbed into our big shower and Tim sat on the little bench behind the clear glass as the warm water hit my body. Ron was rubbing my tits with soap, erasing his cum from my body.

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