tagNovels and NovellasYoko's Diary Ch. 01-06

Yoko's Diary Ch. 01-06


Disclaimer: This story features explicit sexual content. You have to be of legal age in your country to read it (usually 18 in some cases 21). Also this story contains immoral and maybe illegal acts so take it as a fantasy that shouldn't be done in real life.

Yoko is a real woman I met when she came to Germany as exchange student. She is a cute Japanese girl that likes sex and first discovered some darker sides with me. What you can read here are the letters she wrote me about her experiences. Yoko is 24 years old (well she was when we started this diary) her measures are very shapely: 36bc-26-34, she wears her long almost black hair open. She is studying German and English at university and will finish her masters degree in 2002. In her diary she describes what kinky things are happening in her life starting about one year after we separated. Her sister Ayumi is 19 years old (born 1981) graduated from school in ’99 and is currently studying architecture. The diary is starting with several letters that Yoko wrote me before we decided to publish it on the net and turned it into a real passionate little novel.

We are both no native English speakers so there might be many mistakes in the text. If anyone would like to spell check it we are very thankful!

The text is copyrighted by Ogre & Yoko.

We also very much like to receive your comments.

* * * * *

Part 1

Dear Ogre! October 27th 2000

The last two days were pretty strange for me. I mean I cybered on the net before and also I'm pretty experienced with boys and girls - I think but it is still awesome what is happening at the moment. You seem to bring me down to my darkest dreams. My sister and I have "deepened" our relationship in the last 48 hours immensely. Because we have a five years difference we never were really close I mean we had our own friends and hanging out on our own, never the less we always loved each other. I always took care of her but what happens now is a little out of hand. But never the less I enjoy it extremely.

Ayumi just told me some things that changed my view of her and also of my family a lot. Usually I wouldn't tell that anybody but it disturbs me and because you are far and also got it all started I will tell you. I just need somebody to listen now and you are the only one available in that matter that I can somehow trust. Well Ayumi told me some things about herself that I never would have guessed. She just graduated school one year ago and until that time she was doing "enjo kosai" how it is called here. It's sort of schoolgirl prostitution. Around 10 percent of girls go out with men to get money from them so that they can buy expensive cosmetics or clothes. She got into all of this already at the age of 14. Her first boyfriend who was 18 was a gang member and gave her quite a lot of presents. After some time he dropped her to get another virgin girl. She missed all the stuff and a classmate "introduced" her to date older men. That all was already shocking me very much but the most disturbing thing that she told me was that she found out that our dad was dating another of her classmates for around a year. She had proof of it... a "puri kura" that is a small sticker and very popular here. It showed our dad with a young girl. She believes that he still dates young girls. The classmate told her that she had to act as his little daughter and that they always had sex together. I was really shocked to hear that! It does mean father is hot for us... right? That is a strange feeling to know. Besides all of this my sis explained to me that she loves girls cause she dated all those guys over the years - around 3 a week - some of them regularly and it made her feel bad about a real relationship. She said she still hopes that one day she might find a real nice guy whom she can trust and love but she thinks that’s almost impossible. Besides she found out that sex with girls is much more pleasurable. While with a man she only had an orgasm when he licked her pussy - she is also fully shaved btw. So all she liked was 69 and also she enjoyed giving head to a guy. She said she even likes to deep throat them, which is something I never was able to do at all. She said she already performed all kinds of sex besides sex with animals except one time one of her men forced her to masturbate with an eel. She said that usually they wanted to fuck her pussy, ass and mouth. The oldest guy she dated a few times was around 65 or so. And one time a man brought his 13-year-old son and wanted her to make him a man. Besides that she also did very bad things like piss on a guy or drink piss. Also she was tied up pretty often, spanked or even whipped with a crop. Often the men brought huge dildos that hurt her. She didn't enjoy it all but often they made her orgasm so she found some pleasure after all. Anyway it all made her become a lesbian who still dates guys.

This is all very much for me to get at the moment so I wrote it all down. I feel better a little already :-)

Oh by the way... Ayumi and I agreed that we have to thank you for bringing us together... so when you come here we want to have a 3some with you, ok!?

Part 2

Hi Ogre! October 28th 2000

Well yesterday night was pretty hot... our talk and what you told me and Ayumi to do to each other... it was gorgeous! We both loved it. So you are curious about last night’s happenings after we went offline? I know you are... ;-)

To spoil the fun a little I first tell you that there was not much happening with my dad, only a little thing. But first things first. So after daddy came home and mom was still at my aunts Ayumi and I were going to take a shower together. We didn't lock the door and even left it open a little gap. Sis and I engaged under the shower immediately. But before we soaped ourselves I wanted to try the piss thing... So I knelt down between her legs and she pissed in my open mouth... wow it was strange... it tasted almost like a hot wine or something it was more the smell that was annoying at first. But I got used to it quickly. She lasted a pretty long time so I had to drink quite a lot. I thought that’s by far the nastiest thing I ever did! I felt so sluttish... but I loved it a lot somehow...

Then it was her turn. She said she had done this at least 20 times already. Men here a very dirty! She said it gave her a kick when she pissed on them but didn't like it when they pissed on her. They usually not just let her drink it but pissed or even shitted on her whole body. Some licked it up afterwards or ate their own shit or let another girl ate the shit or whatever. But she said the shitting thing is really annoying. It smells so bad and tastes ugly. She hated it. Anyway back to the shower. Ayumi now knelt between my spread legs and I couldn't piss at all... I tried and tried but it just wouldn't flow... it took me some time to relax and finally I pissed a little onto her face and mouth. She drank it but it really wasn't that much. She said it was the first time she really enjoyed that. We kissed afterwards and then showered and soaped each other’s bodies.

So we took our time and waited for dad... he passed the door a few times, maybe had a look or two I don't know and he didn't come in. We took our time and finally he really called at us to finish up cause he needed to use the toilet. He was standing outside so we called he could come in and just do it cause we would still need some time. He opened the door, looked at us... seeing us there completely naked... I was feeling pretty embarrassed I must admit and I guess I was beet red. He was staring open mouthed and didn't know exactly where to look... he became red, too looking at our shaved pussies and bare boobs... then he turned around and left in a hurry. We were somewhat disappointed but also a little relieved. We finished up and we heard him do a phone call some minutes later as we came out of the bathroom he just left avoiding looking at us telling he would be back late.

One our later mom came home, we told her that dad was visiting some friends but we believe that he called a "school-girl-friend" to get some relief...

Anyway I stayed in Ayumi's room till early this morning. It was very gentle to sleep and hug with her. An hour or so before I had to get up I went to my room. I had a little peek and mom and dad were sleeping.

Part 3

Hi Ogre! October 29th 2000

Some new update about what is happening here. But I don't have much time I need to go to univ. soon. Saturday night Ayumi dated a guy while I stayed home and watched TV. When she came back early morning she brought along another double dildo that she had borrowed from a lesbian friend of hers. And she also got another surprise... she had met an old lover of hers in the club and they went to a love motel for some hours. That was the reason she came home so late. At the end she had let him fuck in her ass without condom and fill her with his cum. She pressed her ass together and as she came home she let me suck his come from her ass hole. Afterwards we used the two double dildos at the same time... we went on all fours ass to ass and then inserted one in our shit holes and the other in our pussies. And so we fucked each other until we came. WOW that was sooo hot! It was a great turn on! Afterwards we were pretty exhausted and hugged and kissed before falling asleep.

Latest news about my dad. He once padded Ayumi’s ass as she walked by in the nude. He also openly enjoyed us showing our bodies to him. Not only nude but also we gave him flashes wearing no underwear and miniskirts. While watching TV all together in the living room with mom there, too. When mom couldn't see we opened our thighs and gave him a good view of our pussies. Tonight I waited for him to go to the toilet and followed him completely nude. I opened the door seeing him sitting and stood just in front of him waiting. I spread my legs a little so he could see my little hole, which was still wet from playing with my sis. I was just out of his reach. I was putting my hands behind my back thrusting my breasts out and playing tired. As he was finished I was brushing my tits against his chest then I sat down. After he finished washing his hands he waited for me to finish. I got up cleaned my hands and he reached me the towel but let it fall to the floor "by accident". He kneeled down and when getting up he stroked his other hand on the inside of my thighs up to my pussy. I had my eyes closed for some seconds but he didn't touch my cunt. Instead he put a hand on my hip and as I bent forward to grab the towel he brushed his hand over my tit and nipple. Then he left without saying a word. I really wonder what will happen next...

Part 4

Hello Love! October 31st, 2000

Any news? Here is our daily update... ;-)

As you know we were fisting each other as we went offline yesterday. It was impossible to get into Ayumi’s ass without using much oil so we went into the bathroom. There I managed to do it to her. It really hurts badly cause afterwards she tried my ass, too! When she stuck her hand to far inside it was like hell! We must have screamed a little bit to loud cause dad was knocking at the door asking if everything was ok. But he didn't enter. Ayumi and I went to sleep together, hugging tightly.

This afternoon when I came home from university nobody else was there and I knew dad would be home next. So I decided to try something new. I got undressed opened the door to my room and played with my dildo... spread legs to the door. I got lost in fantasies about dad, dogs, sis and me and had two orgasms before I heard dad come home. Then I acted like I am so involved in my play with closed eyes and trashing my body around and moaning that I didn't hear him. Of course he was there watching in the door enjoying the view of me pumping my pussy but wouldn't come in. So I just was moaning like "oohhh daddy ahhh" and stuff like that. Through half closed eyes I watched him, his face was moved. So suddenly I opened my eyes, pretending to be surprised... but to far gone to stop... I padded on the bed next to me... and asked him to sit next to me. He came slowly towards me, sat down and I took his hand leading it to the dildo. He grabbed it and started pumping me with it. He did it hard and fast. With the other hand he probed my tits and pinched my nipples. I was sooo excited! I almost came instantly! But he didn't stop... he pumped the dildo in and out of me like crazy. It was like a series of climaxes were hitting me... sooo intense! He made me sooo horny! But after I had a good final orgasm he stopped got up and left without saying a word. I needed some time to relax then got up, dressed and went into the living room. He was reading the newspaper so I stood in front of him and told him how great that was and that I and Ayumi would do everything for him. Whatever he ever would like. He said thanks and continued reading.

So I left for my room. Later my sis and mom came home. Ayumi came to me and we talked. Suddenly mom asked if she could come in. We said yes. Mom said she had a little talk with our dad. We were wondering what it was about now. Mom told us dad said it seems we two would like to have some sexual experience before we get married so that we could satisfy our future husbands. We almost laughed... you can imagine. But we told her yes that would be good. She said that it would be time for us to get a teacher who shows us everything we need to know. We said yes that would be great but who would it be. And the next thing really took us by surprise! She said the same man who teaches all the women in our family about sex. Her oldest brother! My mom has 3 bros and 2 sisters. He is almost 60! She then told us he taught her and her sisters about it and later he continued to teach our cousins. He last fucked the youngest cousin from one aunt she is 16. My mom and our aunt were there, too for support. But we are older and needed better treatment so his two sons one is 39 and one is 35 would fuck us while he gives orders. They are of course married. Mom told us he also educated his own children; he also has a daughter who is 32 and married now. We asked more if dad would also have sex with us and she said maybe if he wants after our education would be over. We asked her if she had fucked her dad and she said yes. She also still fucks all her brothers. It was such a big surprise to hear about all of that! Well we thought our parents are naive about me and Ayumi having sex but we also were naive about them. We also heard that dad was having sex with his two sisters and our 3 female cousins from that side. He broke their cherries. Seems like the dad doesn't do it but the oldest brother of the wife. Must be some strange family tradition or just a coincidence that they are all horny? We wanted to know more about their sexual experiences but she just said that she maybe would tell us more when the right time comes. Then she went and called her brother. He will come tomorrow evening...

After calling him she came back and said he will be there at around 7pm with our two older cousins tomorrow and that we will have to wear traditional kimonos and no underwear. After they came in we will join them in the living room and we are to obey everything they tell us. Mom and dad will be watching and maybe some other family will be there, too.

We are really curious what will happen!

Part 5

Hello sweet Boy! November 2nd 2000

As you can guess that was a hot day - and night for me yesterday... that’s the reason I'm writing so late.

But first things first...

Of course I was following your order and masturbated naked in front of my window. Well nobody saw me its just to high above the street and in the house on the other side they were all sleeping. But it was fun anyway. I watched the cars go by down there and were imagining what people in all those beds opposite of me where doing...

But I guess you want to know other things...

At the appropriate time they came. My sister and I were dressed in kimonos and without underwear as requested. My uncle and his two sons where there with their wives. My parents had rearranged the living room. There were two blankets on the floor, there were joss sticks and scented candles, and the light was dimmed. My uncle and his sons were also wearing kimonos. My dad was watching sitting on the sofa. My mom and the three other women went in the kitchen preparing some food. It was all like a big ritual. My uncle asked if we knew what we were here for so we nodded a yes. He asked if we agree to do everything he is ordering us to do. We again nodded. He was winking his sons to stand at the end of the blankets and ordered us to kneel in front of them. Then we had to open their cordons. Ayumi was in front the 35 year old I had the older. They are pretty ordinary looking and Ayumi’s had a little gut but they are ok. So after opening their kimonos we were instructed how to touch their cocks and how to stroke them to get them hard. Then they explained how to get a condom on them. We did that and then had to lie down on our backs. Uncle said that we wouldn't need lubrication cause he heard that we masturbated with dildos all the time and that the condoms wetness would be enough and wouldn't hurt us. Our two "guides" opened our belts and kimonos and we lay nude in front them. They were grinning as they saw we are shaved. To make us ready the two men were caressing our breasts, teasing the nipples und sucking on them then finally spread our legs apart, caressing our upper thighs. Both doing everything at the same time. Finally they were told its time to make us women *grin*. So they laid our knees over their shoulders and plunged into us. First slowly they were fucking us faster and faster until they came. Neither Ayumi nor I had an orgasm at that time. They emptied the condoms in a bowl and threw them away. Then we were to undress completely. The men lay down and we were told to kneel next to them. First we should stroke their penises and then we had to suck on them. Uncle was pretty cautious cause he didn't know our limits and we acted hesitant and shy but of course were enjoying all this. He explained how to fondle their balls and how to suck them. As they were erect again we put new condoms on them and were instructed to sit on them inserting their cocks in our pussies and ride them. We did so and they played with our breasts and also pinched our nipples. This time we both came shortly before them. As they were finished we had to remove the condoms to empty them in the bowl ourselves this time. Then we had to lay flat on the floor. The women brought in some beverages and put them on our bodies. All four men were eating from us then and relaxed. They talked and drank some sake my mom and aunt were serving them. Afterwards we were ordered to take a shower so we did. This all lasted around an hour so as we came back we only needed little sucking to get them big again. We had to go on all fours and they fucked us doggy style. But then we had to resume position. They emptied their cum again in the bowl. We had quite a clear idea what that was meant for but didn't say anything - should they think we were curious... hehe. Now they told us to relax. They got some small dildos, rubbed some oil on it and probed our assholes. Uncle were saying we were to obey everything and that our future husbands would appreciate it when they could fuck our backdoors and they want us to enjoy their lovemaking so they will train us. Well we overacted on the pain a little but really enjoyed it. They also got some bigger dildos then and fucked our pussies with it until we came. We still were ordered to resume positions. Dildos still in our holes. The two wives of my uncle's sons were asked to come in. They are both in the early to mid thirties. They were told to undress. Uncle told us as good wives we also should allow our husbands to have other women and we should be used to have sex with them, too. The two women lied down in front of us and we were told how to lick their cunts and treat their clits. Then we did it. They were not shaved but a little trimmed. After they came surprisingly uncle and dad were going to them. Uncle explained that they would show how a cock really has to be sucked. So they both got their cocks out and the two women were deepthroating them! Their husbands didn't seem jealous at all though. Well they just fucked us before. We were ordered on our knees again and had to perform on their husbands. They asked us to try to take them in our throats. Uncle explained how we have to do it while he was sucked off. Sis who is used to that had no troubles but took it slow. I gagged quite a lot but also took the cock deep inside my mouth. As they were big they removed them. The others were still sucking. They removed the 4 dildos and then said its time for the real thing. So they pumped our Asses with their cocks. But of course started slow. This time without dildos. Suddenly Dad and our uncle said, "watch" they removed their cocks, stroked a few times and one after the other shot into the mouths of the two women. Then both women kissed and licked each other’s mouths and what was next to it clean. "A good girl always drinks the sperm", they explained. As the two guys fucking us were ready to cum we were told to act similar. So they shot it in us and then we kissed and licked. They said we are very good and obedient students... ;-)

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