tagLoving WivesYoni's Seaside Resort Ch. 01

Yoni's Seaside Resort Ch. 01


From a plot proposed by Yoni


Kira, like everyday when she was in India sorted the important mail Kyrhan daily received. There were many official letters she placed on a tray for him to open. A second pile was addressed to herself under various names : Kira Chowdhury (the Indian identity Kyrhan had provided her), Kira Singh (her marital name in India) or, more simply, just Princess! Those were usually appeals for help by people from the former kingdom of Kyrhan's ancestors. The Indian federation may have decided to wipe out the former princely states but the poor people still considered Kyrhan as their Rajah and Kira had largely invested herself in charities and education programs for the Dalits.

There were also a few letters looking more personal sent to Kyrhan. They were from friends and acquaintances from anywhere in the world : Kyrhan had so many friends around the globe! One of these letters caught her attention : there was an unusual stamp on it with an image of Queen Elizabeth but with the mention : Barbados! On the back of the envelope, there was just a name : Yoni. She had never heard of someone with that surname : maybe an Israelian man or a girl of Indian origin as Yoni is the female principle in Hindu tradition, represented by a triangle with an angle pointing downward (a pussy). Her curiosity was piqued! When Kyrhan returned from office, Kira handed him immediately the letter.

- Hello, darling! You've received a letter from the Barbados from someone named Yoni. Is it another girl you intend to add to your harem?

There was no jealousy in Kira's tone : her husband had made sure that his wife was devoid of any idea of that kind. She could indulge in any whimsy and he too, provided both of them take the elementary protections requested! Kyrhan smiled impishly.

- Relax, Kira! Yoni is certainly not a girl : he is an English parachutist the Indian Army hired a few years ago to give advanced training to our own special forces. The English commandos are a part of the Royal Navy but we were more interested by him and by two guys from the French Legion Etrangere. You remember that I was a colonel in that branch and I volunteered to follow their teaching. It helped me a lot when I had to deliver you in the jungle at the Brazilian border!

- Yes, luv, you risked your life several times to save me. I'll be forever in debt with you!

- It was the minimum I could do to save my wife! Wait, I must have a photograph of Yoni. Here he is! Tell me if you think he is effeminate or if you would consider him as a possible partner in bed!

On the photo, the man had light brown hair and strangely attractive blue eyes. He really looked like Dan, her French husband with large shoulders, probably more than two hundred pounds and about six feet high. He looked together gentle, decided and awfully dangerous if you decided to bother him seriously. After her husband's comment, Kira couldn't stop herself from wondering how good he was at giving pleasure to a girl. Kyrhan had opened the letter and read it cursorily.

- Mmmhhh! He is now retired and living in the Caribbeans, in the Barbados for the time being and he lives with a very pretty black girl!

Kyrhan chuckled loudly.

- She is called Princess, just like you! He invites us for one or two weeks at his home! Would that suit you? It would be so funny to have two Princesses at our disposal! He has sent me a picture of her!

From Yoni's picture, Princess was quite similar to Kira : same height, same flaring hips, same color of eyes (a wonderful brown hue). She was a bit more slender at breasts and waist than Kira but the main differences between the two girls were their hair : Kira had long straight black hair in the Indian tradition while Princess had locks. Of course, the other difference was that Kira was white skinned even though she was tanned not to attract too much attention in India while Princess was as brown skinned.

Kira and her husband had nothing special to do on the next week. Kyrhan had just a single meeting he could postpone easily. He contacted a travel agency : there was a convenient flight from New Delhi with just a single transfer in London Heathrow. He sent a mail to Yoni announcing their arrival with their time schedule. Kira was very excited about discovering another country with a small but growing, according to the travel book she had, Indian community. As usual, her excitation transformed soon into arousal and Kyrhan led his giggling wife to their king size bed. Her screams soon disturbed somewhat the pigeons dwelling in the courtyard! She started to prepare their luggage on the next morning as soon as Kyrhan had left for his office.

Exactly eight days later, Kyrhan's plane landed at the Grantley Adams International Airport, the only international airport in the country. Kira instinctively loved the atmosphere. The weather was hot and she had decided to meet Yoni and his girlfriend wearing her usual saree. She knew that there was an important Indian community in Guyana with women wearing tradional outfits and that many people in the Barbados came from there. So Princess wouldn't be surprised and it would set the mood.

The saree Kira had chosen was yellow and almost see through as it was made in the finest gauze with rich embroideries. Underneath, she was wearing a bikini choli, one of the skimpiest she had and you would glimpse her legs through the petticoat when she walked with the sun behind her. It was certainly not a shy or demure outfit! Kira had loved the commotion she had ignited during the transfers in London and in Miami. She loved to know that she still attracted men to that point. She had accentuated the wiggling of her hips as a reward token for her admirers. She just hoped that Yoni would like her appearance.

If Kyrhan had hoped he could enjoy his wife during the flight, he had to abandon any ideas of this kind : even in first class, the plane was overcrowded! The custom officer waved Kyrhan through without really looking at his passport but he took much more time to inspect Kira's papers. He watched her from head to toe, undressing her with his eyes. It was so frequent that she didn't care at all any more. She just turned on her feet to show him all the views of her luscious body. His eyes were menacing to pop out of their sockets and his face was turning beet root when she stopped playing with his senses. When they exited the gate, Kira immediately discovered the massive and almost familiar figure of Yoni with, on his side, the lither and much more feminine Princess.

Kyrhan and Yoni exchanged a vigorous handshake while the girls kissed them on the cheek. They turned toward the girls. Princess was wearing a short white bustier dress with gold sequins covering her breasts and matching high heeled sandals. Her dress was very short, revealing long and elegant legs. Princess hugged Kira quite closely. Yoni smiled and explained

- I should have warned you, Kira. Princess is definitely bi but there is no way that a Caribbean lady would kiss a lady in public! the people hereby are still a bit homophobic!

- Yes, I find you quite exotic and attractive, Kira! I hope we'll become soon very close friends!

- Don't worry, Princess! I find you very attractive, too! I prefer men but on occasion, I enjoy girls, too! I will wait to be in a safer place to show you how much you interest me.

- Hi, princess Kira! I'm Princess! How shall I call you : princess Kira, Mrs Singh or simply Kira?

- Princess will do!

- But how Kyrhan and Yoni will differentiate between us?

- Don't worry : if they want a princess and get two for the same price, they won't complain! Would you, Yoni and Kyrhan?

They denied it in a chorus. Princess was stupefied by Kyrhan's wild hulk!

- Beg your pardon, Prince. Yoni is rather massive but you are built like a tank! You're very impressive!

- I hope that many pretty girls like you feel the same thing in the next years!

Yoni led them to his car : it was a sedan with tainted glasses. You couldn't see anything through them. The girls monopolized the back seats, leaving just the two front seats for the men. Kira settled on her place and turned toward Princess.

- Now that nobody can see us, I'll show you MY way to tell a girl that she interests me!

Kira put her arms around Princess' neck and she drew Yoni's companion to her! Their mouths joined in front of their bewildered companions. Kira wasn't satisfied with a simple peck and she darted her tongue into the slightly open mouth of Princess. It was Kira's turn to take the initiative! Princess soon recovered from her surprise and embraced Kira more closely. Their kiss lasted a longtime and both girls were quite oblivious of their two spectators. Kyrhan and Yoni watched them with quite interested eyes. When they disengaged, they kept their hands tightly locked.

- Now that the presentations are complete, let's go to my small cottage. It's on the western coast. It's located slightly to the north of Sandy Lane.

Yoni and Kyrhan looked on the mirrors to follow the action just behind their backs. They didn't see who started the hostilities but the girls had snaked their hands under the other one's dress or skirt and they were giving one another a good fingering. After their initial frenzy had ebbed slightly, Kira, feeling quite safe behind the dark screens emboldened : the zipper at the back of Black Princess's dress was soon pulled down and the dress ended in a pile on the back of the car where Indian Princess' saree soon joined it.

It was so strange and exciting for both girls : Princess had always been in command but she usually stayed rather passive but Kira was certainly more experienced and decided. Having been informed that Princess was bi had broken a dam and she now wanted to make the most of the girl on the next seat...

Kira's bikini top was held in place by just a hook in the back and a knot behind her neck. It was the next casualty! Kira's gorgeous breasts appeared in their whole glory. Black princess would never go down on a girl in a car but now things were different : It was Kira who had gone down on her! She stopped for a minute admiring Kira's boobs before leaning forward and taking the right nipple in her mouth while she caressed the other one in her hand. Kira moaned soon in bliss : Black Princess had a slight advantage there!

It was just like horse races. Indian Princess just reacted and pulled up her partner's bra, uncovering her taut breasts in their turn! Princess closed her eyes in delight as Kira's expert lips played with her sensitive buds. She at last discovered the secret of Princess' bra : the clasp was in the front, just between her breasts. It soon joined the growing heap of clothes. If Kira's saree had been no problem, Princess seemed to have more difficulties with her petticoat that was attached around her hips with a simple knot. Kira took of the opportunity of this short delay to pull down Princess' thong. She kept her pussy bald with just a small band of hair she carefully maintained perfectly trimmed. A minute later, Princess discovered the completely bald pussy of Kira.

- God, Yoni! Your friend arrived with an underage girl! Her pussy is completely bald, not shaved, but really bald : it's as smooth as baby's skin! Do you want to touch it?

- I'm driving! So I'll keep the thrill for later. You may play together but don't open the windows so you won't be noticed from the passing cars and trucks!

Princess nodded with a large smile. Kira slid on her knees, parted Princess' knees and plunged her tongue in Princess' pussy. The black woman was surprised by this decided attack. The tremendous pleasure she immediately felt from that suave caress prevented her to buckle. In fact, she was moaning in bliss before she had realized what Kira wanted. It was too late to ask her guest not to do what she was so divinely doing!

Kyrhan couldn't see the details but the juxtaposition of princess' dark skin and Kira's slightly olive one was staggering. He had got a raging hard on and couldn't wait to plunge his hard cock into some wet hole, be it his wife's or their hostess'. He was quite sure that Yoni was in a similar state! The two girls were in a frenzy and the two men could just hear muffled moans of delight and gurgles of pleasure as the two girls enjoyed each other's company. Yoni's cottage was just one hour drive from the airport. When he stopped his car, Kira looked for her clothes but Yoni calmed her down :

- We have no garage in Barbados but we have a wall surrounding our property and I must open the door! I've an automatic gate opener but it's once more faulty. Our house is surrounded by a small copse : you'll be able to stay naked all day long if you care for it. Nobody will see you, except Kyrhan and myself... and Princess, of course!

They soon arrived to what Yoni called his seaside cottage : it was a modern villa with one side firmly planted on the beach and the other side overlooking the Caribbean sea with a wide terrace supported by stilts. You could dive into the sea directly from the terrace. You could see plenty of coral fishes swarming in the clear waters.

Yoni showed them their room : there was a waterbed in the main house and some sort of a hammock : a bed held to the ceiling by four big ropes. Yoni jumped on it and the bed began to swing wildly.

- You'll see : it's very pleasant to be swung by summer breezes or beg your pardon, Kira, when you hump a girl. You may take with you both our princesses but I fear that the ropes would break if the four of us tried it.

- So you wouldn't object if I enjoyed your Princess at one moment?

- As long as I can enjoy Kira at the same moment but I wouldn't object if you decided for a threesome or even a foursome but do it on the terrace, in the water or on the water beds : they are very sturdy! Just don't forget to place the mosquito net from the afternoon or they will eat you alive!

Princess decided to add just a simple remark :

- If you guys are organizing our cots for the next days and nights, please note that I would like to spend a few hours with Kira, - oh sorry!- with Princess!

- By all means, Princess. I will show to Kyrhan the best places for scuba diving in the vicinity and there are a few interesting caves nearby unless you want a pair of interested spectators to your little girly games!

- Why not but for our first meetings, we would prefer not to have witnesses but in two days, we'll be quite pleased to perform in front of you, don't you think so, Princess!

- You're our hostess, Princess. I'll follow your orders at the beginning!

- Ummpphhh! And afterwards, what will you do?

- We'll see!

- I would suggest you'll think to it later, girls! Let's start by swapping our companions. Kira would you like to accompany me on my swinging bed and Princess, please show Kyrhan how it works!

The two girls, stark naked, followed their designed partners without comments. Kira was exquisitely beautiful. Her swaying hips, just two or three feet in front of him focused all the attention of Yoni. He led her directly to the large hammock and sat in the middle of it, closing the net around the bed. He could now watch her voluptuous and really gorgeous figure and her aristocratic face. Kira sat on his lap. She caressed his face with her smooth hands and gently kissed him on his lips. She took him in her arms and embraced him languorously. Yoni didn't need to think twice to it and he placed his mouth on Kira's juicy and very attractive lips. She immediately responded to his ardent kisses with an urgency that betrayed her own desire. After a couple of minutes of ardent fight in their glued mouths, Kira put her hands on Yoni's and pressed them firmly onto her gorgeous boobs. He squeezed them gently and started to massage them, insisting on her nipples he elongated so hard that she thought he intended to rip them away. She moaned plaintively but she continued to offer them to his caresses.

Kira made Yoni sit on the bed alongside with her. She immediately started to undo his clothes. He was soon nude like the day he was borne and his cock was pointing toward the ceiling. Kira rolled her fingers around his cock and started to wank him. A shiver ran through his spine. He really enjoyed to be caressed by the wife of his Indian friend! Kira had a soft light olive skin with bright eyes which accentuated her sensuousness. She was moaning in delight and wanton anticipation. Yoni was caressing her breasts and his large hands were just the right size to cover her breasts. For the first time in his life, he didn't curse his larger than normal hands that were so clumsy with delicate weapons but smaller hands would have been unable to arrest these boobs. The wet glow of her love lips assured him that she was already terribly excited and aroused. She went in contact with him and rubbed her boobs on his naked thighs sending shivers of lust through his body.

Yoni laid her down on the bed and she slowly spread her milky white thighs without being given the order. The pink nether lips of her cunt were dripping wet with her love juices. The beauty of her pussy was enhanced by its baldness. It looked sexy, breath taking, erotic, whatever you want! Yoni bent down and placed his lips on her wet pussy and drove his tongue inside as deep as he could. Kira moaned helplessly with excitement. Kira pulled him over and he was soon tightly embraced in her arms. He was covering her beautiful body with his kisses. He metulously kissed every single inch of her body but when he started to suck her toes, she giggled helplessly and eluded his grasp for a minute.

When he pinned her on the bed at last, he continued to massage her boobs and suck her nipples. He was enjoying her body thoroughly. She was now moaning with delight. Her tits were perfect and her nipples had to be at least an inch long in her extreme state of excitement. He started to play with her other tit, pulling and pinching her nipple while he was doing the same thing to the other one with his hand, alternating from time to time. He leaned over her and kissed her mouth, shoving his tongue as deep as he could. She quickly returned the favor, fighting with his tongue in their joined oral cavities. When he took back one of her nipples into his mouth and lightly bit on it, it drove her insanely wild. It seemed that the harder he bit, the more excited she got.

At the same moment, he reached down for her clit and slipped two fingers into her twat. Her pussy was dripping wet, transformed into a little faucet. He could see her love juices oozing out through the lips and drenching the sheet beneath her. He needed to taste that nectar just out of her steamy honey pot. He couldn't resist any longer going down on her before they fucked for good and he buried his face in her sweet crotch, sucking on her exposed clit. Kira was bucking her hips upward to meet his tongue trying to get more of it into her.

He couldn't stand it any more : Yoni really needed the release only Kira could give him now. He gently rolled her down on her back still sucking alternatively her boobs. He lifted Kira's legs up to the ceiling, finally resting one on his shoulder and leaving the other one flat on the bed. He had now unhindered access to her soaking wet pussy. Kira helped him to place his cock at the entrance to her hole and rubbed it up and down over her clit a few times. Yoni was afraid to hurt her with his thick prick but she laughed at his fears and humped forward in a mighty shove that lifted his whole body from the bed and launched them into a long swinging movement. Completely taken out of balance, he shoved his cock deep into her pussy, finally banging against her cervix. He stopped there and she allowed him to regain his wits.

- But, Kira, how is it possible? Even with Princess, I've to enter her quite cautiously not to hurt her!

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