Paris was our garden of ecstasies.

One evening we find a girl-bar in Rue Mouffetard, a lesbian cellar, dank, dark, noisy, crowded with university students. older butches in full drag, baby dykes with rings in their nostrils, a drummer and two guitarists on a small stage, women of course, the musicians wearing tight striped tank-tops that barely cover their shaking breasts.

Your eyes are wide as you take it all in. Does it turn you on? Of course it does, I can see it in your face, the way your tongue passes over your lips. Do you want one of these gougnottes in your bed? Not possible, darling, you belong to me. No one gets to rattle your bones except Katherine.

But after a while in this dyke bedlam I'm as turned on as you are and I drag you across the room to a long crowded corridor with a sour smell, to what passes for a restroom in a place like this. Too many women in the corridor, too much noise, too much smoke from those lousy French cigarettes, a Gaulois stink in the air. I stand behind you in line and caress your hips and ass with my hands.

When our turn arrives, we slide into the bathroom and I immediately urge you into one of the stalls, nudging you forward as we slip inside. You laugh, maybe uneasy, and when you turn to face me I kiss you hard and with passion. While I work my tongue in your ear, I tell you we must be quick about it. Do you understand me?

You rub against my crotch, against my leg as I pull you closer. I squeeze your ass, knead your cheeks. I'm sure you're soaked; I know you. I open your blouse, pull up your bra and begin sucking your breasts while I grind your clit with my leg. You grasp the back of my head with both hands, forcing one of your little tits further into my mouth and throat. I quickly get under your skirt and slide your panties down and pull them off your feet. Immediately you spread your legs and begin riding my bent knee. I plunge two fingers into your dripping cunt, sliding them in and out and over your clitoris. Then I find your anus, caress it, spread your ass wide open with the other hand, then quickly push one finger into the tight hole.

In a whisper, you beg for more. So I bend on my knees and begin sucking your clitoris, two fingers now in your rectum, turning, sliding in and out, fucking you there. You groan. You're coming. Your orgasm explodes. When we're both still, my head is still buried in your crotch. Then I rise, quickly kiss your mouth and lick your lips. "Now you've had it," I say. "You've been fucked in a Parisian toilet."

You abandon your panties on the floor in the stall. We leave the restroom and walk through the crowd and out of the cellar and into the damp air in Rue Mouffetard.

In the street, I slide my arm around your waist and you lean against me. "I'm hungry," you say. "Can't we go somewhere?"

* * *

We find a clean restaurant in Odeon and we order a salad, capers, olives, a sweet onion and a bottle of white wine. It's all a miracle, of course. We're defying the Fates and other assorted harpies who cackle at us that it can't be done. I still have the scent of your cunt on my fingers. You and I, we do as we please.

We don't talk much, just sit there gazing at each other, eating, sipping the chilled white wine. I suppose anyone who looks at us can tell we're lovers by the way we gaze at each other.

What they don't know is what we're telling each other with our eyes. Eyes only. Unfortunately, you're on the other side of the small table, so I can't touch you with my hands. Which is frustrating because I want my hands on you again.

Later we'll go back to our hotel. The word "later" is there between us, back and forth between our eyes, in silence. The place is a bit too noisy, but between us there is the profound silence of love.

Finally, this part of the evening is finished, and I pay the check and we rise together and leave. People look at us. A dykey- looking woman in her forties with a beautiful feminine younger woman. As usual, some find it annoying, others find it disgusting. (But always a few women look at us with intense interest.)

We don't care what anyone thinks, but I do restrain myself; I want to put my hand on your ass as we walk out, but instead I restrain myself.

We ride a taxi to our hotel in Rue Bonaparte. As we sit beside each other in the taxi, I put my hand on your thigh and find a garter strap with my fingers. I tug at the strap through your skirt, teasing you by repeatedly tugging at it.

In the creaking elevator up to our room we need to remain apart because we're not alone. More frustration. The sexual tension is building again. I remember the toilet, your cunt riding on my thigh.

Finally we're inside our room, and as I lock the door you walk to stand at the window, I move behind you, press against you and kiss the side of your neck. Then I turn you towards the bed and make you bend forward.

At first I merely press against you. Then I lift your skirt to your waist and press against you again. Your buttocks are bare, your panties in Rue Mouffetard. One of your stockings has a run along the back of your thigh. In another moment I'm grinding my belly into your ass, holding your hips with my hands.

I force your legs apart as I pump my belly against your firm ass.

You have your hands on the bed to maintain your balance as I push against you. Your hands give you leverage to push back at me with your own rhythm.

This is primeval, two women front to back. An image peeled off an ancient vase. Egyptian? Greek? Babylonian?

My cunt has been wet for you all evening, wet with a yearning to give you pleasure. Oh, I love receiving attention from you, my darling, but I love the giving more, making you come, watching you come, watching you quiver, licking the sweat off your neck, kissing your ears, tasting your juices.

I can feel you flexing and relaxing the muscles of your buttocks, feel you rotating your hips down and back and around in synchrony with my grinding.

"That's good," I say. "Get me hot for you."

I pull back and look at you, gaze at your ass, the stockings, your muscular dancer's legs, the high heels.

I press against you again in a slow gyration, my hands following the rocking motion of your hips to your bare thighs, my hands sliding around your hips to your belly and below, my thumbs just skimming the surfaces of your labia. I run my fingers over your mons and you quiver under my touch. You moan as my fingers move between your lips and into your vagina.

"I'm hungry for you," I say.

I pull my fingers out, then get them into your cunt again from behind. I drop to my knees and nuzzle your buttocks, pushing my face between the cheeks.

With a groan, you bend forward and arch your back to offer your ass to me. I lick the crack thoroughly up and down, then focus my attention on your anus. I work at the ring with my lips and tongue, and finally I get my tongue inside.

My fingers in your cunt churn your juices as my tongue possesses your ass. I take you, licking and sucking firmly at the opening as you cry out.

When I finally pull my face away from your ass, I rise and you turn and kiss my mouth with passion.

I make you sit on the edge of the bed and watch me as I remove my jacket and pants, string tie and silk blouse, black silk boxers. Finally I'm naked.

I tell you that I want you to suck my breasts. I stand in front of you and hold one of my hanging breasts and feed it to you. Your sucking at my breasts like that turns us both on to a fever. You suck until my nipples are swollen, extended like thumbs.

Finally I pull away from your mouth and I tell you to get naked for me, remove everything and wear only your high heels and walk around the room to show me your body and how you move.

You rise from the bed. You ask me to help you unzip the back of your blouse. Then you turn and step away from me and the blouse slides off your shoulders to the floor.

You step out of your skirt, and wearing your bra and garter belt and stockings and heels, you slowly parade around the room. You turn your back to me and hold the pose a moment to show me your naked ass.

I ask you to come to me. I ask you to stand between my legs, and when you do that I make you bend forward and I take one of your little breasts in my mouth and suck hard, sucking at the nipple, biting it, tugging at it with my lips, first one breast and then the other breast.

And as I do this, I run my hand between your thighs, stroke your thighs above the tops of your stockings, lightly graze your cunt with my fingertips, tickle the lips without pushing between them.

Then I want to look at your ass, and I make you turn and show it to me. I caress your hips, palm the lovely cheeks of your ass, spread them apart enough to inspect your closed little anus.

I bend forward and kiss first one buttock and then the other, nibbling kisses, my lips sliding over your skin and into the crack. You moan as you feel my tongue lick the groove, the upper part of your cunt, around your anus and then on the ring itself.

Then I turn you again, make you bend to kiss me, our mouths fused in a wet kiss, passionate, fierce, our tongues sliding one against the other as we mix our saliva.

I rise and I kiss you again, slip two fingers into your wet cunt and fuck you like that. Caught by surprise, you groan, close your eyes and move your cunt on my pistoning fingers.

You come hard, almost falling on your high heels, collapsing into my arms. I hold you, kiss your mouth hard, then soft, then hard again, my fingers still in your cunt but now only moving slowly in and out of your vagina.

I whisper into your ear and tell you I need to pee. Do you want it? Your eyes immediately open and you stare at me, face flushed, and you nod.

I urge you onto the bed on your back, and then I straddle you and slowly squat down onto your mouth. For a long moment I hold back, teasing you, teasing myself, and then I release and let you have some of it.

Your eyes are closed and you seem to be in some personal heavenly place as you drink from me. Slowly, in spurts, I empty myself and it's perfect for us. I adore this. My lovely femme bride taking my flow. All of it. Not a drop lost. So perfect. My darling love. My wife and lover.

At last I move away from you and I tell you I want it from you.

Want what? you ask.

What I just gave you, silly. Come on my face, darling. Don't you need to go? Do it in my mouth. My precious love.

And there it is. My hands holding your buttocks, your cunt pressed into my mouth, your pee coming in spurts onto my tongue.

You groan as you feel one of my fingers pushing into your little anus. Another spurt. And another into my mouth. It's wonderful. A marvelous bond between us.

Afterward we sleep, my arms enfolding you, holding you, my lips kissing your eyes, holding my love, my wife, my desire, my lover.


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