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You and Me


We walk down the road my arm around your waist. I love the way you feel. You lean in your breast against my side. A thrill shivers through my body. Pulling you in close I stop. Your eyes are so beautiful and happy when I lean in my lips brush butterfly soft against yours. I want more but I restrain myself.

When we start walking again I run my fingers along your side. From the way your hips move I know I am I am getting to you when I get you alone you will be all moaning and wet. I whisper naughty things in your ear.

I can see your door nearing. While you get it unlocked, I lean against the wall and look at you. You look so hot today. Teasing you when we were out drove me crazy too. You open the door for me. Walking in I hear the lock click behind me.

Your hands slide around me, your breasts press against my back while your hands slide up to cup my breasts. Your nipples are hard against my back. Then I turn around. Nuzzling your neck I run my hands down your body. I want to drive you crazy.

I stroke the small patch of skin above your jeans I push up the hem of your shirt so I can put my hands on your skin. Kissing my way down your neck and across your shoulder. I push aside the neckline of your shirt brushing my lips lightly across the tops of your breasts you pull off my shirt.

I can feel your nails on my skin when my hands slip from your waist to your breasts pushing them up slightly so I can taste them. I pull off your shirt while you undo my bra. Before I can get to yours you pull my bra off and lean down to take my nipple in your mouth. Your tongue feels incredible. Your tongue is so soft.

When I can't take it anymore I pull a way and claim your mouth with mine. I suck lightly on your bottom lip while I back you towards the bed. When your legs hit the edge of the bed. I stop. I pull your bra down and take your nipple in my mouth. My hands work at your bra clasp. It falls down your arms and I take the other nipple in my mouth. Running my tongue around it in slow circles.

Your hands are on my pants button. When you get it undone you start to work on yours while I spend so much attention on your breasts. I step back and watch as you slide your pants down your legs while I step out of mine. God you are so beautiful. I forget to breath.

You scoot back on the bed as I follow on hands and knees. I kiss your ankle then up your calf your knee. Oh so slowly making my way up your leg barely brushing the crotch of your panties with my mouth before I move down to kiss and lick my way up your other leg.

You are moaning and begging as my mouth nears your pussy again. I can smell your arousal. I flick my tongue across your lips through your panties I reach up for the band and inch them down your hips off your legs taking the opportunity to touch them again.

My tongue traces along your lips over and over getting a little farther inside each time. I push it inside your pussy tasting you, all woman. My tongue flows along the folds until I hear an indrawn breath knowing your waiting for my tongue on your clit. Slow circles around it little flicks making you cry out your thighs clenched against my head. I start moving faster with a little more pressure sucking on it then flicking it with my tongue. I can feel it swell and grow harder with each pass of my tongue.

One finger slides into your wet pussy. I know you about to cum from the way you grip my finger. I push it all the way in rubbing back and forth trying to find that little spot you like. Your hips buck and you scream please oh please when I find it your long loud moan fills the room.

When I feel your pussy pulsing on my fingers. My hand is drenched as you orgasm. Making you orgasm has turned me on so bad I know I am practically dripping but I move up to hold you while you float down from it.

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