tagBDSMYou are Master

You are Master


Damn, I always forget to call you master. Now I am trouble and facing punishment, again. I am on my knees on the floor, palms up on my thighs, eyes down. Naked except for my heavy collar. You have the crop in your hands and are slowly circling me. It feels like the silence has been going on forever.

Every time I feel you make a quick movement I flinch. Is it that crop coming down to strike my skin? Is it your hand slapping on your hand print? Is it a gentle caress? You love to keep me off balance. You grow a little harder every time I flinch. You have The Power, and you are going to use it and me.

"Do you like being in trouble?" You ask.

I shake my head no. It is always hard to get words out when I am being disciplined.

"Then why can't you remember to use a simple word in every sentence?" You ask.

I shake my head again.

I don't like it when I have earned "correction" as you call it. We both know that it is really punishment. It turns you on that I submit to the pain and humiliation of being punished by my master.

The crop comes down hard on my right breast. I gasp.

Then I remember what I am supposed to say "Thank you Master, May I have another?"

We repeat this on my left breast. You reach down and pinch my hard right nipple and pull. Whack, another strike to the breast with the crop. I gasp. There is pain with the strike; additional pain as my nipple tries to escape your grasp.

"Who am I too you Slut?" You say in a loud voice.

I know what you want "master" I whisper.

"WHO?" He yells.

"Master" I say a little louder.

"Who is your Master?" you ask

"Mine, Master" I say trying not to whisper.

You start circling again. I hate this; I know the pain to come, because you never do something to one breast and not the other. You reach out and gently caress my breast, chuckling at the startled flinch. I lean slightly into your caress. The caress turns to a nipple pinch and sharp pain as the crop comes down. You back up to admire the marks on my breasts. Your dick grows harder as you think how on edge I am.

You stand behind me and tell me to get up all the way up on my knees. You push my back gently, I know what you want and get on my hands and knees. You tell me to stretch my arms and put my hands together, so my head is resting on the ground and my ass is high in the air. I know my ass is about to get whipped hard. You place a rope in my hands, not tying it, just wrapping it in my hands.

The crop comes down hard on my ass.

My eyes fill with tears, and I clasp the rope and repeat what I have to say "Thank you master, may I have another".

The crop comes down again on the other side.

"Thank you master, may I have another." I say through gritted teeth.

You whip each ass check 3 more times in different spots.

"My slut has big red welts on her ass. I am getting rock hard, so we will move on to the next part of your punishment." You say.

You kneel down behind me, and slowly press the head of your pre-cum soaked cock to my ass hole. You thrust in.

"Please master, more!" I scream.

I love having your cock buried deep inside of my ass. You give 5 or 6 more thrusts and I am wiggling in pleasure pushing back with your thrusts. You pull out.

You lean over and pull my head back by my hair, put your mouth next to my ear and tell me to stay in this position and not to move. Keep my head and eyes on the floor, you are gone. For a bit I can hear you move around, then nothing but silence.

Suddenly your cock is in my ass again as you ram into me. My head is pushed deep into the carpet, a few more thrusts and then you are gone. I try my best to watch where you go but my sight is limited. Silence, and more silence. The minutes tick by and I start to feel uncomfortable in this room, my naked ass in the air. I shift a little. The crop comes down hard on my ass, my eyes well up with tears.

Again silence. My ass burns where the crop has stuck. I am growing anxious, I want to shift my legs but dare not for fear that the crop will come down.

Your cock pushes into my ass again, you thrust hard burying it into my ass. I moan in pleasure as I start to thrust back with you. We thrust together, harder and faster, the rhythm getting more intense until you push your cock deep inside of me and start to cum. I feel every pulse of your cock as you cum goes deep. When you are finished, I move my hips wanting my own orgasm. You pull out and tell me to stay perfectly still until you release me.

The cum starts running down my leg as you walk away. I realize that there will be no orgasm for me. You are the master.

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