tagBDSMYou Are Mine

You Are Mine


My Master leads me blindfolded into the room and place me on a chair. I obediently wait while he cuffs my hands behind my back, locking them, and then I feel how he force my thighs wide open and tie my ankles so I am fully exposed for his eyes. The leather is soft from enthusiastic use but still tight tied.

Cool air fondles my skin and makes my breasts rise and the nipples grow hard. I lean back in the chair, listening and waiting. After that I can hear him move around in the room, wondering what he is doing.

Suddenly I feel a hot breath over my left breast, and then teeth scratching over the soft skin. I sob quietly when he buries his teeth in my nipple and intense pain is going through my body.

A short laugh leaves his lips as he gives the other nipple attention. The great mixture of pain and pleasure makes me wet, and I can feel my juices run down the crack, making the chair damp. Something made of metal, cold and hard, is moving over my shoulder, neck and down to my nipple.

Preparing myself for what to come, I throw my head back and gasp for air as the nipple clamp slowly locks around the flesh.

He does the same thing on the other nipple, and I can more sense than know that he backs off a little to watch the emotions run over my face. I am sitting helpless and with a total lack of power, left out to his will and his wishes. The pain in my nipples comes in waves. A new one is hitting me just after the first one has faded away. Focused on dealing with the pain I chew on my lower lip.

A new sound breaks the silence, but I can't identify what it is until I feel cold steel against my cheek the same time as he cut the blindfold off with a sharp knife. Holding my breath, I stare at the knife; stare at the shimmer from the blade when it catches the candlelight.

Then my eyes moves up to smile at my Master, loving the feeling of being owned by him, and the honor of his attention. The knife slowly starts to explore my body, going over my face, the cold weapon a contrast to my hot skin. I force myself to sit completely still as the point moves over my lips, then the jawbone and finally down to caress my neck. He plays with it over my shoulder and then holds it against my neck while he leans forward to run his tongue over my lips.

I suck his tongue into my mouth, staring hypnotized into his eyes.

He lets me kiss him for a while before he pulls back and holds two fingers in front of my face, knowing I totally adore this.

I open my mouth and rest my tongue on my lower lip, waiting with my eyes begging. Dizzy with lust I start breathing harder as he push his fingers in between my lips and slowly starts to fuck my mouth. Happy and pleased I close my lips tight around the masculine fingers.

Slowly, he increases the pace till he is pumping his fingers fast and hard into my mouth. I keep my mouth locked carefully, sucking passionately on them and make them covered with saliva.

Then he stops with the fingers all the way in, looking at me with a demanding expression in his eyes. He pulls them out and places the knife next to us while he opens his pants.

Breathing hard, sitting in my own juices, I follow as he unzips them and push them down over his hips and let the briefs follow. The excitement in my eyes is obvious when I watch the hard cock throbbing in front of me.

He comes up to me, wrapping my hair a few rounds around his hand before roughly jerking backwards and leans forward to bite my neck.

I sob in submission as my head starts to ache from the hand pulling my hair, and then my eyes moves to the cock close to my arm. Hopefully I look up at him, asking if I may serve him.

As answer he grabs my hair harder and pulls it back even further, making it hard for me to breath. After smiling down at me, an almost diabolic smile, he closes his hand around the shaft and rubs the cockhead against my lips to cover them with pre-cum.

Eager to please; I stick out my tongue and let it run over the top. I play with my tongue around the head, faster when I hear him groan with pleasure. When he takes a step forward, I start to taste it in hungry licks along his shaft, until I have explored the whole length. I'm reaching forward to let the tip of my tongue touch the balls, and then caress the sensitive skin between them. With the wonderful sound of his moans in my ears, I suck His balls one by one into my mouth and play with them. Then I reach back to let my tongue run over his anus. I can feel his body tense as he fights to keep control over himself, and then he pulls back and press his face right up against mine.

The voice is low and demanding when he tells me he is going to fuck my face so hard it will be sore for days. He glances over to the flogger on the floor as a reminder that not only my face will be sore when he is done with me. With one hand buried in my hair and the other one fondling my face with the thumb, he slowly thrust his hard cock in between my lips.

I let my tongue play in a furious speed, licking, playing and teasing. A little pre-cum is oozing out and fill my mouth with his delicious taste. With wide open, horny eyes I stare up at my Master as he starts to thrust deeper and deeper.

He still keeps a slow speed. My lips are closed to massage the shaft and I feel the glans rest on the back of my tongue as he presses himself down my throat. The look in his eyes is loving but also warning, and I struggle to suppress the reflex and suck him deeper. I can feel him growing harder and bigger, increasing the speed as he starts facefucking me, thrusting his length all the way to fill my mouth and throat. His grip of my face gets firmer and he pump in and out almost brutally, yet carefully studding my face of reactions and smiles down at me when he sees how much I am enjoying his savage treatment.

My jaw starts aching and my face feels tense, my lips swollen big and red from being stretched around the shaft.

The sounds I am making are muffled by the cock filling my mouth. Tears raise in my eyes as he use me as his little cock sucking toy, forcing total submission from me. I try to blink them away and focus on pleasing my Master, when he reaches down to stroke them off with a gentle thumb.

I can't keep myself from rubbing my thighs against each other, the blood pumping fast in my body and the pleasure of serving my Master and feel his taste is almost consuming me. Eager to make him cum I suck harder and he seems glad to see the devotion on my face.

Then he stops, with his whole cock in my mouth so my nose is being pressed against his crotch. Impatiently I try to play with my tongue, hungry for what to come. He knows his cum slut well, and pulls back to make a final deep thrust before he starts filling my throat and mouth with his juices.

His fingers hold my chin up, and he orders me to not let anything go wasted.

Sucking carefully, milking His cock, I nod.

A growl comes from Him as He is cumming in my mouth and he locks my eyes in his. For a little while he lets his cock rest on my tongue and as it turns softer. When he pulls out, he rubs the sticky head over my face to cover it with cum and saliva. I quietly smile up at him and he push it back in my mouth and I suck it clean.

When I get the chance to catch my breath and my heart stops beating so hard, I can feel my jaw aching in protest. But just thinking of him in my mouth makes the blood pulse faster and the ache fade away.

To make me come back to his world, my Master leans forward to kiss me deeply. He can taste himself in my mouth, and his kiss gets more demanding while one hand moves down to roughly squeeze my breast.

I gasp for air when his hand moves further down and his knuckles caress my belly, hips, finally ending on my thigh. With circulating moves he reach the centrum and can easily discover how dripping wet my cunt, inner thighs and ass are. Rapidly he pushes my knees even wider apart and studies the chair covered with juices. Then he looks up at me and I can't help blushing a little when I look into his eyes.

He gives my nose a fast kiss before reaching over to take up his knife. Mixed feelings of excitement and nervousness fill me when I see the knife coming closer.

My Master lifts my chin and forces me to look at him for a long time, convincing me that he would never want to do anything to ruin my trust or love.

I stretch my arms slightly, which cause intense pain go down my spine as they have been hold in the same position behind my back for so long. But when the knife gently touch my skin my entire focus is on the cold steel. I look at it while it lifts up a nipple, with the nipple clamp on the blade. Holding my breath I can see the nipple growing even harder as a response.

He reaches forward to lick over the nipple, and then blows air over it. Then the knife moves down over my belly and reaches my crotch. I stare at the knife with open mouth as my Master, sitting between my knees, let the steel tease over my thighs.

With a precise move he cut my underwear off and lifts them to his face to breath in the scent. He chews on the damp part before holding it in my face and put it in my mouth. Pleased with this he spread my cunt lips with his fingers and slowly moves the knife from my thigh to my cunt.

I am sitting as frozen on the chair, and I am so horny so it is physically painful.

The knife strokes the wet cunt lips, making me feel vulnerable and helpless. When he reaches his goal, and lift my clitoris carefully with the knife, I bite hard in the fabrics to not scream. Blinking rapidly I see him lean down to lick my clitoris and the sensation is so intense I fear I could faint.

Knowing exactly how to touch me, he let his tongue play over my clit as a giant contrast to the sharp knife. He can see I'm getting closer to the edge, but he is not willing to push me over it yet so he backs off to study me.

I can see myself through his eyes, his slut tied up and perfectly exposed.

Then he points with an accusing finger at the big spot with cunt juices on the chair. Harsh fully He grabs my hair and pulls my head down so I see what he is pointing at. He asks me what it is, but since my mouth is full with fabrics he doesn't wait for an answer. Instead he locks up my ankles and turns me around so I face the seat. Then he pushes my face down to it and orders his slut to lick up all of it.

I look up at him with eyes dark of lust when he take out the gag, then I lean down to lick up my sweet juices, which only result it more of that running down my thighs.

When it all is gone he gives his approval and says I did good, but I still need to be disciplined. He sinks down behind me and grabs me from behind, moving his firm hands over my body and groping me.

The touch is making me weak and I lean back against his strong body.

He kisses my neck and makes me purr, but then he locks up my hands and orders me to stay on all four to take my punishment.

I hear him lift the flogger and test it against the palm of his hand, and I push up my ass in the air. I love what will come next, I welcome it and I wait for it.

But it doesn't land on my cheeks.

Instead he holds it in front of me and orders me to kiss it, showing my submission for him.

Obediently I hurry to kiss it with my still swollen lips. I breathe in the smell of leather, which forever will be associated with this. Then finally I feel the leather straps land on my ass and turn the skin pink. It lands fast twice in a row, just above the place where the cheek meets the thigh, and then repeatedly on the other cheek. It doesn't hurt yet, it only makes me aroused. But after the third slap I squirm and I sob out the pain and pleasure.

My Master is marking me as his property. He grabs my hair in a firm grip and pulls my head back to bend my body.

The position makes me groan and gasp for air, and he starts spanking me with various paces and strengths. Soon the pale skin has turned dark pink and is pulsing and burning, making me shiver and turn my knees weak.

The hand forcing my head back is a steady reminder of hho is owning me.

When he changes position a little I can feel his hard shaft poking me, proving that it is turning him on just as much as me. I lick my dry lips and beg to be fucked brutally and to be pierced on his lovely cock.

He jerks my head back by pulling my hair, till I am standing on my knees. Then he place his mouth next to my ear and tell me he can punish me perfectly well with his cock instead of his flogger, but that this time he will do both at same time. Firmly he places me back on all four and positions his cock by my entrance. Just to tease me, he let the head rub over the clitoris.

Powerless under my desires I can see stars from the strong pleasure it gives.

So, without further warnings, he thrust himself inside of me.

I scream with surprise when he force the tight walls apart and make my cunt lips spread for his cock.

Then with my long hair in two tails to bend my body, he takes a hard grip on my hips and starts pounding me deep. Juices from me run down his balls and make both of us sticky, and he starts thrusting so roughly it starts to hurt.

I sob with pain and pleasure, helpless as he is using my body like a fuck doll, pulling me to him by my hips on each thrust. My cunt contracts in protest, but it is easy for him to thrust through it as the tightness only gives more pleasure.

He presses my upper body down against the floor so my nipples will rub against the carpet and the friction from the nipple clamps there, making me shiver. When I groan loudly, he reaches around and finds my clitoris. With a firm finger he starts playing with it gently, still moving in and out brutally. I cry out loud when the orgasm hits me and I start cramping around his cock. My cunt muscles are squeezing and milking him while he pushes himself even deeper. The sensitivity from my orgasm makes me realize how sore my cunt is, and from his demanding thrusts my cunt is aching.

His hand leaves my clitoris and he starts spanking me while he grinds. Each time he pulls in, he makes sure to rub his thighs against my violated ass.

It makes the burning feelings stronger, just the touch with the whipped skin is enough to make me shiver hard. Pain comes from my ass being spanked, from the cock punishing my cunt, the hand in my hair and the nipple with clamps against the carpet.

I start crying softly, the emotions are too strong and intense. Yet when I open my mouth, it is to beg him to take me harder.

He asks me who I am, and before I can talk I have to lick my dry lips. I tell him I am his little slut to use and abuse, to give orders to and treat like a sex slave.

As answer to my words he starts pumping faster, hammering his tool furiously. Then he pulls me up on all four by my hair, and reaches around to remove the nipple clamps.

I scream when the blood runs back to them and it goes black before my eyes. The same time he cums hard in my cunt and I cry out my orgasm with him.

Our mixed juices fills my sex and escapes down my thighs when he pulls out, and roughly pulls me around so I lay down when he sits over me.

I am still groggy from the orgasm when he offers his sticky cock, rubbing it against my lips. I open my mouth and he pushes it in for me to suck clean. When I use my tongue over the underside I hear him groan. My mouth is filled by cum from both of us, with my swollen lips stretched around the shaft.

When he decides he is clean, he pulls out and jumps up from the bed.

I lay on my back breathing hard, no powers left and my head is spinning. My whole body is pulsing. With my eyes closed I hear him coming back, and slowly I open them to see him. He holds a collar in front of me while he looks into my eyes.

I lean my head back to expose my neck and he reach down to lock it around it. Then he presses his lips against mine and whispers "You are mine."

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