tagLesbian SexYou Belong to Her

You Belong to Her


The room is quiet and cool and although the curtains are closed, the room is not dark. There is a large, comfortable leather chair, smooth leather in a deep, dark red colour that contrasts with the luxurious, light coloured carpet.

I'm wearing denim cut-off style shorts and a white halter style top. Underneath I am wearing tight white panties and a white strapless bra. You are in jeans and a grey top and your underwear is a pale blue thong and matching bra.

I lift your top off over your head and we begin to kiss; slow, sensuous kisses that promise a very sexy evening. Your nipples are almost visible through your bra and I press my finger tips into the smooth skin of your back, pulling you close against me. We part and you kick off your shoes as my hands move to the button of your jeans, unfastening them and easing them to the floor so that you can step out of them. I turn you to face away from me and you know that your butt looks perfect in that cute thong. I undo the clasp of your bra and help the straps down from your shoulders.

Your breasts are free and the cool air helps your nipples to stiffen as I reach in front of you, holding your nipples, pulling gently, enjoying your soft groan.

The back of the chair is in front of you, it's a bit higher than your waist. I reach over to a table and take four leather cuffs and secure one to each of your wrists. I then make you bend over the back of the chair and tie a piece of thin rope from each cuff. The other end of each rope is already fastened to the front feet of the chair so that you are now held over the back of the chair in this bending position with your butt exposed and your toes hardly touching the floor.

I return behind you and slowly remove your thong and then take two more leather cuffs and fit one to each ankle and spread your legs apart by tying ropes from the cuffs to the rear feet of the chair. Your holes are exposed and you know that you are going to be used completely, only the soft smooth leather feels comfortable and makes this position a bit easier for you.

I take my strap-on toy from the table. The shaft is large and thick, a full nine inches in length. I walk in front of you and you lift your head up and so that you watch as I wear it over my shorts. I undo my top and take it off. My white bra looks good against my tan skin colour. I know that you like it.

You lower your head but I grab your hair, pulling your head up... "Time for a bj" I tell you, and the tip of the hard strap on nuzzles against your lips. You open your mouth and take it in. It's huge, so thick that it is a bit difficult to manage. I hold your long hair out of the way and I stroke your head softly as you give the dildo your best blow job.

I reach to my strapless bra and pull one side down to expose my breast to the cool room. I hold it, pinching the nipple and close my eyes at the sensation. My pussy is getting wet. I give my nipple a final pinch and move away from you, I enjoy your gasp, maybe you are relieved or maybe you are sad that it has been taken from you, but you know that there is much more to come.

Walking behind you I collect my vibrator and kneel behind your spread legs. I slide the "ON" switch and touch your bare butt and you tense. I give your butt a firm slap and you cry out partly in surprise and partly because it stings... the buzzing toy moves to the sensitive red handprint and I flick my tongue over your tight asshole, down further to your pussy lips, they are already soaked with your juices. I press the vib between them, searching for your most sensitive place and then moving away to stroke your pussy lips.. then in again.

I do this with my right hand and at the same time the fingernails of my left hand are lightly scratching your butt cheek and then spreading your ass. I move the vib from your pussy and press the tip to your tight asshole. You feel so relieved that the monster strap-on is not being used there. I enjoy your moans and groans as I tease your ass and lick at your pussy, darting my tongue in towards your hard clit.

I stand up but keep the vib just at your ass.

"Do you like that?" I ask you.

You reply with a moan and something incoherent.

"You want to have your ass and pussy f*@#%! Like a f*@#%!ng whore"?

The tip of my strap-on eases between you pussy lips. You are soaking wet and you take the first few inches and feel stretched and filled. Grabbing your hip I being to rock against you and with a slight push your ass takes the vibrator; as it's wet with your juices it enters you without me pushing hard.

Now I have both holes and make a rocking, fucking motion, taking my time, deeper into your pussy until it is full depth, impossibly deep, moving faster, almost out... and then back in ... hard... deep fast. You squeal as your climax builds... Ahhh.. and now it's my turn.. and I begin to remove the toy and undress, mere seconds before you were about to orgasm.


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