tagNonConsent/ReluctanceYou Can Fuck My Wife Ch. 07

You Can Fuck My Wife Ch. 07


In the last story I told you about how we had taken Carol "dogging" and how I loved seeing her being abused by several guys. She was under the influence of a drug at the time and she wasn't aware of what was going on. The next morning she didn't remember anything. It was fantastic watching her getting fucked, but I kept thinking about the time in Nigeria when she had been detained on trumped-up drug charges by black policemen and forced to perform degrading sex acts. She had been fully aware of everything that went on, and to me, this was far more sexually stimulating than seeing her perform when drugged.

I discussed this with Mike and Rob and we came up with this idea. How about getting some friends to play the role of burglars? They could get into the house during the night. They could threaten to physically injure me if Carol didn't do what they told her. This way, I could watch her getting raped and humiliated and the guys could enjoy her body and have her in any way they wanted. Mike and Rob would not attend in case Carol recognized them, even if they were disguised. In return for all the times I had let them use Carol, this was the least they could do to repay me.

Rob knew a couple of black guys at his body building club who, he said, would be more than pleased to help when they knew there was free pussy to be had. However, they asked for $200 each and I thought it would be worth it. We decided that they would wait outside the house until I arrived with Carol on Friday night around 11p.m. Then they would force their way into the garage when I parked the car. They would be armed and they would pretend to want to rob us. I would give them some cash and they would then get interested in Carol. They would blindfold her so she couldn't see my reactions and we would play it from there. They would fuck her and humiliate her and make her suck their cocks, but they wouldn't hurt her. However, they could slap me around a bit to make it look more realistic. It seemed foolproof and I couldn't wait.

Friday night we went out to dinner with a couple of friends and Carol was looking so beautiful. She wore a short tight red dress, black stockings and high heeled black shoes. I knew that under the dress she was wearing a black bra and panties. We had a good meal at the restaurant and a lot of fun with our friends. All through the evening I had an erection thinking about what was going to happen to Carol later on. I was once again going to see my lovely wife forced to have sex with complete strangers while I watched. She was in a very happy mood and I got so turned on thinking that very soon she was going to be crying out for mercy as the rapists made her submit to their perverted desires.

We got home just after eleven o'clock. I waited as the garage door went up and then drove in. We got out of the car and Carol pushed the switch to close the door. As it started to come down two black guys ducked under the door and confronted us. One of them was holding a gun and the other had a big, wicked-looking knife.

Carol screamed "Oh no, please, don't hurt us."

"Leave us alone please," I cried, "I'll give you all the money I have on me."

The garage door was completely closed by now. "Get in the house and don't make a noise or I'll blow your fucking head off," the guy with the gun snarled. He opened the door and pushed us through into the hall and on into the living room.

Carol was crying and he told her to shut up. I took out my wallet and gave it to him. He rummaged through it and said, "What the fuck is this? Thirty-five dollars? You've gotta give us more than that you son of a bitch, how much more you got in the house?"

"That's all I have, I swear it," I told him. He put the money in his pocket and told the other guy to take a look round. I put my arms around Carol who was now white-faced and trembling. "Please just go away, I won't call the police." I knew it was all a set-up but it was so realistic I was kinda scared myself, especially as I had never seen these guys before. Then a thought hit me like a rock; what if they really were criminals and not the two I had been expecting. My mouth went dry, but I was reassured immediately when he stood behind Carol and gave me a big smile and a wink.

The guy with the knife came back and said he hadn't found anything. "Jesus Christ," he shouted, "are we only gonna get thirty-five fucking bucks?"

His partner pulled Carol out of my arms and pushed her against the wall. Tears were running down her face and she was sobbing. I could see that she was terrified.

"Thirty-five bucks ain't enough lady," he told her, putting his face close to hers. "You're gonna give us a lot more, but not in cash. We're gonna make you pay us in another way."

Carol gasped, "No please, don't do that, please leave us alone and go away."

"Guys, do like she says, for God's sake. If you want you can take my car", I pleaded.

"You shut the fuck up, asshole," the guy with the gun shouted and slapped my face so hard it stung and brought tears to my eyes. He pushed me down onto the sofa.

Carol screamed out, "Don't hurt him." She was shaking like a leaf.

"We won't hurt him sweetheart," he grinned, "just as long as you're a good girl and do everything we tell you. You understand bitch?" he shouted, holding the gun under her chin. Carol nodded and looked beseechingly at me.

"Dave, do I have to do it?" she implored, "I can't believe this is happening, it's like a nightmare."

"Honey, you had better do as they say or this could get nasty," I told her, "maybe it won't take long."

Both guys laughed. "Won't take long? Listen you bastard, we'll go when we've had enough, and looking at your gorgeous wife I don't think it's gonna be in a hurry!"

"Take the dress off," one of them said. Carol unzipped her dress and let it slide down her body. She stepped out of it and stood there before us in her black underwear. "Now the bra babe, get it off and show us your tits."

Carol looked at me, her face was wet with tears. I nodded to her, telling her to do as she was told. She put her hands behind her back and undid the bra. It fell to the floor and I heard the guys whistle as her superb breasts were exposed to them. One of them went behind her and put his arms round her, squeezing them and weighing them in his hands. He pinched her pink nipples, pulling them out and I could see them getting hard and red as he worked his fingers on them. God, this was good to watch, my cock was getting hard as I watched the black hands on Carol's white tits.

The other guy knelt down in front of her and pulled her panties down. "Shit," look at that shaven snatch," he said, "just begging for some black cock up it." He held the panties to his nose and sniffed them. "I just love the smell of white pussy." Carol looked absolutely incredible, standing there in just her black stockings and high heels like a porno star. He stood up and put his hand between her legs, stroking her soft pussy, prising open the lips and inserting his long black fingers.

"Stop it, please," she sobbed, "don't make me do this, why can't you leave me alone?"

He stood up and held Carol by the throat. "If you don't do everything we say bitch, we'll cut your hubby's fucking ears off." To show what he meant he went behind the sofa and held his knife over one of my ears.

"Want to see how he looks with only one ear?" he asked her, "or maybe with no ears if you give us any more shit! Now get your ass upstairs to the bedroom."

He pushed Carol ahead of him and followed her up the stairs, feeling her ass as they went. The guy with the gun whispered to me, "You OK? Don't worry, we won't hurt her. Rob told me you like to watch her getting fucked by other guys and humiliated. We'll give you a good show. He was right, she's gorgeous, I can't wait to screw her. I'll blindfold her so she won't see you jacking off," he giggled. "By the way, I'm George, he's Willy."

We went into the bedroom. "Oh please, no, no, no, we'll give you anything you want," Carol wailed, "we won't tell the police I promise."

George waved his gun in front of her face. "Listen you stupid bitch. We don't want anything except you, understand? And you, hubby," he said, turning to me," you get your fucking ass in that chair and stay there. You do anything to annoy me and I'll have him cut your goddamm ears off. And don't think I'm joking, he's done it before!" Willy laughed out loud and brandished his knife under my nose.

"I won't do anything," I said, "but please don't hurt us."

George opened a few drawers before he found Carol's underwear. He pulled out a pair of tights and told her he was going to blindfold her. This seemed to terrify her even more. He placed the tights over her eyes and tied them tightly behind her head. "Now get on your knees on the bed, babe."

Carol did as he said and he pushed her head down until it was on the bed. He pulled her thighs apart and pushed down on her back, leaving her ass high in the air. Both guys stood behind her and looked at the beautiful view. I quietly moved beside them and watched.

"Holy hell," Willy breathed, "look at that fucking ass. Jesus hubby, you're a lucky bastard having a wife like that. Bet you don't know how to treat her. Wait till you see how niggas fuck white girls."

Carol was a magnificent sight. Her firm, round buttocks were slightly apart, you could see her tight little brown anus. Her smooth, bald pussy poked out below. Her white skin contrasted erotically with the lacy topped black stockings. Willy knelt down and sniffed her ass. "What a great start to the weekend," he said, "sniffing a white ass; can't beat it." He held Carol's ass cheeks wide apart and ran his long pink tongue up and down the crack. I saw her flinch as his tongue flickered across her asshole. She was very sensitive there and she always liked it when I rimmed her ass. He moved his mouth down and licked her pussy lips. She flinched again and moved away from his tongue. Willy got up and slapped her ass hard, causing her to cry out. "What's the matter bitch, don't you like a black man licking your cunt? I warned you, your hubby's gonna get hurt now."

George slapped my face a few times, whispering to me to yell. It sounded like I was getting roughed up. Carol screamed "Stop, don't hurt him, do what you want but get it over with."

George went over to her and said, "I want you to act like you're enjoying it. What's your fucking name bitch?"

"Carol," she whimpered.

"OK Carol. Hey that's good, just like the movie, OK Corral." He laughed. "You ever sucked black cock Carol?" he asked her. She shook her head violently. I knew that this wasn't true but she didn't know. She had often had a black dick in her mouth, and in her other holes, but she had always been either too drunk or drugged to realize.

Both guys took off their pants and Willy knelt on the other side of the bed. His huge black pole was almost touching Carol's mouth. He pulled back the foreskin and touched her lips with the purple head. She jerked her head back and George, who was behind her, grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head up. "I told you to enjoy it, for chrissakes. Now you suck that cock or I'm gonna beat your old man so you won't recognize him tomorrow!"

Carol was sobbing and snot was running down her nose. She opened her mouth and Willy pushed his cock in. It was about 10 inches long and she gagged as it hit the back of her throat. He started to fuck her face and I watched in awe as the thick, heavily-veined penis went in and out of her mouth. She could only take less than half of it and he held her head tightly, trying to force it all down her throat. She gagged again as he shot a huge wad of cum. She choked as she swallowed some. When he pulled his cock out of her mouth, the sperm dribbled out, dropping down in long strands onto the bedcover. This was wonderful, I loved seeing my wife taking a load of cum in her mouth against her will. I got my cock out and stroked it as I watched Carol being abused.

George had found a jar of lube and our dildo in a drawer. "Hey Willy, look at this, I'm gonna give her a double penetration." The dildo was a pink plastic vibrating cock about 8 inches long. He put some lube on it, switched it on and pushed it into Carol's asshole. She cried out in pain as he forced it into her rectum. "You'll get a real cock in there soon honey, but this will get you in the mood." He looked round at me and smiled, nodding his head as he saw me jacking off.

The dildo was now all the way into Carol's ass. George put some lube on his cock and opened her pussy lips with his fingers. Then he slowly penetrated her cunt with his huge black penis. He held the buzzing dildo firmly in her ass as he started to fuck her, slowly pushing his cock all the way in and then almost all the way out again. I watched as he pulled his cock back until half the head was out, and then saw the greasy shaft slide all the way in. While he was fucking her I couldn't help but admire his body. He was very muscular with big biceps. Willy was the same. They were both sweating and this seemed to make their muscles stand out even more. Their black skin was glistening in the light from the bedside lamps.

George started to fuck her harder, ramming his enormous cock into her tight pussy. Willy and I watched, pumping our dicks as we enjoyed seeing Carol getting raped. George withdrew his cock and went to the other side of the bed. He put his hand under Carol's chin, lifted her head up and shot his load onto her face. It was such a turn on; my cock was throbbing. I stood beside Carol and jacked off into her hair. Willy did the same. Her silky blonde hair was full of our cum. This was something I had always wanted to happen; seeing Carol get lots of sperm in her hair. Other times I told guys not to do it as it is very difficult to get out and she would have wanted to know where it came from. George rubbed his dick in the cum on her face and wiped it off on her hair.

Now I wanted to see one of them sodomize my lovely wife. Who would do it? It was going to be Willy. He pushed his half-hard cock against Carol's mouth and told her to suck it again. It soon swelled up to its previous size and he went behind her and said,"Now you're gonna get a good fucking in that sweet ass babe." He removed the still buzzing dildo and we all looked at her distended anus. He put some more lube on it and slowly pushed his cock in. Carol gasped as the thick pole went in.

"Oh God, it hurts," she cried, "it's too big, please take it out you'll split me open."

Willy laughed out loud and rammed his dick hard into the widely stretched hole. She screamed as it went in all the way up to his balls. I watched closely as he moved back and forth, faster and harder all the time. I could hear his balls slapping against her pussy. He put his arms round her and squeezed her tits hard, pulling on them and making her scream even louder.

"You like it, don't you bitch. You love feeling my big black cock deep inside your tight little white ass." She stopped screaming and just moaned with pain as her rectum was violated. This was incredible to watch. There is nothing I like more than seeing a thick black cock up my wife's ass. It is so erotic, especially when she is wearing sexy stockings and high heels.

Willy finished sodomizing Carol and groaned as he ejaculated loads of hot sticky cum into her ass. He pulled out, stood beside her and spread her ass cheeks wide apart. Her anus was gaping like an open mouth and I could see it was pink inside and full of white sperm. It slowly oozed out and ran down the insides of her thighs.

I sat down in the chair again. George pulled Carol up and faced her standing towards me. "Look at your bitch hubby," he said, "filled full of nigga cum. I think she enjoyed that. White guys don't know how to fuck a woman." He took off the blindfold and Carol gazed at me through red, swollen eyes. Her mascara had run and she looked as if she had two black eyes. She was still sobbing and put her hands over her pussy, trying to hide her most intimate part from our probing eyes. The cum on her face had run down her chin and slowly dripped down onto her breasts. Her hair was wet with our jism and strands of it had dropped onto her shoulders. She looked amazingly sexy. There was cum on her stockings and shoes. I was so hard I needed to jack off again.

"Oh Dave", she sobbed, "is it finished now? Have they hurt you, I could hear them hitting you."

"I'm OK darling," I whispered as I went to her and took her in my arms. She clung to me put her head on my shoulder. I could smell the sperm on her hair.

I looked at George, gave him a big smile and mouthed a 'thank you'. "Please go now," I begged, "you've had your fun and she can't take any more, just leave us in peace."

They quickly dressed and Willy ran his hands over Carol's ass, working his fingers between her buttocks and penetrating her anus which was slippery with cum. "You've been a good girl Carol. We've had enough of you for tonight, but I'm warning you both that if I find out you've called the cops then we'll be back, and next time it'll be much worse." He pulled his fingers out and licked them clean. George pulled her head back and kissed her on the mouth, forcing his tongue between her soft, full lips.

"So long baby. Any time you want some black cock I will be more than happy to oblige." He patted me on the back and they went down stairs. I heard the front door close behind them.

It was several weeks before Carol got over this experience. We started to make love together again and one night when she had had a few drinks she told me that sometimes she thought about what had happened and it made her horny. She said that when I was asleep she would masturbate thinking about it.

I said that maybe she would enjoy having sex with another guy present, even a threesome. She agreed that maybe she would and agreed to try it one day. I had now achieved everything I had always wanted. I was going to see Carol being willingly fucked by other men while I watched and participated. This was really beyond my wildest dreams. I would start by trying it with Mike who I know she liked. Then, if it worked out, I could get Rob to join us. But all that is another story.

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