tagErotic CouplingsYou Can’t Stop Me Ch. 04

You Can’t Stop Me Ch. 04


*When it comes down to it can two people be too much in love?*

I have Carmen in front of me as I ring Lindsey's door. I've promised not to be long. I've promised to call every fifteen minutes and finally I've promised to not go, but Carmen insists that we go together. I have a bad feeling about the whole thing. When Lindsey answers the door, I know I am right to feel this way.

I know that bra. I'd been with her when she bought it. She'd loved the design and feel of it, even though it was a size to small and made her big tits look like they were going to spring free at any minute. It is white like the high cut panties she has on ... and nothing else. She finds herself looking down at Carmen then up at me.

"Hello Carmen ... Rob," she says as she hobbles aside. She looks sexy even banged up with bandages on. I'm not sure what Carmen thinks of the whole thing.

"Hey Lindsey; Carmen was worried about you and wanted to come along," I tell her in my most convincing manner.

"Of course she did," Lindsey answers evenly. "Well come on in." I start to watch Lindsey's backside jiggle away when Carmen goes to her side and puts an arm around her.

"Let me help you," Carmen says. Lindsey looks over to me. I rush to her other side and the three of us maneuver to the sofa. There is a pregnant pause.

"Are you in much pain?" Carmen asks.

"A lot; moving kind of sucks. I'm sore all over," Lindsey tell us.

"I find that ice cream helps with sore muscles," Carmen suggests. "Lindsey, do you have any ice cream?"

"Ah, no; I normally like yogurt," Lindsey informs her.

"Robert, why don't you go out and get us some ice cream," Carmen says calmly. I remember the look on Carmen's face the first time she met Lindsey. She's been normal since then, but after last night I'm totally leery of walking out and leaving them alone.

"Go on," Lindsey tells me, "You know what I like. Carmen and I can talk."

"Are you sure?" I ask.

"Yes," they both say. I resign myself to prayer, give Carmen a kiss on the top of her head and head out of the door.

Only at the local convenience store do I realize that I don't know what Carmen likes so I opt for Chocolate and Vanilla plus the Mint Chocolate Chip that Lindsey likes. I break speed records getting back. I'm more than a little relieved that there aren't police outside. I'm sure Lindsey's screams for help would have been heard.

Carmen answers with a slight smile on her face. I move in with her and find Lindsey lying face first on the sofa, her eyes shut. My heart starts to hammer even louder in my chest then Lindsey moans.

"Hey Rob. Carmen's giving me a backrub. She's got the best fingers. If Material Science doesn't work you she's got a career in Sports Medicine in the bag."

Carmen goes over, kneels beside Carmen and starts massaging her lower back.

"I ... I'll put the ice cream in the frig. Carmen, I wasn't sure what you wanted so I got Chocolate and Vanilla. I got Lindsey Mint Chocolate Chip."

"Get me a bowl," Lindsey murmurs.

"I'd like some chocolate," Carmen grins to me. I head off to fulfill my duties. When I get back I see that Carmen is right at the crest of Lindsey's ass.

"Can I help," I offer.

"You can feed me," grins Lindsey. I sit down next to Lindsey and hand Carmen her bowl. Carmen takes hers and rests it on Lindsey's butt.

As I feed Lindsey her first spoonful, she looks over her shoulder, winces and says,

"Hey, that's cold."

"Sorry," responds Carmen. She picks up the bowl with one hand and massages the cold spot on Lindsey's ass with the other. Lindsey gives me a confused look. I feed her another scoop.

As we are finishing the cold treat, Carmen rubs Lindsey's thigh.

"Lindsey, do you want to go out, maybe to a movie?" Carmen suggested.

"I ... well sure, but Rob will have to carry me," Lindsey points out.

"We can all work together," I offer.

"Here, let me help Lindsey get dressed," Carmen says evenly. Her lack of emotion his beginning to seriously worry me; Carmen is a very passionate woman.

"Thank you," Lindsey answers sweetly. I'm starting to think that Ashe has gotten into my mind as I help Lindsey into her room with Carmen's help. Lindsey makes all kinds of protestations but I feel her leaning into me as I help her sit down.

Carmen shoos me from the room and shuts the door. I'm heading back to the living room when I recall a feature of Lindsey's place; Lindsey's bedroom and the bathroom share the same air duct. I head to the bathroom.

"Why are you being so nice to me?" I hear Lindsey say.

"Robert likes you," Carmen states, "so I've decided to try and like you as well."

"That's ... strange. You have pretty much hated me since we first met," Lindsey points out.

"You aren't going to leave Robert alone, are you?" Carmen says softly.

"I ... I like Rob. We are good for one another. Before he met you I was sure we would get back together," Lindsey tells her.

"I want Robert to be happy," Carmen states. "I think I make him happy."

"He's really great in the sack, isn't he?" Lindsey responds. I feel like a real man -- in retrospect, a really stupid man.

"Robert and I have a very intense relationship. I would do anything for him," Carmen answers.

"Oh, I understand ...Ow ... sorry ... the bra is tricky; I remember the first time we did anal ... Ow!" Lindsey reveals.

"I apologize; I'll try and be more careful. I meant that Robert and I have a very special relationship. I love him and he loves me," Carmen says intensely.

"Um ... does Rob know you feel this way?" Lindsey says cautiously.

"He knows I love him and while he has yet to say he loves me, I know he does," Carmen replies.

"You do realize we almost had sex yesterday, right?" Lindsey expands on the truth.

"I completely trust Robert. He would never hurt me," says Carmen. I really was a sexual impulse away from Hell.

"I trust Rob too. Too bad he doesn't trust me. He will though," Lindsey declares.

"Lindsey, I want us to be friends. Can we agree that Robert should decide who he wants to be with without resorting to these games?" Carmen asks.

"What? What do you mean?" Lindsey sounds confused.

"I promise to not sleep with Robert if you do the same," Carmen suggests. I try not to laugh because they would hear me, but I have to almost admire Carmen's trick. It is going to cost me though.

"How do I know you will keep your word?" Lindsey says suspiciously.

"Don't you trust Robert?"

"Yes, I guess I do, but how do we ask him without getting him angry?" Lindsey questions.

"Let me take care of that," Carmen promises.

"This I've got to see," Lindsey must be grinning. "Ooohhh ... that feels good. You have really nice hands. Did you pick that trick up with Rob?"

"I love it when Robert touches me, but you are the first girl I've ever touched," Carmen admits. I'm thinking of any excuse that could allow me to walk into Lindsey's bedroom right now just so I can figure out who it touching what.

"Thanks Carmen. I have to admit I sort of thought you were insane after the way we first met then how you showed up for the tutorials," Lindsey says.

"I love Robert. There is nothing I wouldn't do to be with him, even if that means being friends with you," Carmen confesses.

"Thanks, I think. Now let's go see how he likes my cut-offs," Lindsey laughed.

"Aren't you going to be cold?" Carmen observed.

"Hey, you said 'no sex'; you didn't say anything about looking sexy. Besides, I'm the one covered in bruises and abrasions. You can afford to look good in your skinny jeans. I think we've both gone for the tight t-shirt look going on."

"Your breasts are larger than mine," Carmen notes.

"Does Rob like yours?" Lindsey allows herself to be generous.

"I like his kisses," Carmen evades.

"Please don't remind me," Lindsey giggles.

"Let's get out to him," Carmen sighs. I sneak off to the living room before Carmen gets Lindsey out of the bedroom.

"Can I help?" I call out.

"I've got her," answers Carmen.

"Sure," says Lindsey. I decide to meet them halfway down the hall. I hook my arm around Lindsey's waist but tickle Carmen's side with my fingers. I see her look over Lindsey's breasts and smile at me.

"What movie are we going to see?" asks Lindsey. Carmen names off a few flicks, none of which I'm thrilled to go see, but one of which they both want to see. As we are heading down to the car Carmen coughs nervously and asks me,

"Robert, Lindsey wants to see you again. I've told her it is okay." I'm glad I know that Carmen's laid a trap for me.

"Nope," I tell them both. "Lindsey, I think we can be friends, but Carmen's the only woman for me."

"Rob ... Me ..." Lindsey says as she looks at me with hurt in her eyes, "I'd like to give us another shot. Carmen's told me she understands if we want to hang out -- no sex of course."

"For either of us," Carmen adds. "Until you decide, I can wait."

"Okay," I stop them, "let's go back upstairs and have sex right now, the three of us. Then I could tell who I like the best and we can move on from there."

Carmen has the deer-in-the-headlights look. Lindsey looks shocked then smiles.

"Rob, you are so full of shit," Lindsey chuckles then winces, "Carmen, he must have been listening in on us."

"What?" Carmen questions.

"The air vent the bathroom leads to my room and you can listen in from there," Lindsey confesses.

"You ... you listened in on us," Carmen gasps. "Why?"

"After last night, I've been worried about you," I respond.

"Oh," Carmen smiles.

"What happened last night?" Lindsey asks.

"Let me say that it was bad. Steve was Steve in the worst way and I'm not talking to him for a while, if ever again. He hurt Carmen, so she spent the night with me -- all night," I emphasize.

"Carmen, I understand. When Steve grabbed me I put a knee in his nuts. What did you do to him?" Lindsey inquires.

"Wait? Steve groped you too? Why didn't you ever tell me?" I wonder.

"Steve's your best friend, and I was afraid you would believe him over me," Lindsey states. "I'm glad Carmen put him in his place." Carmen scoots around and grabs me.

"Thank you for believing me," she mumbles.

"Can we get to the car before I fall down the stairs," Lindsey jokes painfully. Gratefully she neglects to ask exactly what she did to Steve. Carmen and I resume our positions around Lindsey and get her to the car. It is freaking weird to hear Lindsey and Carmen talking like normal friends for the rest of the afternoon. Carmen doesn't even freak out when Lindsey give me a kiss on the cheek when we leave for home.

"I am glad you and Lindsey have buried the hatchet," I tell Carmen as we ride home.

"I would do anything to make you happy Robert. If you want me to be her friend I'll do it. I don't like the fact that she wants to cheat with you but until you get her out of your system I'm willing to put up with her."

I find that statement to be chilling. I thought she liked Lindsey. I believe Lindsey thinks Carmen likes her. How could we be so wrong? I'm not sure what happens next.

"Carmen, I thought about cheating on you with Lindsey," I tell her.

"I know and I forgive you," she smiles and puts a hand on my own.

"Carmen ... how did you know?" I question.

"You're a man, Robert, and you make mistakes. I love you and you've never abandoned me and I'll never abandon you. As I keep telling you, I've found you and I'm never going to let you go."

And right when I thought I was making progress toward normalcy this happens. I don't say anything for the longest time.

"Carmen, what would have done had I been serious about having sex with me then and there?" I inquire.

"I would have given myself to you, of course. I'm yours Robert," she expresses to me with those deep brown eyes of hers. Nice and frightening at the same time.

"Well I'm sure our first time won't involve another person," I assure her.

"I would like to be alone with you too," she tells me. "Can we spend some time alone when we get home?" By home I take it she means my place. Hell I don't often think of my room as home.

"I'd be happy to."

When we get back to the house I go past Steve in the living room without comment and he had the good sense to keep quiet. There is no sign of Ashe. I get into the room and am putting on a comfortable battered old sweat shirt when I turn around and see Carmen stripping down. Our eyes meet when she is finally naked and she slowly slips into bed.

This is freaking weird because I'm always on the inside. If I get in now Carmen will be up against the wall. I've never cornered her before. I move over to the bed and start to climb in.

"No please, I'd like you to be naked as well," she requests in a tiny voice. I can only nod and do as she requests.

I slide into bed and lie there unmoving. Carmen rests a tentative hand on my chest, slowly moving it around and up and down. She moves over and rests her head on my shoulder.

"Please talk to me for a while," she requests.

"Do you want me to hold you?" I ask.

"I would like that very much," she whispers. I snuggle in and wrap an arm around her. She drapes her leg over mine and she places a hand gently down and strokes my cock, making small murmurs as I harden in her grasp. She places suckling kisses on my chest going from my shoulder to my lowest rib.

I'm about to say something when she "Ssshhh" me. We stay like this for a torturously long time. I suddenly feel a new sensation, a dampness where her womanhood is brushing against my hip. I squeeze her harder against me. Carmen starts trembling so let up. She still has tremors but I'm thinking they are for a different reason. Carmen starts lowering her kisses down my body.

When she passes my belly button I figure out where she's heading and it is all I can do to not explode from the mere knowledge. When she gets down to my cockhead she licks it once then looks up, her face partially obscured by her long black hair. I groan which only makes her grin wider. Her licks become kisses and the kisses become a full lip-lock over my head.

Carmen clearly is unsure of what she's doing. I have little doubt she's never given head before, but I can tell she's trying to be careful with such a sensitive part of my anatomy. In a way I think she wants to ask me if it is good, but she wants to keep with our game as well. She judges her actions by the reactions that play out on my face.

Soon enough I'm tapping on my chest rapidly. She nods her understanding and takes a little more of me into her. There is no sucking me like a fire hose, or deep throating me here. Carmen is in unknown territory but I don't think either one of us care. My orgasm hits and it takes more control than I thought I possessed to not drive her head farther down my penis.

Carmen chokes and sputters. Her head bobs back and I shot a few strands over her nose, mouth and my own stomach making a sticky mess. Some of her hair falls into the goo while she struggles to breathe properly. She looks at me, clearly worried.

"I ... didn't know," she coughs. All I can do is smile and nod.

"I ... oh yes," she giggles quietly. I reach down and point to her hair. She touches it and pulls off some semen. Carmen sighs, wedges her fingers together and pulls some off. She licks her fingers, grins at me again and starts running her tongue over the mess I've made on my stomach. I think she's spending a little too much time down there so I tap my stomach next to her head.

Carmen looks at me and I beckon her to come up. She gets on all fours and approaches me for a kiss, but I instead lick her nose. Carmen is confused for a moment then gives me this weird, pleasantly surprised look. She lets me clean up the rest of her face with her eyes closed.

"Do you ever do this with Lindsey?" she asks with those dark innocent eyes.

Since Lindsey can take most of me in, and can swallow like a champ, I have to shake my head negatively. Carmen sees this as a good thing. I have her curled up in my lap, member hardening, and her nestling in for a nap. I pull the edged of the blanket up over us and together we drift off to sleep for a bit.

"Guys," Ashe says after a quick knock, "are you two decent?" Carmen shifts on me uncertainly, gives me a quick look and resolves to peek over the covers.

I throw a shoe at the door. Ashe opens it and leers at us.

"I've made sure Steve has some food, but I wanted to know if you two wanted to go out with me."

I look down at Carmen. There is an awkward silence into which she sighs and places her head on my chest.

"We'd be happy to go with you," Carmen purrs. "Let us get dressed." The look Ashe gives me the moment Carmen swings out of bed and reaches for her clothes is one of concern and confusion.

"Carmen, you have ... something in your hair," Ashe tells her. Carmen puts a hand to her hair, looks very pleased yet guilty.

"I'll be right back," she grins. She makes a show of coming over and kissing me on the lips before running off to the upstairs bathroom.

"Care to explain that?" Ashe questions.

"Her being in bed with me, her having some of my ... in her hair, or me not talking?" I say.

"I'm a grown girl: you can say 'cum'. Yes, the whole part where you are waiting for her to make decisions for you is, well ... is that really you?" Ashe asks.

"It is part of the game we play. It has been that way since we first got to know each other. I don't press her and she opens up to me," I respond.

"Rob, are you happy with her? You do realize she's not all together all together, Rob. This girl has a boatload of issues and I don't want to see you get into more than you can handle," Ashe says.

"Damn it Ashe, she needs me. There is something about the way she looks at me."

"That's because she's nuts, remember?" Ashe insists.

"Listen Ashe, I have this under control. I'm helping her through a rough spot," I counter.

"Dude, she loves you, as in totally and completely love/devotion. It isn't healthy," Ashe goes on.

"Trust me Ashe," I tell her.

"I trust you Rob. I don't trust her," Ashe pleads. I pat her arm which is right when Carmen comes padding back with cat-like stealth.

"Robert?" Carmen inquires as she looks at where my hand is.

"Ashe is worried," I respond. "Let's go get some food."

"Sure," Ashe says. Carmen settles into my arm and shoots Ashe a strange look. I shake her up slightly to bring her gaze back to me.

"Do I tell you enough times how happy you make me?" I tell Carmen.

"Oh," she responds in surprise. Carmen stands on her tip-toes and kisses me fervently.

"Oh God, you two are like freaking newlyweds," Ashe groans with a roll of the eyes. I laugh nervously but Carmen remains quietly contemplative.

After some dinner and conversation, Ashe tells me she has something to talk about back at 'our' room. Somehow 'my' room became 'our' room without me knowing. Anyway, Ashe sits me and Carmen down on the bed and sits cross-legged on the floor in front of us. She seems a bit nervous and Carmen is intense. I get the feeling she is territorial about my room.

"Carmen, you are still a virgin, right?" Ashe begins. I'm not sure I like the way this is going.

"Yes," says Carmen defensively.

"Good," Ashe says with a sigh of relief. "There is something I wanted to talk to you about before ... that time. See, how to say this, do you remember the first tampon you put in?"

At this time I'm wondering exactly why I am here. Carmen reluctantly nods.

"Well, you know about Rob's size ..." Ashe states. Carmen nods.

"And you know about his girth ..." Ashe continues. Carmen nods with more vigor. I'm having an 'oh shit' moment.

"I wanted to set you straight on something. Your first time will not be fireworks. It will be more like something you really wish would end. Your muscles aren't used to working in that way so you are going to be in a bit of pain during, and soar afterwards. I didn't want you worked up about some romantic myth, because the second time is much better. Don't let the first time put you off," Ashe explains.

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