tagExhibitionist & VoyeurYou Can't Cum while Driving?

You Can't Cum while Driving?


This was written to a lover. Feel free to use as inspiration to a friend or lover of your own. Steal some thoughts.


I want to take a trip in the car across country. Drive through West Virginia, Maryland, and so on up to New York City. During the drive, I think it would be sweet to see you sleeping beside me on a Friday afternoon. You'd be wearing a cute mini-skirt and top that accents your beautiful top half as much as the mini skirt does the bottom half.

My hand would rub your hair, caress your ears, and neck - perhaps run a finger along your sleeping lips. Tracing a line down your arm, my fingers go to your leg. Such a lovely leg. I think... fingers along your thigh - just touching you because my fingers cannot not touch you. Love to see your stir just a little bit, perhaps a wiggle to get more comfortable.

Perhaps you're not totally asleep. Your hips kind of moved my hand up your leg. That little twist you did while "getting more comfortable" put my hand more on the inside of your thigh. It seems I have a little more access to things with your legs spread a little bit more. And if I'm not mistaken, I see what can only be described as a see-through white thong peeking out from under your skirt.

Ah HA! Your next little "get comfortable wiggle" confirms my suspensions. My hand - without moving itself - is now touching a white thong under your skirt. That last wiggle pushed your skirt up more and I can see your pretty kitty in almost see-through panties. I think I saw you smile for a second there as my hand innocently stayed where it was and you moved yourself towards me.

My hand stays where it's at; two can play "innocent". I feel the heat off your pussy lips. Not touching your underwear or anything under it, I move my hands across your silky inner thigh. The windows are open, but not enough air to cool your kitty down - so hot. You start another wiggle while you're "sleeping". This time, when you hips come towards my hand, my hand moves with your leg avoiding.

Not to be outdone, your "sleepy" arms stretch up some. On the way down your move your hands across the sides of your breasts, down your belly, and straight to inside your thong. You're totally smiling now - eyes still closed - being sneaky. Your fingers move along the lips of your kitty - tracing the outer edges.

I have a confession: I'm jealous of your fingers. I want to touch too. So slowly I move my hands up your inner thigh. When finally touching the fabric of your thong and getting ready to go under it, you hand dismissively pushes my fingers away. OH the indignity. And to make matters worse, your beautiful smile gets real big and you fingers start tracing inside your pussy lips.

My hand moves up only to be rebuffed once again by guard hands. Your fingers trace a little deeper into your folds. I'm having a little trouble not watching the show when I should be driving. And I think... you have a fan in the semi-truck next to us on your side. You of course don't notice. Your eyes are still shut - you're just having a good dream where you happen to touch yourself.

For a concession prize I decide to bring my hand up and slide inside the top of your button-down shirt. A button kind of comes undone as I reach in to touch your breast. Without that button, I recognize the fabric of your bra. It matches what's currently barely covering your kitty - barely covering your hands. You graciously allow my fingers to enter your bra and touch your nipples.

Our trucker friend is probably going to kill someone as he has to quickly slow down for the truck in front of him that he almost saw too late. We start to pull away from the truck as my fingers start enjoying your nipple. I love feeling your rosebud get hard in my finger as I move across them touching. I slightly pinch and pull. Your breathing gets faster.

And your smiling eyes pop open to look at me. My, what a nice dream you must have been having. Without saying a word, you unbutton the front hook on your bra, take down two more buttons on your blouse, then take your thong off dropping it onto the floor. You turn sideways without a thought in the world and push your ass up at the driver's side window. You rummage through your bag in the back - not caring if anyone notices the bobbing ass in the front seat.

After a few seconds you sit back down. I look over and you have a small makeup bag - and a wicked smile on your lips. You unzip your bag, and pull out a little bullet vibrator. Still without a word, you switch it on, and slide it up your bare bald pussy; not putting inside you, not rubbing against your clit. Just touching your lips. I love the sigh you let out and you relax into it. Your finger holding the toy pushing your pussy lips open.

I'm not driving so well. I'm now in the slow lane with the truckers letting cars pass me to my left. With your extra hand, you move it towards me and rub up my thigh, and give my bulge a squeeze through my jeans. You of course realize the unfairness of the current situation, and start to unbutton my jeans and you explore your kitty with your toy. Honestly, I admire your dexterity and multitasking skills and you unbutton me with one hand and move your toy up and down your pussy with the other.

With the zipper undone, you caress the couple of inches sticking up over the top of my underwear. I'm a little sticky from watching you - and very hard. Your fingers feel like 5 little tongues on me as they dance and caress. You never lose a stroke on your pussy lips. Your toy is going a little higher and is getting closer to touching your kitty's nose. You are barely touching it now on some strokes up.

Speaking of strokes, you start pulling your extra hand up and down my shaft. The underwear doesn't really come down any more than that, and you only get 3 inches of skin. But you've got a talent for working the bottom 4 with your hand over the cloth. Up and down you stroke me, from the bare cock head to the skin on the shaft down across the underwear and down. You're such a good girl - you don't forget the balls.

Your first words to me in several hours are, "Drive up next to the semi, I want an audience." Just saying that starts your hips rolling a little more. As I speed up next to the truck, your hips start coming off the seat. Your fingers lose a little rhythm on my shaft, but it's ok. I'm enjoying watching you bring yourself to a climax. You look up and make sure the trucker notices you and start to fuck your pussy lips with your toy a little harder.

BabyGirl... you teased me. My little revenge goes as such. As your hips strained up from the seat to meet your vibrator in your hand, I reach over and pull your hand and vibrator up and off of you. I'm holding your hand close to the dashboard. I think you're about ready to climb up there for it. You get a pout on your face, and I let your hand go. Our trucker friend is smiling. You bring the toy back onto yourself, and start again, HARD.

I know that was mean, and you're kind of punishing me back by taking your hand off my cock. But you're more than making up for it now that you have two hands. That hand that was on me, is now inside your kitty's hole. The vibrator if going full blast along the top of your pussy. You'll be happy to know I only delayed your orgasm by 90 seconds.

With your hips straining and bucking up, you show me and our trucker friend what it looks like when you cum in a car. Liquid leaks out of you, dripping onto the seat and floorboard. Your fingers pushing inside yourself, and your vibrator trying to decide if it's too ticklish to stay on your clit while you explode. You decide it's not and orgasm for what must seem like a half hour.

I speed back up and pass the truck. Your breathing starts to slow down as the orgasm fades. You go back to slowly exploring your pussy lips. And punch me. Hard. You're also smiling - so my offense can't have been too bad.

I ask, "Did you enjoy that?"

You respond, "You're a dick. And yes."

"Don't tease me about sleeping when you know I want to play."

"Fuck you," you reply, "You may have just cost yourself a hand job."

Your fingers are still working the toy inside you; your legs spread as we pass some cars. I believe truckers may have notified ahead - every one we pass seems to be looking down as we pass them going 10 or 12 miles an hour faster than they.

"A confession," I say, "It's kind of hard to get me off while I'm driving. Something about worrying about crashing and dying breaks my concentration."

"Does that mean you'll stay this hard and not cum for a long time?"

That look on your face has me a little worried, but, "The answer is 'yes' if you keep your pussy and tits out like that."

I think you just now noticed how much boob you're showing. Honestly, that's more visible that the pussy below the window that you're still working your toy on. You make a half assed attempt to cover your tits up, smile up at the next truck, and start concentrating on you and your toy again. I have to admit, I was jealous of the toy.

It takes a few minutes longer this time. It wasn't until we pull alongside what can only be described as a cute trucker, that you start to have your next orgasm.

I love watching you cum. I love how your hips are uncontrollable; how your fingers stop coming to your pussy and your pussy instead pushes into your hands. I love how wet you are. I love how the car smells even with the window down. I love the smile you have on your face - not a care in the world. I love everything about you - especially when you cum.

And you really cum this time. I don't have the heart to pull your hand away (or can afford more bruises from being punched). You move your ass to the edge of the seat and let yourself leak as your hips rock up and down with the orgasm. This one's 5 times wetter, 6 times louder, and last longer. Your smile... is a work of art when you're cumming. The trucker next to us loves you too. You get a honk and a smile of appreciation from him as I speed up.

Your hips start calming down. They touch the car seat again. You get control of your breathing, and for the first time take your toy off yourself. You turn it off. You kiss my neck and my ear. I turn slightly and pull your lips to mine. You look down at my semi exposed cock that's been hard for going on 40 minutes.

"So you can't cum when you're driving?" you ask.

"It's a concentration thing," I say, "But thank you for asking."

"But you have no problem staying hard?"

"Nope. You have a talent that keeps me up like this."

Something about the way you said "no problems staying hard?" kind of scares me. And for good reason.

You reach over my waist, kind of grab a hold of my hips willing me to move my hips up some. I do so, and you pull jeans and underwear down 10 inches down my legs. You reach over and make the electric seat move back. I'm smiling now as you run your fingers over the skin from the balls to the shaft and back down. I kind of giggle with the thought of how your arm will get sore when you try to get me off in the car. But I love your dedication.

But you have a better idea than hand jobs.

With no warning, you launch your bare ass over to my seat. You're facing me. Your knees are on both sides of my waist; ass at the steering wheel. I'm peeking out under your arm trying to not die. You take my cock in your hands behind you, and lower your tight pussy onto me - pushing yourself all the way down in one long stroke. You sit there impaled to the hilt, and smile evilly.

I'm speechless. In love. In lust. And quite frankly, having my favorite car ride (or any ride for that matter) of my life.

I pull into the slow lane, match speed with a truck in front of me and behind me, and drive. It's all I can do. Then you move. Gods... I take back anything that says I can't cum while driving. If I wasn't trying to keep us alive, I'd have came in you that first stroke. Instead, with only 20% concentration on the road, I feel you start working up and down on me. You're so fucking wet. So gorgeous riding me up and down on this pretty afternoon. You're so tight. And so mine.

You get about 9% more evil and reach over to the passenger seat. In the little space between us, you turn on your bullet vibrator and push it between us. It goes straight for your pussy lips. You never lose rhythm. (I love that about you). And you ride my cock while I'm still peeking out from under your arm.

Something about the danger seems to excite you. Something about a beautiful woman riding my cock in the car at 63 mph excites me. I'll be honest, I'm kind of getting good at this driving and fucking thing. With 10 minutes of practice, I may be one of the most experienced people in the world at the skill. And you speed up the intensity of your thrusts downwards. My hips start to thrust up into you.

You start to cum again. This time wetter than I've ever seen you. The noise of the vibrator, our sloppy fucking sounds, cars rushing by to my left (most taking a second or third look), and your tight pussy around me have the same effect on me. As you're finishing you 3rd orgasm, I start to explode inside you. Sooo much cum here. Almost an hour of teasing - now this - has driven me far past the breaking point. I'll be honest, I go off the road a little. I hit those little bumps that tell you to wake up and pay attention. It works.

You sit on me - basking for a minute or three. Feeling me get softer. Loving the feeling of my cum, our cum, sliding down your inner thighs and dripping all over my balls. With a wet little pull, you launch yourself over back to your side and plop down. You reach over and grab some paper napkins and clean the cum off me (the best you can), kiss me, then clean you up.

Minutes later you have your shirt buttoned and panties back on. I'm respectable as well.

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