tagNonConsent/ReluctanceYou Can't Leave Me

You Can't Leave Me


"– and I just don't think we should be together anymore, Josh. I love you so much, you know that. But it would just never work out. And I just....I just can't." I ended my carefully planned but very sloppily executed breaking-up speech on a helpless sob. I refused to look up from the floor and couldn't have seen Josh's face even if I did; my eyes were full of tears that seemed to have no end. After a while though, the silence radiating from his place next to me on the couch made me unbearably nervous. Still I refused to look up.

After a tense century of silence he finally spoke with quiet, firm, and eerie calm, "No."

I looked up. He had no obvious emotion on his face. This made me more nervous than if there was lava flowing from his eyes and angry bees shooting backwards from his mouth. Apparently he was going to make this difficult. Though it gave me a good feeling that he didn't want me to go, it was not going to cancel out weeks of intense and agonizing contemplation. "What?"

He repeated in his usual calm manner: "No. You can't leave me. I won't let you."

Now I was getting a tad freaked out. Josh had never in all the time we'd been together acted this way. I'd never seen him in any feminist parades but neither had he ever bitch-slapped me and told me to fetch him a beer. But I hold the opinion that you never know a person fully – including yourself – no matter how long you've known them. I didn't think he would hurt me, but at this point I wasn't sure he wouldn't hurt me. "Josh," I began cautiously. "I wasn't...asking."

He was just staring at me. I moved to rise from the couch. "Okay. I think I'm gonna –"

Josh's hand struck out similarly to lightening in both quickness and in the pain it caused. I shrieked, "Aw! Josh! What are you –" He snatched me up from the couch by my upper arm and began leading me into the bedroom. I was so focused on my fear and trying to pry his painful grip away from my arm that I didn't notice until we arrived in the dim room. I was on full terror alert by this time. It kicked up another few notches when Josh suddenly shoved me against the wall. Before I even had time to involuntarily cry out in pain his mouth was on mine.

There was little gentleness at all in the kiss, only a clear intention to dominate. His lips pressed the blood from mine. His tongue sucked mine out of whatever corner of my mouth it slithered into for escape. My struggles, whether to turn my head, close my mouth, or push him away were utterly futile. The only action I was allowed was to make confused, frightened noises in my throat. The full length of his powerful body was holding me against the wall so that I could barely even breathe. Just when I thought even that freedom was about to be taken from me he pulled back.

We were staring each other in the eyes, both taking deep, erratic breaths. Where once there was remoteness there was now pain. I knew where it came from; Josh loved me. He had shown me in a thousand wonderful ways. But the way he was showing me now was not so wonderful. He was making me feel like a helpless, scared little girl and I didn't like it. For me the line between willing submission and forced domination was very thick.

I managed to still the shake in my voice and drag out some firmness, "Josh. Listen to me. This is the best thing for both of us. We just shouldn't be together anymore. We –" His expression hardened. He jerked me from the wall and shoved me backwards onto the bed. "Jesus, Josh! What are you –" He reached out and tore the straps of my shirt, spilling my breasts forth. I quickly tried to scoot away from him on the bed and reach the other side. He grabbed me by my hips and tossed me further in that direction. Then he landed on top of me. I could feel his erection digging into my inner thigh. This scared and conversely sparked some arousal in me. Though never outside of it, Josh was always quite dominant in bed, and though I could be pretty bold myself on occasion I did enjoy greatly when he took control.

Some of the fight drained from me as he squeezed my breasts in his hands and roughly sucked at my nipples. He was just on the edge of causing light pain but I couldn't hold back several pleased gasps. Though I was feeling a familiar heat rising in my body I didn't want to give him the idea that what he was doing would change my decision. I pulled weakly at the back of his shirt only managing to excite myself further at the feeling of his strength and solidness pinning me to the bed. Apparently he took my writhing, moaning, and sighing as surrender, which is exactly what is was.

"Josh," I whispered, not knowing if I was pleading for him to stop or continue. Either way, he kept absolutely silent. The only sounds in the room were his mouth sucking at me and my whimpers of helpless pleasure. I soon found myself wrapped around him, pulling him to me instead of away and grinding my hips up into his erection. He always did like drawing things out and was probably making a point to cause me to surrender completely and willingly, if silently. My body had given up several minutes ago; it was only now that I consciously gave up myself.

One of his hands began moving steadily down my body. I trembled in anticipation of his hand reaching the juncture of my thighs. He shifted his hips to allow access to my dampened panties. I gasped loudly and spread my legs when his hand pressed hard against my aching pussy and began rotating in a maddeningly slow motion. I wanted to feel his fingers, his cock pushing deep inside me, to fill me and own me completely.

But suddenly his weight and heat were absent from me. My eyes popped open to find him opening his jeans. He dropped them to the floor and reached for me, grasping me at my nape and forcing me down onto my knees in front of him. He grabbed a handful of hair on the top of my head and simultaneously shoved his dick and my face forward into each other. His cock hit the back of my throat hard. I gagged and coughed for a bit, him steadily pressing into my mouth the whole time. Finally the coughing passed. Only then did he let up the pressure. He pulled his hips back and immediately slid them forward again in a more gentle fashion. I moaned and closed my lips tightly over his thick shaft and began sucking eagerly. He continued to pull and push his cock in and out of my mouth. Of my own accord I forced him deeper in, feeling his fuzzy balls bump my chin. He emitted a small grunt at this. My pride caused me to suck harder and lick faster. He didn't grunt again but I felt his hard breaths landing on my face.

We kept up this rhythm for a while. He would pull away every now and then, whenever I felt the extra hardening of his dick signaling he was ready to come. This became more frequent after a while and he would stay out of my mouth for increasing amounts of time. If I ever moaned a complaint and tried to reach for him with my mouth he would pull my hair and make me wait longer. When he wasn't in my mouth I massaged his balls and ran my hands all over his powerful thighs and ass. Sometimes he would grab his dick to rub and tap it against my face tauntingly.

I was trembling with desire for more. The next time his cock passed my lips I grabbed his ass and stubbornly refused to stop sucking even when he pulled my hair, despite the pain. I sucked his cock to the best of my abilities. He began breathing harder again and gave in to fucking my mouth. My fingernails dug into his ass cheeks and I shoved him as far into my throat as I could, still moving my tongue all around his throbbing dick. Soon his cock became harder than I'd ever felt it. A second later he growled ferociously and pulled quickly out of my mouth. He yanked my head back and started jerking his cock. He bared his teeth, grimaced, and hollered loudly as shots of cum fired from his cock and hit me in the face in rapid succession. I was dripping in only a few seconds. His thick semen filled my mouth, slid down my face, and plopped onto my breasts.

Josh just stood breathing hard, his cock still twitching in front of me and dribbling cum. I said tentatively, "Josh?" He looked down at me, once again with a blank face. Josh let go of my hair and reached for my arm. He pulled me up and pushed me forward onto the bed so that I was on my stomach with my feet on the floor and my ass in the air. Some of Josh's cum rubbed off my cheek and onto the cover as he pushed my face into it. Josh flipped up the skirt I was wearing and ripped my panties from me. He grabbed the globes of my ass and started massaging them. His cock was still hard and he moved it up and down my wet slit. My heart had started a bit when he ripped away my panties, but his cock rubbing slowly around my pussy was lulling me. I closed my eyes, moaned, and slowly wiggled my hips against him. I was shocked out of this when Josh parted the lips of my pussy with his thumbs and slammed his cock deep inside me.

I yelled partly from surprise but mostly from relief. He gave me no time to adjust; he gripped my hips, pulled back, and started fucking me with huge force. He was pounding at me so hard that a grunt was forced out of me on every exhalation. This time Josh was making plenty of noise; his grunts and moans and hard breaths mixed with my own. The feeling of his cock deep-diving and stretching my pussy was more intense than it had ever been before. His balls rhythmically bounced off my clit. The super sensitive tissues of my cunt gripped at him – though ineffectually because of how wet I was. I felt like I was being spanked by his powerful thighs and hips. There would likely be sore bruises where his fingers were gripping my hips later but I would cherish them as his marks.

Josh continued to jackhammer me into the bed for quite a bit. After a while, though I wouldn't have believed he could, he started moving even faster, going even deeper, growling even louder. My exclamations of pleasure increased accordingly. I slid a hand under me and rubbed hard at my clit. Soon I was on the very edge of what I anticipated being an explosively intense orgasm. Judging by Josh's increased zeal I figured he was approaching meltdown, too. I was right on both counts: I began shaking hard all throughout my body. The sounds coming from deep in my throat started rising in pitch. My pussy began clenching, causing a different tone in Josh's vocalizations. I arched my back and cried out one last time as the pleasure building in me peaked, sending smooth lightening shooting from between my legs throughout the rest of my body.

The orgasm moved through me for a long time, long enough so that I was still spasming when Josh shouted and pinned me to the bed again with his hips. He was gasping along with each forceful spurt of cum and jerk of his cock inside me. Suddenly he pulled out and grabbed me by my shoulder, whirling me around, and pushed me onto my knees again. I felt cum hitting me along my ass and sides as he turned me. Then his thick cum was flying into my face again, this time with what felt like more force than the last time. I wondered how his balls could contain so much semen (not that his balls were very small). Finally, after I lost count of how many shots had erupted from his cock, he groaned and rolled his head back on his neck. While he was recovering I was enjoying the taste and heat of his cum. I leaned forward and took his cock in my mouth, milking it of any remaining juices. He shuddered and gently pulled away from me after a couple seconds. He took a deep breath, rolled his head forward, and looked down at me.

Josh lowered to his knees in front of me. His face was open and full of sadness and vulnerability. He wiped away as much of his cum as he could with his hands. Josh paused and then requested humbly, "Shauna, please don't leave me."

Well. At least he said "please."

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