tagLoving WivesYou Cheat!

You Cheat!


Another short story...This has some factual basis...


It was late and she wasn't home yet. "What the hell...?" I thought to myself as I paced back and forth across the living room floor. I felt bad about the argument, but didn't she understand that I was just trying to get through school? An engineering degree was extremely difficult and I had not chosen the easiest school to attend.

I had gone to her job earlier that day and she, of course, looked outstanding. A saleswoman at a local shopping mall was not an ideal job, but we were still young and just barely out of highschool. She had told me that she wanted me at home this evening instead of going out with my buddy to play pool. I didn't understand why she didn't want me to relax and blow off steam. It's not like I was going to find another girl; I mean Sarah was outstanding! She was every guy's dream in the bedroom. She had a great body with large shapely breasts and sex with her was always outstanding. She knew how to please me in every way imagineable.

I wonder if she's cheating on me... I thought to myself. She said she was going to go over to her friend Julie's after work since I was insisting on being out with my friends. "Why should I come home to an empty apartment?" came her words to me as I picked up the keys to my car and headed outside. I walked out of the apartment and drove over to the mall Sarah worked at.

I found her car. It was alone in the parking lot, doors locked. I couldn't imagine anyone would be here at 1:30 a.m. anyways. I picked up my cell phone and dialed Julie's house. After several rings, a barely audible and obviously tired voice said, "Hello..."

"Hey, Julie, it's me...is Sarah there tonight. We fought earlier and she said she might go over there," I asked with blatant irritation in my voice. Julie didn't say anything and I asked again, "Where's Sarah? She hasn't come home yet...."

"Look, she isn't here, but she's safe....okay? Can I go back to sleep?", Julie said with disdain. I appologized and hung the phone up. I decided to leave a note on Sarah's car, telling her I was at home and she should come home right away. I felt like hell all of a sudden; Sarah was constantly telling me that if I didn't pay attention to her, that she would find someone else. It now became quite obvious that she found someone. I went home, but couldn't sleep.

As time slipped by, with me pacing the apartment and constantly watching the clock, I heard the unlocking of the door. I stopped in my tracks and looked at the clock on the wall. It was 7:45 a.m. as Sarah walked in the door. "And where have you been...?", I asked with pain and contempt for my girlfriend. She stood there and looked at me.

"Well...?", I demanded again, "What's going on?" I put my hands on my hips and looke at her, piercing my eyes until her discomfort was broken by her own unfaithful realizations. She grabbed me by the hand and led me to our couch, motioning me to sit down. She looked me in the eyes and paused for what seemed like an eternity.

"I have to tell you something," Sarah said as she lowered her eyes, "but I don't want you to think that I don't love you." She looked at me as if to see if I would offer encouragement. I just opened my eyes wider as I knew the foreboding feeling that was overwhelming me. I also began to fill my penis twitch; I shrugged it off thinking it was just a physiological reaction to what was happening.

"I was over at Mike's last night..." she started to say about the fellow employee she worked with,"...and well...some things happened." She lowered her eyes even further and started to cry a little. "I never wanted to hurt you", she continued and I couldn't believe what she was telling me and I was even more shocked that I was getting an erection over the news she stated. "I had sex with him!" She said as she cowered and looked at me in the eyes looking for understanding.

I was angry at the situation, but highly confused that I was arroused at the same time. "Why...?" was all I could muster and wondered is she could tell what was happening to me. "Tell me everything, was it good?" I shockingly said.

She nodded and stated, "I felt ignored by you and Mike was complimenting me and stuff. He invited me over for and one thing led to another..." she said remorsefully. And then a flash of anger as she seethed at me, "You should have just been home for me when I wanted!" I nodded as she said it and I instantly felt remorseful and gulity for not doing as she asked.

"Okay, I'm sorry! You were right, will you forgive me?" I said, now totally turned on. "What was he like...?" I said in a barely hidden sultry voice. Sarah, raised an eyebrow and looked at me with a slight smile...

"Well...all sex is good, right?" she asked looking at me intently, expecting a fight but quite aware that I wasn't giving it to her. I was obvious she didn't want to be totally truthful and it was quite obvious that she had enjoyed it. She leaned her head to one side and asked, "Why?" By this time I had already had a hand on my cock and was squeezing it as she told her story.

"I want you to tell me everything...how good was he? Is he better than me? Did he last longer? What did you and him do? Is he bigger than me" I asked her this volley of questions expecting her to lie to me.

"Um...well, it was new. Different. You know?" she explained trying to avoid the discomfort. "And yes...he was longer than you..." She said in a lowered voice; I couldn't help but notice she was turned on reminsicing about her experience...


I hope you enjoyed this story.


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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous04/04/18

Same Ole Same Ole

Another great example of a wimp husband. Nothing new here, nothing worth reading, just move along...

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by ScorpioJJ03/03/18

So bad

Just so bad.

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by Anonymous12/08/17

Nice story about

Your first ex-wife

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by tazz31712/08/17


are not dear old fashioned rule days, TK U MLJ LV NV

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by Anonymous08/12/17

Run away now! Or prepare for a life of shame.

To the character in the story. Run, don't walk to get away from her for good. She has no respect for you. Escape with whatever shreds of manhood you have left.

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