tagGroup SexYou Deserve a Treat

You Deserve a Treat


Your husband has decided to give you a surprise and one evening without any explanation or warning he tells you to undress in front of him. He sits in a chair, watching you as you strip slowly for him, prolonging each step and sliding your hands seductively all over your body as you expose yourself to his eager gaze. When you are totally naked and parading yourself in front of him you weigh your soft tits in your hands and pull your excited nipples into taut tingling points then run your fingers over your firm mound to find your warm moist cleft as he looks on appreciatively and expectantly before undressing himself. He is obviously excited by your show and what he has in mind as his cock is already hard and thrusting proudly from his body in erotic glory.

He walks over to you, his heavy cock swinging with each stride and he reaches up to touch you, caressing your tits and feeling your nipples hard and tight under his fingers. He slides one hand between your legs and feels your soft pouting cunt. You are already wet with excitement and anticipation so his fingers slip easily between your lips and find your aching clit before beginning to open up your body as he lowers his head to suck your nipple.

He takes his hands and mouth from your body and moves behind you, taking a long piece of black fabric off a chair. He lifts the blindfold over your head and wraps it around, covering your eyes completely and tying it firmly behind your head. Then asks if you can see anything. "No, nothing". You reply, trying to imagine what he could have in mind for you. Then you hear him take another piece of cloth and feel him tying your hands firmly behind your back so that you cannot touch either him or yourself.

You stand submissively in the middle of the room feeling his eyes on you and imagining his excitement. Your nipples and tense with lust and between your thighs you are aching with anticipation. The realisation that you are helpless and that he can do whatever he wants to you increases you excitement and almost has you squirming with pleasure against the bonds around your wrists. You sense his steps towards you and feel his warm breath on your breasts as he takes first one and then the other nipple into his mouth, sucking hard on your inflamed flesh and biting gently to increase your pleasure. He slips a finger between your thighs, feeling for your aching sex. He tells you to open your legs and stand with your feet apart and you willingly comply he gently begins to push a finger inside you, opening you slowly, moving his finger in your wetness. You feel his breath on your soft breasts and hear his finger moving in the velvet smooth wetness of your beautiful cunt. Still sucking you nipples he pulls his finger slowly from your body. You smell yourself strongly then open your mouth as he pushes his finger between you lips and lets you savour your own musky excitement as suck you juices from his finger.

His mouth leaves your breasts and he kisses you firmly on the mouth, tasting you, his hot hard cock pressing firmly against the silky skin of your stomach and leaving a wet trail of his excitement on your helpless body.

You feel him leave you and hear him walk across the room as you wonder what he is going to do to you.

Your heart leaps as you hear him open the door and say. "Come in".

The door closes and you hear the footsteps of somebody wearing shoes coming into the room. The other person stops and says nothing. You are torn between the shame of your nakedness in front of a stranger and the excitement you are feeling in knowing that somebody is looking at you and enjoying your body. The exhibitionist in you takes over and you resign yourself to enjoying their attention knowing that tied up you have little choice. You know that whoever is in the room will be it is looking at your nakedness and your obvious excitement but you do not even know yet whether it is a man or another woman. You also know that your husband is totally naked and that his big stiff prick is hard and erect. That excites you, the thought of somebody else seeing his strong cock exited and eager for sex, and the dawning knowledge that at the very least they will soon be seeing him fucking you.

Your nipples tighten involuntarily as you sense the other person's eyes moving over your body and you feel a surge of wetness running down your thighs as you begin to realise that the other person is in the room solely to please you.

You hear somebody begin to remove their clothes and your excitement builds as your imagination runs wild. Is it a man or woman? What are they like? What are they going to do to you? Yet you are desperate to ease the ache between your legs, desperate to ease your inflamed cunt in any way that is available to you.

Two pairs of footsteps move towards you and you begin to feel your helplessness. Naked, blindfolded and with your hands tied, locked in a room with a total stranger. A thrill of anticipation, or is it mild fear, runs through your body and stabs urgently at your clit. You desperately need someone to touch your body for you, you are panting with desire but you can still feel your heart beating in your chest nervously behind the eager thrusting points of your nipples.

You feel two sets of warm breath on your body simultaneously. You know that a warm mouth is just inches away from each of your breasts and then suddenly you feel a burst of pleasure flood through you as two sets of lips begin to suck firmly on both of your nipples at the same time. You still do not know if the other person is a man or a woman but you do not care and abandon yourself to the intense feelings in your burning nipples.

Two pairs of hands begin to caress your body, feeling each soft curve and exploring between your legs, revelling in the wetness of your excitement. You pull against the bonds around your wrists, desperate to feel both the stranger touching you and your husband's stiff cock. Somebody moves to stand in front of you and starts to kiss you deeply on the mouth. You instantly recognise your husband and feel his cock press into your stomach. You recognise his body so well but there is also the other set of hands moving across your body, probing and exciting in an intimate journey of discovery.

Now you can feel the size and strength of the other pair of hands you realise that it is another man touching you. The realisation that you are alone, naked and helpless with two very aroused naked man who desperately want to use your body sends a shiver of pleasure and anticipation deep into your cunt.

Your realisation is confirmed when the other man stands behind you and puts his arms around you, pressing himself against your body. You can feel his strength as his thick strong arms wrap around you and you feel the hairs on his chest brush your back as his prick pushes against your arse. Your husband is also pressing his body against yours so that you are sandwiched firmly between the two strong naked men, their arms around you and their big strong erections pushing against your excited body. You can just manage to move your hands enough to feel the other man's cock behind your back. It is big and thick and feels strong, the thick shaft curving against your back as the man thrusts himself into your hands. You can feel the rounded swollen tip of his cock, the soft velvet skin wet with slippery juice running from the pouting hole at the tip. His cock is longer and thicker than you are used to and you can imagine it inside your body, stretching your excited cunt to the limit as he pumps himself into your beautiful tight wet hole.

As you feel the man behind you your husband lowers his hand and bending slightly pushes his prick down so that it slips down between your thighs to rest against your open cleft. He slides his cock between your legs but does not push it into your body. Instead he rubs his cock against the outside of your cunt, the shaft pushing against you clitoris as his cock moves in the wetness between your thighs. The other man takes his cock in his hand, pulling it from you grip and does the same thing, pushing his cock between your thighs from behind as you stand on your toes to make it easier for them both. The wetness coating the head of the man's cock lets him run the tip silkily up between your thigh to slide sensuously against your buttocks, slipping easily between your firm cheeks to brush your sensitive anus as it slips along the deep groove of your arse.

You feel both hot inflamed cocks moving between your legs, sliding in the wetness running from your cunt and pushing urgently at your body. It would be so easy for either one to slide deep into your cunt but they don't. Instead they continue to tease you first one and then the other slipping between your swollen lips to push gently at the entrance to your body only to withdraw at the last moment. The man behind you teases your anus in the same way making you believe that he is going to push himself into your arse but stopping just short. With your hands tied you can do nothing to stop either one of them from entering you but you also cannot use your hands to pull them into your body. The feel of the two cocks between your legs is incredible, you cannot quite tell from which direction the next thrust against your clitoris is going to come as the two slippery cocks slide over one another in an excited battle to push against your sex. Two sets of hips push at you as you alternate between thrusting your hips forward to meet the cock in front or backwards to feel the one behind, desperately trying to catch either against your eager cunt and slip the end inside. The sensation and idea of two cocks working between your legs, rubbing against each other and competing for access to your willing and wide open sex is almost overwhelming.

You are aching for the feel of one of the cocks inside you and you try to thrust yourself onto the tip of either one as it slides between the open lips of your sex. Suddenly and without any warning you feel the probing head of one of the cocks as it opens your body, the blunt soft head slipping inside you and then the long beautiful slide of the thick shaft slipping determinedly deep inside you, thrusting straight up, high into your cunt as you moan with pleasure and push down hard on the invading flesh.

You cry out loud with pleasure as the thick meaty cock drives insistently into your body and you feel the strong arms behind you supporting your helpless weight as your husband thrusts his cock into you. You still feel the other eager cock sliding between your buttocks and pushing against your anus. You wonder if he is going to thrust himself up your arse at the same time. You feel his strength and realise there is nothing you could do to step him if you wanted to. He is managing to hold you up while your husband fucks you. He squeezes your tits hard, pinching your nipples as your husband's cock drives in and out of your body, then he supports you while your husband lifts your knees around his waist, holding you knees as he pushes himself even deeper into your body.

You writhe in ecstasy supported by the two men as your husband uses your body as the other man holds you, feeling and watching your excitement as he continues to pinch your rigid nipples. You want him to watch you fuck, to see your husband's big cock glisten with your excitement as it stretches your tight little cunt as wide as possible.

Your husband pulls himself reluctantly from your body and lowers your legs before he comes. As your feet settle back on the floor he pushes both you and the man behind you backwards. Slowly you both step backwards, all the time the man's hands feeling and squeezing your tits. You stop as the man's legs touch a chair and the man behind you sits down. You know what is going to happen and your thoughts are confirmed in a rush of thrilled nervousness as your husband says "He has a great big thick cock, bigger than you are used to. I know how much you are going to enjoy it and I want him to pleasure you with it. Move your hips back now until his cock touches your cunt and then sit on him. I want to watch his big cock slide into you and then I want to watch you fuck him and enjoy him".

You move back still with your hands tied so that your legs are either side of his knees and then you start to lower yourself gently towards where you know his cock is pointing up eagerly towards your soaking cunt.

You feel his hands on your hips pulling you down onto him and then the heat of his swollen cock against the tender folds of you cunt. You hesitate for a moment then let your weight settle on his upright cock, driving it deep inside your body as you impale yourself on his eager shaft.

The sensation is incredible, you are blindfolded sitting on a complete stranger's cock. You have not even seen his face and he is fucking you while your husband watches. His cock is very big and thick, your delicate cunt stretching around it as it pushes high up inside you, so high that it is almost painful. You bounce on his cock driving it deeper and deeper into your body, desperate for every millimetre of his gorgeous cock, as the man behind you squeezes your tits and pulls your nipples hard to urge you on.

You feel hands on your head as you ride the stranger's cock and your husband pulls off your blindfold. He is standing in front of you watching you enjoying the big strong cock inside you and smiling, his thick hard cock in his hand moving up his swollen shaft as he wanks himself slowly.

"This is Mark, does he feel good?". You realise who I am and sink back onto my cock in delight. "At last". You moan. "Fuck me harder". Your husband moves in front of you, erect angry looking cock thrusting towards your face. I untie your hands and you reach up to pull his cock towards your mouth. I watch you suck his cock into your mouth and fuck you as you taste your own cunt on his cock, licking him as he slides his cock between your lips.

We are both fucking you hard and enjoying the movements of your body writhing in pleasure on my cock as your husband fucks your mouth. You turn your head towards me, still your husband's cock in your mouth. You look into my eyes and see the pleasure deep within them. You are looking at me, my cock buried deep in your cunt but only seeing my features for the first time. You feel my eyes on you enjoying the sight of your husband sliding his cock in and out of your beautiful mouth. I know that me watching you suck your husband's cock is appealing to the exhibitionist in you. You know you are exciting me even further too and that you will make me come soon but this time deep inside you. This thrills you to the core and makes you work yourself even harder onto my cock.

You turn your face to me and press your mouth against mine. I know what you are asking me to do and I open my mouth for you tasting your husband's cock on your lips as I kiss you.

I am seconds away from coming deep inside your cunt and I sense that your husband is too. He pulls away from us and kneels between our legs, pushing them wide apart and lowering his head to the point at which our bodies meet. He begins to lick us both, his tongue running up over your lips feeling them stretched tight around my swollen shaft. He flicks your clit with the tip of his tongue, making you cry out with pleasure and thrust down hard onto my cock, driving even deeper inside you as he licks again tasting your juice on my balls before running up the shaft of my cock to point where it disappears between the pouting lips of your swollen cunt. His tongue moves further up over your clitoris and begins to flick it in a steady rhythm. Your hips begin to mimic the movements of his tongue and I can tell that you are close to coming. Your husband savours your cunt like a ripe juicy peach pierced by a knife, letting the juice flow into his mouth as your pleasure peaks.

Suddenly you are coming, your orgasm peaking and exploding up from deep between your legs, your body pulsating with ecstasy as the muscles deep within your cunt contract uncontrollably on my cock and your body jerks on top of mine. Throughout this your husband's tongue continues to tease every drop of pleasure from your gorgeous sex, occasionally licking the juice running from your cunt off the shaft of my cock and urging me to plunge myself even deeper into your pleasure wracked body.

As your pleasure subsides your husband lifts you slightly so that my cock slips from your cunt saying "I want to fuck you while he pushes his cock up your arse". He reaches down between our bodies and takes my cock in his hand guiding it up towards your anus. As it reaches the tight ring of muscle protecting your arse he tells you to sit on my cock. We are both soaking wet and despite the size of my cock it easily opens you up so that the soft swollen tip slips into the tight hole. In your excitement you want to press down and force my cock right up into your arse but as you push down you feel the thickness of my shaft increase so that it becomes difficult and painful to go any further. Your husband kneels between our legs again and holds his cock in his hand, directing towards himself your open empty cunt. I can see his cock still wet with your saliva throbbing desperately for release. I know he cannot wait any longer to thrust himself inside you and empty himself in a torrent of pleasure deep inside your welcoming body. The tip of his cock pushes against your clitoris briefly then slides right up into your cunt filling you instantly in a single determined thrust. You shriek with pleasure and collapse onto me, letting all your weight settle on my cock and driving it all the way inside you. The pain of my cock big cock being forced into your tight arse as your husband plunges deep into your cunt heightens your pleasure and you begin to come again. I can feel the contractions of your anus on my cock as you cock and it makes me desperate to come with you. I start to fuck your arse as hard as I can driving my cock roughly into your arse just as your husband starts to do exactly the same thing to your cunt. He is kneeling between your legs thrusting himself between your wide spread thighs with only one idea in his mind which is to ease the ache in his cock and balls by spraying his creamy juice deep inside your willing cunt. Our two cocks rub against each other inside your body as we both use you in a frenzy of lust. We both start to come at the same instant, I can feel his cock start to pulse inside you as his orgasm overwhelms him and groans with pleasure. My own cock twitches inside you and begins to pump thick musky semen into the depths of your arse. Our cocks seem to spurt in time to the waves of pleasure pounding against your body and you succumb to another orgasm as we empty our heavy aching balls inside you.

We all relax slowly as our pleasure subsides but we know that will not be enough for us, in a few minutes we will ready for something else. I know I would like to lick your husband's sperm from your beautiful cunt while you suck him back to hardness.

What would you like to do?

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