You First


As I drove to the cottage, I couldn't help but feel that this was going to be the most boring holiday of my life. I had divorced six months earlier and the settlement left me the cottage.

The cottage was located on a small secluded lake in Northern Ontario. A small two bedroom log cabin nestled in the pines 100 feet from the lake. Very rustic with a large stone fireplace and a wood cookstove. I had a small generator to run the lights and water pump.

We, as a Family had always enjoyed our summer here, fishing, swimming and watching the most spectacular sunsets. The ex and I used to do the midnight skinny dipping after the kids were in bed.

Well this year was different. I was going to be here for 3 weeks. My sister and here family were coming for a couple of days and my kids were here for the last week of my vacation. Other than that I was alone.

It was Friday about 2:00 p.m. when I arrived and after putting things away and starting the generator, I sat on the porch overlooking the lake. I wasn't expecting my sister and here family until late that night.

The lake was quite, the birds were singing and I was all alone. I decided that being au natural might be the thing to do next. I always had enjoyed the freedom of being nude outdoors. So after stripping down and grabbing a beer I sat back down on the porch to enjoy.

With the warm sun and a gentle breeze blowing across my naked body I found myself some what aroused. The thought of somebody watching me, naked on the porch even heightened my arousal. My hand slowly started to stroke my semi erect cock. It wasn't long before my cock was swollen and throbbing. As I stroked faster my mind started fantasize about some gorgeous woman watching from nearby massaging her clit as she watched me about to cum. I felt my balls start to tighten as I spewed volley after volley of hot cum all over my chest and hand. I had never cum so hard in my life.

I lay back in my chair and with the sun baking the cum on my chest and my cock slowly softening I thought how erotic it would be to masturbate in front of woman with her watching and doing the same.

As it was starting to get late I walked down to the lake to wash my cum encrusted body off before my sister arrived. Jumping in off the dock I swam out about 50 feet delighting in the feeling of the cool water on my naked body. I sat in the shallows taking in the day went my dick started to swell again. I just couldn't get the thought of someone watching out of my mind.

My dick would have to wait. It was starting to get late and my sister would arrive soon, so I waked back to the cabin to get dressed and get a late supper ready for their arrival.

When my sister arrived see said that she had invited a girlfriend of hers up on Saturday and hoped I wouldn't mind. I told her that was fine.

After supper the kids and my sister went for a quick swim as I lite a fire.

With the kids in bed my sister said that it was a long drive and she was going to turn in as well. I grabbed a beer and went out to the porch to enjoy the moon lite lake. I thought of my day, being nude and masturbating, and found my hand slowly rubbing my dick through my jeans. Looking to see that everyone was still in bed and not wandering around I unzipped my jeans and pulled my hardening cock out. As I sipped my beer I slowly stroked the head of my cock rubbing the pre cum over it as it slowly seeped out. Fully aroused I resisted the temptation to wildly jerk off to orgasm and continued to stroke my pulsating cock slowly while relishing in my fantasy. About 20 minutes later I was abruptly brought back to reality as I came, making a mess of on my jeans.

Well satisfied I cleaned my self up and went to bed.

In the morning, over coffee, my sister told me that her friend, Sarah, had been recently divorced. She was just coming up for the day to relax and talk. I told her that if she wanted to stay the night I would sleep on the couch and if they needed some time to talk alone I would take the kids fishing.

Sarah arrived at 11 and my sister introduced us. She was beautiful. Long auburn hair cascading over her shoulders and down to her hips. beautiful brown eyes, soft golden skin, breathtaking breasts with nipples projecting through the light fabric of her short summer dress. Her hips flared slightly below her flat stomach and her legs, bare from the mid thigh, were smooth and tanned.

After exchanging pleasantries, I made a picnic lunch for the kids and we hopped in the boat for a little fishing while my sister and Sarah got caught up.

We returned about an hour later to find my sister and Sarah on the dock sunning themselves. Seeing Sarah in her bright orange bikini was too much for me. There was no way that I could get out of the boat without her noticing the bulge in my shorts. Stepping from the boat I noticed Sarah's eyes looking at my shorts and then, raising her eyes to mine, she smiled then turned away. As I pasted her I caught sight of her hardening nipples protruding through her bikini top. A little embarrassed yet very excited I quickly headed for the cabin.

20 minutes later, my sister and Sarah came up to the cabin. My sister told me that she had just received a call, on her cell, and had to head back to the city. Sarah said that she had better get going as well.

"You don't have to go yet" I said. "It's such a nice day why don't you stay and we can hang out for awhile"

"Well...If you don't mind I would love to." she said.

My sister packed up the kids and off they went leaving Sarah and me alone.

"A glass of wine?" I said turning to Sarah.

"That would be great." she said.

Sarah went to the porch as I poured 2 glasses of wine.

"I'm glad you invited me to stay. I wasn't ready to go back the city just yet." she said.

Over the next few hours we talked and polished off 2 bottles of wine. It felt like we had known each other for years.

The out of the blue Sarah said; "I noticed you liked what you saw when you got out of the boat earlier."

I looked at her as my cock sprung to life.

"I liked what I saw." she continued. "And I see from the tent in your shorts you could use a little breathing room."

Sarah put her hand in my lap and unzipped my shorts releasing my throbbing cock. Sarah stood up, untied her bikini top releasing her breasts. Her tan line seemed to frame her tits accentuating her areola and hard nipples that pointed ever so slightly skyward. She put her thumbs in the elastic of her bikini bottom and bending over in front of me slowly slid them down her tanned legs. A nice pear shaped ass no more that 2 feet from me and, as she turned to face me, a clean shaven pussy and slightly swollen lips came into view.

"Your turn," she said:

"Excuse me." I managed to say.

"Your not going to sit there with your dick hanging out of your shorts while I'm standing here buck naked are you?" she said.

With that, I stood up unbuttoned my shorts letting them fall to the deck. With my cock swinging in the breeze I pulled my T-shirt over my head and tossed it aside.

We just stood there drinking in each others nudity.

Sarah took my hand and we walked over to the love seat in a corner of the deck. As we sat down Sarah said.

"I have always wanted to be naked outdoors but had never had the opportunity until now. It feels great." "On Friday, when I got here, I spent most of the afternoon in the buff." I said.

"I could use another glass of wine." she said.

I grabbed the empty glasses and headed to the kitchen, with my cock pointing the way. Upon returning to the deck, Sarah, with her eyes closed, had her hand in her lap gently stroking her pussy. I stood in the doorway watching her wishing that I had a hand free to stroke my dick. I moved back toward the love seat and putting the wine glasses down Sarah opened her eyes and seeing me quickly moved her hand from her wet pussy.

"I'm so embarrassed." she said with her checks blushing.

"Don't be." I said. "I was hoping you would continue."

"I'm pretty open minded but I've only masturbated by myself" she said. "I don't know if I could do it with someone watching me."

Handing her a glass of wine I pulled up another chair directly facing Sarah and sat down. After taking a sip of wine I said:

"Would it help if we did it together."

With that being said the next words out of Sarah's mouth would make or break my fantasy.

Sarah picked up her wine and bringing it to her lips she drained the glass. She put her glass down, leaned or and whispered in my ear.

"You first."

I put my wine down and pulled my chair closer to Sarah. Putting my legs up on either side of her I leaned back, took cock in hand and started to stroke myself as Sarah looked on. Sarah's eyes fixed on my dick as I slowly stroked up and down. As pre cum started to ooze from my pee hole I saw Sarah lick her lips. With her index finger she reached over and started to rub the cum over the head of my dick. Taking her wet finger she brought it to her lips. Her mouth opened and with her tongue she licked her finger clean.

"Mmmmm" she said. And her eyes went back to my dick.

I started to stroke faster as she watched. With my balls tightening I knew I couldn't hold on much longer. Faster and faster I stroked my cock as Sarah watched.

"I'm going to cum" I said.

"No not yet." she said reaching over and stopping my hand.

"I want to cum with you." she said.

Releasing my hand Sarah slouched down on the love seat and putting her legs over mine plugged two fingers into her sopping wet cunt. With her other hand she spread her lips and started to rub her engorged clit. She pulled her fingers out of her pussy and offered them to me. I leaned forward and tasted the sweet pussy juice on her fingers. With her eyes closed she returned her fingers to her cunt while my hand resumed stroking my cock.

Sarah opened her eyes and we watched each other masturbating.

Again I said to Sarah; "I'm going to cum. I can't hold it much longer."

"I'm cumming." she said. "Cum on my pussy as I orgasm."

I quickly stood up and positioned dick inches from her pistoning fingers jerking myself wildly.

"Now." she screamed. "Cum now."

Hot streams of cum flowed from my dick hitting Sarah's hands and pussy. Her body start to jerk wildly as I continued to spew. With her hand pumping and rubbing my cum on her clit and into her pussy her body jerked and finally went limp. I replaced her hands with mine and ever so gently rubbed the last few drops of cum into her pussy.

Sarah's eyes opened, her took my hand from her pussy, brought to her lips and, with a smile, licked the cock and pussy cum.

I pulled myself up from between her legs and sat on the love seat beside her. Her hand reached for my softening and slowly stroked it. My hand found its way to her warm wet cunt. We looked into each others eyes, smiled and kissed.

Sarah didn't go home that day. We spent the rest of the day nude. I BB"Q some steaks for dinner and, in the moon light, we went skinny dipping.

We made love on the dock that night and before going to bed we jerked off again while watching each other then falling asleep in each others arms.

Before leaving Sarah and I made arrangements to meet again next weekend. She enjoyed spending most of the time nude masturbating together was a extremely erotic turn on.

We have been together for two years and although we make love we still enjoy watching each bring ourselves off.

On business trips, away from each, other we will still bring each other off over the phone.

We have been discussing bringing others into our fantasy and maybe hosting a "Jack and Jill" party. But that's another storey.

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